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  1. The players of the frontlines was figting the shadowboss, hearts filled with prie. Zandra could sse that evertihing was starting to change thou. On their side, there was Orgot and the players of Aincrad. And now something else happened. The boss didn’t like beeinig alove, so w few quick chops in the air to warm up her shoulder. ‘’Shadow my friend, Im coming for ya.’’ Zandra said to the floor boss. Not to her surprise, the beast that was giving them all a roiuhg tim, suddenly decided that he didn’t wanted to be alone either. So easily as any npc, he summoned four big hoiunds. But no, they wasn’
  2. So, the final shadowling was defeated, the party was everyone at full health, Zandra had buffed up her energy regeneration to be able to keep fighting for longer. Still there was no vistory sign. That was when the big minotaur rose again. Zandra raised an eye, looking at his big muscles. But only for a moment, because something else got her attention. The final boss had finally decided to appear and engage them himself. With a evil smile she ignored any kind of defence or protection. With her full focus on the enemy infront of her. ‘’Hi, we meet again Shadow dude. Do you remember me? Let’s see
  3. post for rolls ID: 183199 BD: 5 Miss
  4. The Beast crashed into John with a loud boom. You could hear some of the metal parts of his armor crackle, as well as a bone or two of the enemy to break as well. Thou both of their health was unharmed. John stood strong, keeping his attention focused on the knight, with the wall of metal protecting him. At the same time, Andrey had taken the lead and charged from the side. But his light sword seemed to only barely scratch the dark hide. He quickly disengage as the players followed up. Some landing wounding strikes, some don’t. When all the players had delivered their attacks, Andromeda, Setsu
  5. There was now not many of the sahdowlings left. They had almost killed every last one. Zandra looked down on her axe with a big smile. ‘’Hehe, I got you for killing tons of those shadowlings back then. And now you have helped me to kill another tons of shadowlings. You really didnt disapointed me.’’ She said. Zandra had talked to the axe like it wasn’t a weapon, but more a person, or a dear friend. Then her smile faded a bit. ‘’But yeah, you are not him.’’ She glanced at Oscar. ‘’You know, I do miss him. All those times it was just us, those exciting moments, the reason we could keep going was
  6. So now there was time for another round for the soldi9ers of Aincrad, the ones that was there to kill the shadow boss, the terrifying shadow boss that so far had only let other mobs do the fighting for him. Zandra herself had slayed a ton of the shadowlings, but what was she called again? Berserk healer right? Yeah that’s right, and now she had been a berserker. Time to fulfill the healing part. Shje quickly opened her menu and swapped to the support cloak instead of her gloves. Then she rushed forward top Calrex, she quickly took his arm and carefully putted some bandages on it. Then she turn
  7. Zandra looked at the young man infront of her. The man that she would spend maybe the rest of her life with. She gulped as she glanced on the pillow with the rings. Maybe she wasn’t very good with these kind of stuff, but this much did she know. She raised her hand for Itzal to slide one of the rings on her finger. Her finger that, even after using the battle axe for so long time, still had the same smoothness as when she entered the world of death. Feeling the cold metal on her bare skin felt in some strange way calming and she had started to relax. Or was it his skin against hers? Whatever i
  8. Hannah, sir John and Andrey stood side by side, staring into the dark forest. ‘’So, this is the rumored forest. It is dark indeed.’’ Sir John said to break the silence. Hannah nodded as she turned around towards a dead tree that laid on the ground. ‘’Yes, and to navigate we are going to need torches. Thou we need to be careful. Otherwise we are gonna get lost as soon as we enter.’’ She explained as she broke of several branches and passed them on to each of the players. While Hannah fixed torches to everyone, John took a step up on a rock. ‘’As soon as we have the torches we are going to head
  9. Zandra planted the bottom o f her axe on the ground with a smirk on her lips. The shadowlings had been killed so now next step would happ… But next step that happens wasn’t something new, it was just the same thing again. Another wave of shadowlings have appeared. ‘’Well, guess it is time to get back to work again then.’’ She said to herself as she picked up the axe and held it in a steady grip with both hands. Freyd, Calrex and Itzal had already killed some of the mobs, but there was still a few left. So Zandra charged up her trusty explode catapult and prepared to wreack havoc again. She loc
  10. Zandra looked at the spots where the shadowlings had been. Where they had been before her two handed axe had reduced their health to zero. She was smiling, this was fun. Well to be honest, she couldn’t really see the spots. Around her, the darkness was thick. And yes, it had reduced her sight, but so far she had still landed her every attack. Must be her inner dragonsenses that was in work. With a glance to the other groups, she saw that the other groups had some light among them. That was when more shadowlings appeared. Her smile, that had faded, now grew back. She gave @Freyd - The Whis
  11. Confirms recieving << Tessleth's Fury >> T3 Demonic 2HBA - 2FLN/2BRN from @Oscar. Your welcome, hope it have served you well.
  12. Suddenly, alot of things just happened. A lot. The warriors of the frontlines have finally taken down the minotaur. It haven’t really been any struggle. Was a close call with Ari for a moment, but they easily recovered from it. After that, there was a short break, she saw people preparing. Thou she didn’t felt there was any need for her to do it. Anyway, what could she do? Then a thougth went up for her, she could sharpen someone. ‘’Yes, I will do th…’’ but she was to slow, before she could do anything, next thing happened. And what just happened, made her face turn into a big smile. ‘’YES!’’
  13. Hannah looked over the group that had now grown. The group had become pretty big, with a dozen of adventurers that have joined in to find out what was happening in the forest. Just when Andromeda turned the size from eleven to twelve players, something changed. Suddenly two more NPC’s appeared. A man with heavy armor walked up to Hannah. ‘’Well done Hannah. You have gathered a lot of brave adventurers, I will take over from here.’’ The man said with a deep voice. The ranger looked at him with a surprised voice. ‘’What are you saying John? After waiting here for days, you kicking me
  14. As the time to head out got closer, Hannah could see more and more players showing up. Almost a dozen of adventurers have showed up. The intention of the special event had been to scout the area and see what the source of the strangeness was. But with this amount of players, they would maybe be able to chase it away totally, and cleanse the forest of this evil. Exactly when the ingame clock turned from 12:59 to 13:00, Hannah took a smooth jump up on a rock, so everyone could see her, followed by the hawk letting out a loud cry to silence the group of adventurers. ‘’Hello there adventurers
  15. Even though she had used her banner, it seemed like her party members damage didn’t increase even a little bit. ‘’Wait what? What is wrong?’’ she said to herself. She took a closer look on the banner, she haven’t needed to say anything last times she had used it. Had something changed or what? When she dived into her own thougths, the battle around her was still raging on, the defenders of Aincrad slowly but steadily reduced the healthbars of the mighty fantasy creature they was fighting. The same creature that had helped her, Macradon, Morgenstern, Ariel, Baldur and Hestia when they was fight
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