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  1. “If Im okay?” Zandra said to Freyd with a smile on her armor-covered lips. ‘’Hehe, it was long time ago I felt hyped like this.” she with an energetic tone. She could feel her heart beating in sync with the surrounding flames. She was totally on fire right now, both literally and unilaterally speaking. On Freyds nod Zandra took the decision to let her axe do some more speaking, she ran up to one of the two still living heads and with a well aimed swing, she cleaved the first head in two, ending its life. As a follow up, she made a quick turn towards the trio of new reinforcements that have app
  2. Zandra watched as the guys was keeping bringing down the health of the heads. Freyd seemed to also have got the attention of all of the heads focused on him. Zandra took a steady grip off her axe, prepared to rush in to land a hit on the head that still was relatively healthy compared to its brothers. But before she charged in a thougth striked her. Yeah, it would probably be good do that to finish the fight as quick as possible. But to be honest the group was not in terrible danger, so this was a perfect time to practice, to try to actually do what she is aiming to do. So instead of engaging
  3. Zandra grit her teeths behind her mouthguard as her brain worked on high steam. What was she thinking?! What was they thinking? She needed to focus. For no reason she felt anger against Freyd. Gladly thou her eyes was hidden behind her bangs, she felt her knuckles whiten as her grip off her axe tightened. Finally, after all this time she went back into combat, and they told her to no… actually thou, that is what she trying to aim for, this is actually perfect situation where a heal is more needed then damage. On second thought, it isnt that she dont care about him, it is just that she havent b
  4. Wait what? They was still talking about treating the doggie softly. Zandra grit her teeths as her crimson eyes was focused on the boss. The fire in her eyes got mixed by the reflection of the burning beast. Why did they had to be so careful? Finally, after all this time, she was out on the field and was feeling the joy of combat again. She had felt her hands gripping the axe’s handle thru just musclememory. Did they think they would make her treating it like a newborn baby or what? Heck no! She charged forward against Cerberus, raised her axe to prepare for it to deliver the strike. She sent a
  5. Zandra smirked as she got the reply that healers was cool. ‘’Well, dont think alot of people think that. Isnt it more fun to see those big damage numbers.’’ she answered before she quickly added. ‘’Eh, nevermind, healers can be cool indeed. Also, I actually prefer skirts over dresses. It is something with having a dress in one piece that is like, eh, cant explain it. But yeah, combat skirts are awesome hehe.’’. She took a look around on the fiery landscape surrounding them as she opened up her inventory. ‘’So, Im here with two damage dealers where one works part-time as a tank. Sounds rea
  6. After the quick introduction it seemed the guys was eager to get to work. Looked like they had been hanging out before, maybe wanted to get it over with. She did get to know that they would get a bonus reward if taking down all of the heads to low health before killing them outright. Zandra nodded in understanding and followed them out of the bar. Outside she looked at when he asked her about her build. ‘’Hmm…’’ she started in a thinking tone. ‘’Thats a good question actually.’’. Her mind flew away to before the 3.0 release, back when if you was high enough level, you could be anything. Take t
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