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  1. Nora stands her grounds, she has a feeling that this battle should soon come to a conclusion. She takes out her Odachi and launch at the pair of deer once again. As she has previously expected, deer one was immediately slayed, the new attack combined with the injury that it had suffered before was just too much for it to take. However, deer 2 once again dodged her attack. When deer 2 tries to counter attack against Nora, she was expecting it this time and narrowly skips out of its path. It was unbelievable how this deer is somehow almost full health this far into the battle, but she guess not
  2. Nora steps back from the two deer, readjusted her stands and took a deep breath. She forgot how hard it was to fight the mob on this game and the deer sure are more nibble than boars. Her previous attack missed both monsters, if this keep up she will be in trouble soon. Just then, from the corner of her peripheral vision Nora saw Nari fighting four wolves. Four...wolves....! That's a lot of enemies...will she be alright? Where did them came from? I didn't even saw them. It is lucky that Nari was here, if Nora was alone and got cornered by 2 deer and 4 wolves without a teleportation s
  3. crafting 212255 8 3 11 9 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:26:00 212254 2 6 10 1 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:25:49 212253 3 4 15 10 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:25:40 212252 8 7 13 5 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:25:29 212251 8 9 7 9 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:25:15 212250 6 1 13 6 Nora crafting t6 potion 2023-01-09 11:25:06
  4. Nora nods after hearing Nari's explanation. She has been hiding in a safe zone for so long that she is kind of rusty right now. "Yes, fighting separate battles would be the most efficient. But if you see me about to die, please help..." Before Nora could finish her sentence, the three of them came to a complete stop as Nemo turned around and, revealing two paths, he pointed towards the entrance to the dungeon to them. Nora was pleasantly surprised that it took basically no time for them to reach the Little Eden, now all that's left is to get those sweet sweet crafting materials. "Great! T
  5. Nora happily accepted the party request and make Nari the party leader by default, and with that, the three of them ventured into the open area and started heading towards the edge of the floor. Officially started their way to find the hidden dungeon known as Little Eden. Floor 8 is an area covered by a vast a forest, form out of trees stretching out high into the sky and expanding out covering the floor area as far as eyes could see. Visibility is low due to obstruction from trees and other vegetations. Chipper sounds from woodland creatures could be heard from all sides. If this was in
  6. crafting 212211 7 8 19 1 Nora crafting t5 potion 2023-01-08 11:12:15 uncommon and additional item exp+3 212210 8 12 7 2 Nora crafting t5 potion 2023-01-08 11:12:00 perfect Crafter's Respite exp +8 212209 9 7 17 3 Nora crafting t5 potion 2023-01-08 11:11:49 uncommon and additional item exp +3 212208 3 6 7 1 Nora crafting t5 potion 2023-01-08 11:11:39 salvaged exp +2 keep material 212207 7 5 1 5 Nora crafting t5 potion 2023-01-08 11:11:23 salvaged exp +2 212
  7. When Nora was the in the shop earlier, she took a quick glance at what else was available in the shop, but she did not have time to look at them carefully. There might be something else that she need, but she wasn't too sure of it yet. A day later, Nora returns to the shop and examine the catalogue more closely, and sure enough, there really is something that she need. She approaches the cat by the table again. "I would like to purchase this item for 500 col, is it alright for me to pay for it now? Thanks." crystal. | TIER 1 TRINKET | LD III [desc.]: a blue crystal. scraps of a larger cr
  8. Nora

    Nora's Journal

  9. Name: Nora Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 3 Roll ID: 129756 Link: Roll Result: CD 9 Item Type: Salves Tier: 1 Quality: uncommon Enhancements: T1 Antidote Description: When applied, prevents any status effect from being applied to you. Each slot is a charge. When a status effect is blocked, a charge of Antidote wears off. Effect lasts for one thread. Name: Nora Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 129859 ; ID# 129860 Link: Roll Result: CD 8 and 9 respectively Item Type: Potion Tier: 1 Quality: uncommon x2
  10. Nora

    Nora's Journal

    GUILD: AINCRAD TRADING POST Trading hall Every member in Aincrad Trading Post getting +2 EXP for each craft they make. They also get +5 to salvage rolls. (10+ for alchemy crystals, 6+ for everything else). If you are rank 9 you also get +1 crafting attempt/day. If you are rank 10 you get +2 crafting attempts/day. Treasury You getting +5% more col from killed mobs nd +10% col from treasure chests.
  11. Nora received a message through her mail, it looks like her order is now completed and ready for pick up! This is so exciting! She had hoped that she could receive her trinket soon, but she never anticipated that it could be this fast! It looks like everything went smoothly. She quickly send the payment through the banking system and hurry up to the shop for pick up. When she arrives at the shop, she noticed a paper bag with her name written with black ink on the table. She take a look and sure enough, it is her trinket! She smiled at the small cat sitting beside the table. "Please convey my t
  12. !!! Yay!! I got a teammate! "Right! Thank you so much! My name is Nora, and this is..." She wanted to introduce the NPC and realized just then that she never got a name. She turns her glaze towards the NPC and realizes that the NPC is looking and smiling at the other player, and is no longer paying any attention to her. She turns to look at the other player who seems to be staring at the NPC in surprise, and then turns to look at the NPC who is still smiling at the other player. She senses that there's something between the two that she can not understand. Do they know each other? Why hasn't a
  13. Nora searched all over the place for an opened Artisan shop, and she has finally found one! To her surprise, it was Night's shop, and Night is now a R10 Artisan. She's very happy for her and not sure if she remembers her since it has been so long. It felt kind of surreal stepping into the shop again after all this time and the shop looks completely different now. But now is not the time for chitchat, she's here for a purchase. Seeing no one at the counter, Nora quickly fill out the request form and left it at the main desk. Hopefully, she could get her item soon. Item Name: Blessing
  14. Today was a total mess! After the big sale that she made the previous day, she thought that today would be just as good for her, but it turns out that her stocks are in a total mess. Nora spend the entire day trying to sort out her stocks, there were dusts and dirt everywhere, her eagle Aragon let out a sharp sound of annoyance at her. Nora wipes the sweat from her forehead and tries to apologies to her eagle. She knows that this is a tedious work, but it has to be done in order for her shop to function properly. The only highlight for the date is that she received her trinket order from Night
  15. Floor 8! I can't believe I made it this far! Just to show you how much a little courage and a little recklessness can get you. Nora silently cheers herself on. She had never reached this high a floor before, and so far, she is not dead yet. Maybe if she keeps this up, she will beat the game and get back to real life in no time (is that how this system works? She has no idea). So far, she has been getting by mostly by hiding inside safe zones, watching for monsters and rushing through floors when there are no monsters nearby. She wasn't able to completely avoid combat altogether, and her suppli
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