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  1. BINGSU () COOKIE () bingsu. | TIER 4 DESSERT | MITIGATION III shaved ice. chopped fruits. syrup and milk. tasteless. cookie. | TIER 4 DESSERT | VITALITY II small. round. chocolate chips. tasteless.
  2. GELATO (30) MOUSSE (30) SMORES (75) CRÈME BRÛLÉE (75) gelato. | TIERLESS DESSERT | LD III multiple flavors. paper cup. wooden spoon. tasteless. [13/04/24] | +11 [12/04/24] | +8 [11/04/24] | +9 [09/04/24] | +2 mousse. | TIERLESS DESSERT | PROSPERITY III soft cream. paper cup. wooden spoon. tasteless. [10/04/24] | +20 [08/04/24] | +10 smores. | TIERLESS DESSERT | EVA II firm crackers. melted chocolate. toasted marshmallows. tasteless. [10/04/24] | +19 [09/04/24] | +34 [08/04/24] | +22 crème brûlée. | TIERLESS DESSERT | ACC II porcelain
  3. he waited a fair bit for the result to solidify itself, and it was worth his patience. never mind the average-looking results; didn't he scavenge these on his own accord through combat, anyway? the blade appeared unassuming at first glance, but with proper finesse, it would be as deadly as any other, demian was sure. iris was the least bit curious of the value of his sword. it wasn't as prized as-- "it's what i'm willing to work with right now," demian replied, cutting off her query with the turn of his back. then he left, with a louder thanks for her hospitality more than the reques
  4. did it matter that bistro hadn't told him to attend this location to shop at? no. and it mattered even less that the person running this store disliked his presence in the vicinity of her closest friends. demian walked in quiet, as though stalking the shadows, hunched over with a motive in tow. then, he was promptly caught by the resident furry guardian. nyanko waved his tail about, giving him a careful stare -- so demian acknowledged that he had to play nice. picking up a set of recently stocked items, he paid the storekeep in head pets and a secret whispered in his ear. then, demian lef
  5. the request didn't take long. demian swung round after a brief stroll through the settlement, waiting in earnest for only a handful of minutes afterwards. he paid the halberd no heed as he sent it to his inventory with a wave, but the armor he gave a decent look-over to ensure its simplicity. with two hands, he held it aloft, turning it around with squinted eyes. it meant enough to him to don it immediately after the inspection. "thanks," he near hummed with a small smile. the man then spun on his heel and stepped out the shop, dropping the brief pretense of normalcy before refocusing his
  6. he was already out on an errand; why not finish the other half of bistro's request? because demian would never be caught dead in a place like this, obviously, but given the trouble he'd face for slacking off otherwise, it was worth risking his reputation to put in a request. enter shabby, dark and dreary into the hall of light. the man already felt incredibly out of place as he stood at the doorway, holding a request form that was signed and written in neat cursive handwriting. once he'd caught the attention of the shopkeeper, he slid this across the counter, with a stilted, "cheers," as
  7. a small, modest shop. it wasn't reputable in the slightest, which was the reason why demian had decided to visit, a handful of resources in tow. his order had been scribbled hastily on the form, and yet it came out looking somewhat pristine. two sheets of paper were handed over to the blacksmith. "no big alterations on the armor," he breathed, frustration lurking behind his eyes. "please. though the owner of the halberd couldn't care less how you modify it, so long as it's balanced well in the end." with a wave, demian set aside the items he'd prepared for the rising crafter. "have s
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