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  1. I'll be taking this quest solo this time since my partner has gone MIA.
  2. Whoa! Congratulations! ^^

    1. Paglikha
    2. Zeke


      May you perform your duties splendidly! : )

  3. Is there anyone who wants to do the "Lessons" quests with me?

    1. Pinball


      If you're still looking, I'd be able to do the third one with you, since I've been solo-ing and I'm halfway through the second lesson  

  4. I am more along the lines of the soft cap Calrex has described. With absolutely zero clue on how the experience system will work, I'm just going to make some small assumptions. Let's assume the experience system will be based off of threads (if this totally excluded non-combative threads, character development and actual role-play may be more sparse) with quests being more rewarded. This means that people with tons of threads will still have a massive amount of experience as compared to the rest, obviously. Thus, we'd still need a soft cap that Calrex described, even for experience. The s
  5. Col: 1510 Tier 1 Materials: 20 Tier 2 Materials: 0 Tier 3 Materials: 0 http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/8687-paglikhas-journal/?do=findComment&comment=411070
  6. How could I possibly request a player being added to the monument of life? 

    1. Paglikha


      Just realized that sounded weirdly sarcastic. I apologize for that.

    2. Macradon


      You can poke a GM or other staff, they will probably be able to do it.

  7. Is it too late for me to respec my weapon? I got caught up in studying and taking the SAT.

    1. Takao


      If you haven't done it once already, go ahead.

  8. Would a yan yue dao be counted as a Two-Handed Assault Spear (saw the skill says efficiency in piercing-type polearms so just making sure)?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Takao


      Most polearms fall under the Two Handed Assault Spear skill.

    3. Macradon


      Can it be used like a Two Handed Assault Spear?

      If yes: It probably is under Two Handed Assault Spear

      If no: Are you sure?

    4. Rain


      If you think you can carry it with one hand instead of two then maybe? Although, I highly doubt it. Those things are heavy to begin with.

  9. Almost done with Earning a Living Quest I started about a year ago. I got 4 materials so far. -_-

    1. Zandra


      Look positive. Better then one :)

    2. Macradon


      Look at it even more positive, better than none

  10. What does it mean for the objective of an RGQ to have an extra "x" amount of posts and to have a quest objective completed (i.e. Easy says 15 extra posts)?

    1. Zandra


      I think it means what you need to do. Like you can make the thread 35 instead of 20 posts as one of the objectives in the list.

      I mean THE objective :)

  11. Just a question, if you can gain SP from duel threads in the PVP thread, what's stopping people from stripping their characters down to have nothing and slapping each other with weapons they don't normally use to prolong it?

    1. Seul


      Yeah you get SP if you reach the page requirement- 

      Nothing is really stopping people from doing what you said except time and willpower. I personally don't think it's a problem or anything though. xD

    2. Baldur


      It's no different than just getting SP from threads where you have nothing but conversations which may actually be a majority of the threads, just not of the SP.

    3. Macradon


      Rumors are going on about a Fencing School that might open in the near future. 
      Not only can you do duels and get SP, you can also hone your fighting RP level

  12. What does a lesser mob mean? I was reviewing the tutorials and it said something about lesser mobs being strictly for roleplay purposes and just use the non-combat material gathering LD requirements. Are they mobs that you just instantly kill and check for the non-combat material gathering LD?

    1. Hirru


      They're mobs that don't meet the criteria for the main LD 11+ loot gathering method.  Essentially, they're either:

      • Non-floor level mobs (Weaker than the recommended health, dmg, and mit of the floor)


      • Floor Level mobs (Meet the recommended health, dmg, and mit of the floor, but are not half health of the strongest member.)

      Neither of these can be used to gain anything from the main loot chart, and have to use the Non-combat loot chart.

    2. Takao


      That's correct, yeah.

  13. Any big changes while I was gone? Any system changes, new floors? New people?

    1. Calrex


      The first and last XD

    2. Helios


      And don't forget about the fourth

  14. Well I was going to do some housekeeping on my journal and I found out that there was a thread a while back when I tried to get some real-life friends to join the site, but failed. I'm completing up the topic right now with transactions and everything but since they even told me that they would most likely never come back, am I required to still give them some Col from page completions?

    1. Jomei


      If they really are not coming back and have been inactive from the site, then no, you can keep the Col for yourself. I've done that before, closed up threads that went inactive for a couple of months and passed out rewards only to the active players.

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