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  1. roll and stuff Fishing: ID: 191677 11+1=12 Success! LD: 19+1=20 Treasure chest! +7 EXP +1 Treasure chest Rank 1: 67/199
  2. The young girll seemed to have got what Zandra was talking about. She actually seemed to be a pretty bright and smart girl. The thougth that she might actually be a part of a quest struck Zandra again. But if she was, how would she progress the quest? Would they just keep sitting here? Or was there something she had to do? Or would it continue after she had caught enough fishes. While she was thinking, the hook got nibbled at again. Her eyes went back to the water. Her focus on the fish. She now could actually see the fish below the water since it was so close to the surface. She waited, not q
  3. It seemed like the tiny girl was slowly accepting Zandra as a friend. Since the worried almost scared face that had been on her at the start was slowly changing into a more relaxed, happy smile. With that, Zandra threw in the hook in the water again. ‘’Okay, so all you need to do is sit here on the edge, throwing in the hook, then wait. And hopefully a fish in the water decides to bite on the hook.’’ Zandra glanced at the girl and saw the kids eyes be focused on the small cirles that was formed around the line in the water as a fish was nibbling. ‘’There! Pull?’’ the girl asked Zandra. Zandra
  4. With a smile on her lips, Zandra pouted the other fish in her inventory as well. This one it have been a small on as well. Thou it had been having a shimmering, red tone of its scales. When the fish was in her inventory, she looked back at the girl again. ‘’So, what do you think? You wanna try?’’ she asked the blonde npc. The kid had been fashinated just looking. Thou Zandra guessed she was probably programmed to act that way. An NPC would really be surprised about an ingame mecanic. After all, they are a part of the game and its mecanics. But when Zandra asked if she wanted to try, the childs
  5. Zandra pulled up the tiny blue fish from the water. She shrugged and putted it in her inventory. Then, as the girl finally had answered her, Zandra turned her attention to the shy girl. Zandra putted on a friendly smile on her lips to make sure she wouldn’t scare the npc away. Like, now that she finally had got her to act, she didn’t wanted to start with accidently making her run away would she? Zandra was just gonna answer when she herd a splash from the water. ‘’What Im doing you ask? Well, come over here and I will show you.’’ And with those words, she threw in the hook again as the girl sl
  6. The girl didn’t moved, didn’t spoke, it was like she had disconnected, but the avatar was still there. Zandra wondered what she should do. She hvnt really ran into something like this before. That was when it sturuck here, the girl had appeared while she was fishing, when she stopped fishing and focus on the girl, the girl disconnected ish. Maybe she just had to keep fishing. So Zandra turned back to her fishing rod, threw in the hook again and wait for a fish to bite on the bait. Then the small girl let out a sound. And the sound was words.’’Excuse me miss, what are you doing?’’ it was in tha
  7. As Zandra sat there, all alone on the bridge, just enjoying herself, suddenly an NPC arrived. Zandra glanced over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow. ‘’Yes, can I help you?’’ she asked the young female NPC. The girl seemed to be nervous of her only presence. Since the girl just stood there, didn’t saying a word. Zandra actually turned her full attention to the other source, ignoring her fishing. After all, this could be a quest trigger maybe. She had been sitting here for awhile. Maybe this was like a fishing profession specific special NPC, that after x amount of minutes of fishing, she appea
  8. ‘’Well, as we call it in Sweden, this must be an Aborre. When I was fishing, I was always out with my dad and grandma. Then when we got home, if we had got any aboorar, my grandma fried them. She fried them in a lot of butter. And holey moley, it was so frikking delicious. The only bad thing was that it was so little meat on them. And so, so many bones. Spent like three fourths of the time just picking and spitting out bones. But it was so worth it. I do feel sad for you, since you will never be able to taste it.’’ She said and patted her familiar on the head. She looked into those dark, sharp
  9. It was kinda strange, she was sitting here, all alone, not a single person, not even any NPC in sight, but still she was so, so happy, as well as relaxed. Happy, relaxed and gained some wealth, all at the same time. She wouldn’t have thougth that fishing would work out this good. She started to sing a song she remembered from her childhood when suddenly something pulled the fishing rod. Zandra immediately started to pull herself. ‘’Gnnh, come on!’’ she said. Whantever it was under the surface, it was strong, or big. She changed from sitting to standing position, so she would get some more powe
  10. But after all, that was one of the pros with this world. She didn’t had to worry about any smells. Just as she had mentioned to Itzal a few days ago as well, that they didn’t needed to think about what they ate. Since they didn’t got fat. Or even better, theyre was zero percent risk to get any pimpels. Thou, if pimpels was a thing in this world of death, Zandra would just have found out a potion that cures it. Actually that would have been good, meaning that she would have another source of income. Maybe she would eat a lot of unhealthy, fat and sugarrich stuff to see if it had been added with
  11. Zandra closed the chest after she had taken the loot from it. It immediately shattered into a thousand crystals as she rose. ‘’If we continue in this speed, we will get rich in no time. Hehe.’’ And with that, she once again walked up to the edge of the bridge, sat down, and threw the hook into the water. She took a few deep breaths, feeling the seaair filling her lungs and as she exhaled, she letting all that inside air leave her. Even thou it probably didn’t made any difference here in the virtual world. But she still have that memopry from when she was back in the real world, where she will
  12. Zandras eyes was shining. ‘’Oh my god, another one.’’ She looked at Zita again with a big smile on her lips. And it almost looked like the kings eagle smiled back to her. She kneeled infront of the chest. Then she, just like last time, slowly opened it. This was at the beginning of her fishing career, so she wanted to take some time opening chests and stuff. What she found inside was even better then the first chest. Here there was three thousands worth of col. And instead of a rare weapon, it was an armor. And it was even perfect. ‘’Okay Zita, I think we picked the right preoffession when we
  13. Zandra walked back to the edge of the bridge, where she threw the hook in the water again. Now she had to sit for some time. While sitting on the edge of the bridge and dingling with her legs, she felt a real calm flowing over her. Normally, when she needed stuff, she went out to kill mobs in a rage like stance. Kill mob after mob after mob. And she would never forget the day she killed two hundred enemies, in one day. Her teseleth fury was so dear to her. She didn’t remembered why she borrowed it out to Oscar, but anyway, it was amazing to have it back. She even opened the inventory to check
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