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  1. Confusion overtook the rogue as he looked over to Haine who was stating that she needed a breather. He had forgotten he supposed, and should probably remember later on, that even though they'd all become hardened fighters by this point, they really didn't want to be. As a result, this could be increasingly taxing to some people. It didn't affect Itzal because he enjoyed this. He was an analytical person, and being able to do the things physically that he saw on the screen was amazing. On top of that, he was a really good swordsman in the game, and it was thrilling to face challenges and overco
  2. One more soldier left. Lessa was already working on freeing him, so he went in to help as well. He ran up to her side and with his sword already drawn, decided to help things along with his search skill. He'd learned that if he used it properly, he could detect weak points in certain things. Using it now he was able to detect the weak points in the chains. Bringing his sword up and posing carefully, he thrust the blade with all his might into it. The prisoner screamed thinking he was about to kill the poor guy, but he ignored it as he cracked the chain. It wasn't a sword art, as he needed to c
  3. This really was a hassle wasn't it? No one seemed to have paralysis on hand, and they had to wait a full three rotation rounds for them to be able to stun the boss a second time. That meant that they needed to deal enough damage to this boss in order to get a chance to free the prisoners yet again. Even still, the boss didn't seem to be very strong damage wise. If anything, this was just another boss that took a while to take down. Not much of a danger, just annoying really. With that in mind, he proceeded to deal his pitiful damage to Hel in an attempt to help them out. However, once he struc
  4. As he walked into the NPC's territory, her eyes trailed from her work and noticed him. Her eyebrows raised in genuine surprise. "Back already? Have you given up?" Itzal supposed that statement made sense, given that not many players likely had maxed out the searching skill at this point. He should really get an LD item crafted for himself by now though. His old one was the purple trenchcoat Ariel had crafted him, and... Well he'd burn that to cinders. Partly in symbolism, but also partly because of the woman she had become. She seemed to be getting better now at least.. Somewhat. She wasn't ne
  5. There were other skills he could obtain that would relieve him of the stress of energy consumption further, however given the fact that most of his conflicts would be with a party and not by himself, especially since fighting to subdue player killers took far less energy than fighting to kill, and more so since in those parties he'd have players to restore his energy, he'd focus on other skills. When he did get to it, energist would be what he needed more. For now, battle healing was his biggest skill to max out. One percent of his health was only about eight or nine points, and that was terri
  6. Even still, he couldn't just slack off now that his damage was increasing at a decent rate. There was still the problem with energy consumption after all. Between the high energy cost alongside those high damage sword arts (a downside to their buff), the equally high energy cost of both vanish and surprise attack, and the energy consumption of extra skills such as "forgotten king's authority", he needed to strategize his fights moreso now than ever. There wasn't any questioning it at this point. He did have a little bit of relief regarding his meditation skill as well as the improved passive e
  7. This mass update. Three point oh. It changed so much, and especially for the better. But this patch was only making it that much sweeter given that there didn't seem to be any downsides to it. At this point it was making his already increased strength greater. He had twenty seven as his base damage without surprise attack: assassin. This patch just increased it up to twenty eight. And when he was with Zandra, he'd have up to twenty nine. Multiply those by his strongest sword art, and he'd be dealing four hundred and forty three without mitigation, and four sixty four if he was with Zandra. If
  8. Itzal dropped into a battle stance and drew his sword again. Aldion flew higher to avoid conflict as he had no skills to use as of this moment. It was now very apparent to him that these monsters were preventing him from progressing. They were going to keep him here and ultimately lead to him failing to rescue FearX. This whole situation was incredibly suspicious, and confusing to Itzal. For one, the guild hall shouldn't be here. It should be nothing but an empty plot of land. For the second, whoever took Fearx jumped through this room and wasn't stopped nor chased by these monsters. Which mea
  9. From what he could tell, the proficiency had an experience level just like most other proficiencies: blacksmithing, alchemy, artisan, tailoring, cooking, and performing. Therefore, while he didn't have to spend skill points to rank it up, or increase it's efficiency, or even regarding mods, players had to use it over and over again in order to reach it's fullest potential. Itzal believed that this would be the best method of handling such a skill or proficiency of this nature, especially since the highest ranking could find demonic materials, which were very beneficial. And he really didn't ne
  10. If anything Itzal would probably get a house that was similar to his own guild's hall. It was basically an oversized cabin. Far larger than a normal home, but not as massive as a mansion. Not to mention it wasn't nearly as flashy or intimidating, and instead had a cozy, homely, family feel to it. That was what most of their guild had agreed on, and it was definitely the kind of thing Itzal preferred. However, this time he thought of making the house somewhat fortified as well. He'd have to start sketches to get an idea- actually... He should probably find someone else who was good with drawing
  11. Slipping the apple into his inventory, he continued to think about the schematics of his house should he upgrade it to the estate level. Most estates would have around fifteen or so rooms in sword art online, and often times those rooms would be oversized and huge to flaunt wealth. The Knights of the Blood Oath were the perfect example of this. Itzal hated their building because it was focused on how 'great' they were, when in reality they were hoarders and didn't really put much effort into being a role model. Macradon was once one of them, but he was the pure one of the bunch. Itzal was glad
  12. It probably was possible to grow one's own plants, given that the system was now allowing a greenhouse plot. From what he could tell though, players could only utilize it if they had the gathering proficiency, as the yard plot enhanced the gathering proficiency's attributes. However if he wanted to obtain the greenhouse slot, he'd need to upgrade his house to an estate level... He really didn't want to, but he supposed he could just stylize it as simply as possible. He didn't need anything fancy, but at the very least he could design it so that it would be more comfortable for himself. Maybe l
  13. He hadn't really thought about it for very long when Aldion pecked him on the head. "Ouch! Oh there you are Aldion. Where have you been?" The black raven simply cawed and hopped onto the player's shoulder, to which he chuckled. "Alright alright. It doesn't matter all that much anyways." He stroked the raven who closed his eyes in response. Smiling, Itzal continued to advance forward with his familiar. If he had to choose some sort of cosmetic effect for himself, it would probably be some sort of music that played in the background around him. He'd love one that changed style, mood and theme ba
  14. On the topic of skins, cosmetics and the like, he wondered what else could have been made available for players. He knew that there were some potions that could give some sort of cosmetic effect, but he really hadn't seen too much of them. Probably because they didn't have any mechanical benefit to the game. They couldn't increase or reduce stealth rating. They didn't increase your attack damage or mitigation. They couldn't heal you, or light up the area. They were just that: cosmetics. As far as he knew, they weren't a 'pay to win' type of deal. They cost col yeah, but that was about it. He w
  15. Surprise after surprise came at him in this crazy place. The biggest so far was that this place still existed. The second was that Jonathan, who messaged him, wasn't here to greet him. The third was that FearX was here, and clearly as lost as Itzal if not more. And now the fourth being that whoever kidnapped him had seemingly vanished from this room without a trace. Before he could even process more than that, two full suits of armors began to move without any wearer controlling them. Even as Itzal landed gracefully the two suits began pounding their metal in challenge to him, and he saw the b
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