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  1. Teion waited for Chase to present an item for her to do something with, and listened to his half-baked explanation of what exactly he wanted her help with. She cocked a brow and shifted her weight. The item was presented to her: a lengthy sword with a distinct green tint to the metal. Shortly after the item had materialized in Chase's hand, a thin mist began to emanate off of it. Teion's mouth turned down into a thoughtful frown, intrigued by the weapon already. But then came the smell. Her hand went to cover her nose, which crinkled when she made a face at the sword and the foul stench it ema
  2. Teion listened. The more Jomei explained, and the more he weighed in on her troubles, the heavier the lump in her throat seemed to get. She tried swallowing it down once, but by the time he finished trying to ease her worries, Teion couldn't help the tears forming in her eyes. She dropped her head, hurriedly rubbing at them while she mumbled out a, "Sorry." "You think so?" She let out a shaky breath in an emotional sigh. "Ugh, this is the second time I've just started crying in front of you, isn't it?" Teion groaned half-jokingly. She was grasping for things to say. Directions to steer th
  3. The pinkish tint to her cheeks grew a bit more pronounced and her shoulders shifted a centimeter or so upward as her embarrassment swelled a little. She hesitated for a while. Then, with a big draw of air into her lungs, Teion blurted out, "Okay, so, I know you're not a therapist or whatever, but I'm gonna give you some context and get into some real deep sh*t and I hope it doesn't weird you out, y'know?" Her mouth twisted to one side and she fidgeted a little more, letting out her breath in a sigh. "I don't think anyone else knows about all the...history Ryo and I have." She began to exp
  4. "Oh." The reply came simply as Teion stared at the blue-haired youth. The center of her mouth instinctively tensed into a small frown and her gaze shifted off to the side while she took a second to mull over his words. "Uhm. Like checking the durability and such?" She paused and relaxed her stance a little bit, leaning back into the doorway where she stood. She looked back to Chase and nodded. "Sure, why not? Come in." Teion turned and walked back into her shop, leaving the door open behind her for the stranger to follow her inside. "You were just browsing shops, then?" She took a stab at
  5. Teion was hunched over a drafting table sitting towards the far end of her shop. Her head rested against her palm and curled fingers, a frown worn on her face as she stared with dissatisfaction at a sketch sitting on the paper in front of her. Without anything better to do today, she'd visited her shop for the first time in a while, wiped some of the dust away, and had spent the better part of the last hour or so trying to come up with some cool new designs for a new axe. There wasn't much of a chance that she could craft anything to out-perform the item she'd been given by Zandra some time ag
  6. Teion frowned and finally reached for the glass she'd been given. She took a long drink and then held it just above her lap, giving her fingers something to fidget around. She was awkward and nervous, and this seemed to be one of the rare times her mood displayed itself on her sleeve. She paused. A long few seconds passed. On the inside, Teion had painstakingly picked out a few words, repeated them over in her head a few times, and was now just stuck on getting them out. She swallowed, and her cheeks turned just a slight shade of pink. Finally, when the awkward tension had just about reac
  7. A sigh that echoed Jomei's spilled out through Teion's lips almost subconsciously after he finished his thoughts. Her eyes were still glued to the glass sitting in front of her while a myriad of negative feelings ebbed and flowed in the pit of her stomach. Perhaps it was one-sided, but she felt of her relationship with Jomei as strained, or at least complicated. They'd only encountered each other a handful of times, and he usually felt more like a friend of a friend. But then there was the incident during the Arabian Nights quests, and this horrible ordeal through the mansion... Teion's n
  8. Teion's brows dug inwards and then upwards and she was left confused by his confusion. "Wait, you don't--?" She didn't finish her sentence, instead trying to shift herself around behind the bulky mirror to crane her neck and attempt to see what Baldur saw in the glass. Though it was impossible, she frowned and tried to ignore the awkward feeling in the pit of her stomach. She opted for setting the bottom of the mirror on the floor and having her hands rest on the top rim while she switched up her focus to thinking out loud. "Okay, so this room is one of two things: a puzzle, or an Easter
  9. Just a normal day. They were all starting to blend together by now. Teion made her way through the town of Fortaleza, taking the same old paths from her blacksmith shop to the teleport plaza in the middle of the settlement. She had gotten used to longer walks, having to trek between cities in what felt like a year or so ago before Armadillo's disappearance. The streets were a bit more crowded than she preferred, but she moved along with the flow of foot traffic just as easily as the other players. She felt someone's shoulder brush up against her own, like maybe they had squeezed between h
  10. "Oh, uhm, yeah. Okay." She agreed with his plan, standing still while Baldur put a few more steps between them and stood fully behind the mirror. The reflection of herself shrank a little and she could see even more of the elaborate chamber on either side of her along with how pristine the stone floor looked right beside its current musty state. She remained planted a bit longer, her eyes looking past herself and searching the room for some sort of clue. Was there something in the image that didn't match up with their surroundings? Suddenly the image of herself jumped out at her when it l
  11. "Yeah..." The word came out like an exhale, as she'd been holding her breath a couple of seconds without realizing. Her palms lay flat on her thighs, sitting on the front half of the sofa and leaning forward into her words. "Uhm..." She thought about where to start again. "I haven't really heard from the others in a while. And, I don't know if anyone else is as..." Her lips pursed after a pause, her hands hovering frozen in the air after they had moved and her eyes pointed up in a struggle to find the right words. She started the line over. "I don't know if everyone else is perfectly fine
  12. The corner of her mouth picked up into a slightly forced crooked smile. "Hey." She greeted back, and drew in a deeper breath through her nostrils when Jomei asked the obvious question of what brought her there. "Uhm, just wanted to check up on you guys," It wasn't exactly a lie, but it was far from being straight-forward with her intentions. "Hey, uhh," She almost started over, hesitating, but the awkward way of speaking wasn't terribly unusual for her. "Can we talk?" Even after the two had settled to better share a conversation, Teion could still feel the tension in her fake muscles. She
  13. She stood with her hand clenched into a fist and hovering in front of the door. But of course, Teion hesitated. It had been a few days since the Holy Dragon Alliance parted ways after their horrifying encounters in what they could only call the 'haunted mansion'. Since then, Teion had accepted Ryo's offer to move in with him on Floor Eleven and she had spent most of her time adapting to the differences that come with moving from a desert town to the hills surrounding a Venice-style city. And the nightmares of their recent experiences in the death game didn't help the transition one bit. S
  14. She looked around what felt like a catacomb, with cobwebs dripping down every abandoned corner, and dust kicking up with every step she took over the cracked stone floor. "Uh..." She hesitated, still a bit confused and disoriented. And also a little too reserved given their predicament. She drew in a sharp breath through her nose, and let it out in a sigh. If they wanted to get out of here, she needed to be a goddamn team player, she told herself. "I saw...myself? Like, when we first got kicked out of our avatars." She tried to explain, turning back and blinking in surprise when she saw B
  15. With the four of them finally united, Spencer, Teion, Ryo, and Jevi hurriedly made their way out of the hedge maze and back towards the looming mansion ahead of them. Bursting into the foyer, they found Hestia resting with a vigilant Kuro that nearly mistook them for another enemy. Half of their team had been reunited, but the monster of this mansion still lived, and their way out remained blocked at every point. The group made their way back upstairs in search of the rest of their friends. Sticking closely together now, it was only a matter of time before they found Telrenya and Jomei in
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