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  1. The holidays were often really busy for violet... well, most of the time that is. Normally right about now she would be back at rikers edge helping out with a few different community meals, or out in the woods capturing and killing various food-mobs just to get some ingredients, or gathering up some rare plants in order to make some seasonings, and even mushing up fruits and veggies in order to create a variety of different drinks that others could enjoy. She had spent a few hours earlier that day working on a few plates of cookies and a caldron of Ragout Rabbit stew. She hoped that there woul
  2. Violet shot forward again, a roar escaping her throat. Now that the gravity of the situation had fully had the time to settle in, she could feel a deep and burning anger in her veins, filling her with an icy chill that was so cold that it burned her. Her weapon seemed to feel the same, the strange sensation that seemed to spring from the blade normally left her feeling giddy and excited, not worrying in the slightest about anything. But right now, all it did was fill her with the confidence that she needed to beat down something of this level, or at the very least wear it down. Her f
  3. Violet looked down at Jon, a crooked smile appearing on her face. "G'morning, Sunshine~!" Violet purred, her smile widening. Her precious sunshine had come to brighten up her day once again. Akame chirped, before launching herself down at Jon, the tiny familiar excited to see the blond man just as much as her master was. After a few moments of scrabbling at his face, and letting out a variety of chirps and cries, she seemed to settle down around Jon's shoulders, letting out a final, contented, chirp. Violet giggled at the sight. Akame was a nice balance between the warmth of Jon's presence, an
  4. a gentle breeze flowed through the air around the Morning Rose manor, rustling the leaves on the various plants within the surrounding garden. Birds could be heard chirping and trilling to their hearts content, the peaceful morning sun giving off a gentle warmth that made it feel perfect. a peal of laughter suddenly echoed across the grounds, followed by loud footsteps. Violet was running around the garden, inspecting all of the flowers present, and taking in the sweet fragrance produced by each one. Dahlia's, Peonies, Magnolia's, Wisteria blossoms, Cherry blossoms, lilies, and Roses of every
  5. Violet took a deep breath, and her eyes closed, the sharp swirl of light vanishing completely with the darkness. Breathe in, breathe out. Don't get stressed, don't get cocky. Her kendo instructor had always demanded complete discipline, even when she wasn't wearing her uniform. Be it on the balance beam, or in a genuine match scrambling for points. Keep calm, don't get cocky... A blade bit into each player in the other two parties. One by one, each of them seemed to be taking damage from the attacks. one by one their health dropped... and then that blade bit into Jonathan. Violet exh
  6. Violet smiled brightly as Jon appeared to come and get her, any annoyance at the situation suddenly vanishing from her mind as she stood up, and practically tackled him in delight. She was all to excited to see her beloved sun again. His sunny eyes and hair never failed to make her happy... though that joy was almost shattered by panic when she remembered Shireen's state when she'd been taken. She quickly stomped on that panic as she scrolled through her menu behind Jon's head, breathing a faint sigh of relief that her friend was ok. "Jon!" she chirped, her eyes twinkling with delight. "Jon! I
  7. Olenna looked outraged, before backhanding morg, her eyes watering with outrage. "I LOVE how you frontliners are acting like you're the best things ever!" she spat, her tears spilling over as she practically shook while staring at the man in front of her. "Our problems aren't caused by people like rosa, like glenn... They're caused by power-hungry high levels like you that developed a GODDAMN GOD-COMPLEX! This guild is NOT what you seem to be oh so convinced it is, so for christs sake just fucking listen to us for once. I don't give a damn if you're not scared of me, scaring you has NEVER been
  8. Violet's eyes went wide as she was suddenly blown back by the explosion of one of the other scathers, the machine blasting both her party and another with damage that bit straight through their armor. She stumbled slightly, shaking her head as she brushed away the sooty mess that now covered her arms. "Oh well thats lovely." she muttered, glaring at the boss, who had finally decided to develop the rest of their health bars. "I guess you aren't an add after all. Make it clearer next time." She winced when she saw Jon get slammed by the boss with an attack alongside a woman with mousy brown
  9. <<Upstairs>> Shireen had just been able to finally get some semblance of calm to her, when the player that had pushed her aside stormed into the room, his eyes blazing with barely concealed rage. She felt him slip something in her mouth, an antidote from the color of the phial, before she was suddenly hoisted into the air, the blond man having hoisted her into the air like a ragdoll. His scream of rage as he ranted about how they were causing problems for Mina, and getting her into situations that she should have never been involved in in the first place. something that she sh
  10. <<Upstairs>> Violets boots clacked against the ground, a soft humming coming from her throat. Her favorite part of the day was when she got to talk with Shireen about how her skills at profiling were coming along. Her own skills back in the real world were nothing to sneeze at, and she adored being able to share it with others. Her neatly-lined catalogs of psychological profiles that she recorded almost daily were always kept in her inventory, with spare sets hidden in her room at the LeBlanc Chateau, and with Rosa, who used them to capture and either kill or jail the more dan
  11. <<Outside the Deck Room>> Shireen was lazily flicking through the menus of her HUD, humming to herself. Two names had already been crossed out entirely, and the other two were going to be wiped out soon as well. A panicked message suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, and she sighed. The Laughing Coffin was on the move yet again. It was a little sad that the Wanderer talked so much about safety and careful actions, and yet didn't pay attention to the people present. It was far, far too easy for her to sneak into the place that she once knew, and even easier to overpower the
  12. Violet felt someone nudge her forward, making her stumble slightly. She turned behind her, glancing at the player who had bumped into her. The girl apologized to her, introducing herself as Eruda, the Off-Tank for Firm Anima. Violet filed that information away for later. "Maa... it's nice to meet you, Eruda-san." She said softly, a smile on her face. "I look forward to working with you during this". A voice suddenly rang out, warning for them to flee, to run away from an apparent danger. Strange fixtures that glowed with a brilliant rainbow light, positioned to the north and east of the b
  13. The Analysis Records - Violet's Psychology notes (Aka Her friends list) Written from her perspective Record # 1: Evac. Relationship: Friends, Status: Unknown, presumed dead... Record #2: Rags. Relationship: Acquaintance, Status: Unknown Record #8: Rin. Relationship: Friend, Status: Deceased Record #9: Itzal. Relationship: Close Friend, Status: Missing Record #10: Kasier. Relationship: Friend, Status: Deceased Record #11: Beatbox. Relationship: Friend, Status: Deceased, killed By Death_Adder Record #12: Kirbs. Relationship: Friendly Acqu
  14. Buying 5 Teleport Crystals (5*800= 4000 COL to the Banker)
  15. Accepts Queen's Gambit From Freyd Violet carefully made her way into the Boss room, an anxious look on her face. This was well and truly the very first Raid that she would be participating in during her time in this world. The invitation from Freyd and Raidou to stand with Firm anima during the fight, something that had shocked her... well, Raidou's invitation had shocked her, Freyd on the other hand essentially dragged her through both a Field dungeon and a Quest without her even realizing it at the time. Jack's Lament Glittered at her side, the blade a pleasant temperature to touch, and
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