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  1. Team B Zandra was exiting the warp portal on floor four, entering the snowy landscap of <<Snowfrost>>. She had herd there was gonna be an event here today. All she knew about it was that it was called -Snowball fight-. But she had no idea how it was organized. Was it a big snowman they was gonna fight? Was it gonna be some kind of pvp? Was they gonna use their normal gear or special event weapons? Well, it didn’t took her long to find out. When she arrived at the location where the event was gonna take place, she could see it was a big field surrounded by tree’s with large sno
  2. ''Hi, Im Zandra. Wanna fight?'' // Team B!
  3. https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/7337-exellance-elexirium-f1-alchemist-rank-10-open/?do=findComment&comment=671340
  4. The party seemed to agree on Zandra’s suggestion to search outside the city. Darkness was mentioned as an obstacle and Zandra nodded, but that obstacle quickly got countered as Vigilon mentioned he had the night vision skill, that’s good. After that they had agreed to head out. Thou it didn’t took long until they did encountered wild enemies. Two elementals bursted out of a flooded mine, their bodies made of the water they had just appeared from. It was only two enemies infront of them, and they didn’t looked that strong either. Vigilon didn’t wasted any time and entered combat. This figh
  5. https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/7337-exellance-elexirium-f1-alchemist-rank-10-open/?do=findComment&comment=653651
  6. Up until now, Zandra had been having a slight nervous feeling. She wasn’t sure how well she would be able to work with the rest since she have spent so little time with two of them, and the third she didn’t spent time with in a long time. But by some reason, after hearing them saying they was new here as well and no one of them decided to leave because of that, she relaxed. ‘’Okay awesome, so it seems to be new exploring to all of us.’’ She did some clicks in the air infront of her as she sent out a party invite to each one of them. ‘’There, invite sent.’’ She was sure everyone knew what it me
  7. She havent been sitting on the bench for very long when she herd a voice, a voice she havent herd in she dont know how long. And also to be honest, she wasnt sure where it was she had met her. When she looked up at the female adventurer she quickly threw on a smile and friendly voice. ’’Yupp, thats what they call me.’’ She answered and followed up with a little giggle. ’’hihi, dont worry, if there is something important that have happened its more likely I have missed it. Lately I have been almost out of contact with anyone.’’ She replied. ’’But now…’’ she started but stopped when she saw
  8. Zandra blinked a few times as a sun beam striked her face thru her bedroom-window. She turned her face to look out thru it on the blue sky with flowing clouds looking like balls of wool. With a smile on her face she rised and left the bed. She opened the window, fresh air with the smell of the lake flowed into the house. For a few minutes she just leaned on the window while taking in the buitiful scenery that was infront of her. With a deep sigh she turned around and left the window. She walked up to the other person laying in the bed. With a smile she bow down and gave him a quick kiss o
  9. Zandra had to admit, she was really, really disapointed at herself. Something was clearly wrong with her today. She, one the most experienced and combat loving players on the frontlines. She looked down at the sword that she now casually held in a half loose grip. ‘’Well, to see it from the bright side, I wont have to use you anymore. Never liked swords like you anyway.’’ she said to the sword before putting it back at the weapon stand. Then she unequipped the training armor, revealing her casual attire. A black and red hoodie with some comfy pants. As the weapon was no long with her, she
  10. Once again, Zandras attack missed, as well as getting countered by the dagger wielding opponent. The wooden dagger striked her arms that was way to much exposed from this attack. But the range she got by this wepaon felt so different. Not at all like the axe she was used to. She threw a glance to the weapon stand, but nope, she couldnt spot any axe there. Why thou? If there was both swords and daggers, why no axe. Zandra saw him twisting his dagger in a backward grip. Zandra stared at him. She wouldnt let him get away with that again. Instead of executing a full powered strike, she just knocke
  11. Zandra saw in almost slow motion, her swing cleaved thru the air, but cleaved only that, air. The young man had dodged her attack. But not only that, he had also countered with a stab at her lower back. What was going on? Had she lost it? Missed and got hit in the timespan of a few seconds. She gritted her teeths as her crimson eyes was locked on the man. She saw what he was intending to do. But before he could land his second strike, she given him a quick punch with her right fist at his wrist, to make his followed up attack miss her, then her left hand swung the wooden blade right into his s
  12. So, there was someone that had appeared to be her opponent. Zandra had grabbed one of the practice weapons and went to the arena. She had recognized several players present in this almost festival kind of tournament. Thou most of them was already busy figthing. She had sent a wave to one of them, but he was to focused on the combat to reply. And she didnt blamed him for that at all. Just time to talk to him after the competition. But yeah, she should do that as well. Dont let her mind flating away thinking about other stuff. She had an opponent to fight. It was a male, not that it mattere
  13. Zandra, that still remembered how that crazy boss fight had went where they had decided to spare the enemy, obviously voted to finish this off. But since she was a minority, her will was not the action the frontliners choosed. Still, she wouldnt lower her guard. She wasnt ready to use any healing skills, but she made sure she had a healing crystal in her left hand and a steady grip of her dark, two handed axe in her right. In silence, she followed the group of players that pushed forward. Together, they pushed forward thru what had looked like some kind of underground ruins. Zandra herd t
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