At the beach on floor sixteen, a short walk from the main settlement, lies a house. Or rather, a beach house. This particular house belongs to a man and a woman. It also works as the woman personal labratory and store. But today, her intention was not to sell or craft any potions or crystals. No. Today was the day she had prepared for quite awhile by now. But luckily, there was alot of stuff from her summer beach party she could use. Since her intention was to be holding a fall beach fest. But probably not many players would be on the huge grassfirld that the sand turned into after twenty to thirty meters or so. Since her was placed poles in the ground with some space between them. In each of the upside down L-shaped poles, there hung a lantern. Thou at the moment, none of them was lit. But the evning wasnt many hours away. After the beach party, she had also experimented with an idea she got from another alchemist, and today, the area was filled with sprites flying around in random routes across the fields. Here and there on the field, was also placed square tables with two or three chairs on each longside of the tables. On every table there was a couple of different coloured potions. Red, green and blue. On the bottles the text was readed as Red=Apple, Green=Pear and Blue=Blueberry. When Zandra, the maker of the fest stood on the field and looked around she nodded."Yepp, this will do. The only thing missing now is guests." She said to herself and started writing a world-wide announcement. Hello dear players! Are you tired of training, grinding and working your ass off all day? Or maybe you want to meet some new friends and bind new bonds? Or just enjoy an evning together with other people that also wants to drop by. There is already plenty of drinks to ease your thirst or refresh your minds. But if you want to bring your own food or drinks, thats totally fine. Well, Im waiting for you and would love to see the field filled with players, enjoying a day off from training. //Best regards, Zandra