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  1. i am back again sorry everyone


  2. feels good to back how is every one

  3. hey everyone it has been a whie but i'm back to continue my jorney anyone want to chat pm me

    1. Aspect


      I gotchu homie. 

  4. love the new profile pic ruby

  5. any one got any ideas for my first thread

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    2. Outlander


      No, If I was talking about terrorists, I would say the middle east.

    3. silver crow

      silver crow

      cheers if you want to keep talking pm me

    4. Shi


      i have a few options for you:

      - silver crow finds the first chaos emerald and ascends to higher powers.

      - silver crow finds the blackwyrm coat ( i think @Seul would do this with you ).

      - silver crow does 100 posts worth of material farming.

      i rec. the 3rd option

  6. need a pst member to help me

  7. just finished my jornal hopefully in gets approved

  8. please reply pm me

  9. please reply pm me

  10. Spoiler


    shi please pm me

    1. Shi


      kid i think you are my long lost brother

  11. sorry that I have been off for a while been catching up on sleep holding a conference and running on 4 hours sleep

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