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  1. Keira jogged her way back through the dense trees, her heart racing as she tried to put as much distance between herself and the snarling boar as possible. She didn't stop until she was certain she was well out of the clearing, her breathing coming in ragged gasps as she tried to catch her breath. As she slowed to a walk, she looked around, trying to get her bearings. She realized with a start that she had no idea which direction she had come from. She turned in a slow circle, trying to orient herself, but everything looked the same in the darkness. Finally, she spotted a dirt trail windi
  2. She had decided to just pick a direction and walk, and she did so in what she thought was a straight line for ten minutes, and somehow, by some stroke of luck, Keira stumbled upon the clearing, a small patch of open space in the dense forest. She let out a sigh of relief, grateful for the moonlight that had been cast unfiltered over the clearing, illuminating the area with a soft white glow. She took a few steps forward, her boots sinking into the soft, damp earth. The clearing seemed empty at first glance, aside from some large rocks and boulders, the largest being on the far side of the
  3. Keira stumbled through the darkness, her feet hitting the ground haphazardly as she tried to make her way through the dense forest. Her fatigue was starting to catch up with her, struggling to keep her eyes focused on her surroundings, she walked right past another flower, something she would have noticed had it not been so dark and so tiring. She was so focused on putting one foot in front of the other that she didn't even notice the stream until she stepped right into it, a gentle current rushed around her ankles, icey and cold. She let out a startled cry as she stumbled and nearly fell
  4. She walked for a little under a half hour, the plains that surrounded the town began to sputter out, yielding to majestic trees of oak and cedar. Their canopies stretched into the night sky, leaves fluttering in the light breeze as their moonlit dapple shadows followed close behind in tandem. She stopped at the wall of wood, leaves, and shrubs looking on into the dark forest. Crickets chirped, their shrill tone filling quiet night, lightning bugs flew around the forest, illuminating it with a hazy dim yellow glow. How am I gonna find anything in there? It’s too damn dark. Keira
  5. The night dragged on, and her searching had yielded no results. An increasingly prevalent frustration began to settle in her core, and an hour had passed since she had left the town and her progress had come to a standstill. As she walked, she caught glimpses of movement in the distance. She squinted, trying to figure out what was causing it. As she watched, she realized that it was a group of small, rotund animals. Boars it looked like. Keira did not know if they were aggressive, so she opted for now to steer clear of them for now. She sighed and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, feel
  6. The clouds began to separate, revealing the moon and sky like a glowing pearl nestled in a bed of black velvet with twinkling diamonds scattered around it. The moon was full, and bright, it seemed to radiate a soft, ethereal light that cast a gentle glow over the landscape. In it, something caught Keira’s eye, a single solitary flower in a sea of green, it was purple and white, an orchid it seemed. She began to walk towards it, the tall blades of green parting with a gentle rustling sound. As she passed, the grass slowly closed back in, swallowing up her footsteps and leaving no trace of
  7. I had no idea there was a discord. I’ll probably join it here in a couple of days, Thanks for lettin me know, I hope to see you around too!
  8. Her hud gave her no indication of where she might need to start as Keira made her way towards the town's gate, she couldn't help but notice the aimless, lost players drifting by, their expressions mirroring her own confusion and despair. The night was quickly chasing away the day, and Keira could feel its chill seeping into her bones. She rubbed her arms, and stopped a moment. She traced her fingers over the rough fabric of her sleeves, feeling the weight of the chainmail on her arms. The breastplate seemed to squeeze when she folded her arms together, making it hard to breathe. A thought
  9. “I've come tae collect a debt frae ye, I think.” Keira proclaimed, taking slow steps towards Zachariah. He did not answer immediately, but he continued looking onward. “Are you here to order something?” He finally said, delicately moving his cup of strange liquid to the side. “I’m sorry, but I am currently swamped with orders, and I’m running out of supplies.” A spark of understanding glints in the man's tired eyes. “Would you gather a few materials for me? Flowers, herbs, rare woods, whatever you can find outside the city walls. I promise I’ll help you fill your order as soo
  10. She didn’t know where to begin looking, so she opened her menu and looked for the quest. She set it to track and closed the menu. The quest marker didn’t tell her where exactly, but it gave her a general area to search, a rather large area too. As she searched, she descended deeper into the sprawling jungle of and plastered brick buildings and stone walls, their rustic charm disappearing as the sun sank completely behind the mountains leaving a cascade of pinks, purples, oranges, and reds in its wake. The older looking buildings had muted brown shingles after years of bleaching by the sun, whi
  11. Hello! I’m Brand (not my actual name I just really enjoy anonymity) and I wanted to introduce myself. I am something of an aspiring writer though I’m really doubtful of my capabilities and am constantly trying to find ways to improve upon it so if you’ve got any tips... you know... I wouldn’t be opposed to some advice. I also love music, singing, history, philosophy, anime, and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know what else to talk about in an introduction so instead here is a joke: What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
  12. "You see, I've forgotten who it was I loaned the money to.” Keira was brought back to reality as the man spoke again, and this time she felt anger. “Terribly embarrassing, I know, but I am a very busy man, and I cannot keep track of everything that happens. I'm sure you understand." With a wave of it's hand, the fake man continued, appearing not to notice the scowl on her face and the rage in her eyes. "Should you be willing to track down the loan recipient for me, and collect the col, I would be eternally grateful. Just, maybe don't let anyone else know I forgot who the loan went to?" A
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