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  1. *Note: Edited everyone's EVA values, since we forgor about the zero-degree weather ability :) . Edited values are in Green! Placeholder :D AoE-I vs Absolute Zero
  2. Violet tumbled out of the way, her eyes going wide at the speed that the labyrinth boss was moving at. Owji'be was already targeting Freyd, the massive beast bellowing as it swung its head with reckless abandon. The sword art she'd planned on using had completely fizzled out, and she ended up being forced to utilize the <<Charge>> skill to scramble out of the way. Ariel seemed to have completely elected to ignore her, instead choosing to teleport out of here and ditch them and let them fight the guardian all on their own. She finally skidded to a stop next to Hirru, letting out a s
  3. ♬ Violet watched as Freyd struggled to speak, knowing full well how much pain he was likely feeling. It had to be incredibly, incredibly agonizing to allow his walls to collapse for even the barest, briefest of moments. 'You're hurting... you're hurting bad, and you can barely comprehend it.. can you?' Elora was much more tense than before, the barest trace of anger flitting across her face as she slid the notebook forward... the anger fading almost instantly the moment she'd dropped her mask away. Now it was replaced by concern, along with traces of concern and apprehension as she watche
  4. "Ah, its no problem!" she gave Ciela a gentle smile. "I've been trying my best to make sure I come to these kinds of things a bit more prepared. The more prep that we - That is to say, people like me and Kat - do, the faster that we can get you guys out of there, and up to a higher level. Both of you are heading to the frontlines, yeah?" She snickered as Kataoka shivered in the bitter cold, the blonde samurai stuttering that she was fine. "Really now? You're kinda quaking in your boots, Kat." she snarked, tapping away at her menu. "Here, have one of my spares. Hope you don't mind purple!"
  5. "I don't think he's inconvenient, not after our first interaction at least." Montjoy had been gentle presence, one that had only arrived to help. If only to calm the deep-seated tension in both of their hearts. "He appeared when he was needed, driving home a point of understanding that neither of us could convey on our own, and faded back to your shadow." Violet set her utensils down, finally finished with her meal. Akame had fluttered over, chirping as she landed on her shoulder. Violet watched Elora, her only eye taking in the way the other girl looked. Pale, minty green hair, and soft
  6. Violet felt a wave of relief wash over her as she saw Hirru and Ariel approaching, a gentle smile crossing her face. "Thank god, I was starting to get worried about you two!" Much like herself and Freyd, they had taken a decent tumble thanks to the drop that was hidden by the foliage surrounding the area. "I got lost trying to track down Bahr, and I ended up running into Freyd instead! At least there's four of us again, right?" Ariel's comment rubbed her the wrong way, her eyes darkening slightly as she looked at the blonde woman. "I didn't disappear on purpose, I got thrown down here wit
  7. Violet's boots crunched in the snow, humming to herself as she walked through Snowfrost. The settlement had a small scattering of players, mostly some of the braver rookie players that littered the lower ten floors of Aincrad. She only went down here on behalf of Freyd, and a few of his associates, helping to drag any promising newbies through the wringer just to get them up to snuff for floor raids. Usually, she'd be keeping an eye out for anyone that she could recognize from the frontlines, as that would be a relatively dead giveaway. She sipped away at the thermos of freshly brewed tea
  8. Violet opened the door, a smile on her face as she peered into the shop. It was warm and comforting, meshing well with the floor that it was on. It reminded her of a tea shop that she used to visit back in the real world. An old man was tending the counter, neatly packaged boxes of various teas stacked behind him on long shelves. "Ah, hello!" she chirped, her smile widening. "I was hoping to get some tea if at all possible, preferably something that could help me ward off some nasty status effects?" she carefully picked out a total of 6 teas, thanking Kingsley with a bow as he pulled down
  9. "God damn- why is it always you!" Violet let out a frustrated sigh, sheathing her blade as she looked at Freyd. "I thought you were Hirru and Ariel..! I got separated from them earlier, and I haven't been able to find them since." Violet had lost her cloak, leaving her with just her breast plate and what clothing she was wearing underneath. Her mask was pulled to the side, her dark red eyes filled with worry as she looked her friend over. The deep scratches, and ragged clothes were making her concerned. "Freyd, are you ok..? What the hell happened!" At his question at how she'd ended up d
  10. at Freyd's comment on her intel being incomplete, violet shrugged. "Well, with most of our network down after Rikers got almost demolished... none of us really have a whole lot of up to date information." she sighed, shaking her head in disappointment. "I'll probably bug you later for all of the details, but I'd much rather avoid mixing business with pleasure, ne?" Violet looked over at Elora with a bemused expression. "Those things get a bit more terrifying when they appear in groups of 5 or more." she took a few more bites of stew, frowning "Even a sweet little rabbit can be terrifying
  11. Violet carefully started to follow after both Ariel and Hirru, a look of concentration on her face as she kept her eyes trained on the ground. After the fiasco with the bears she wanted to make sure that nothing was going to jump out at them from nowhere. At hirru's joke regarding 'bear' traps, she let out a snicker. "I wonder what they'd set it with for people?" she mused, easily avoiding the remainder of the traps. "Maybe some rare loot? or maybe some sort of rare, tasty meal - god knows I'd fall for a trap that got set with some fresh katsudon!" a goofy smile replaced the concentration from
  12. The bears were still standing firm, looming over the trio. Violet glanced at Ariel and Hirru, her eyes scanning the field for anything else that could cause problems for them. Her blade was spitting out smoke, a faint hiss reaching her ears. Ariel had laid into the stronger of the two bears, easily whittling it down to a sliver of health. Violet charged up a sword art, her eyes focusing on the pair of Albino bears, a feral smile crossing her face. "Alright, lets go." She shot forward, launching into a spinning motion, as a wave of multicolored fire bit into both of the bears. The sec
  13. (Stun Cooldown on ABB 1 Refreshed!) Violet grunted as the heavily injured bear hurled her into another tree, a purple error message bursting into view across her HUD as her health bar dipped dangerously close to the yellow halfway mark. The stronger, less wounded bear had flung itself at Ariel, who seemed to have a much better time dodging than she was. 'Jeez, you'd think that the wounded one would have more trouble hitting people..!' she thought, standing back up with a grunt. She sprung forward, grabbing one of the bears with her free hand, before throwing it at the other and launc
  14. Violet's expression changed to one of mild amusement at the unintentional parroting. It was cute, in a way. "It's something that became a trend after the shenanigans with the shadow." she said idly, looking over at Akane. "Rosa started getting reports from people who had recently completed the quest after what went down, something about people being followed by someone who never seemed to have the same face. A faceless, nameless ghost that chases and chases." she leaned on her left hand, her eyes darkening slightly. "Gemini do usually follow the player around, but only on the floor that
  15. Violet snorted, easily ducking under the giant club as she lunged at the back of the troll. "Roger that, shadow man!" Lament bit into its skin, the troll letting out a roar of pain, swinging wildly around itself to try and dislodge her from its back. Violet held on, laughing as she clung to it, her rapier still holding into its thick skin. "Hey, would ya' look at that, I'm troll riding! Think that we could make a game outta something like this?" it would probably be pretty fun, and she could totally see a bunch of clearers herding some mountain trolls to a field, and just treating it like some
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