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  1. Below are a list of words defined to be related to SAO-RPG's systems and setting. Search for 'define: [term]' on this page to look up the term's definition. Players are invited to add words and their definition by submitting them to the #suggestions channel on Discord. GENERAL define: SAO Short for Sword Art Online, the name of the franchise that this roleplay is based off of, and the name of the game that players in this roleplay are trapped in. define: VRMMORPG Short for Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, a
  3. After scaling to new heights, one may be able to see the light on the horizon. Yes; with their newfound power, special events are available to players to participate in, one where they risk their characters life on the line in an effort to test their characters' strength. The End Game section covers topics such as pitching players against each other, scouring the floors for the Labyrinth, taking on the Floor Boss for progression's sake and even death should their characters meet their untimely demise during this arduous process. PvP Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is almost identical
  4. 1. What can my character feel in Sword Art Online? 2. What are we allowed to do as writers? What are the rules around world-building? 3. Can my character get drunk/possessed/have a psychological disorder? 4. Does my avatar need to eat/drink/sleep/bathe? 5. What information is available in my character's interface? 6. When do health bars change color? 7. What is Cardinal? 8. What are NPCs? NPC Players? 9. How long has it been? What's the current timeline?
  5. Characters that want to change and grow over time during their journey throughout Aincrad have several options made available to them to kit out their story, whether it be through levels and stats, seeking out new horizons to frontier or by finding solace from the bustle of everyday adventuring in the iron castle. Elements covered under this topic often provide one’s characters with permanent bonuses until they are opted to be altered or removed by their player. Quests Quests are additional challenges and narratives created by Cardinal; they often provide bonus rewards upon their co
  6. Guild Halls: Guild Hall Costs: Base Cost: 75,000 PK Cost: 20,000 Room Cost: 15,000 Guild Hall Rooms A "Group Buff" applies only when 3 or more guild members are present in a thread. They must be in the same party or raid (multiple parties) for the buff to take effect. A "Solo Buff" applies to anyone who is a member of the guild. Player Housing: Plot Sizes & Costs: Plot Type Standard Cost PK Cost Room Slots Stories Limit Yard Slots Studio
  7. Combat Combat is the main heart of SAO-RPG. Because this topic is so crucial and in-depth to SAO-RPG, before combat discussions can begin, players are firmly advised to have read the following topics in order to gain context for some of the things discussed in this chapter: [Stats, Items & Tiers] [Skills & Mods] [Using the Dice Roller] Combat in SAO-RPG takes place over multiple posts in succession. In each combat, there are usually two opposing parties; Players and Monsters. Participants on each side get a turn to perform a series of actions; when all pa
  8. Players that choose the «Gathering» skill have better chances to gather materials and extra materials while non-combat material gathering and Demonic Shards (materials that can be used to combine items together to create an item of Demonic Quality). The chances of successfully gathering anything depends on their rank. [0-49 EXP] Rank 1 - Novice Gatherer: Successfully gather materials on a LD 14+. [50-199 EXP] Rank 2 - Journeyman Gatherer: Successfully gather materials on a LD 13+. [200-399 EXP] Rank 3 - Adept Gatherer: Successfully gather materials on a LD 12+. [400-7
  9. Players that choose the «Fishing» skill can fish for materials, treasure chests, and Gleaming Scales (materials that can guarantee unique enhancements). The chances of successfully fishing up anything depends on their rank. [0-49 EXP] Rank 1 - Novice Angler: Successfully fish up a material on a CD 8+. Critical catch a treasure chest on a LD 12+. [50-199 EXP] Rank 2 - Journeyman Angler: Successfully fish up a material on a CD 7+. Critical catch a treasure chest on a LD 11+. [200-399 EXP] Rank 3 - Adept Angler: Successfully fish up a material on a CD 6+. Critical catch a trea
  10. The bulk of this guide will outline the various elements and actions of SAO-RPG that a player can take. It is split up into three main sections: Thread Mechanics, Character Growth and End Game. [Thread Mechanics] will cover what actions are possible for players to take with regards to SAO-RPG’s systems and stats. We highly recommend giving most of these topics a glance over at least once, as these topics are frequently visited by most players during their time on SAO-RPG. Most necessary topic(s): [Thread Mechanics], [Post⠀Actions], [Combat] [Character Growth] will cover e
  11. Characters with their journals approved by staff are now free to roleplay at their leisure. While veterans of the site would have already become familiar with these rules, for new players to the site, this section covers roleplay etiquette with regards to SAO-RPG's systems. Explained here are the following: [Thread Anatomy] covers the necessary components required from players when they create a roleplay thread. [Using the Dice Roller] is a how-to guide on using the site's die roller; this is necessary when performing a wide variety of actions. [Using the Economy Dashboard
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