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  1. Ordering: Crème Brûlée - 2 ACC - Cost: 300 col Smores - 2 EVA - Cost: 300 col Total: 600 col The tenth floor was a massive underground cavern system filled with many strange things. No actual life existed here save for the players that traversed it. He wasn't sure why someone would place a food shop here, but it was the only one remaining after the update had hit. Itzal was assuming this was due to players needing to get the gathering or fishing proficiency before they could continue making goods. Couldn't craft without items after all. Stepping inside, his face clouded by
  2. Not only that, but from what he heard most of the quests had changed as well. Not all of them from what he heard, but most of them. In fact, many of the quests which were nothing more than go in, kill this sucker, then get the item and go, were taken out entirely. What's more, those same bosses had actually been appearing outside of quests as field bosses. Places where there was no quest before had quests now, and any floor that still had no quests now at least had a field boss that players could mess around with for a little while. Some of the quests he heard that changed drastically were dra
  3. It wasn't just this floor of course. Many floors had changed. He personally hadn't been exploring many of them, he didn't have the time right now. However the fact remained. In addition to putting two and two together, or the fact that if his floor (floor two) and floor one had been changed to such a drastic manner, that the rest of the floors would likely be similarly affected (especially since the higher floors had far less within them than the lower floors), there were also all of the stories and rumors exploding everywhere. There was so much gossip that Itzal didn't even have to contact th
  4. With the rushing part over with, all he had to do now was have a leisurely walk. As he did so he paid very close attention to the floor he was traversing... On his way towards this quest, he actually saw what appeared to be a monument which hadn't been there before. Upon checking it's flavor text, it was evidently placed there in honor of the floor's labyrinth boss, a reminder to low leveled players never to underestimate low leveled monsters. It was an interesting concept if anything. Something else he hadn't seen before were horse drawn carriages and lone ridable horses available to players.
  5. Itzal nodded in agreement with her statement. The first floor was certainly very popular due to the dense population, and because most players were scared of being assaulted in the higher floors... Although from what Itzal heard, the latest floor boss fight may have spilled into the lower floors, so players may be rethinking that. At any rate players had to actively look for shops within the other floors more often than not. Half of the reason players chose higher floors for their shop was for the atmosphere and feel of it, and the other was often for the sake of privacy. Regardless of the rea
  6. Aaaah, so that was how it worked Itzal thought. No wonder Shield was concerned. It was less about whether he was always wearing the mask, and more so about whether he was the mask. "To be honest, that kind of sounds like Goku from an animation called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Only, minus the sun." He chuckled a bit before continuing. "Now that I know what you mean, I can once again alleviate your fears. No. I would not be superman. Are is nothing more than an alias. I never wanted to go around beating up players. However after the things that I've witnessed, and how poorly people have han
  7. They were in firm agreement that not everyone was able to be made happy, or at least content. Itzal had learned that harsh lesson when Hirru chose to betray every player in Aincrad by defending the floor boss which blocked their way to freedom. And he came to the conclusion that he was likely to anger other players. But honestly, he really didn't mind that anymore. Players could hate Itzal for speaking, but he only spoke the truth when he did. Hestia tried to make the frontlines look like immortal Gods, and Itzal quickly crushed that concept to the newcomers, and warned them to take every prec
  8. Walking over to Orgoth's Legacy which was still sitting in the ground, he pulled it out and with a flourish, sent it into his inventory storage for later. "Indeed. From what I've seen thus far of the update, it doesn't seem like quests or floors will lack unique lore or content anymore. And from what we can tell from the monsters and bosses of this quest, it seems the challenges we face will be diverse in their own right as well." The black raven familiar of Itzal's flew down from the branches and landed onto his shoulders. "Caw! Caw!" The raven seemed to be congratulating their victory, whic
  9. Itzal was still trying to find the right angle and eventually he believed he spotted it. When Shield's mod had activated, his vision enhanced and he smiled. He was going to make the attack regardless, but the bonus to his accuracy had only confirmed his suspicions. He ducked behind a tree just in time to avoid Gaia's face before it was distracted by Aldion and forced to focus on the battle once again. Taking a moment to prep his blade, he began to rush out from the shadows. He made no sound as he made low leaps across the ground, almost seeming to glide over the dead leaves, placing his feet d
  10. Hearing the quick speech from his partner, he looked at him confused, and was even more confused when he felt an emotional tug that wasn't his own whatsoever. However that confusion washed away the moment he saw his cooldowns skip a segment. Aaah, so this was what the leadership mods felt like when they were activated on you. While he hadn't needed this immediately, it was nice to know he had it. "Let's see if my luck agrees with you on that one." The rogue said before leaping backwards into the shadows of the forest, vanishing from view. While he could make exits and entrances look cool and m
  11. With the howl skill activated, the massive green feathered dragon turned it's attention to Shield and snaked through the air to strike him. However, it's attacks seemed light and quick, not a good idea against a tank. "You can't blame him for it," Itzal chuckled with a grin, joining in on Shield's fun little taunt. "He can't help that big daddy Kayaba didn't pay him enough attention. He just wants mister senpai to notice him" He was only made to be more amused when it flicked it's tail at him which he easily managed to dodge as a "stay out of this" kind of answer. Taking his black blade and li
  12. Watching from above as the human npc transformed himself into a massive green dragon with three wings, he didn't really note any legs, so it was probably styled moreso after Chinese culture dragons than European. At any rate, the creature didn't notice him when it transformed and it was about to launch an attack on Shield when Itzal let go and plummeted down to the boss below. His blade turned crimson again as he emerged from stealth and sunk his blade deep, deep into the zone between it's wing joints and the base of it's neck. He heard the creature scream before it twisted it's body to get to
  13. The merchant was ever shrewd and calculating he thought with a smile. "I appreciate that." He said as he closed the menu, forgoing the option of sending any of the weapons now that the offer had been turned down. Truth be told, he didn't think he'd get anything worthwhile out of these swords either. He still hadn't found a way to increase the tier of an item through the crafting system, and there weren't anymore stickers left to use. The bosses seemed to have stopped dropping those as well. Perhaps this was in preparation of when players could get powerful items on their own like with this upd
  14. Sheathing his blade, the rogue walked off to the side so that his old friend could open up the lock of the chest in piece. Aldion, who had lost all of his fighting capabilities with the update, simply sat there in the branches watching everything. In particular the raven kept it's eyes on the multicolored snake. It had never seen such a creature before and was incredibly baffled by it. Especially since it's scales did the opposite of concealing it, and instead with it's bright visage told other predators that it was poisonous, and to stay away. Even more so with how many crazy colors were on i
  15. Sick and tired of leaving everything to chance, Itzal's mind went to overtime as he scanned the area, even to the extent of using his searching skill, to look for anything he could use to trap this thing. Finally, reaching the end of his ropes, Itzal took his sword and made two huge swings at some small trees hear him, cleaving them off. Taking the two in his hands like spears, he noted Shield's current position and estimated where the guilded hand would end up. Running with all his might over, he scaled a tree real quick and just as the hand tripped and fell, Itzal jumped overhead, throwing b
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