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  1. Bewoop just workin on a posty~ (and doing maths oh god oh fuck-) Action: AoE-I vs The Ancient, VD Proc Check Roll ID#: 218268, BD: 3 Roll ID#: 218269, CD: 10 (Vampy proc Successful~) 218270, BD:1 (Critical miss), CD: 11 - The Elder Procs, The ancient self-cleanses and cannot be afflicted with a status effects for the next two turns (CD: 0/3) LD: 16 - Self Sustain procs, healing the boss by 200 HP, and increasing its DMG by 25 (Stack 1/3), MD: 10 (effect does not matter bc Ability 2 (self-sustained) Procced) Nari-Lanreth | Lv. 32 | P. 53 | HP: 885/885 | EN: 97/102 | ACC
  2. Violet was tired. every part of her body was aching and burning, struggling to keep her upright, that wave of virtual exhaustion that came from being out of energy making it difficult to focus. Her rapier was burning in her hand, the hilt spewing smoke again as she looked up at the boss, and at her team doing their damndest to try and finish it off. Freyd and Kataoka had done a massive chunk of damage with their blows, Elora and Morningstar following up with a hefty sum as well. The other teams were busting out massive numbers as well, aiming for a final hurrah just so they could finish t
  3. Post action: ST-B Vs Mutant Troll 218172, BD: 2 (2+8 = 10 - 3 = 7, HIT! 20*24 = 480 - 160 = 320 DMG to Mutant Troll! H: 2 | Freyd | HP: 1140/1140 | EN: 125/148 (130+4+8-17) | DMG: 26 | MIT: 148 | EVA: 4 | ACC: 7 | BH: 62 | LD: 8 | FLN: 16 | HLY: 16 | TXV 32/3 | REC: 8 H: 2 | Tricolor_Mina | HP: 720/720 | EN: 69/106 (+4, -20) | DMG: 24 | MIT: 78 | ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FRSTB: 40 | V.D.: 72 Mutant Troll | HP: 2000/2000 | DMG: 180 | MIT: 160 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 Critical (MD 9): Deals (Tier * 100) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (Tier * 60) D
  4. Charge CD [0/3] "Go get it tested again, barou!" she quipped dryly, "We're all crazy in this shitty world, kinda have to be if we're gonna live!" she was calmly swinging her blade around, the blackened steel glinting in the dim cavern light. A few moments later, Freyd had cleaved apart all of the goblins, the blue polygons shimmering around the air. "Good shit, lets keep moving." Violet made a face as one of the hands reached out towards her, trying to trip her up. "Eeugh, fuck that!" she complained, kicking the offending appendage, "I coulda lived without seeing random arms tryna dr
  5. Violet let out a roar as she charged at the giant dragon head, a bellow of fury ripping from her throat as she followed through with Freyd's request. They could not afford to falter, not with how close they were. And they were so, so damn close, that single health bar almost taunting her tired body as she tried to make herself keep going. Her energy bar was almost depleted, and it was forcing a wave of fatigue over her entire being, sweat beading on her cheek as she ground Lament into the burning scales of Brimstone. Her virtual muscles were screaming, practically begging for her to stop,
  6. Violet let out a snort at the comment about a murder hobo. "Buddy, I didn't call you a murder hobo." she interjected, "I said I was worried about how you were feeling after shanking people to help Mr. Man with a plan. But that's besides the point, I already know you're more than that. Why else would I keep hanging out with your crazy ass!" she frowned, continuing to lean on the button, a faint-yet-familiar numbness seeping through her arms. "Elements you say?" she mused, letting up on the button as soon as it clicked. "Sounds pretty fun to me, honestly. I don't think I've dealt with a pow
  7. Violet found herself swearing under her breath as she put all her weight onto the button Freyd had pointed out, cursing whatever Kayaba had been thinking when he'd designed this stupid puzzle. "He just haaad to add RNG, sonnova-" she growled, trailing off as she stepped back to try and look at the puzzle from a distance. "I'd probably be here for hours if you weren't here, jeez! Which one of these stupid things did you say not to touch again?" She snorted when he responded to her earlier excitement about Ronbaru with his mouth full. "Buddy, chew and swallow before ya talk." she drawled, c
  8. “And murder, really? A bit gauche for the dinner table, no? I actually meant her Ragou Rabbit recipe. It’s the talk of several circles that should otherwise remain nameless." Violet nodded, shrugging a bit. "Considering you guys have a relatively low opinion of her to begin with for what she's dragged me partially into... It was a valid concern of mine." She twirled the knife in her hand gently, "If you want to learn it though, I'll happily help teach you guys. It's a lot of work, though." Violet willed herself to drop the happy-go-lucky façade she tended to keep up, following Freyd's
  9. Violet drew her blade in front of her, black smoke wafting from the hilt of her blade as she held it up close to eye level. They were slowly starting to run dry on their energy reserves, with only a few sparks left for them to gather. Their entire party was trying their best, just to cleave their way through the last little bit of health. Only two bars out of the original six were left, and they were fully in the home stretch. The smoke from lament seemed to erupt into purple and red flames, licking across the blade hungrily, just itching for a release. No faltering here, they had to
  10. "Or, maybe I'll just need to try harder. We must have missed one on the way somewhere." Violet snorted at that. She could honestly think of quite a few of them that the pair had missed. "Yeah, we probably need to try a little bit harder." she replied dryly, a wry grin on her face. "We could always go after good ol Sando Satsu, and run it ragged if we're feeling lucky. I'd suggest the Shadow's fucked-up version of the Avalanche if it weren't for the fact that I'd probably get frozen solid trying to fight it due to my lack of the Survival skill." More than a few ideas were running through her h
  11. "Rosa? I've... heard about her specialties." Violet tilted her head, bemused. "I would hope so, considering you're usually joined at the hip with Raidou-kun." she shrugged, busying herself with the pot as she began to portion out the food. "I would hope you wouldn't paint one example as a spoilt batch, Takeshi-kun. Buuut, that's neither here nor there. We're here to eat and chat about things, not talk about murder~" Her smile seemed a bit more forced than before, her eyes losing enough of their twinkle for both of them to immediately notice. She made a bed of rice in each bowl, before spoonin
  12. *Note: I made a fuckup and targeted the Wushy in my roll instead of Serration, MB gamers :'3 Violet let out a sigh as a second wall of ice seemed to shimmer into view, forcing them to focus on another head. It was like Wushen wanted to play a game of hide and seek rather than face them head on like it had been before. However, that wasn't the only barrier that seemed to have come into play. A beautiful oaken barrier seemed to sprout from the ground at Hirru's urging, the elegant tree protecting them from being wounded further by the dragon. Violet launched forward, skirting around th
  13. "Oh, this is the return of Shadow's shenanigans?" Violet looked amused, shaking her head. "This is basically the remnants of what the original floor looked like~" she looked amused. "You'd probably remember it, ya goof~ it was a swampy mess back then!" It was a testament to what the boss monster had been, and how powerful its work was when she'd seen her house almost get swallowed whole by the damn thing. It had been a terrifying time, but at least now her house was just an Oasis in a complete and utter hellscape. right now, though, that wasn't important Violet had almost immediately
  14. Violet watched as Hirru approached the flailing head, using a healing crystal on the severed wounds, and making the head vanish. A few moments later, the ice started to crack and splinter, watery chunks of cold fractals spilling around everyone. "Good work, dude!" she called out to the green haired man, watching as the barrier finally shattered, revealing the giant dragon to them once more. "Oh hey big guy, welcome back~!" Her weapon glinted as she slashed into it, a grin on her face. "Here's a little payback from Earlier!!" she made her way back to the group, her armor gleaming with a de
  15. Violet was setting up the finishing touches on the stew, humming away. Akane was staring at the door, a frown on his face. "Shouldn't they be here by now...?" he grumbled, pulling out an issue of <<The Aincrad Times>> to pass the time. "They shouldn't be that slow, it's just a mile!" Violet sighed, pulling the stew off of the stove. "Akane, not everyone is used to sprinting three miles in the span of an hour." she grumbled, shooting her brother a glare. "This 'Elora' character might not be able to, but Freyd can." "Not the point, dude. Have mercy on the poor non-fast people!"
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