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Found 23 results

  1. She stepped back onto the main street, holding the Leather Whip that she'd just bought in her hand. Not a bad find for the Town of Beginnings, she thought. The place was so big, there were bound to be some hidden gems among the various NPC shops, or so she'd speculated when—at last—she had picked herself up from her depression and decided to do something about it. I'm way behind the front lines o' the clearin' effort now, though, Kyo thought, and winced at the notion of how much work she had to do to catch up. Still, the active clearing efforts had only reached, ah... what, floor twenty-e
  2. After putting this off for another period of time, Xlear had decided that he couldn't let himself get idle again. His friends were now starting to tackle a few quests, so he decided to meet up with them at some point in a few floors. The boots that were accompanied by the armor he had been wearing for as long as the game first started, were now crunching beneath some leaves as he treks his way along a road. Where was he going? Honestly, he had no clue. From where he was walking, however, any player that knows the map of the floor would know that he was currently nearing Horunka. Faint smokesta
  3. Violet carefully double-checked her inventory, making sure that everything she was supposed to bring with her was in order. Since she was going to be training her familiar, she'd figured that the best way to make the most of the (more than likely several) failures that she was probably going to get. Thus, she'd ordered a wonderful, shiny fishing kit, and had picked out a popular fishing hole over on Floor 22 to get this done. Akame, the exciteable little lady that she was, was chirping away, dancing around her shoulders as she peered at quite literally everything that she could see. Viole
  4. <<The First Lesson>> Party: Van, Morningstar, Valk Vanessa had finally gotten herself all geared up and prepared for her first journey into the wild. Even with the piece of mind of having proper equipment, she was still certainly nervous about the concept of player killers roaming out there. From her research, she should be able to handle any mobs she encountered at least. She wasn't quite sure what she would even do out there to be quite frank, beyond some mindless mob slaying, but any progress would be progress for a measly level one player. She shifted the sword ar
  5. CONQUERING STONE & UNJUSTIFIED CONDUCT While it wasn’t completely unknown to Faux how to request help in this world, it was something he almost never felt necessary in the past. Asking questions of other players would sometimes almost guarantee a level of misinformation that NPCs simply do not offer. But it would be impossible to say the past few months haven’t felt a bit lonely. It seems players are mainly interested in leveling and escaping the game, and while documenting the experiences of the people here intrigues some, others have no interest in giving up their
  6. They'd survived the onslaught against the town, although Nari still wasn't entirely sure how. Whatever the case, she was just happy that they were alive - and that they'd managed to complete the quest at all. Don't kick a gift horse in the groin. Shaking her head, in a small portion of disbelief, as well as amusement at her own thoughts, Nari turned to face Jomei. "Thoughts on taking a bit of revenge on this Night King? Seems like someone who deserves a good kick in the ass for everything we had to go through here...not to mention a bit of revenge for those who didn't make it..." Her fi
  7. The sun shines through a window of the room I was sat in, landing on my face and stirring me awake. Mumbling to myself, I come to my senses. A few voices can be heard around me as I straighten up, my back hurting a bit from my restless night against the hard surface of the wall. I had fallen asleep inside the Monument of Life, mourning the loss of numerous lives. I cast one quick glance to the list of names, wiping my teary eyes before anything slid down my cheeks, realising that it was not a nightmare and what had happened a few days ago, had really happened. We were a bit under 10,000 p
  8. Was it always this cold? Seems like time only makes it worse. She pulled her hood tighter around herself, the fluffy purple vest, with its fox-like ears covering her ever so slightly from the wind that howled around her. The piece had once been a prized possession of hers, the fox tail and ears joyous and welcoming, in her mind. Now, though...Now it's just a reminder... She pulled the hood of the vest closer down towards her face, trying to block out the wind, and the memories themselves. She'd taken this quest after speaking to a local broker, as a way to get back into the world - to esc
  9. A huge yawn distorted his face, as he slowly opened his eyes. The curtains did a decent job at stopping the sunlight from entering his room, but a single ray sneaked its way through and managed to dazzle him, so he groaned and thought how nice it would be to have shutters. After turning away from the sunlight he took a glance at the clock that was situated in the righthand corner of his vision and sought. It's late enough to stand up and go for a walk, and maybe I can get some breakfast, before moving out again. Level two is nice, but I have to grow stronger, if I want to do anything meanin
  10. The day was absolutely perfect – sun shining down, but not overwhelmingly hot. The wind bristled gently through the town’s streets, playing gently with Zenshu’s scarf and hair. Leaning his head back he smiled towards the sky – or roof, other floor, whatever you wanted to call it. He knew it was all artificial. Even the sun shining down and heating his skin was fake. But that didn’t make it any less enjoyable, at least in his mind. “This place really isn’t that bad, if you forget the whole death thing everyone is so worried about. I mean, look at this place, it’s beautiful!” Speaking to hi
  11. Time: Dawn After Floor 26 boss fight Before the Tournament The sun was barely peaking over the low horizon of the 24th floor. Water stretched out ot the edge of the floor here, and with his island rising into the sky like a heron perched on one slender leg, he was one of the first to see the sun. It filtered through the trees, almost feeling lazy due to the wam light. It tinted the colors of the trees, backlit, and warmed the normally cool and refreshing water of the ponds. He could see it from where he was perched, the shoji panels of his room spread fully open to the ponds in front
  12. She’d woken up early that morning, her excitement getting the best of her. She’d spent the previous evening considering her changes, the ideas she’d had around it. A good portion of the evening had been wandering through the forge and the shop on the twenty seventh, running her hand over the tools, the bench, even the anvil as she considered her path forwards. Her love for the forge hadn’t diminished, but with the number of available blacksmiths, and the state of her business itself… Late into the evening she had realised how long she had spent sitting on the shop’s counter, considering e
  13. The blonde tapped the icon to send the direct message off to her guild leader. Then, she closed out of all her menus. With a little research earlier in the day, she found out where the NPC that held the quest was located and journeyed off early in the morning. Snow liked to be up before the rest of the guild when she stayed over at Baldur's estate. It usually meant she could ready a kettle of tea or begin the batch of rice they could pull from for the rest of the day. As long as she accomplished something that would benefit someone, Snow felt accomplished. After prepping the tea and rice this
  14. Round 2 Bracket Baldur Stats: Rules: (Nothing Different from Previous Thread) Round 2 Observation Thread: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/21291-op-f24-valentines-tournament-arc-round-2-observer-thread/ Once the participants had all come over to gather around Baldur having partaken in any snacks or refreshments they had chosen, the Gaijin Samurai informed them of how round 2 would be slightly different. Due to the odd number of players, some drop outs and corrections the tournament needed to make, Baldur was pulling in a pinch hitter to even up the round in the form of
  15. The light of Aincrad's floor crested the horizon and danced through the branches of Floor 3's endless trees. The little beams of radiance permeated through the windows of a small estate just outside of the main town, Flora. From the wooden floorboards, the column of illumination slowly crept up thin, cotton sheets. It traveled over many folds and danced between strands of golden blonde before finally coming to rest on the fair skin of Snow's cheeks. She rustled beneath the covers. As the day's light grew above the horizon, more poured through her curtains and stretched from her head to the foo
  16. a gentle breeze flowed through the air around the Morning Rose manor, rustling the leaves on the various plants within the surrounding garden. Birds could be heard chirping and trilling to their hearts content, the peaceful morning sun giving off a gentle warmth that made it feel perfect. a peal of laughter suddenly echoed across the grounds, followed by loud footsteps. Violet was running around the garden, inspecting all of the flowers present, and taking in the sweet fragrance produced by each one. Dahlia's, Peonies, Magnolia's, Wisteria blossoms, Cherry blossoms, lilies, and Roses of every
  17. <<Riker's edge, Floor 19>> on the very edge of <<Mikiakus>> lies a tavern, kept by a small guild that treated each other like family. The building was well cared for, and unlike most of the settlement, it wasn't run down or broken apart, instead appearing like it belonged in a completely different part of Aincrad. That bar, was Rikers edge. Players visited on occasion, often to deliver information in exchange for a home-cooked meal made by its keepers. The guild that ran it was known simply as the Arbiters Hand, a guild that solely consisted of about 30 members. Th
  18. Another long day in the Town of Beginnings. Although she had gained some decent levels, Yuurei had found a liking to the first town in the game. It was familiar and full of life every day no matter what was going on. She was enjoying her newly made armor too. It was enhanced to allow her to deal more damage as she hit her enemies. Beyond that, she was a bit bored. There wasn’t much for her to do at the moment. Walking along the outskirts of the Town of Beginnings, Yuurei encounters a woman dressed in some odd clothing. It was a nice change of pace from the stagnant day-to-day. The woman e
  19. Walking around on the 2nd floor Hazado heard the thing about a quest, A field boss or something like that. Normally he would take on a boss but this boss somehow got his attention, there was only one problem he could do it alone and he being a tank is not much to take down a boss on its own. He was thinking of who to bring and as he looked into his friend list he saw both Spangie and Arabelle, the two girls he met during an event. he clicked send and went to sit somewhere in Taran Village, Mmm that fountain looks nice to look at, It looks so calming how the water moves down. He walked
  20. This was it. Today was the day that Shiroe was going to shed his skin and move onward to becoming the man known only as Cypher. It has been a couple of years since he has been within the town of beginnings, so he didn't truly have any experience, so he had figured that he would head out and pick up one of the most common quests that had been within the area. Thankfully, Cypher has heard about this quest from various others, since he has been here for so long. If he can remember correctly, there is an npc that resides here within the town of beginnings, that goes by the name of Zackariah. From
  21. It had been over two years now, that Hei had been stuck in this game of death, but he had felt quite alive and it was almost normality for him by now, today was the day, that his body was getting one year older, and even though he wasn't in the real world, Hei would celebrate his birthday with all the friends he had made in this game. So the first he had to do was decorating the Hanger, so it would be an appropriate room for the celebration to be held, and right after that, he would need to go and get some drinks and some food. He knew that he had Pin and Froppy, who both were cooks, so he w
  22. Only people on the signup may post unless given permission by staff. You have two days to post here and declare your equipment or you will be considered absent. Anyone who does not post in the boss fight within 24 hours of their turn will be skipped and receive 10 damage. You may post without double posting as often as wanted to eat buffs etc. The boss will appear on 23rd of December, after which the gates to the boss close. The signup sheet burned away, an odd appearance when it was on ice, along with a dark chuckle that resounded from a distance. It was an unsettling way to show
  23. Only people on the signup may post unless given permission by staff. You have two days to post here and declare your equipment or you will be considered absent. Anyone who does not post in the boss fight within 24 hours of their turn will be skipped and receive 10 damage. The boss will appear on 2nd of November, after which the gates to the boss close. "Thank you very kiiindly, I'll be here waiting for when you are done on your gardening duties!" She cackled, albeit more for her bad joke. The gates to the boss creaked open, leaving entry for players into the pumpkin patch where the boss was. H
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