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  1. The ginger would pick himself back up to his feet, watching as the blade that had been thrown from his hands disappeared in a flash of white, returning it to his inventory. Shortly after attempts were made to take down the pirate captain and his crew, only diminishing his patience even more, the Captain Xandis of the Duchess would emerge and speak with Loughran themselves. It seemed the only option that Daemon was given was to turn the ship, the crew, and their own being over to the pirate crew. If they obliged, the players could get out of here easily.. but could they truly make that de
  2. The smile Jomei wore as he spoke with Lessa, the two moving towards an open table so they could enjoy their small meal without the need to walk around, suddenly faded as he heard what he could have sworn was cannon fire off in the distance. Was it the sound of continuous fighting between what remained of Landonain forces and the Galteans? Before he could think any further on it, the front of the ship erupted in small splinters of wood. More cannon balls crashed into the ship, the damage causing the ship to slowly tilt into a dive. His eyes began searching the skies for their attackers, while a
  3. She was just playing along with the joke, of course. He had teased her first, and she had followed up, both calling out 'deal breakers' as if they were actually trying to pursue a relationship. The way it so easily left her lips, a quick glance at the expression on her face spelled out that she was just as surprised about it as he was. He laughed, of course, it was a humorous remark after all (and he knew that letting silence hang would only worsen their slight embarrassment) Lucky for him, the long strands of ginger that fell in front of the side of his face so naturally allowed his smile to
  4. Better company. That phrase left his lips rather naturally. Not that he felt it was untrue, rather the contrary. He had been enjoying the blonde's more frequent company more than others as of late. But these lingering feelings were something he tried, albeit loosely, to keep wrapped up for his own, and Lessa's, sake until it felt more appropriate. The gently nudge at his shoulder shifted his attention and gaze from the dull, orange skies to Lessa next to him, to which he smiled softly. His eyes did not stay upon her for long as he turned once again outwards towards the never ending sky.
  5. With a soft chuckle, Jomei responded, "Guess not." This even was not like some gathering at a large hall or location, it took place on a ship.. one that took to the skies rather than the sea to top it off. There really wasn't any sort of turning back from this. Any nerves he had about this night gathered together, creating a small knot that sunk into his stomach as he felt the vessel lurch forward out of the dock. As the orange rays of the sunsetting in the distance washed over the deck of the ship, warming everything it touched, that lurking anxiety seemed to shrivel up. Jomei had seen
  6. Jomei narrowed his gaze at Nari, who seemed a bit fixated on the 'ex' part of his statement. "It was mostly a mutual thing.. did I not mention I was engaged? .. Right, another time." Now wasn't the time to dwell over the past. They had a frantic sailor to find amongst this small, yet still bustling, framework of a harbor. Amongst all the moving parts, eagle-eyed Nari was able to point out a man, standing out on an empty dock, their movements akin to someone not having a good time. And before they knew it, Morningstar and Jomei were fumbling after Nari, who had grabbed their hands and dragged t
  7. Jomei felt his ears run a bit hot, and the skin of his cheeks flush a bit pink. Nari asking about his 'status' with Lessa caught him a bit off guard, as it would for anyone of a bashful nature such as himself. Though, he supposed it shouldn't come as a surprise... should have expected as much since he did ask her to accompany him as his date, platonic or otherwise. Shifting his weight from one foot to another, a closed fist rose to just under his nose, as a means to not only cover his mouth as he cleared his throat - thinking of how to respond - but also to try and hide the blush he wore so ..
  8. Jomei smiled at Fae, who told Jomei that she had brought an apple pie for the guests. "I was so concerned with putting everything else together, I had completely forgotten about a pie! Thanks Faerie. I'm happy you went with apple over pumpkin.. almost as if you knew it was my favorite." he added with a playful smirk as he pointed to an empty spot on the table next to the entrance to the kitchen. "You can set it down over there." Turning his attention to Nari again, who was still complimenting him on the decorating job, he could not help but blush slightly. "No no, I just had some decorations l
  9. So it was chance that the two had met here today, even more of a coincidence, Morningstar was looking for the same quest NPC as they were. Jomei nodded his head in response to Nari's question, "Yeah. I also met him at Baldur's. So guess I've known both of you for just as long." he added with a kind smile. After the two had formally introduced each other, it was back to the matter at hand; finding this NPC. Jomei rubbed at the nape of his neck sheepishly when Nari asked if he had any idea where this frantic sailor may be. "Honestly, I've never finished this quest. I was supposed to do it
  10. Jomei peeked over his shoulder as he heard the sound of the sliding screen door once again. The familiar, green haired visage of Hirru appeared through the clouds of steam that rose from the hot springs. "Hey Hirru." the ginger greeted him warmly with a stationary wave of his dripping, wet hand. "Not at all, Moningstar here was just asking the lot of us how we knew Baldur. Any fun stories to share?" The ginger listened to anything else that the others had to say about the topic at hand, including anything Hirru wanted to reveal to the group about any past interactions that introduced himself t
  11. "- A Friend." The ginger had eyed over the short response with a half smirk, but holding a small groan behind his closed lips. Had he made an idiot of himself with that last addition? Surely Lessa wouldn't let him live it down. Should have just left the message alone as was. Despite, she accepted his invitation, and that was enough to ask for. After letting the captain know that he was waiting for his companion to arrive, a familiar voice spoke over his shoulder. "Pretty rude of that someone to keep you waiting." With a gentle squeeze of his upper arm, Jomei turned his attention tow
  12. Jomei the emerald duelist It had felt so long ago that the people of the twenty sixth floor called for aid. What had started off as a simple adventure, racing through the streets of Landonia to explore a tower normally off limits to players, had all too suddenly shifted into an all out war between Razwell's Imperial legion and the Galtean refugees that had been plucked from their homes. In the end, they were victorious, and life on the twenty sixth floor seemed to just move on. Since then, Jomei hadn't kept up with how the floor had cha
  13. Jomei the emerald duelist One leg dangled in the air, gently swinging back and forth. His back leaned against the bark of a tree, sitting about five or six feet up upon one of the branches that would support his weight. One good thing about trees within the safe zone being counted as <<Immortal Objects>> .. the branches couldn't snap from under you if you climbed them. Sometimes, a bench just wouldn't do it when he wanted to just sit and relax; sitting in trees was more exciting. His fingers found a familiar tune, noth
  14. Hearing a burst behind him, Jomei turned his eyes to look at where the skeleton once stood. Like a pile of snow against a strong gust, the bones were swept away in an instant. The storm raging outside of the windows seemed to calm, becoming nothing more than a soft snowfall. Even the throne and the ice they stood on softened and began to melt away. The ginger also felt his worries about the fight against the King and his armies melt away, as his whole body seemed to relax at once with a heavy exhale. "Thats a relief.." he would say to himself as he gently slid his rapier back into its home on
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