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  1. Arga walked towards the edge of the pond. He started to look around the area for more materials when he spotted something glistening a few meters away from him. “Another shiny object…” he walked over to it and crouched down. It was a small, blue crystal embedded into the ground. It was so small that he could have just walked past it without knowing that it was there. “I think this crystal will be a good addition to the potion” he thought. He tried to pull out of the ground but it didn’t budge. He tried again but it still didn’t budge. “That’s strange…” he tried again, this time using all of hi
  2. Arga started looking around. None of the rocks seemed like they could be moved so he left them alone. He could see a bed of clovers on the ground. "Maybe I could find a four leaf clover" he thought. He sat on the ground and started searching for a four leaf clover. It felt like hours but Arga still couldn't find a four leaf clover. "Even in a game, it is pretty hard to find" he thought. He didn't want to waste more time looking for the clover so he decided to try his luck. He slowly got up when he spotted something out of the ordinary. Resting on the bed of clovers was a glistening, gold
  3. As Arga walked towards the gate, he passed by many NPCs. Some were opening up their stores while others were talking to each other. He also saw some players here and there. He felt something bump into him and stopped walking. He looked down to see a little boy. "Sorry" the boy said before running off. Arga resumed walking. It was very unsettling how the NPCs acted like real people but he got used to it. After a while, he finally reached the gate. "I guess it's time" he took a deep breath and walked through the gate. As he walked out, he could see elevated platforms littered across the la
  4. "No..." Arga woke with a start. Small beads of sweat trickled down his face and his hand started to twitch involuntarily. "Calm down...you are safe" he reassured himself. He took some deep breaths and got off the bed. He walked over to the window and took sight of bustling activity in the town. "How long has he been trapped here...a month or maybe even more than that?" he thought. He closed the curtain and took a seat on the bed. He hardly got any sleep nowadays with his sleep getting plagued with nightmares. "Enough with these negative thoughts" he chided himself. He stood up from the bed an
  5. Arga walked into the shop and greeted the shopkeeper as he walked in. He was looking for something that would protect him and allow him to move freely. Nothing in stock really met his criteria so he decided to custom order a piece right for him. He walked over to the counter and handed a piece of paper to the shopkeeper. “I am going for something flexible. I want the cloak to be made out of cloth…preferably white and gold coloured cloth. I am also hoping to add shoulder guards preferably made out of gold-coloured metal” Arga told the shopkeeper. He let the shopkeeper keep the picture for
  6. Arga wanted a new weapon, but he couldn’t find any available blacksmiths in the Town of Beginnings. He decided to try his luck elsewhere when he heard rumors about a blacksmith named Vigilon located on Floor 7. He didn’t want to risk getting attacked by monsters, but his need for a weapon outweighed the risk. He went to Floor 7 and made his way to Vigilon’s shop. Luckily, he wasn’t attacked by any monsters and soon reached the shop after a 45 minute walk. Entering the shop, he greeted the blacksmith and started looking at weapons in stock. Some were too powerful to use while others didn’
  7. Arga

    Arga's Journal

    Profile: Username: Arga Real name: Tobias Ward Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9" Background: Born to a well-off family, Tobi had a relatively normal life. His parents cared about him and gave him anything he asked if it was within their abilities to get it. He had a closer relationship with his father but he loved his parents equally. But their happy home life was just a mere facade. His mother caught his father cheating on her with another woman. His mother didn’t divorce with his father because she wanted Tobi to have a father. But their home lif
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