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  1. Tendrils exploded out in every direction, centered on the shadowed boss as the attacks continued to pound into them. Jomei threw his arms up in front of him as he continued to hop backwards, avoiding taking any damage or being thrown back into his comrades. As the frontliners prepared for the next wave of attacks against this enemy, the Shadow spawned more creatures to intercept the players. Olive eyes went wide as the terrifying creatures, their multiple appendages blending with the darkness around them, quickly rushed towards each of the groups. "What the hell.." Jomei said in a whispe
  2. As the short lived battle between the nightmarish shadowlings and the players came to an end, the chamber they fought in became eerily still. The thin layer of dark, water like shadow that created walls around them stood undisturbed, no ripples or distortions to tell it apart from a perfectly polished wall. Jomei stood, clenching his rapier as Orgoth rose, now back to his own senses, and addressed the Shadow. The entity, who seemed to desperate to win just moments earlier, stood silently. In a moments notice, eyes seemed to open within the shadow all around them, unknown figures looking
  3. Slowly, their surroundings continued to reveal themselves one more with the gathering of light. The visage of the ruined chamber could be seen in the form of silhouettes at first and then slight features. The few shadow creatures that remained seemed to cringe at the ever growing brightness, their forms seeming to quiver as they set in to their desperate attempts to draw the players back. However, with their quickly dwindling numbers, it was a futile attempt. A wave of hope passed through the ginger as he took a quick look around him, his comrades and friends.. he could see them again. A
  4. The light continued to climb as the shadows fell away to their sword arts. Bursts of light from various locations helped turn the tide of the battle, the Shadow himself now showing a face of worry in his featureless face. Hearing the desperation in their voice for a change breathed a sense of hope through the players that they would push through this, as they always have. Especially now, the troubling hunch staining all of their thoughts that the Shadow's powers against the players stretched beyond the boss room door.. possibly beyond the floor itself. The Shadowlings continued to pour f
  5. The visage of more of the frontliners shone through the darkness as they activated items of sorts, beating back the shadow. Jomei, himself, had been focused on clashing with the shadowling before him, who taunted him with images of the friends and loved one he left outside of the boss room doors. Luckily enough, a stray attack from a comrade of his wiped the shadow out, its haunting effect lifting from Jomei's mind. With a retreating step, Jomei scanned his immediate surroundings. The sounds of battle were becoming less and less, especially as Chase's blade cut through two of the remaini
  6. Darkness consumed the raid party, with not an inkling of what to expect from the shaded figure that once possessed the mighty Orgoth. The Shadow threw insults at the fallen minotaur, and claimed he would finish this fight itself. The darkness before them seemed to twist and curl, like black storm clouds rolling in over a sea on a lightless night. The ginger shifted his feet, swinging his front foot behind the other as he stepped back from the endless darkness. Were it a trick of the light or his mind playing games with him, a hand reached from the shade towards Jomei, followed by a strik
  7. A voice unfamiliar to the Irishman addressed him, though they seemed somewhat familiar of him. Jomei was pulled from his thoughts as he turned to see the stranger, who sported heavy armor and a head of pink hair. Their name was Yuki, a player who assumably rose through the ranks and became a frontliner as well. The ginger offered a friendly smile, "Its a pleasure to meet you, Yuki. I'm Jomei. Yeah, I've been fighting with the raid party quite a few floors now. I take it that you'll be joining us on the twenty-fifth floor?" The ginger smirked, crossing his arms and shifting his weight, "W
  8. Jomei grunted as he righted himself within the pit, the top of his ginger head just poking out and breaking the surface. "Yeah.. I'm fine" he reassured Lessa as his hands searched for some sort of purchase that would allow him to climb out of the empty tomb. "Well.. that is definitely not something I want to experience ever again.. at least, until.. you know." his joke slowly turned sour, so he tried to clear his throat as if to wipe the slate of the conversation clean, "Anyway." Now standing beside Lessa once again, he looked towards the floating spirit, which had now rotated within the air a
  9. As the data fragments faded and blended with the frost-topped ground, the large shards of ice that blocked his path shattered, clearing the way. It was a simple task to retrace his steps and return to the Long Barrow, he just needed to move quickly to avoid succumbing to the freezing temperatures. Squeezing through the fissure in the side of the mountain, and hiking back down the winding path, Jomei found a bit of respite seeing the lights of the roaring fireplace within the Long Barrow. As he opened the door to the interior, he nearly collapsed to his knees, but he kept himself standing
  10. Seeing that its shield was useless at this close range, the King tossed the item out of the way. The metal clanged to the ground and slid to a stop before his throne. Raising his fists high over his head, the King slammed down around Jomei, just nearly missing. The entire chamber rumbled, as icicles above the two began to plummet. Jomei's eyes went wide placing a foot on the Night King's arm and kicking off of him, sending him sliding backwards. Using the same tactic as before, using his rapier as an ice pick, Jomei went to work dodging the plummeting icicles that crashed to the surface around
  11. For a fight on the Fourth Floor, this was proving to be a bit more difficult than he had imagined. No wonder he was avoid going out and questing on his own. How did a trip to find a Christmas tree turn into him fighting one of the most difficult bosses that this floor had hidden away. Jomei shook those thought from his head, he was a frontliner, he could handle this. Wiping his cheek, Jomei brushed away the frost that was gathering on his skin. He needed to finish this quickly, before the ice claimed him rather than this new enemy. The King rose to his feet, putting its weight on the opp
  12. The Night King grunted, its voice sounding larger than the form itself as it echoed throughout the chamber. Opening itself up, the hulking figure swung its axe at Jomei with a sideswipe. The duelist rose his rapier in vertically in front of him, blocking the strike. Jomei felt his muscles tense as he tried to hold the Night King at bay, but the force of his enemy's attack sent him sliding across the ice they stood on. The ginger hurdled towards the far wall, unable to stop himself easily. Using his blade, Jomei shoved the tip into the ice, which scraped and dug into the surface, slowing his sp
  13. The Night King's boots pounded against the icy floor as he took two large steps forward, extending its arms out to the side in an inviting manner to allow Jomei the first attack. Jomei's eyes shifted to a new status indicator below his health bar, a debuff to be exact. Seemed like he was right, the below freezing temperatures were going to make it much more difficult to fight this foe. His <Charge> skill probably would not do much to assist in this case, so he would need to depend on old fashioned fighting. Releasing the breath he was holding, a cloud of his own breath formed befor
  14. The King shared a much more human-like look than his wight minions, though its skin still pale and cracked. Long white hair flowed from beneath a stone crown, coated in ice, a beard to match. The armor it wore fit for royalty, showed as much wear and decay as the rest of the castle, but shone like new because of the sheet of ice the coated it. As Jomei approached, the King stood, standing about seven feet tall, a cape that matched the blue carpet fell behind them. From aside the throne, they retrieved an ornate looking axe, which the King held easily in a single hand, and a kite shield. Lastly
  15. The fortress was smaller than Jomei had expected, as the chamber through the entryway at the top of the stairs seemed to be a single, long hallway that opened up into a larger chamber at the end. Holding his rapier at the side, and at the ready, Jomei continued forth through the corridor. The interior seemed to hold remnants of a previous legion, before time and ice claimed it as its own. A mostly ruined, navy blue rug with gold trimmings created the path that Jomei walked to the proceeding room. Sconces with the same, icy flames burned every six feet or so, large icicles protruded from the ce
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