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  1. "I see, thats a rather interesting take on it you have, Raidou-san." Violet said carefully, her eyes narrowing as she moved the pawn in front of her king two places, ending at e4. "Tch...! I'd much prefer finishing shit before it gets out of hand, though. Not much of a fighter unless I've been pushed to do so... like I've been forced to so many times before." Her tone carried a bit of bite this time, though she took a deep breath before staring at her pieces with sorrow in her eyes. In place of the bright pieces, she saw her friends. she was standing next to Jon at center field, their hands in
  2. Violet had an amused look on her face as he casually twirled the board around, and replaced his side with various pieces of seemingly sentimental value, speaking more soft words that painted quite the picture of what kind of person he was. "Words are the thinking man's sword, you know." She said, closing her eyes. "Though, just like ink or pens, they can paint a vivid picture of just what kind of person you are.". The side that was left, when Raidou was completely finished, was white as snow, shining in the light. '... hmph, he gave me the first move, ne?' She thought, glancing down at the boa
  3. Violet raised an eyebrow at his comment on songs, wondering idly where he was going with that until he made a gesture for her to put her menu away for now. A few moments later his intentions became clear, as a bottle of what appeared to be Sake appeared in his hand. "Mmm.. so you prefer bitter to sweet or spicy... good choice, honestly." she downed her mug quickly, sending the unused one back to her inventory as the one she'd finished started to crack and splinter as its durability ran out. The durability on the bottle was about halfway gone, so she immediately stowed it away. Better to play i
  4. Violet paused, watching how he'd reacted. It was very slight, but she could've sworn she'd caught a hint of sadness in Raidou's eyes as he took the treat. She checked her inventory for something else, before pulling out a bottle of spiced mead. 'Jon might be right about me becoming an alcoholic here, but the normal alcohol just tastes like shit, and so does the juice.' she thought, shaking her head slightly as she produced a pair of mugs, listening to. "Hmm... maybe this would be a safer bet... make sure you speak up If I'm bringing bad thoughts up, eh?" she said, shaking her head. "Mmm... nah
  5. "Mmm... s' not a very good thing to be used to, ne? Good to know you have a sense of humor, though." She quipped dryly, a wry grin on her face at the man's dry humor. "I'd suggest not throwing Akame treats like that, though. I may not bite, but she'd probably nibble your fingers off...." violet trailed off, checking her menu for the time. 'Jon usually sends me a message saying that he's waiting on me... it's a bit strange that he hasn't yet..' she thought, furrowing her brows slightly. 'Ah, well... I might as well stay a while since I don't go out as often as I should.' with a flick of a finge
  6. She sighed a bit, a pensive look on her face. "maybe it is... but I feel like this time of day is the best for clearing your mind." Violet said softly, petting her familiar, who cooed in delight at the gentle measure. "It also makes for good nap material if you need a break... though I personally don't partake in that, as I prefer the view." Her eyes drew up to the sky, the hue shifting ever so slightly more to the Deep blues and Purples of evening. A faint greenish-gold light flickered to life in front of her face, taking her by surprise for a moment. 'Eeh..?! Glow bugs?' she thought, her eye
  7. Violet felt the man's gaze fall to her, watching her carefully for any sign that he would make a move against her. even though she was rather weak, she could still hold an air of power to her. Here, it was all too easy to pull such a feat off properly, however, in the real world her friends would often laugh and joke about her kind-hearted actions, calling her a big ol' softy wrapped in a punky exterior. While that still held true to a certain degree, her words had lost most of their kind edge, instead taking on a biting, sarcastic tone most of the time, especially with strangers. The kind wor
  8. Violet found herself practicing her swings in the middle of a field, away from most of the settlement. a crimson flame danced across her rapier, bathing her briefly in a deep red and gold light. Her familiar was curled on her shoulders, watching her every move. Her little friend hardly knew it, but her presence was a balm for her soul, one that numbed away her troubles, and soothed the aching in her heart on even the toughest of days. She glanced up at the sky, a pensive look on her face as she watched the sky turn a vivid crimson and purple, the light of the afternoon slowly giving way to the
  9. Heart let out a moan. "Merdé*, I know I deserved that, boss, but why didn't ya knock both of us out?" he murmured, glancing up at Rosa with a baleful look in his eyes. "and calling blondie 'lover-boy' is probably the least creative thing I've heard come outta your mouth." Rosa twitched slightly, a tick mark appearing on her face. "Well excuse the fuck outta me for not having shit to work with, Jackass." she said flatly, turning away in frustration. "I doubt you'd even be able to come up with something better-fitting for him." He raised an eyebrow, moving his shoulders slightly. "Well for one,
  10. Rosa snickered at Violet, elbowing the younger woman. "That being said, go ahead and go say hi to him, you crazy Gaki. " she laughed, gesturing towards the door that Mujo had just entered from. "Rookie Ace here just said he showed up with her, and I think he deserves an official introduction where I'm not bein' an ass, and when I'm not kidnapped by people stabby stabbying my guildmates." Violet blushed, glaring at Rosa. "S-Shut up!" she squeaked, pouting slightly. "A-anyways, nice cards, mujo-chan..; I-I'm just gonna... go get Jon now..." Mina swiftly made her way upstairs, her blush deepening
  11. Violet quickly made her way over to Andromeda, gathering the items that she was passing out, giving a short bow, and murmuring a "thank-you" to the white haired teen. A trio of healing crystals would be rather useful, especially in a boss rush. Given that they were all still relatively low leveled, keeping their health high would be a priority for them all. She noted briefly that there were a few people that were getting Debuff crystals in tandem with said healing crystals, which had her interested. apparently some of them were being tasked as debuffers for the beginning of some of these.
  12. Violet was standing on the edge of the river, Righteous Executioner buried halfway into the sand next to her. She hadn't bothered to sheathe it, given that it would likely smear the toxic venom she was planning on putting on the weapon all over the sheath, which she would much rather avoid doing. She fiddled with her menu a bit, making sure that her mask and cloak were equipped and ready, and checking her inventory to make sure that she still had a teleport crystal or two in her inventory. You never know when something could go dreadfully wrong in a dungeon like this. She glanced over at the o
  13. Violet straightened her bowtie, making sure that the small silver clasp that held the Ribbonlike material in place was set straight. She had decided to completely forgo a dress, and was wearing a rather fancy Tuxedo for a certain event that was happening today. A dear friend of hers, that hadn't contacted her properly in so long, had sent her a message, inviting her to join him at his wedding. She gently swiped her hands over her hair, sweeping it into a ponytail that was adorned with the same ribbon that her gloves and neck had, along with a secret sheathe for her beloved rapier, the deep red
  14. Violet sprinted forward, hoping to graze the Trebuchet for just a bit more damage. It was already well past a third of its health bar, and it was only getting lower with each and every successful attack against it. Her weapon carved another splash of red pixels into the mix that the others had done. At this point, every little bit of damage counted for this. If they had to fight these guys for a prolonged amount of time, they would end up getting overwhelmed, and more than likely die to any reinforcements that might come. Everyone else was still doing their part, and absolutely wailing on the
  15. Violet watched as the last few Phalanx shattered into thin air, Pixels fluttering around the whole group of players, before she turned her attention back towards the Large Siege weapon that laid right in front of their group.. only for her to nearly face fault in shock. The boss, for some god forsaken reason, was sweating some sort of liquid (Perhaps it was Oil? Machines did require it most of the time). Was the damn thing sentient, or was the Cardinal making it do that just to play mind games with those that witnessed the utterly bizarre sight. She sighed, closing her eyes as she began to foc
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