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  1. Zandra sat infront of the entrance to her estate as she chomped down the last part of the hamburger that had served as her lunch. When she was done she rose and stretched a bit before she moved her eyes to the sky, where a kings-eagle was circling. ‘’Zita!’’ she shouted out and immediately, the feathered predator dived towards the spot where Zandra stood. A few meters above her, the eagle folded out her mighty wings to slow down and gently landing on Zandra’s shoulder. ‘’Hi girl, you ready for actually do something today?’’ she asked the familiar and with a cry Zita agreed. ‘’Well, lets go the
  2. As the girl ran away, Zandra didn’t bothered to run after, instead she just shrugged. Then she turned back to the lake where she pulled out her fishing rod again, threw the hook in the water. And just as earlier today, she saw a silvery fish swimming near the hook. This water was truly clear, for her to see so deep. Zandra prepared to pull the hook out of the water as soon as the fish would chomp the sharp metal hook. The red eyes followed the underwater animal’s movements. Sudenly it made a quick move towards the hook, thou it was just a fake push. This was a clever fish. But Zandra was cleve
  3. ‘’So, if you don’t want me to take you home to your parents, what do you want from me? You know I came here to do some fishing. Not to babysit a stranger.’’ With those words, the girls eyes got shiny as she was on way to start crying. Zandra quickly putted a hand on her head. ‘’No no, I didn’t meant like that. You are very kind and cute girl. I only want you the best, but I do have my own stuff I need to do. So I really appreciate you stopping by here with me. And it have been fun having some company. I actually think it is time for me to go if I shall be totally honest. If there isu something
  4. But even if that was the case, what was Zandra supposed to do? Was she here to actually do protect her? Or should she bring her back home to the parents? This was way to confusing to the berserk healer. Her red eyes looked down on the lake again. She had come here to try out the new fishing mecanic, so why did this girl take up so much of her focus? Zandra let out a sigh. Well, nothing is gonna happen for just standing here looking dumb would it? So the black haired woman turned her ruby eyes to the kid. ‘’So, you want me to take you home to your parents?’’ from the girls reaction Zandra immed
  5. Now that Zandra, the berserk healer, was alittle bit richer, as well as have a brand new unidentified shield, she rised and looked at the sky as she stretched her arms in big circles. Then her eyes once again turned back to the girl. ‘’So, you are still here little girl. Where are you parents? Have you run away from home?’’ she asked, and opposite to earlier, this time she actually got a reaction back. The girl seemed to get nervous with the mention of ‘parents’. So that is how it is. The girl have ran away from home because off some reason. But why have she stopped with me? Either she must be
  6. As the wet wooden chest flies out of the water and lands on the ground, Zandra smiles. Yes, she was here for the fishing, but there was never something wrong with some extra loot was it? She rubbed her hands together started inspecting the chest. So, how was she able to open it. There was no keyhole. She tried to just open it, but the top was stuck, unable to even wiggle it a little bit. ‘’Eh, the heck!’’ she said and pulled out her Warhammer. ‘’I may just smash it open.’’ She said. After all, she had been having very, very little training with her new weapon. She choosed a weak spot on the ch
  7. rolls and stuff Basic attack vs Hel - ID: 195449 8+6+1-2=13 Hit! 25*1=25-50=1 DMG to Hel -1+1+3=+3 energy [3]Zandra: HP - 1805/1805 | EN: 158/191 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 99 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 2 | BRN: 36(2) | BLGT: 72(2) | BLD: 36(2) | TV: 24(2) | THRN: 30 | BH: 90 [0]Itzal - HP: 1,710/1,710 | EN: 157/168 | DMG: 22 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 6 | SR: +5 | BLD: 2 | KEN: 1 | MBD: -1 EN 3/3 | MBTH: -25% DoT DMG | BM: +1 LD 1/1 [0]Haine - HP 1410/1410 | EN 102/126 | DMG:24 | MIT 124 | EVA 3 | ACC 6 | BLD 36 | Phase | Keen [0]Lessa - HP: 1270/1270 | EN: 99/118 | DMG: 19 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 5
  8. After she had catched yet another fish, damn how many was she at now? Well, it didn’t mattered, she would continue fishing, going full hard core, until she got master on it. No, not master, she actually meant to be a grand master on it. To achive the final rank needed for a fisherman, or rather a fisherwoman, she needed to catch countless amounts of fishes. But yeah, at least she was going strong. Heck, she had already reached rank two, and didn’t really spend much time here. Also, she have the company of the young girl. Even thou she started to seem a little creepy, not interacting very much,
  9. The young girll seemed to have got what Zandra was talking about. She actually seemed to be a pretty bright and smart girl. The thougth that she might actually be a part of a quest struck Zandra again. But if she was, how would she progress the quest? Would they just keep sitting here? Or was there something she had to do? Or would it continue after she had caught enough fishes. While she was thinking, the hook got nibbled at again. Her eyes went back to the water. Her focus on the fish. She now could actually see the fish below the water since it was so close to the surface. She waited, not q
  10. It seemed like the tiny girl was slowly accepting Zandra as a friend. Since the worried almost scared face that had been on her at the start was slowly changing into a more relaxed, happy smile. With that, Zandra threw in the hook in the water again. ‘’Okay, so all you need to do is sit here on the edge, throwing in the hook, then wait. And hopefully a fish in the water decides to bite on the hook.’’ Zandra glanced at the girl and saw the kids eyes be focused on the small cirles that was formed around the line in the water as a fish was nibbling. ‘’There! Pull?’’ the girl asked Zandra. Zandra
  11. With a smile on her lips, Zandra pouted the other fish in her inventory as well. This one it have been a small on as well. Thou it had been having a shimmering, red tone of its scales. When the fish was in her inventory, she looked back at the girl again. ‘’So, what do you think? You wanna try?’’ she asked the blonde npc. The kid had been fashinated just looking. Thou Zandra guessed she was probably programmed to act that way. An NPC would really be surprised about an ingame mecanic. After all, they are a part of the game and its mecanics. But when Zandra asked if she wanted to try, the childs
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