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  1. REROLL Astral Blade SS T4E4 | HLY, FLN, DMG, DMG -> HLY, FLN, PHS, DMG A weapon guided by Holy Light and Fallen Souls. > [acquired] [reroll]
  2. The most sensible response to seeing a hooded man at your doorstep in the dead of a rainy night would be to lock him out immediately. Preferably coupled with screaming loud enough for the neighbours to assume a brutal murder was occurring. An's neighbours were good, upstanding people who would rush to help -- at least, she strongly believed they were, for the nights were always peaceful and quiet enough for her to read a book, as if they didn't exist at all. But An was safe, anyway, and he looked like a kicked puppy! His eyes were downcast, rainwater was dripping off the ends of his shor
  3. JUNK SALE [received] 1000 | (5) T1 PERFECT Consumables 1700 | (17) T1 RARE Consumables 1250 | (25) T1 UNCOMMON Consumables TOTAL 3950 COL
  4. JUNK SALE [received] 5700 | (3) T4 PERFECT Equipment 2250 | (3) T2 PERFECT Equipment -- 1875 | (3) T3 PERFECT Consumable 5850 | (13) T3 RARE Consumable 2400 | (8) T3 UNCOMMON Consumable -- 4125 | (11) T2 PERFECT Consumable 8500 | (34) T2 RARE Consumable 11250 | (75) T2 UNCOMMON Consumable -- 5200 | (26) T1 PERFECT Consumable 7500 | (75) T1 RARE Consumable 3100 | (62) T1 UNCOMMON Consumable -- TOTAL 57,750 COL
  5. REROLL Ode to Endless Time +4 WA T3E3 | Absolute Accuracy, Keen 2 -> Absolute Accuracy, Burn, Bleed [ref] The cogs beneath the glass layer do not move. The clock hands appear permanently frozen, for as long as the weapon is manifested. Yet with every new summoning, the 'time' this scythe measures slowly inches forward. > [acquired] [reroll]
  6. “–Send it through some rerolls and I’ll trade you a story or two. I want to see what I can get.” Andromeda’s working theory: everyone had drowned in that flood. That flood was Cardinal’s punishment for taking too long to clear the game. And then God saw some good in Andromeda and sent her straight to heaven – where she currently existed in the same space as the impossibly pretty lady seated primly across her, a gloved hand held over her mouth as she suppressed a yawn before she continued to talk in what Andromeda could only describe as a matured version of Arabelle’s voice. Wait.
  7. JUNK SALE T1 EQUIPMENT 1,600 | (16) UNCOMMON 2,800 | (14) RARE TOTAL 4,400 COL
  8. She had absolutely no idea what her buff just did. Squinting, An tried to focus on each one of the recipients — but all did it was confirm that they did indeed get the buff and on their status bar, it appeared as a yellow sigil with a singular character that reminded her of the impact of a blunt attack. Hey, wait, was that someone's staff coming right at her? Thud. The player twisted his body so that he instead fell on his back beside her. "A-Are you okay?!" An hovered nervously by his side as he pulled himself up. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have gotten so close." The giant bear th
  9. A terrible howl split the... uh, relatively pleasant? air and a bear came barreling out of the woods. It was obviously not an ordinary bear, but based on the NPCs' lack of dramatics, it was not the thing-in-the-forest. Phew. Andromeda unsheathed her sword and as she tested its unfamiliar weight in her hand once again, she wondered if she could safely put her torch down without accidentally triggering a mechanic where the fire spreads onto that nearby patch of dry leaves and turns the entire expanse of forest along with the thing-in-the-forest into a flaming pile of ash. Beside her, Hannah
  10. (Ah, it got tense all of a sudden. ;A;) To the girl who had spent the last couple of minutes absently weighting the silver sword in her hand, the way the friendly, sunny mood plummeted felt akin to waking up from an unintended nap and finding that the entire afternoon had already been wasted away. Her eyes darted from one new character to the other, then back to the archer -- sure, she'd had altercations with her own bunch, but not right before an expedition? wait, she never actually took her NPC friends out for adventures but you know what, that was totally irrelevant. what was th
  11. Mishiro: I received a notification re: a follow-up to an event I participated in a few months ago. Mishiro: Reading through it; this seems like something to your taste. Andromeda: :0?? Mishiro: Can you investigate in my stead? Andromeda: :0!! Andromeda: i'm getting ready now! please tell me more c: Mishiro: Okay. I can't pass the quest to you directly, but if you head to F23's teleport plaza[--] Oh. The teleport plaza. Hidden behind a corner and a little out of breath after a pointless run to and from the Trading Post's guild hall (that wasn't even on t
  12. i have no more placeholder posts for journal edits and i must scream. [stats:] Level 20 -- 53 SP 400 HP | 40 EN | 5 DMG [skills:] [used sp: 53 | unused sp: 0] 01. Rapier -- Rank 4 02. Howl | Focused Howl [inventory:] [weapons:] [shields:] [armor:] [trinkets:] [consumables:] [items:] [special:] ✦ ✦ ✦ [a certain crate in Pandora's Wares:] [for dungeon:] Andromeda (LEVEL 20: 53 SP) | 400/400 HP | 40/40 EN | 5 DMG
  13. Identifications: Junk sale: T2 Equipment 6,000 | (8) PERFECT [143228a] [143228c] [144895a] [144895b] [144895c] [145682] [142822] [145682] 6,000 col
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