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  1. "Choosing to bear it or not, I really don't mind." Violet responded, her voice changing back to the more even tone that she usually used. All the anger from before had finally dissipated, leaving her with a soft blanket of warmth within her body. "As I said before, my problem lies with bearing such things alone. Others exist to help as well, you know. Don't be stupid and shove away your support systems before they can form." Violet framed him with her fingers, a wry grin on her face. "And don't pretend I'm capable of keeping up with you bastards, I'm not where I need to be just yet... and ther
  2. Ronan tilted her head, a smirk on her face. "Believe in it or not, fate does guide us in its own strange way." she said dryly, watching as Raidou pocketed the card that she had made for him. "Fate is extraordinary, and its difficult for most of us to follow. And Some of us Twist it to fit our own desires, mocking it... and then it becomes an empty comfort, worthless words of solace that leave no trace of safety and offer you no protection. To heed their warnings is one thing, to live by something that can be changed if you work hard enough is another matter entirely." Ronan picked up the rest
  3. Violet let out a distracted sigh, glancing back up at Freyd. "Courage is the same, maybe. But the meaning of each of those differ from person to person." she said , ruffling her hair with one hand. "As to who it is I wouldn't be able to face..? My father is proud I've made it this far in life, I'm pretty sure God quit caring years ago, and I'm pretty sure I can look Jon in the eyes without flinching... my mentor, though? Declan would probably be disappointed." Violet leaned back in the chair, leaning her head all the way back so that she could look up into the brilliance radiating from above.
  4. ♬ 'Jack' moved towards the table, calmly taking up his sister's cards, and carefully placing them within the deck once more. He took the cards in hand, shuffling them gently. There was a soft gleam of light as his disguise seemed to wither away. Declan's visage faded from his body, revealing the one who laid underneath. Soft golds replaced by teal and chocolate brown, with a pair of soft-padded earmuffs covering his ears. He looked to Raidou, his eyes filled with sadness. "its... not a possible... outcome right now." He said softly, his tone much more gentle than before. "We fight for...
  5. Ronan listened intently to the story, to the boy that was sitting in front of her and Pavan. The heartbreaking truth of what he was saying was hitting her in full, and suddenly she wasn't seeing just Raidou sitting there any more... she just saw a hurting boy who had lost everything, and was scared to death of losing it, to the point that he'd give anything he had just to make sure that what was left of those good things could persist for even one more day. Everything he had, even if it costed him his life. The same kind of lengths that Violet would willingly go to at this point. It would have
  6. Violet closed her eyes, the dull ache of biting down on her heart making her wince internally. She just wanted to know what was going on, and now she had to play twenty questions just to even get there. She was the kind of person who wanted every scrap, every last morsel, of any kind of information that she could lay her hands on. She wisely chose not to comment on the frontline fiasco, something she wanted to forget desperately. It was just a rather pathetic display from both Jon and Raidou, and one that was very out of character for the red-cloaked player... though unfortunately it wasn't to
  7. Violet chuckled humorlessly, a wry smirk crossing her face as Freyd threw her own words back in her face. She had switched between the proper terms quite frequently after all, so it was rather valid to throw that fact back in her face. "How Astute of you, Freyd." she said dryly, taking a drink from the cup laid in front of her. at his comment regarding childishness, she shrugged "If I came here in my search for answers instead of asking my fiancé or asking Raidou personally, then that ought to speak volumes for who I trust to treat me with respect. If you had treated me that way, I wouldn't ha
  8. Violet was sitting on the rooftop of one of the buildings near the local bazaar, a lollipop in her mouth as she found herself people watching. She was keeping an eye on Ronan, who was smiling as she read fortune after fortune for the various players that lined up and paid the small fee. Violet was keeping an eye out for those that would appear to be a nice catch to take a look at. She caught sight of a girl with purple hair with a bow in her hair wandering around with a small familiar curled around her shoulders. Violet smirked, a glittering gleam in her eyes. A few moments later, Violet
  9. Violet blinked in confusion at Oji's question about herself. She wasn't exactly one to really talk about who she was as a person, so it was putting her on the spot to an extreme degree. Not only that, but she wasn't exactly ready to be talking about anything personal with someone who was, at best, a friendly stranger. So, she decided to go with something simple. "Oh... you, you want to know about me..?" she asked tentatively, cocking her head to one side. "um... I'm just a Frontliner that wanders around from place to place, ne? I just like to travel, and try and see all the more exotic sights
  10. Violet followed Freyd, a stoic look on her face, her dull eyes focusing only occasionally on the various scenes that they seemed to walk through. Rabbit hole indeed. Freyd's attempts at creating small talk were grating on her ears, so she quietly bit down on any rude remarks. It wasn't right to snap at someone who was being nice to her. The rythimic clicking of their shoes along the strange flooring, on the other hand, was oddly grounding... it was just unfortunate that it only would last a short while longer as they approached a smooth table, where Freyd seemed to offer her a chair, before ta
  11. ♫ There was dead silence for a moment... The look of pain on Ronan's face was intensified, and Jack looked at Raidou with an aghast look on his face. "You're a madman." Jack breathed, a bead of sweat dripping down his cheek. "We treated her as best as we could given the circumstances-" "Violence begets Violence, Bloodshed begets Bloodshed." Ronan said firmly, cutting off her brother as she began glaring at Raidou. "She took Declan's personal motto to heart, and does her damnedest to live by it to the best of her ability. She raged, and raged hard. And what was her reward for vengeance..?
  12. Sign language... It had been some time since the pair had seen anyone use such a thing for any particular reason. Not many players resorted to it in-game, making it a rare skill to even be used, unless the player in question used it back in the real world. 'Jack's' thoughts drifted back to how Akane had started to teach him back in the real world, right after the accident that took away his ability to hear. The flowing gestures that made his heart ache as he thought of how peaceful it was back then, how much better it had been. Meanwhile, Ronan's thoughts drifted back to Violet, and how she ha
  13. Violet watched as Freyd approached the cathedral, a soft smile gracing her face finally. Her eyes flashed over to her watchers, who were nodding in approval at the other man's behavior. "He's a smart man, ne?" she said dryly, shrugging. "When we're finished, make yourselves more obvious, maybe playing chess or doing something clowny?" Akane made a rude gesture at her, while Delilah burst out laughing, a wide grin on her face. "Have a sense of humor, brat. The others are with him right now." "Could you at least NOT encourage my damn sister's behavior right now???" "Gehehehe! I'm just sayin that
  14. Violet let out a soft sigh, shaking her head. "It's by sheer dumb luck that you havent gifted something like this to one of the younger players, then." she said tiredly, taking another drink from her coffee. "Fear of death aside, there are still kids that try to play the game, no matter what we older players might try to do. Its painful to watch, but there's really nothing we can do." the bitterness that had only been barely present when she had originally spoken was much more pronounced now. No matter what they did, there really was no proper way you could use to actually stop the younger pla
  15. Violet quietly stowed away the piece of paper in her hands, the sharp burning of her anger giving way to a more empty feeling. Freyd wasn't the reason she was angry, it wouldn't be right to take it out on him by accident. It certainly wouldn't be fair to him, when he had really been nothing but nice to her, despite the rough demeanor he put off. He did save her life on more than one occasion, after all. Violet Silently followed him to the table he had set up for the impromptu meetup. A steaming cup of coffee was offered to her, the smell invigorating to her. It made her feel slightly more aliv
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