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  1. Hello everyone, this is a message to players who were around the times I was active.

    Recently I logged in and read a bunch of DM’s and remember previous events that made me realize how insufferable I was for the other players of this site. The complete disregard for what was told to me by staff, the warning, and where I basically mass produced new characters to get attention. To put it rather bluntly, I have been such a jackass and am embarrassed I acted so terrible.

    So I wanted to thank everyone for putting up with my horrible behavior, and those who didn’t put up with it, I understand what I got was well deserved and I hold no resentment for it.


    Thank you all for listening, I hope we can still be friends.


    Sincerely, Me.

    1. Macradon


      Duuuuude. Being able to come to terms and reflect upon your actions. Big kudos for that!

      Many of us who started to RP on site were young, developing, and for the most part very immature. We grow as people over time, and it's nice to see that you've grown as well.

      Welcome back home.

    2. Outlander


      I’m not going to be RPing any time soon because I might delete my account, but thanks Macradon. It means a lot.

    3. Macradon


      It was good to see you have a turnaround, even if you're not going to stay or RP.

      Gotta be honest, I was very annoyed of you back then, but we reflect as humans, as people, and that's all that counts.

      Knowing that someone I found annoying and somewhat disastrous have come to a better mindset makes my day.


      Happy life my dude.

  2. I'm back, anyone up for a little RP? No stabbing I promise.

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    2. Kirbs


      Alright, that’s fine with me if we all do a thread. Just tag me in whatever and I’ll reply.

    3. Outlander


      Alright. And remember "I probably won't refrain to refuse to stab you sometime in the future." Though the thread we doing I won't cause my toothpick isn't done. Also, we will be doing a quest, because then someone is benefiting from something, and I haven't done a single tutorial quest yet.

    4. Kirbs


      Oh, uh. I think I’ve done most of the basic quests... and the other ones will probably kill all of us pretty quickly... Kirbs can just assist you on your first lessons quest if that’s okay, though.

  3. *considers making magnificent return to Aincrad, 50% less of a bad guy, 50% more of a jack###*

    1. Pick


      We need more villains to be honest. *Shrugs*

    2. Outlander


      Eh, works for me.

  4. Ah-ha *Starts guild recruiting* Yeah, people want to join! *Instantly gets f*ck because I wasn't online for half the situation.* OH WHAT THE-

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    2. Reinholt
    3. Pinball



      Dude I fell asleep and woke up to legit like 10 notifications 

      then sh** hit the fan 

    4. Outlander


      10 eh? I GOT 21...

      Now I is Slightly Sour

  5. OMG! I CREATED THE FIRST SAO CRIME GUILD! FINALLY! *satisfied sigh + uneasy breathing*

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    2. Morgenstern


      Another crime: Bad grammer

    3. Embers


      Well, from the looks of it, it ain't going too hot now is it? :)

    4. Sharr


      I love how Open our RP is, the next thing I do in my next post is up to Outlander’s move in his, *Becomes a Chibi, Smiles innocently and points at Outlander* I’m neutral... Bad Influence...

  6. How does one make a "Guild Page" or whatever its called.

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    2. Outlander


      I did, do I make the guild page under that?

    3. Shark


      yeah. You can organize it however you want. There is no specific format. 

    4. Outlander


      YUS! Creativity and Violence COMMENCE!

  7. Wow, this is the first time I was the only one online. LOL

  8. Would anyone what to do the quest <<Secret Medicine Of The Forest>> with me? I need back up.

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    2. Fae


      Fae can tag along if the offer is still open.

    3. Outlander


      Alright, Ill tag you guys in then, I'm making the forum this afternoon.

    4. Outlander


      Sorry it took so long, the forum is up, dive in.


  9. Guess who's back? Well, for a while at least. Is the empty emoji thing new or is it just me?

    1. Macradon


      It has come and got from time to time

  10. Dear everyone reading,

    I'm gonna be away for a while and don't know when I'm gonna come back, so, guess this is goodbye for now.

    1. Zeke


      Personally found you to be a rather nice and interesting change to the site. Hope to observe you more in the future.

  11. Hello? Can someone please verify a guild of mine, I meet the requirements and I messaged some pepes, its been over 2 days after messaging, now I feel like I'm being ignored... 



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    2. Outlander


      Oh, opps, there is 2 Nevermores. One sec. 

    3. Outlander


      I'm gonna be away for a while and don't know when I'm gonna come back, so, guess this is goodbye for now.

    4. Pinball



      I'm going to continue the thread without you, then. Damn. 


  12. When you log onto the RP and don't have any notifications because no one responded. 


  13. Wanted: Anyone to on RP with. Don't care if it is a quest or anything, litterally just tag me in, and I'll join.

    1. Lee


      Maybe you should check your posts to people that may or may not have replied to things you already started.

    2. Outlander


      Alrighty then...

  14. Outlanders Stats: (NOT COMPLETE) LVL: 6 HP: 120 Energy: 12 DMG: 1
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