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Found 3 results

  1. Availble Enhancements: Price and order: 1 material/Potion 3 materials/Crystal To place an order, you just have to write how many and what tier of each enchantment you want Proffession stats: Outdated: the end
  2. cintamani . | Rank: 10 | Attempts: [14x2] | Salves, Potions, Crystals It has been unclear how long this space had been taken up for, down one of the major streets of the Town of Beginnings. Some of the stores there could be kept closed for an eternity, if their squatters let it. Instead, through the large glass exteriors of this little workshop's front, it has been observed that the desolate room has had an occupant living in it for the longest time. The only questions left for any passersby would be who the shop truly belonged to, and if their wa
  3. Rank 7: Mentor Alchemist | CRAFT T1-T7 EQUIPMENT | Exp: 823/1279 EXP | (8 Crafts per day) ALCHEMIC CONTAGION On your way to the starter town on the 10th floor you notice a glow, a faint yellow glow. As you near it, you find that it is a large tent; with a flap open that sits just outside the safe zone. Since the floor is in near perpetual darkness you don't notice the stains on the outside of the tent, the blood and dirt - as though the thing was dragged through a warzone before being hastily set up. You smell an array of odd scents; flowery herbs, burnt charcoal and
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