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  1. Jomei let out a small sigh, "I've always found that the holidays, sometimes, tend to be the quietest. We've all been stuck in this world for so long, fighting for our lives.. it becomes quite the distraction. But this time of year, when we start to remember spending time with our friends.. our families.. some of us kind of.. shut down? Isolate ourselves to deal with that in peace." his shoulders rose and fell with a shrug. "I can tell you, I've definitely been hit with that bug before." Despite the sour topic, the ginger's lips spread into a small smile as he looked between those in attendance
  2. The raging ball of flame continued to consume whatever remained of the building, the inner sanctum completely engulfed in smoke and fire, masking whatever would be lost to the element. A chaotic spectacle of destruction that Jomei could not pry his eyes from, the dancing orange flames reflecting off of his olive eyes. Even in that moment, as Lessa confirmed that no other bodies struggled within, and that no lives were taken, Jomei could not help feel immense relief. "Good" he said softly, only his lips moving as he continued to stare, just as everyone else around him did. The question th
  3. Jomei Receives: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) Braso Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Phase. (This effect cannot override the Phase enhancement cap. Consumed on use.)
  4. The ginger looked upon Lessa with squinted eyes. "What would you even do with a hundred horses." he barely was able to get out without laughing. The ginger followed suit, stepping off of the rock with a small smile. His boots found the softer ground, blades of grass flattening beneath his feet, only to straighten back up again as he stepped forward. "Remind me to tell you about the only time I tried to ride a horse.. Unless Baldur or Mac get to tell their point of view first." His shoulders rose and fell with a shrug, offering her a side glance as he fell into step with her, "Maybe
  5. Thanks to Vigilon's efforts, the ice wall separating them from Wushen's physical form had come crashing down. When it was not immediately replaced by another barrier, they knew they had just a moment's chance to rush in and damage the boss directly. The ginger took a sharp breath in through his grit teeth as his boots pounded against the ground. This was it, he thought, the final stretch to the finish line. Turning his wrist to shift his blade allowed shadow to once again claim the sword. The darkness cancelling out any and all light that may have possibly bounced off of the shiny metall
  6. "On it!" Jomei shouted in response to Nari, already pressing forth on the attack. The tip of his blade would glide against the craggy surface as he ran, kicking up dust and sparks in his wake. As he drew closer, and his chosen Sword Art kicked in, so did his rapier's fallen abilities. The bright sparks that licked up the blade had suddenly become black as shadow, clinging to the surface of the metal and climbing its way up to the handguard. As Jomei finally drew his blade upwards to point the tip forth, the darkness continued to split around the handguard and travel up his arm like some
  7. Beads of sweat trickled their way fown the ginger’s jawline, gently falling to the ground at his feet. He could see they were making progress, albeit slow, but progress nontheless. Their combined efforts of taking down the elemental visages of Wushen, while also knocking down the ice walls and attacking the dark wyrm itself were proving fruitful. All they needed to do now was wipe out Overgrowth, then they would have a clear shot at the wall.. Then they could really lay the damage onto Wushen. Jomei could sense a bit of hesitation from the others, possibly with heavy attacks up their
  8. She was right, of course. Jomei had double checked his quest log after receiving the follow up from Lessa about where to meet. She mentioned they should meet in Dagan, where the first quest ended and second quest would start. As he eyed the quest log, he saw the message clear as day, 'travel from Dagan to Srona.' He chuckled softly to, and at, himself with a small shake of his head as he took the small step up onto the teleport platform. In an all too familiar flash of light, Jomei's virtual form was carried from Taft to the Twenty Seventh floor. Since they had been there before, Jomei p
  9. Just as soon as the wall Jomei had shattered went down, another rose in its place that blocked its path. "What?" he said to himself under his breath, shocked that Wushen was able to react to Jomei's attempt so quickly. He would tap the surface with his rapier, just to make sure that it was solid - it was, of course.. this was not some sort of illusion. "Dammit!" he cursed through grit teeth, ramming a fist into the cold, sleek wall. Behind him was a whole other issue they now needed to deal with. Novalite had been downed, and another head appeared in its place. While still energy based,
  10. "I.. well uh.." Jomei stammered. Of all people to have caught him in his realization, it had to have been Lessa. He wouldn't hear the end of this, for sure. "Left it in my other cloak.." he said sheepishly, trying to make light of a rather dire situation. Before he could say anything more, she had already summoned one of the crystals - whether it was an extra, or her only one, he wasn't sure - and pushed it in his direction forcefully. In that moment he didn't know what to fear more. The multi headed, element wielding Dragon. Or the furious wrath of an angry Lessa. Either way, he w
  11. The image of the trader with his trusty packhorse was suddenly obscured by a small, opaque box containing a message. Lowering himself to lean his elbows on the railing, his eyes scanned the contents of the digital letter. A bit ironic, he thought, that the questline that helped them solved the puzzle of the previous boss fight was still open and available for completing, despite them having finished off the boss and brought a bit of peace to the floor. However, Jomei was not one to back down from the prospect of adventure.. especially with Lessa. Jomei sent the message off with a smile
  12. Liquid began to seep from the side of the dragon, spilling out onto the ground at its feet. However, it was not blood.. as one might expect in the heat of battle, no, it was water. "What the hell?" Jomei thought to himself as he watched the trickling of clear water careen down past them. Wushen themselves seemed to hold off on any further actions against them.. was it preparing something? Were they about to face the real wrath of this elemental warlord? Just as he thought that, a portal-like waterpool began to form where the water originated from, spawning the spectral, blue image of ano
  13. Jomei and Rai haven't spoken much. But he'd def come if he was invited. Unless he's brought as a +1 instead
  14. It all took place in a matter of seconds. Wushen took its focus off of Nari, shifting it instead to Lessa. It was such a strange tactic they had not seen much before, but the tanks were only providing so much assistance, and the elemental warlord was able to pull its attention away for short moments to strike the players that were the real threat to its existence. And this time, it wanted to put down Lessa. As it's attack crashed into the blonde's armored body, Jomei felt his knees lock, his feet almost appearing to become cemented into the ground. It wasn't a heavy hit, no where near an
  15. Tak Jomei's boots hit the ground just as Adere followed the ginger's attack pattern, and ran her razor sharp claws through the already damaged skin. "Nice one" Jomei said to himself with a proud smile and a triumphant fist. He heard his team calling out, mostly Nari offering battle tactics and positive reinforcement. Positive vibes over playful banter? That sounded like a good idea. "Thanks, Nari! I'll admit, you had me worried when you signed up to be tank.. but you're eating this boss' hits like they are nothing!" "Vigilon! Hell of a hit! Great one!" "You too Ariel! Glad
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