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  1. It had been some time since Faustein had become trapped in the VRMMORPG world of SAO or Sword Art Online alongside hundreds of other newbie players who had logged in as well on that one fateful day. All things considered, that first login day had been quite the interesting experience for Faustein even with the knowledge he had from his thorough perusal of all the disastrous news reports about the game before his login. First there was the sight of the entire sky over the Town of Beginnings being covered over completely with light red announcement popups which had been followed by Kayaba manife
  2. The sound of the forest. <<Floor 22>> <<Summer of the second year>> An ancient Chinese emperor once said: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. Perhaps it had to do with the strength of the flower triumphing over all odds, everything that would kill, destroy, or hold it back fails, and so only the most strong and beautiful flower reaches through towards the life giving light of the sun. Another perspective would be that in the midst of so much death, darkness, and gloom, that little bit of beauty seems all the more brilli
  3. The forest floor glimmered with strange patters as the sunlight made its way through the ceiling of leaves above. Ivory hadn't been doing nothing over the past long while, but then again she hadn't really done anything of importance either. She didn't have any friends really, and her skills lay in such a way that she couldn't really do anything by herself. She twirled a lock of her long white hair between her fingertips as she lost herself in thought. As time passed the people of Aincrad seemed to be getting sadder and more hopeless and it made her sick to her stomach that she couldn't allevia
  4. The forest was unnaturally quiet as Itzal made his way through it in his shadowy armor. More than likely players were staying indoors, reading the update and taking much longer to process it and/or adjust. As a result it felt as if he had the entire floor to himself. He'd run into a few of the monsters on this floor, which had in general changed to common and uncommon mobs. One of the benefits of his level, despite it being cut, was that significantly lower level monsters that were at least ten levels below him, (identified with pink cursors) would flee from him and not bother him unless he at
  5. Just like that the game was updated. Kyoto woke up from a long and painful slumber as all he remembers was his personal life stories and whatever happened since the beginning on the game’s launch. He doesn’t remember getting to an Inn nor anything during the time of the update. With nothing else though he found out that he was on Floor 1 as well as all his stats got reset. Taking a few minutes to sort out his stats again and noticing he lost levels he didn’t seem to mind it at all. Matter of fact it was great news for him as so he’s able to start a fresh new build without having to backtr
  6. After a long journey of collecting herbs for a quest, Etherial decided it was a good time to take out another quest by travaling up to the 2nd floor after Astreya told her about a quest that was fairly simple. Walking up to the nearest town she notice something out of the blue. It was quite dead besides the NPC that lived there and what looks like an older player sitting down off in the distance next to the cafe. Walking around looking all confused she looked like she never left Floor 1. It was only a matter of time until she walked up to the man sitting at the cafe. "Do you know where I
  7. Earlier that day, Akio had been sneaking around the settlement known as "Town of Beginnings" when he heard about the particular quest which spawns a field boss in the forest. The quest supposedly started in the town called Horunka in a two story building. Thankfully Akio had learned about a few of the alleyways and streets which weren't monitored, or at least poorly monitored, by guards, allowing him to walk through them without being caught and thrown out like he almost was today. Now he was entering the town through a secret passage way around the side. He had mixed feelings about the town.
  8. The meeting was hectic, so many people had shown up with little to no contribution to the overall meeting, Macradon included. The knight waved goodbye at all the attendees of the meeting and made his leave. On his way down the stairs of many red torii gates littered all over the giant Japanese-themed house, Macradon thought of a few things, mostly about his friends, and his best friend as well. He mumbled and grumbled while undressing himself from the kimono and began to don his casual knights clothes again, nothing fancy, nothing battle ready, just the usual him. He wanted to make amends
  9. Several hours of walking had past by in what seemed like no time at all. Lissandra gazed contentedly at the scenery around her. It had been a while since the dirt highway that connected the main settlements of Floor 1 had disappeared in the distance, not that she need worry about getting lost, and now the rolling green hills that filled this area of the Floor spread out around her in lazy, uneven bumps. "Aah; Another beautiful day for me to enjoy." The young adventurer sat and took in the surroundings. The way the last years had flown by still shocked her, from time to time news of t
  10. Post Counter: 1 The morning was bright in the town of beginnings as Tron made his way through the streets of Aincrad, still scratching his head as to why the random shop keep threw a sword at his head, it was the workshop of Zachariah, an NPC that provided a basic quest that some people found to be an easier way of leveling up then to look upon the fields of boar that was past the gates of the starting town. Tron though sighted as he remembered one day or another he would have to start, and the past few years had been nothing but living off the street or with friends he had met
  11. Stats Sitting silently in the shadows of his hiding place, Itzal watched and waited for a certain player to show up. His hood hugging his head and the shadowy mist covering his face active, he was practically invisible if it weren't for the search skill. That and the fact that he had the hide skill active made it very difficult for others to locate him. It also didn't help that it was currently nighttime, and with the thick canopy of branches and leaves from this dense forest, the moonlight and sunlight was practically nonexistent here. That gave Itzal the advantage of his oppone
  12. <Link to Quest> Minako smiled to herself as she stepped back from the bounty board within the town. her hands planted firmly on her hips as her very crudely drawn help wanted poster was hastily glued to the wall. The corners weren't attached properly and curled inwards, and the only clean spot was just out of Minako's reach and this suffered from severe wrinkles and creasing. The woman dusted off her hands after what she perceived as a job well done and proceeded to go wait at her designated meeting space, which she had included in the poster. She needed to do quests, but in order t
  13. There were many things people often tended to regret. Actions, rejections, turning down offers. Most people would be haunted by their decisions, and some even eaten up by said regret as the years went on. Itzal however, didn't really linger on regret. Most of the time he chose to nip it in the bud before it could fester, as he was planning to do now. Other times he would just acknowledge that what was done, was done, and move on to either correct a mistake, or do better. In this instance, he was acknowledging that, while he had been attempting to help during the boss meeting, he may have stirr
  14. Today was a very rare day for Itzal. It was his day off. There were no reports, rumors, or trails of player killers for a few days actually. Not even the info brokers had anything for him. Either they'd found ways to kill without it being noticed, which was unlikely due to the monument, or they had finally died down a bit to where he could actually take a breather. It was surprising how many players shifted to such a lifestyle on hearing that their lives were in danger. Instead of taking a safer route they jump straight into the thick of danger. Unlike other days however he didn't allow his th
  15. Kyoto stops and thinks. Trying to figure out if he wants to gather materials or do another quest beside the point he's on floor 2 on the lower part of a mountain. He doesn't think there's anything out here that going to offer a quest. Walking on this path he finds himself walking up to a small hut. Kind of surprised that there was something out this far he walked up to it and found an NPC that is giving out a quest. 'Huh that’s kind of ironic that this has a quest when I was thinking about doing one.' Kyoto talks to the NPC and see what the quest is all about. Finding out that the quest is bas
  16. The darkness consumed Life's slender frame, the muttering and pattering of monster feet could be heard not too distantly from his location. Life was continuing his journey to survey the remaining floors he hadn't been to yet, and thus it was his first time on floor fifteen. Dark wood trees towered over him as he walked between their thin trunks, sifting through the fog created by the cold and humid climate. Life knew that this floor was dangerous too him, to the point where wandering into the wrong location could mean permanent death. But he wasn't a stranger to forests, he had spent two years
  17. "Thanks, Kendre! I could use your help on another matter, as well." said Lyle Tealeaf, a local blacksmith in the Town of Beginnings. Ken had found himself exploring outside of the Town when he ran across a strange young woman sitting atop a boulder by the name of Mari. Teaming up for the time being, Mari had helped show him a bit about completing quests and the like, leading him to help an Alchemist who then sent him on an errand to deliver a package to Lyle. Arriving in the smithy, he had completed his first quest when the smith had uttered those words. With a sigh, Kendre moved to accept the
  18. Two full days had passed since Itzal's recent encounter with Zandra. A very much needed encounter at that. While he still felt the pain of losing his wife, it wasn't nearly as weakening as it was. As the sun set that night, Itzal told Zandra about Kasier. About how he had married, but they wanted it to be quiet. He didn't go into depth about how they met, though he did mention how it was thanks to Ulises that the two had a chance to begin with. She had asked who he was, and he told her that he'd tell her all about it later. He finished by stating that one day she went on a trip, and a day or t
  19. It was a beautiful sunny day on the fields of crossing the sun was high in the sky and the patches of flowers that grew there were in full bloom bathing the field in a sea of colors and filling the air with a sweet aroma. It was in one of these flower patches that Zuekin had decided to take a nap his body mostly hidden amongst the roses and dandelions that surrounded him. Due to the fields being a safe zone he didn't think that he would need to wear his armor so he was just laying there in his usual workout shirt and sweat pants. But for as peaceful as it seemed outside there was a storm ragin
  20. Hisa returned to Lyle Tealeaf, the blacksmith she visited during an earlier quest. This time however, it was not about delivering a package. Instead, she wanted to look at equipment and weaponry she could use as decoration, since she thought about visiting the cash shop and spend some money to get a house. The npc greeted her as she stepped through the door "Welcome back Hisa. Listen, I am short on some materials, like Boar Pup Tusks." "Uh huh." she uttered, visibly distracted by her imagination running wild, thinking about furniture ."I was wondering if you could help me collect some."
  21. Feeling a little more comfortable after venturing out of the city on the first and second floor, Hisa's confidence rose, maybe a little too much. She figured that she can probably take on greater challenges and ventured all the way up to the fifth floor. With each floor, the zones got harsher and harsher, turning from lush green plains to barren lands and finally into a desert. Taking her first few steps into this level, a heatwave immediately hit her. While nice at first, the heat soon tired her out. Sweaty and exhausted she sought shelter in a nearby tavern. As soon as the moon drove
  22. Stretching his arms across his body Kyoto would look around for any known players near-by. He was standing in front of the quest giver for a quest. It was only a matter of time he'll be able to find a partner for the quest. It wasn't the fact he wasn't strong enough to do it, but he prefers to be with someone, so he has someone to talk to and get to know while on adventures. The last adventure he went on was with one of his old clan members just for a meet up and to catch up. Since the guild has broken up Kyoto been running solo but has been thinking about joining a guild but just wasn’t
  23. Having finished her first quest, Hisa was ready for the next challenge. She read something about breaking a boulder to unlock the martial arts skill, so she decided that this was the task she should do next, how hard could it be? Selecting the quest in her available quests list, led her up the the second floor. Upon arriving, the questmarker moved to a mountain peak. "Oh, great, gotta climb again." she sighed before venturing southward. During the walk along the trail to her destination, she realized that the zone is slightly different to the first floor. The terrain was rough and barren,
  24. Shell stepped off of the Teleport Gate and into the central plaza of the Town of Beginnings, taking in his surroundings and noting the hustle and bustle of other players therein. As he made his way through the crowd with little issue, he took a quick inventory of what little gear he had, caressing the hilt of his Curved Sword, taking note of the few potions in his bag and grimacing at what Col he had to start with. Knowing very little of his newfound environment with none of his friends having accompanied him here, Shell began to scan the crowd for anyone who seemed knowledgeable enough to poi
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