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  1. The two players would wave goodbye to Kiitei as they began to continue on past the barricade. It would probably be some time before the floor was cleaned up, but hey, loose ends gotta be tied up somehow. When The two players finally returned to the safe zone, Vigilon would see Kanari and Taika looking at some screenshots, and having a laugh over something. He walked right up to Kanari. "You set me up, didn't you?" He remarked, knowing that all that happened had to be some players' doing...aside from the barricade, and maybe all the materials...maybe. "Yeah, your point?" Kanari aske
  2. Vigilon looked to the other battle, which had just ended. Vurin and Kiitei were engaging in a handshake. "That was a good battle. I clearly have more training ahead of me, but I can be content with this result." Vurin remarked. "You weren't half-bad, though, just another rank or mod and you should be good to go in terms of damage." Kiitei added. The Paralysis wore off, and Rendiel got up slowly. "You...you may have beaten me...but...you still..can't cross." He decided. Kiitei looked over to her ally, then to Vurin, then to Vigilon, and back to her ally. "Let 'em go." She decided.
  3. Rendiel came charging at Vigilon. His face wasn't wide open, but he looked like a good low sweep could trip him. Vigilon smiled. "Come on, hit me, I dare you..." Rendiel wasn't liking this one bit. "RrrrrrrRRRAAAAARRGHH!!" He took the bait. Vigilon sidestepped and tripped up his opponent, and proceeding to punching him in the back of his head towards the ground. The critical hit inflicted Paralysis and Bleed, not that it mattered. The opponent's HP fell into the yellow, and Vigilon had won. "Sorry, but it looks like I won this one." Vigilon remarked. "You did pretty good, though, kept me
  4. In response to what Vigilon said, Rendiel would head straight for him. Vigilon jumped out of the way three times before his opponent even executed the Sword Art, but by then, it was too late to dodge that one. Vigilon's HP was looking dangerously close to the yellow now, one more hit and it was over, but if he could get one more hit on his opponent, he might be able to win this. Fate truly is as fickle as dice, you could be a force to be reckoned with, or just the poor fellow who can't manage a thing without getting his butt kicked. Whatever the case, Vigilon charged up his Sword Art, ready to
  5. Rendiel prepared his Sword Art once again. Vigilon began to wonder if lower damage Sword Arts were ever used for anything other than for their utility, or if the user's energy was too low, wait, that's sword's looking real close- So Vigilon was caught off guard, big deal. "Pah, I've endured worse..." Vigilon claimed as he got back up. He readied his own Sword Art, and proceeded to use All Might against Rendiel. "Well, guess it's back to the classic 'you only gotta hit first and hard to win' thing that happens in many games... Guess it's because damage is mostly the same by tier, and every
  6. Vigilon gestured towards himself. "Come at me, bro!" He called out to his opponent. Rendiel was agitated by this display, and he rushed in to attack. Vigilon wasn't as prepared as he could have been for this attack, but at least his opponent's face was wide open, ready to get decked. "You'll never win against me as long as I-" Vigilon used the Sword Art known as All Might, right to Rendiel's face. The opposing player was sent flying a few feet, and he tumbled backward upon landing on the ground. "Maybe next time you'll check yourself before you wreck yourself, you were wide open!" Vi
  7. And to think that things would have gone differently. All Vigilon wanted to do was get a quest done and over with, and clean up the floor from the clutter that didn't belong. And yet, here he was, dueling an idiot who was probably some kind of Stan. He dodged another attempted Galaxy Destroyer attack, then he readied his own sword art and rushed in to attack. Rendiel used his sword to knock Vigilon off balance by hitting his legs with the blunt end of the blade. Vigilon tumbled onto the ground. "Should've seen that coming." He muttered. Rendiel laughed at Vigilon's misfortune. "How are yo
  8. The four players would make sure there was ample space between their fights, and then they would ready themselves. The word <<Fight!>> appeared between each set of combatants, and the chaos would begin. Rendiel Charged up his sword art, Galaxy Destroyer, and rushed over to Vigilon before letting loose an angular slash. Vigilon managed to dodge the attack just before it could strike him. Vigilon would then prepare his own Sword Art, All Might, and he would proceed to attack his opponent. Despite the heavy looking equipment he was carrying, Rendiel managed to avoid Vigilon's att
  9. Ok, so we're doing this. Vigilon looked over to Vurin, who accepted the challenge he received and set it to half-loss. Vigilon looked to the challenge that lay before him, it was a duel request from the male player, apparently named Rendiel. Whatever the case, this punk was going down. He accepted the challenge and set the victory conditions to half-loss. "Fine, I'll teach you a lesson, since you want me to so badly." He said as he did this. Rendiel scoffed. "It's you who's gonna get schooled, Vigilon. You won't get past this defense! I'll cut you down before you can get on my level!" He
  10. "What the heck is wrong with you two?" Vigilon asked. "Wrong? With us? Pffff, what's wrong with you? Pah, I'll just beat you down and prove you'll never pass our barrier!" The male player of the two said, before sending Vigilon a duel challenge. "Ok what on earth is possessing you to do this? Isn't this kind of, you know, extreme?" Vigilon asked. Vurin looked over to the female of the two players. "Vigilon has done nothing wrong against you, why would you do this?" He asked her. "Simple, we're training ourselves in many ways, and we were given a goal-based command: Stop anyone who stands
  11. Vigilon saw the out-of-place blockages, but they were arranged into a blockade...by two players. "Hey hey hey, hold up a sec, what's your username?" One of the two players asked. "...Well which of us are you asking?" Vigilon questioned. "Uhhhhh both? Yeah! Both!" Came the response. "Well, ya gonna spill, or what?" The other player asked. These two were either idiots, or suspicious idiots. "My name's Vurin. This is Vigilon, who has been kind enough to train me in Martial Arts. I consider myself his apprentice, even." Vurin explained. "Shouldn't have done that..." Vigilon thought. "Vig
  12. Vurin broke the silence with, "Don't we still have a group of Kobolds to hunt down?" Vigilon nodded. Yeah, let's get moving. Vigilon did what he could to keep his eyes open along the way for anything of use or suspicion. He saw nothing, aside from spots that look like there was something that was previously there. "Someone's been moving stuff." He muttered. As the two players continued to search around for anything that didn't belong, they continued their conversation. "Right, well, did you get the two girls' usernames? I might be able to ask them if they're alright." Vigilon asked. "Taika, an
  13. The awkward silence would eventually pass, despite that it lasted longer than one would expect. "Man, you got told early, I think...assuming we are talking about the same talk. My own mother didn't give me that until I was like, fourteen. I don't know if mom ever told my older sister, but I'm pretty sure she knows by now..." Vigilon admitted. "...By the way, who do you think my informant was, again?" Vigilon asked. "I don't remember his name, do you?" Vurin counter-questioned. "He goes by the username Akudo." Vigilon Answered. Vurin looked a bit shocked. "My brother??" The young player exclaim
  14. Vigilon chuckled. "Aren't you a little young to be getting infatuated by them?" He asked. "Well, I-" "Yes, yes you are." "It's just a compliment to them, they are actually pretty, what's wrong with that?" Vigilon placed a hand on the kid's shoulder. "Then I sure hope it remains just a compliment until you're eighteen, wouldn't want the APD to get involved, now do we? Just be patient, even if it's been five years, you'd still be one year too early." He explained. "Half a year too early." Vurin noted hopefully with a smile. Vigilon shook his head. "Have you had the talk or something, boy?" Vigil
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