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  1. Are you ready for your challenge? The words rang in his head, echoing as if bouncing off the walls of a cave. Zenshu didn’t feel ready, in any way or form. Yet he’d made it all the way here, to this room, and now stood before the goddess Athena herself – and she was asking if he was ready. Closing his eyes, he tried to mentally shake away the doubt, the worry, the concern that he wouldn’t be good enough. “I do not know if I am ready, or not. I don’t believe myself to be an extremely talented, or capable tailor in any way – in fact, I would say that I have only just started down my path to
  2. The interior of the room was far simpler than Zenshu had expected it to be. A lounge chair, a small tea table – or eatery table, he wasn’t entirely sure which is was – as well as a few cushions cast about were strewn between a collection of pillars that divided an obvious resting area. On the opposite side of the room – directly across from where Zenshu had entered, and through the seating area itself – was an area that was clearly set up with the concept of tailoring in mind. He could clearly see the spinning wheels, the racks for hanging and stretching, as well as the numerous mannequin
  3. The climb up the mountain had been far easier than Zenshu had anticipated. He’d only been hiking in the mountains at home a few times, and he’d never gone particularly high in any of them, but it was far more tedious than he’d expected it to be. The same could not be said for hiking up mountains in Sword Art Online. The activity itself was definitely time consuming, but the effort put into it was…almost disappointingly limited. If there’s one thing about this world, sometimes it makes things almost too easy. It sure can be enveloping, bringing you to forget that you’re in a virtual world
  4. The base of the mountain loomed before them, the tip of the peak forcing Zenshu’s head all the way back just to see it. Around them roamed large creatures that Gruukr had described as the guardians of the mountain city, ferocious beings that would have torn him asunder if not for the grace and protection that the goddess had provided him in order to reach Olympus. He was happy that he didn’t need to be concerned about them, just being near the mountain itself had made him feel small and insignificant. He couldn’t imagine having to fight powerful foes under the looming shadows here, the di
  5. Once again, the pair fell into silence as they continued along the pathway. Zenshu could see the mountain slowly rising into the sky in the distance. He figured there was still some distance to cover before they’d even reach the base of the mountain, and then the climb itself. He wondered if he would even make it home before dark with how far they had to go. “Say, you’ve led quite a few people to these meetings, right? Do you happen to know anything about the meeting with Athena? I know that the message hinted that it would be very specific towards, well, the individual…but do you know wh
  6. “I truly do wish that I could do something to help you. I don’t just say that meaninglessly. I doubt there’s really anything I could do though…” Zenshu spoke up again after a few moments, trying to convey his desires in his words. He knew that they were hollow, without anything more than empathy to fill them. Still, he felt that he needed to at least say something. “Even just your words are comforting enough. I thank you for being so sincere in them, I…well, it’s not important, but I do appreciate your kindness.” The Satyr seemed to pause in thought as they continued along the path, consi
  7. “Why don’t you live out your dreams of becoming a warrior?” Zenshu’s question seemed to ring on the air, echoing slightly in his own ears. The silence had been building, and with it an uncomfortable feeling in the air around them. He hadn’t meant to be entirely direct with it, but as the words came out he realised there was nothing he could do to take it back. He hurried to add on to his question, hoping to at least reduce the disrespect it had conveyed. “I happened to hear you mention that you’d always wanted to be one, so I was just curious as to what was stopping you. You seem like you’d be
  8. They continued in silence for a while, the only sounds that reached Zenshu’s ears were the soft wind, the crunch of the gravel beneath their feet, and the distance sounds of combat from out in the fields. His attention had been continuously drawn to the few players he could see in the wildlands, eyeing them up as best as he could. Not that he’d be able to recognise them, between the distance and the lack of acquaintances, he had little to go on to try and place any sort of name to the figures. Still, he made mental notes of their general appearance – at least what he could see of it – in case
  9. “Am I the one…? Oh, yes! Yes I am!” Zenshu turned to find himself staring at what appeared to be a half man, half animal. The creature seemed to huff in response, apparently taking Zenshu’s confusion as a sign of disrespect, or disgust at the sight of it. Bowing deeply, Zenshu quickly added to his response. “My sincerest apologies, I did not expect to be summoned by one such as yourself. In fact, from my interpretation of the message I had received, I had expected to make my way to the mountain unguided…” He stood up again, noticing that the expression on the other’s face had changed, if
  10. The light slowly dissipated, leaving Zenshu blinking on the pad of the seventeenth floor’s main courtyard. The city around him was bustling – almost overwhelmingly so compared to the emptiness that he had just left behind. Around him, vendors hawked their wares, their cries echoing into the early morning air. He could see collections of NPCs, as well as players, moving throughout the busy streets in an attempt to complete whatever it was that they needed to do for the day, or moment. For a time, he simply stood and stared. He’d had enough sense to move off the teleporter pad itself, but t
  11. He’d been doing little more than lazing around in the shop, playing with Kagay when the message had come in. He’d spent the morning in the shop in order to relax, caring to the storefront rather than working on any further creations. His eyes glanced over the pieces on display, taking in the few that he’d managed to make in his small amount of time as a tailor. He could still feel a modicum of pride looking at them, the accomplishments that they signified – yet there were imperfections that he could see, as well. Things that didn’t appear right to him, and that obviously stood out as flaws wit
  12. Shop Post: Red Haori Cost of Transaction: 1 material Crafter's Profession: Tailor Crafter's Rank: 4 Item Name: Red Haori Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Cloth Armour Item Rarity: Rare Item Enhancements: Evasion [1 Slot], Regen [1 Slot] Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: ID209678 Item Description: A simple red haori, long enough to hang around the knees, but light enough to not be overbearing.
  13. He'd been busy as of late. Between meeting new people, and heading out to find a familiar, Zenshu hadn't had time recently to focus on his work - and because of that, he'd wondered if his business would suffer. He doubted that would be the case, but even still he wanted to ensure that he didn't neglect it for too long. Returning to his place behind the work table, he pulled forth the materials he'd gathered and set to work on his newest creations. He hoped that sooner or later his skill would reach a point where he could begin being truly pleased with what he had created, rather than the
  14. Familiar Obtainment Thread: Bikou Kitsune [Feeding Your Enemy] Familiar Name: Kagayaku hoshi [Kagay] Familiar Description: A small red fox, with an overcoat of red washed with small specks of grey, and a white undercoat. The right eye is a standard golden colour with a black centre, while the left eye is emerald with a black centre. Although daring and protective, she is somewhat timid in new places, or areas/situations that she's not entirely comfortable with.
  15. He’d found the gypsy woman once more at the small campsite that he’d first located. She’d been waiting, this time, apparently aware of his success and eventual return. That, or he’d simply been lucky and caught her at the perfect moment. Either way, she’d greeted him with a smile that he could only describe as soft and welcoming. Her eyes had lit up upon seeing the small fox at his feet, and the smile had widened immensely. “Such a wonderful looking companion! You truly found one who emanates the very soul…I am happy for you.” She smiled as she spoke, making Zenshu feel easy somehow. She
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