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  1. Character Name: Jomei Age: 24 Height: 6'3 Personality: A kind soul, always willing to jump in to help others in need. Constantly puts others before himself. Character Journal: [Journal] Character Name: Jevi Age: 22 Height: 5'9 Personality: Cold, but kind to those she feels deserves it. Builds up walls around her and tends to disappear for long periods of time. Character Journal: [link]
  2. Current Level: 81 Current SP: 459 Link to SP Tracking: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Vestige of St. Patrick Item ID: Converted Boss Drop Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Light Armor Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: MIT | EVA | EVA | Holy Blessing Description: A long coat of green and black over a padded cloth turtleneck, leather chaps and knee high boots. Item Name: Vestige of St. Patrick
  3. Jomei's expression became a bashful one, once Baldur helped him realize he broke the one rule of Noodle Club. He let out a small laugh as his shoulders rose and fell with a shrug. "Hehe, sorry about that. Almost forgot we weren't talking about that. I guess that goes to show how one-tracked minded we can get." Sifting his chopsticks through the broth to gather what was left of his ramen, he listened to Baldur go on about a state of mind that goes along with his sword form. The gentle prodding with his eating utensils slowed as he became more enamored with what Baldur was saying, until he
  4. The ginger nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah, definitely. No sense of dread.. almost feels peaceful." The two stood in silence for a moment as the relief of their success set in. Jomei crossed his arms, looking to Lessa with a smirk, "That was luck more than anything.. I honestly had no idea that would work. But it was really the only connection I could think of.." And with that, it was time the two depart from this strange, abandoned location to a more civilized spot. It was nice spending time with Lessa in their own, though creepy, pocket of Aincrad.. but Jomei had enough of the lack of li
  5. Jomei

    Jomei's Journey

    SP Tracking Total: 459 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RMSCSoqr0r6D7lQHrDwIlc1kch1AkIU1eLIEBzLiRa0/edit?usp=sharing Starting: 5 SP Quests: 227 SP
  6. SP Reward ID 187637 LD: 14 Nihilim’s Wrath | Tier 4 Perfect Weapon of Choice Choose two different unique enhancements and one normal enhancement. Rapier: Absolute Acc | Fallen Damage | Bleed
  7. Jomei propped himself up onto his arms as he watched Orgoth's blades swing down atop the Shadow like a guillotine dropping upon a helpless victim. Everything went silent as the large axes cut through the air, finally resounding as they slashed through the boss' body. The Shadow hung there, not attacking, not responding as if suspended in between life and death. The horrors it had summoned still wandered the field, as well as any of the shackles placed upon his companions. Reaching for his rapier, Jomei hurried to his feet. "Finish off the rest of these creatures, and free those stuck in
  8. Taking his chopsticks between his fingers once more, Jomei shoveled another small mouthful of noodles into his mouth. One of the stringy morsels smacking the side of his lips as he slurped them up. He nodded along as Macradon offered up his location for the next meeting of the hungry minds, as he dabbed the side of his mouth with a napkin. "That sounds like a great idea Mac." Jomei said with a smile as he finished chewing what remained in his mouth. He took in another bite as he turned his attention to Baldur, who gave a bit more insight into this personal island of his. The ginger couldn't he
  9. Jomei looked at Macradon as he addressed the group, giving a simple strategy to allow a bit of slack off of Macradon. Jomei took little to no damage this entire fight, and he knew he could dodge the attacks of the horrors or the Shadow if need be. He was ready for anything... well, mostly anything. "Right." he said with a nod, before turning his attention to the main boss. The Shadow horror that taunted them still remained, but with the end goal in sight, all hands were on deck for attacking the puppeteer behind it all. One after another, players rushed forth, their blades crashing agains
  10. Jomei looked from the spirit hovering before them to the tombstone as he listened to Lessa's queries. "There were no quest markers or anything.. so its possible it could be an unfinished quest that was never pulled from the game. Could explain why the ghost flipped between seeming like an enemy and an ally." Despite, through all the confusion, and earlier terror.. he could not help but just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness as he looked upon the ghost. As if all of the happiness had been sucked from him. He pondered over their predicament for a moment before, blinking a few times and
  11. Despite focusing his attack on one of the Shadow Horrors, the two creatures still ignored him and attacked Macradon instead. The knight once again called out for assistance, only for Chase to swoop in and take out the target Jomei had been fighting. "Guess I'm not really needed here.." he said to himself under his breath with a sigh, before turning his attention to the second entity, "At least I can still hit you and help clear it out faster." Supplementing his sword art with another round of his Charge skill, the ginger rushed forward and crashed into the shadow creature with a resoundin
  12. The visage of multiple arms sprawling from the ground and taking form into more of those nightmarish creatures sent a chill down Jomei's spine. "Dammit, more of those things?" he growled to himself as he assessed the situation. The raid party's efforts, along with the might of Orgoth, seemed to be doing quite a number on the formidable Shadow. His attacks were deadly, and the ability to shift the focus of battle off of the heavily armored tanks was problematic. Not to mention, those creepy shadow creatures keeping others distracted.. it just took another blade off of the boss. Another of
  13. Jomei's eyes went to Macradon as he single handedly fended off this monstrosity that the Shadow sent forth. "Careful Mac, call for help if you need it! I want everyone making it out of this one in one piece." His eyes then went to the rest of the battle. For the most part, everyone seemed to be holding their own, though by some dark magics, the Shadow was managing to pull their attention off of the other parties' tanks. "Tch.. that's no good.. Leaves the heavy hitters open for an attack." His gaze fell on Orgoth, who was proving more than useful in this fight. Without the minotaur's help
  14. Tendrils exploded out in every direction, centered on the shadowed boss as the attacks continued to pound into them. Jomei threw his arms up in front of him as he continued to hop backwards, avoiding taking any damage or being thrown back into his comrades. As the frontliners prepared for the next wave of attacks against this enemy, the Shadow spawned more creatures to intercept the players. Olive eyes went wide as the terrifying creatures, their multiple appendages blending with the darkness around them, quickly rushed towards each of the groups. "What the hell.." Jomei said in a whispe
  15. As the short lived battle between the nightmarish shadowlings and the players came to an end, the chamber they fought in became eerily still. The thin layer of dark, water like shadow that created walls around them stood undisturbed, no ripples or distortions to tell it apart from a perfectly polished wall. Jomei stood, clenching his rapier as Orgoth rose, now back to his own senses, and addressed the Shadow. The entity, who seemed to desperate to win just moments earlier, stood silently. In a moments notice, eyes seemed to open within the shadow all around them, unknown figures looking
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