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  1. Also, I want to confess that I spammed the board under all those accounts. Whether or not that was already known, I just wanted to confess. I feel I am ready to accept the repercussions of those actions, no matter what they be.

  2. Whoa! Congratulations! ^^

    1. Paglikha
    2. Zeke


      May you perform your duties splendidly! : )

  3. Would this work like last time? I'm guessing your email notifies you of this. I'm back now, so I could do minimal things to help you, if you'd like. 

  4. Col log - 400 Only ever completed one decent thread. lol
  5. Give me your facial hair. Mine won't grow as long as yours.
  6. Well aren't you all self important all of a sudden? Just joking..." Zeke's shadow shrunk down to around a foot taller than he was, growing four extra human like legs as well before breaking them sideways against the ground with a loud crack so that the joints in each one could pop into a new position. Through Zeke's vision, he stared down a seven foot tall creature made of black; The legs resembled that of a centipede's created using the base of a human model's. Editing at own pace.
  7. Zeke started to shake before the glare of the beast before him now; Observable more easily in the hand not grasping onto the only weapon he had, whether or not someone had ever noticed this about him, Zeke's hands violently shook when no anchor was available to them, such as the handle of a weapon. If his mind was ever stimulated with fear or anger the resulting anxiety simply amplified his already distraught mannerism. "Don't play games with me... I haven't even finished talking, and we both know how violent and pointless things will get when pushed into that endless loop of desperation." Ze
  8. "Do you know what makes a hero?" Zeke looked toward the creature's eyes with a more intense focus than he would normally have produced during most situations. The answer wasn't as important to him as the thought process behind it, but reaching anything but the same conclusion than he had in mind, Zeke couldn't assume even this all knowing creature had done enough thinking on what exactly transmitted from his thoughts, into it's own. "A hero? You still believe in those? Isn't it still in your head that any hero is just seeking approval through actions they're willing to risk? Given the opportun
  9. Just for that title alone, I am giving you a reputation +1 on here. Welcome to the site. This topic will likely be redirected to introductions soon, but welcome to the site.
  10. From behind black curtains whence it came before, from white noise it now awoken. A shadowy figure, humanoid like, formed it's impression amongst the crashing waves of water. It's eyes were piercing red, even though dark, and shrouded by the waterfall's mask. As the being pierced the water first, a mentally suggested limb stretched and elongated towards Zeke. The sight of it was to be beheld. Far longer it did tower than any known creature in existence. The more the body of this thing that came uncloaked, the more the signs appeared in Zeke's head, telling him that this was indeed the same ima
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