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  1. The big lizard didnt seemed to be dowj for count just yet. Zandra had dealt a powerful blow to one of the heads, but last hit turned into a total failure. A miss. So, what was she gonna do now? Was she gonna try to deliver another blow against it, because he couldnt have much health left by now. They had all been chopping of at its health bar, and it seems every time they killed one of the heads, he lost even more health. They actually should get him down from this round of attacks. Thou just in case, she could hand out some energy to someone of her party members. But who should she give to.
  2. Oh my, oh my god Zandra thougth to herself as her axe had cleaved a deep cut in the dragons flesh. This, this was what real combat was about. This was what she really, really liked, using the big black axe, delivering heavy damage and pain to her enemy. As she looked at the beast, she could see panic in his eyes, and with that, Zandras sinister smile grew wider. She felt her heart beating tens times faster then normal, she was feeling such excitement, this was fun. She took a steady grip of her dark axe again, preparing to deliver another wound to Wushen. But halfway to delivering the blow, su
  3. The echo from the amphibian war rally was slowly fading out. And when it had totally disappeared, the fire dragons had awaken, but he wasent alone in beeing awake. Both Koga and Crozeph made quick work of it, and poof, the Brimstone was down. Zandra took a steady grip off her axe, now it was time to get on the wall. But after only one step, the wall shattered, thanks to Hidden. Someone had been one step ahead of the berserk healer. So, what was she gonna do then? They was almost all of them at full health, so there was no need for heals. And they wasnt that far away from finish this battle she
  4. This boss battle was going really well. At least for Zandras party. She wasnt sure how the other party was holding up on the health side. But sadly when it comes to energy, the combatants she was fighting side by side with wasnt keeping up as good as she was doing herself. It seemed when it comes to energy, was something they needed to find a solution to. The damage dealers in the same team as her had passed the halffull limit of the energybar. Zandra gritted her teeths, sinc ewhile the others was dropping low on the energy side, herself was close to full. But there wasnt really anything she c
  5. The beast that the frontline parties was fighting had his five extra out, but the frontliners have used their power, their power that they have got from all the countless hours they have been outside in the forest, on the fields, at the lakes, in the caves and so on, killing mob after mob, doing quest after quest. And now their power was shown, Zandra actually wish that she had been going the path of dps. Zandra could have been so high up on that, could have been dealing alot of damage. But no, she needed to not focus on that now. She was here to at least help the others a little bit. So she w
  6. Zandra crossed her arms and got a grumpy expression on her face. She had just activated a skill that would take damage that is dealt to her party members and move it over to her. But she havent got hit by anything. She let out a deep annoying sigh. ‘’Why did I even take this role? Should have been better going for just pure dps.’’ she mumbled quietly to herself. That was when their enemy changed, they wasnt fighting one dragon head anymore, now there was six. In some way he have summoned five more. ‘’So, you to scared of us so you hiding. Dont you dare fight us face to face huh?’’ Zandra rushe
  7. Until now, the players healthbars have been very much green, and Zandra havent taken any damage at all. A boss fight where you not taking damage wont be called a real boss fight. When was it gonna come? Where was the dragons retaliation? Was it gonna keep on only giving the tank a little pat? Where was the danger? The excitment? The true pow… And it was in this moment, interrupting Zandras thoughts, that it begun. A loud thunder was herd and the dragon seemed to finally release its power. The whole party got striked by the thunderstorm. The lightning spreading thru the six players. A quick gla
  8. Zandra looked up at the huge beast as it let out a loud noice. An annoying noice that sounded like it maybe was some kind of language, thou Zandra havnt herd it before. It also seemed like it maybe was actually saying something. Could be good to do think about it, but her party mates kept on attacking. They was all at good health, had Zandra taken the wrong role after all? Would it have been better to go the dps way? Well, to late to think about that now. At least she could increase someones energy. So she darted up to Hidden. ‘’Heya Hidden.’’ she said as she laid her greenshining hands on the
  9. Zandras hand quicly swiped over the screen as she had finished to change out her trusty old armor to the one she was gonna start using for boss fights. Or actually, after this boss fight she was gonna get a completely new one. But that wasnt something to think about now. Now she needed to focus fully on the huge beast infront of them, or rather on her party members that was fighting the huge beast. They have all been attacking the boss and already removed one of the six health bars. Zandra got a bit confused, wasnt they having any tank? Was everyone in her party except her dps players? Was she
  10. This was so amazing. She had missed this feeling for so, so long. Finally be in a big battle, fighting to get out of the death game they was all trapped in. But even if she liked the battle, there was something she had to do, that she had done everyone time during the last few bosses. she took a steady grip of her axe and ran up to the beast. While she moved, her fingers swiped in the air. ‘’Smile Wushen!’’ she said and activated the photographing option. When she had got a god shot of herself, she backed away and made somedistance between herself and the dragon. She swiped in the air again an
  11. Oh my god, just. Oh. My. God. As the boss gave its appearance, Zandra felt a shiver thru her whole body. It was a feeling hard to describe. She got a smile on her face, not a normal chilling smile, a smile stretching from ear to ear. And her crimson eyes shined with an overloaded excitement. The boss, was a dragon. Did she felt like this because it was a dragon? Or just because she finally, finally, after all this time, was back to fight on the frontlines again. To fight, for them all to get out of the deathgame. To fight, to have fun. Zandra saw her party members to attack the beast one
  12. Zandra knew that she had been away from the frontlines for a long time. Well, away from anything actually for a long time. Except her own home and surroundings. So she wasnt sure how she would be treated by the other players that have actually been working to make progress to get out of here. So when Ari walked closer to her and greeted her, I brigned a feeling of relieved and putted a smile on her face. ‘’Hello Ari. Im really happy to see you here too. And yeah, we gonna give them quite some hell.’’ she said to the blonde while Zita gave a low friendly cry to Ariels companion. To meeting and
  13. ‘’Oh right.’’ Zandra said to herself as she remembered the party list she had quickly spotted during the short time she was present at the meeting. She was pretty sure she had seen NIGHT beeing in the same as hers, beeing their tank. As she spotted NIGHT she walked up to her. She saw her standing there talking to Alkor, giving him a sword it looked like. ‘’Hello there.’’ she said with friendly smile on her face. ‘’I came late to the meeting, so missed out on the planning. But I got placed in your guys team right? Havent been fighting for quite some time to be honest, really looking forward to
  14. The entrance to the floor boss area came in sight, or at least what looked to probably be the entrance to the floor boss area. Zandra had barely any information this time about the fight. Yes, it was her fault for beeing late to the meeting, she didnt argued with that. But the only information she had got is time and place where the frontliners would gather. She stopped while she was still a bit away to look who was present. There was plenty of faces she recognized so this would probably be a piece of cake. But there was someone that wasnt there that surprised her alot. Macradon wasnt there. ‘
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