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  1. Lessa was mad. Very. Mad. He had never seen this side of her before. Smiling, always. Sad, more often as of late. Even frustrated, sure. But the pure rage that radiated from her core, burning like the fire that put them here in the first place, ironically made his body run cold. While he also found the idea of her being actually angry the tiniest bit entertaining, the fear of this dormant side of her spawned a cold sweat at the back of his neck. A bit more attractive than he'd want to admit as well... A quick clearing of his throat, and Jomei returned his scan of the grove - bo
  2. Lessa's gestures and voice, much more suited for calming the otherworldly beast. Each step in its direction was cautious and calculated, the tone of each word that passed her lips was gentle. When the guardian of the grove made its presence scarce once more, the two players shared a sigh of relief. "Nice job. Handled that a lot better than I did." the ginger would say with a smile, though he kept his voice hushed to not disturb the serenity of the grove any more than they already had. Though if they would be able to continue their quest to gather the flowers was another issue. He could still f
  3. Jomei wasn't alone in feeling the presence of something - most likely the guardian - watching their every moves. From that point on, he was ever so cautious with his movements. Watching every step as to not even disturb a stone or fallen branch, and only touching bushes where he believed a Ushiame Flower was blooming. He had even slowed his breathing, trying to mask the sound which seemed even louder with the silence of the grove, but the anxiety of impending danger from an unknown creature made that difficult. Just trying to exhale through his nose without making a sound made him feel as thou
  4. "Looks like you were right" Jomei chimed as he pointed towards the white petals of a flower, its long stem extending a couple of inches over the tall, grass-like bush it grew out of. "At least now we have a better idea what we are looking for." A finger hovered over the delicate plant and gently tapped on it. The petals reacted in an almost frightened manner, flinching outwards before curling into a more tulip like shape. The flower then vanished with a small flash of light, data and pixels breaking down to easily transfer into his virtual pockets. "You and me both, and that's coming fro
  5. Thread Complete Total Words: 13610 | 58 Posts 13610/ 10 * 0.6 = 816.6 @Nari-Lanreth | T.5 | 4083 Exp | 7978 Col | 15 Materials | T4 Rare Consumable 208176a, T4 Rare Weapon 208176b Jomei | T.10 | 8166 Exp | 5540 Col | 3 Material | T4 Rare Consumable 208441a, T4 Rare Weapon 208441b @Koga | T.8 | 6832 Exp | 19066 Col | 17 Materials | T4 Rare Trinket #208231a, T7 Rare Trinket #208232a, T4 Rare Trinket #208813a, T4 Uncommon Consumable #208814a, T4 Uncommon Consumable #208861a
  6. Thread Complete Total Word Count: 6633 / 22 Posts Total 6633 / 10 * 0.5 = 331.65 Jomei | 7 Posts | T.10 | 3316 Exp | 630 Col -T4 Perfect Weapon UnID [203747a] - (1) Perfect HP Recovery (Mass) crystal [210418] @Hirru | 7 Posts | T.10 | 3316 Exp | 630 Col - (1) Perfect HP Recovery (Mass) crystal [210563] @Nari-Lanreth | 6 Posts | T.8 | 2653 Exp | 531 Col -T4 Perfect Weapon UnID [203747b] @Faerie | 2 Posts | T.1 | Did not meet thread requirements :( - (1) Perfect HP Recovery (Mass) crystal [210755]
  7. Jomei the emerald duelist A flash of white and blue energy engulfed the square foot of the stone platform and the air above it. Not a moment later, the swirling field vanished, a tired looking, ginger haired warrior stepping from the flickering pieces of data. The long cape of green dragging behind him above the ground, swaying back and forth with each hobbled step he would take. The cold bite of winter had been fading, leading to the warmer - yet usually rainy - spring months. Luckily, today the floor was not programmed with a mor
  8. "Hm." Jomei's throat rumbled with a hum as he exhaled deeply through his nose. "Guess not everyone is happy with us players sticking our noses in everything. But.. despite the welcoming party not being very... welcoming.. I'm happy we stuck around to help. I don't think I would've been able to sleep too well if we hadn't saved those people from the fire." The smile that had grown from relishing in their kindness to assist grew sour as the thought of leaving those stranded people to perish crossed his mind. Even if it hadn't come true, thanks to their heroics.. it pained him a bit to think that
  9. His muscles tightened, nearly flinching, as the man fired back at him, seemingly offended at Jomei's offer to help. Stubborn players have crossed his path plenty of times, but it wasn't very often that he was met with a stubborn NPC - and a quest giver at that. "W-Wait, that's-" he started, tripping over his words like a bumbling idiot. Lessa picked up the fumble, and continued on where Jomei left off. The ginger would sigh to himself, both out of embarassment and relief, as Lessa leveled with Percival. She explained their intentions, without undermining the -obviously spread thin-
  10. Jomei let out a small sigh, "I've always found that the holidays, sometimes, tend to be the quietest. We've all been stuck in this world for so long, fighting for our lives.. it becomes quite the distraction. But this time of year, when we start to remember spending time with our friends.. our families.. some of us kind of.. shut down? Isolate ourselves to deal with that in peace." his shoulders rose and fell with a shrug. "I can tell you, I've definitely been hit with that bug before." Despite the sour topic, the ginger's lips spread into a small smile as he looked between those in attendance
  11. The raging ball of flame continued to consume whatever remained of the building, the inner sanctum completely engulfed in smoke and fire, masking whatever would be lost to the element. A chaotic spectacle of destruction that Jomei could not pry his eyes from, the dancing orange flames reflecting off of his olive eyes. Even in that moment, as Lessa confirmed that no other bodies struggled within, and that no lives were taken, Jomei could not help feel immense relief. "Good" he said softly, only his lips moving as he continued to stare, just as everyone else around him did. The question th
  12. Jomei Receives: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) Braso Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Phase. (This effect cannot override the Phase enhancement cap. Consumed on use.)
  13. The ginger looked upon Lessa with squinted eyes. "What would you even do with a hundred horses." he barely was able to get out without laughing. The ginger followed suit, stepping off of the rock with a small smile. His boots found the softer ground, blades of grass flattening beneath his feet, only to straighten back up again as he stepped forward. "Remind me to tell you about the only time I tried to ride a horse.. Unless Baldur or Mac get to tell their point of view first." His shoulders rose and fell with a shrug, offering her a side glance as he fell into step with her, "Maybe
  14. Thanks to Vigilon's efforts, the ice wall separating them from Wushen's physical form had come crashing down. When it was not immediately replaced by another barrier, they knew they had just a moment's chance to rush in and damage the boss directly. The ginger took a sharp breath in through his grit teeth as his boots pounded against the ground. This was it, he thought, the final stretch to the finish line. Turning his wrist to shift his blade allowed shadow to once again claim the sword. The darkness cancelling out any and all light that may have possibly bounced off of the shiny metall
  15. "On it!" Jomei shouted in response to Nari, already pressing forth on the attack. The tip of his blade would glide against the craggy surface as he ran, kicking up dust and sparks in his wake. As he drew closer, and his chosen Sword Art kicked in, so did his rapier's fallen abilities. The bright sparks that licked up the blade had suddenly become black as shadow, clinging to the surface of the metal and climbing its way up to the handguard. As Jomei finally drew his blade upwards to point the tip forth, the darkness continued to split around the handguard and travel up his arm like some
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