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  1. "Hostages?" Jomei repeated the word, as if to allow himself to think over the possibility that Nari had put forth. "Hm.. honestly, I doubt it. What reason would they need to take hostages? Not only that.. but you saw how ruthless they were when attacking the town.." A quick image flashed into his mind of the King's soldier's ripping a family out of their burning home with blades to their throats. The looks on their faces were not ones with any other purpose than to destroy. "I don't think taking prisoners was on their agenda.." His shoulders rose and fell with a shrug as they moved from the fr
  2. Just as quickly as they had started the fight, they were finishing it. The fantastic combination of devastating strikes from both Jomei and Nari had easily decimated the skeletal warriors, leaving only the one elite standing.. though barely. The group hardly had the time to react, let alone notice the two rush from the store room before they had been destroyed. The blue flames that served as pupils in the remaining warrior darted between the two players, seemingly burning brighter with fury. Only a single target, Jomei's specialty. He was never one for fighting multiple targets at once,
  3. Jomei couldn't hide the small smirk as Nari tried to recover from calling her friend some cute, pet-name version of their full name; Faerie. "Well any friend of Nari's is a friend of mine. So please, help yourself to any drinks or snacks. Hopefully more people should show up soon." As the group moved into the party proper at the top of the stairs, Nari took note of the set up Jomei had done to his apartment for the occasion. With a bashful smile, he would rub at the nape of his neck as he moved towards the kitchen island to retrieve a drink he had prepared to himself earlier. "I don't have to
  4. The ginger let out a dry chuckle in response to Nari's teasing about his 'preferred' choice of weather. "Oh yeah, totally. I just love it... Honestly, I'm more of an autumn guy.. not too hot, not terribly cold." The interior of the castle wasn't much better than the outside in terms of temperature, but at least they didn't have to deal with wind that could rip you off of your feet if you weren't careful. The ginger moved across the foyer to a torch on the opposite wall, burning a blue light similar to the torches wielded by the King's horse bound captains. Raising two open palms up to the flam
  5. The inured expression he wore on his face whittled away slightly as a kind, half smile broke through. Nari seemed just as confident in their success as Jomei did, which meant she was either underestimating their foe.. or she too was swallowing down that pit of fear that weighed heavily in their gut. He continued to steel himself in the face of the unknown might of the Night King, for he couldn't let Nari worry about him when the time came, else they might both pay a hefty price. So with that confident, warm smile on his face, he would gently bump his fist into Nari's shoulder, holding it there
  6. Jomei's path had already been set, eyes glaring daggers at the icy, mountaintop castle. The fortress had once been hidden, most likely to deter payers from attempting to skip the first portions of this quest. However, as the two fended off the Night King's forces, the ominous clouds that obscured the mountain peak parted and faded, inviting - no, daring the two to approach. So as Nari began to bring up the topic of revenge once more, Jomei's feet were already carrying him forward, the snow crunching below his boots with each foot fall. "Afraid? No, not at all.." his expression determined, seri
  7. "G-Gah!" Jomei yelped as a hefty helping of soft snow was kicked up from the ground by Lessa's boot and piled onto his face. His arms and legs flailed for a moment as he quickly brushed the white dusting off of his face and sitting up immediately, his cheeks and tip of nose left a rosy pink. "N-Now that was unc-called for!" He called back after her, voice shaky with his shivering, as she retreated back to her teams side. Placing hands on either side of him, the ginger pushed himself out of the snow to a standing position, any lingering snow on his clothes dropping to the ground. One last shive
  8. Jomei could not help but let out a small laugh at Yona's mention of 'supervision' going to bed. "You say that as if we aren't all adults here of some capacity." His laugh ended with a sigh as he turned his gaze directly upward towards the starry night sky - even if it was generated specifically for this floor. "Besides, I'm sure Baldur could easily be convinced to join us.. but I'm sure he's going to want to turn in early after today. Must take a lot to run an event of this capacity almost on your own." The ginger began to slowly let himself slide down deeper into the water, soaking his c
  9. Soon silence fell over the battlefield. The general had release one final bellow from deep inside their icy cavern of a chest, the blade of Nari's scythe piercing that very spot. A shaky, armored hand of the armored individual rose, with the intent to grab hold of the weapon to free themselves.. but one by one, fingers fell like icicles off of their hand, followed by the rest of their arm. The entire suit of armor collapsed to the ground in pieces of broken ice and metal. It took a few moments for the thought to process, that they had survived, the town had -for the most part- remained standin
  10. Right, he had nearly forgotten about the two captains, given that their focus was entirely on the General. Focusing on the sound of the two horses, wreaking havoc throughout the town, he waited and listened for their hoof falls as they drew closer and closer. Once they were each passing by the battle, Jomei rushed towards the General with his blade drawn and at the ready. Rather than simply striking into the boss alone, however, he would swing wide, catching both of the captains and the general in a single strike. One of the horses screamed out in pain as it, along with its rider, fell over an
  11. One soldier down. Two and the General remaining. Not to mention that stun that Nari was able to place a stun on the General and one of their captains. It wouldn't last for long.. but long enough for them to get in a few hits before facing their wrath. The second of the captains, however, managed to escape with hardly any of its life remaining to continue wreaking havoc on the town. Another toss of a lantern, and blue flames traveled up the walls before forming into ice. Moments later, the added weight caused the household to crack and crumple to the ground. "Right!" Jomei shouted before
  12. The sight of the imposing general sent a chill down Jomei's spine. Their slow movements and weapon dragging through the snow.. they had been watching and waiting for this moment for some time. "Really..? After all of this fighting.. We have to fight that?" His gaze turned to Nari again, shoulders still rising and falling with each heavy breath in and out. Neither of them had much energy to spare.. so they would need to make every hit count. Nari suggested catching their breath, using their Meditation skills to regain some extra energy. "Lets hope it'll be worth it.." Jomei said under his breat
  13. This battle was truly taking a toll on them, almost as much as any boss raid he had been a part of. This was a quest on the fourth floor? How did they expect any players with a lower level than them to survive this?! It truly was a death game, after all, wasn't it. Jomei couldn't help but breath in dust and smog with each heavy breath, fighting off the urge to cough due to the burning sensation in his throat and chest. Though their numbers were dwindling, the onslaught felt never ending. His eyes turned over to Nari, who was managing to hold her own.. but her health levels were raising concern
  14. "Sorry." Jomei said over to Nari, who rushed to his side thinking he was in some sort of danger. "I was just trying to save these people.. I won't let them die because we couldn't strengthen our defenses enough." All of the soldiers and captains who remained had now breached the wall, and were evenly divided between trying to crush the only two bodies getting in their way of total destruction, and slowly tearing the buildings down one by one. Peeking at Nari's health bar, he used the moment of respite to place a hand on Nari's shoulder, "I'll try and take some of the pressure off of you.. The
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