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  1. It was a little questionable when 'a while' might be. Nevertheless, the enterprising alchemist was one to oblige with haste. "Three days," she decided, taking a closer look at the order sheet. The most important takeaway from any transaction was the customer's name. Somehow, keeping tabs on the players of Aincrad was more valuable than the col and material she was paid. Three days came and went. And while infusing the enhancements had been of no large effort, recreating the potion to its specifics were. A quick message and the Cintamani's door left open, Bistro was quick to give herself s
  2. DIVINITY'S WAIT (63) PERCEPHONIUS PYRATIUS (15) AXINTORI ALCEMITANTI (15) Crafted by: Alchemist | Rank 10 mortal instants | TIER 4 PERFECT POTION | MITIGATION III flows like water. tastes like ash. feels like fire in the mouth. [20/03/22] | +19 [22/03/22] | +22 [24/03/22] | +19 [05/04/22] | +3 /16 | total: 63 Percephonius Pyratius | TIER 4 PERFECT POTION | DAMAGE III A small glass vial containing a liquid of shimmering silver shards and blue hues, it contans a smell upon opening of cinnamon, lilacs and herbs similar to those found within a country garden. T
  3. DRAGON BREATH (108) Crafted by: Alchemist | Rank 10 Dragon's Breath | [#] | TIERLESS PERFECT POTION | CRAFTER'S RESPITE rolls in the link. there's a lot! trying to clean up my roll display rn so it looks cleaner/neater in the future. [23/08/21] | +23 [08/03/22] | +30 [09/03/22] | +16 [11/03/22] | +20 [12/03/22] | +19
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