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  1. Also, I want to confess that I spammed the board under all those accounts. Whether or not that was already known, I just wanted to confess. I feel I am ready to accept the repercussions of those actions, no matter what they be.

  2. Whoa! Congratulations! ^^

    1. Paglikha
    2. Zeke


      May you perform your duties splendidly! : )

  3. Would this work like last time? I'm guessing your email notifies you of this. I'm back now, so I could do minimal things to help you, if you'd like. 

  4. Col log - 400 Only ever completed one decent thread. lol
  5. Give me your facial hair. Mine won't grow as long as yours.
  6. I'm afraid to say much here to avoid getting banned, but you're pretty funny. Welcome to the site, and lovely photos of course.
  7. Gotta admit, you made me laugh about the food flying into your mouth.
  8. A 50 foot pole is just what they need though.
  9. Pewdiepie is a cool dude, but I don't think he is ready to handle all of the success he is getting.
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