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  1. Teion was truly walking in on some kind of scene from a day-time sitcom. She stared for a moment, the door between the entryway and the kitchen swinging back and forth behind her as it closed to a close, and didn't know whether she should laugh or shake her head in sympathy. She did both, but her chuckles subsided as she nervously watched Yuki crawling across Ryo's and Pennyworth's bodies, stopping once or twice to flex her legs and spin some more webbing around some kitchen tool or another and affix it to the trapped pair. She'd never seen a spider with 'personality' before. Yuki was reb
  2. Teion smiled at his agreement, nodding and leaving it at that. When they entered his mansion and they were greeted by the same doting butler as always, Teion gave another tiny, awkward smile as though she was presenting herself to her new boyfriend's family. In a sense, she was. Pennyworth excused himself to prepare them a meal, and it wasn't long until Ryo followed after with concern that his new pet was terrorizing the poor man. Meanwhile, Teion found herself a seat in the den and, left alone to her thoughts, she let out a huge sigh and sank into a plush loveseat. For a minute, everythi
  3. Teion

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    Hey all, The staff team is currently trying to track down and catalogue special items that have enhacements or abilities outside of what's listed in the current Enhancement List. If you have any item that possesses anything not listed or defined in the guides, please contact @Neopolitan with the details of what it is, what it does, and if possible, where it was obtained. We appreciate your help with this!
  4. Last day to send in your submissions to @Hikoru for the art contest!
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    Happy Holidays! A Christmas event is now live. Enjoy the festivities, art contest, and rare items up for grabs from now until Dec. 31st!
  6. Her smile picked up into half of a smirk, gaining herself a bit of confidence as she continued. With her free hand, she navigated her menus until she selected two items from her inventory. Turning her hand upward, a pair of sparkling gemstones appeared to share the space in her palm--a pale emerald and a speckled quartz. "I did the first two with someone ages ago, but never got around to finishing it. There's a baby dragon hidden on each of the first nine floors, and they all drop a gemstone like these when they die. I was told there's something--a building, or whatever--on the tenth that unlo
  7. She took a moment while he considered the name for his new pet again, having wandered aside to explore and poke around at what used to be Glinda's belongings. Spoken as a name, she was still able to recognize the word, and his explanation still made sense despite their partially-bridged language barrier. She nodded, retrieving a small handful of coins from the ground and frowning at the empty vials that she was able to find besides. "Mmkay." She agreed with the thought of heading back to the city. She assumed 'home' meant his home, at least. She would've chosen his mansion over her dusty smith
  8. Watching the small exchange, Teion was just as tense as when the spider had latched itself to his face. She never let go of the stick, practically brandishing it as a makeshift weapon in lieu of retrieving her axe from her inventory. She made a face when the reality of the large spider itself becoming Ryo's familiar became more and more apparent, but she held her tongue before the most unenthused of responses slipped out. Instead, with brows tilted upward in an expression of mixed uncertainty and defeat, she finally lowered the bit of branch to her side. She kept a generous distance, continuin
  9. She was back and forth between laughing at the whole thing, casually going along with the eccentric NPC and the quest she would likely provide for them, and standing her ground against the unknown. She cocked an eyebrow more than once, exchanging a look with Ryo, and wincing just slightly at the loud cackle that escaped Glinda before she offered a cryptic answer. When the cauldron flashed and toppled over, Teion brought up an arm to shield her face while she squeezed her eyes shut. A couple of quick steps backwards, and she blinked them back. "Wait, what--" She started when Ryo hurried to
  10. Ryo's startled reaction chained to Teion, and she tensed up while her eyes fell on the cackling old woman. "Glinda?" Teion repeated, a brow cocking while she wore a half-amused smirk. "Well, good call on the Witch Hut." She gave Ryo's hand a tiny squeeze and looked everything over again. She watched as the NPC emptied an unmarked vial into a bubbling cauldron, making a face a moment later when she had leaned in just close enough to glimpse at the questionable concoction she stirred. "Familiars?" Once again, she echoed, frowning with curiosity. She'd seen more than a handful of the creatur
  11. Teion felt a ripple of relief run through her with their heartfelt exchange. She felt more relaxed after speaking honestly with him, and she was thankful that he felt comfortable telling her something in the same vein. A small smile grew on her lips, and his last statement resonated with her, resulting in a nod. "Mm, yeah. That's not such a bad thing." Her eyes flickered up, away from the dirt and roots below and to the scenery that lay ahead. For a moment, she was surprised they had arrived anywhere--the fact that Ryo had kept them on whatever course he originally set off on was almost u
  12. She still couldn't remove the smile from her face, and so with her eyes back to the ground in front of her feet she took a mental step back to enjoy the overwhelming giddiness that continued to fill her. She stole glances to her side again when Ryo caught up to her, but the sound of her name spoken in his voice had them snap back down as her face flushed again. 'God, we must look so dumb.' She thought, holding in a chuckle. Two flustered young people with feelings for each other that they didn't know what to do with. When he shared his name with her in return, Teion finally let out the sm
  13. With bated breath, Teion waited for his response. Between fleeting glances, she saw the corners of his mouth pull up into a smile and her gaze lingered with anticipation until he turned it away from her view. She paused, staring at his back while her expression naturally twisted into one that was troubled. He spoke up, and her heart felt like it could have skipped a beat with the sharp burn of anxiety at his choice of words. She didn't even want to think that he might turn her down, but at the same time she felt like he had enough reasons to. What if he had moved on? If he didn't want to keep
  14. "Heyo." Teion slipped into the familiar Merchant shop on the eleventh floor, just hours before its owner would have likely departed for the twenty-third floor. "Sorry, last-minute request." She took on a crooked smile of apology, already working to open a trade window. While her spirits were higher than average, the nervous energy buzzing about inside of her was just like her first and last boss fight. She had heard rumors that Bialas was considered 'easy', at least compared to some of the past. She typed in the number of col listed beside the general stock items she intended to purchase
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