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  1. Vigilon managed to find another true building, styled similarly to the ones that had a unique enemy to face. Yeah, this had to be one of the remaining two places, there wasn't a lock to tell him no. The hall was lit by crystals, like the other buildings' halls were. He just walked through like he'd done this before...because he had. But a sight unlike what he was expecting awaited him when he entered the wide room. So he looked, and behold, a deceptively lovely figure with white, leather wings, sitting comfortably on a throne of jewels and silk. The whip in her hand was called S
  2. Along the way to the next actual building, Vigilon ended up walking into the aggro range of a blood beast and two metal swarms. He was able to tell the moment the blood beast screeched. He quickly drew his sword, and realized that the sound had caught the attention of other blood beasts...oh, no...they were now heading in Vigilon's direction. Vigilon started by using an area of effect attack to get rid of the initial three enemies, thus the arriving three blood beasts would be the last of this little squabble. Vigilon was struck several times, these freaks knew how to make rapid strikes a
  3. Vigilon took a moment to rest and regenerate his HP, then he continued to wander the area in search of the next foe. Then he remembered how easy it was to get lost in this labyrinth...then again, it might be even easier to get lost in worse labyrinths...this should be nothing...right? Heck, it didn't even look like a labyrinth! It was like some kind of "empty" city of sorts, with strange formations of stone and metal being in place of the buildings, and the place was crawling with monsters that could inflict actual pain! It was by dwelling on this fact that got Vigilon to start reeva
  4. Vigilon walked outside, and the voice in his mind continued to speak, wondering if someone was truly there. What was waiting for Vigilon outside, however, just so happened to be another monster of the isle, one he had yet to see. He walked outside to see a screeching figure that looked like a skinny bipedal creature with sharp, bleeding teeth and claws as well as a single burning eye in what appeared to be its head, and the creature itself looked like it was made of frozen blood. Well, shit. Vigilon drew his sword immediately, and took a defensive position. The creature le
  5. Was the voice even hearing him? It seemed to be within his head, yet he couldn't see a single being...he sure felt something, though...but what exactly? Vigilon looked towards the throne of bones, which crumbled into nothing, revealing a single large red crystal. He walked over and took it. "I... where... hm? Someone's there?" The voice asked. "Hello? Hello is anyone there? Where are you? Who are you?" Vigilon was very confused. "I'm...right here? can you hear me?" He asked as he looked around for the mysterious speaker. There was no one to be seen. "I feel lik
  6. Astreya's familiar would return from a certain location, and Krysta's familiar would then suddenly take off towards that direction. Veriost tilted her head in curiosity, then took flight to follow Krysta and Yolviinsil. "At this rate, I'm pretty sure there is." Vigilon replied to Astreya upon seeing the familiars' courses of action. Following Astreya and Krysta, Vigilon would eventually reach the destination. Upon Krysta reaching the territory, a topaz dragon would roar out what Vigilon guessed was a warning call. Krysta's familiar then landed between Krysta and the dragon, then started t
  7. The squabble of words over Auranika's remark was swift in its arrival, but it ended just as quickly, for silence followed Krysta's words. She would have had a greater effect if she had drawn her weapon, but there was no enmity between her and Auranika as of yet, so it was for the better, actually. Well, there was a disrupted competition, but it wasn't like it was all for naught. There was some loot that Vigilon and Krysta had gained from their battles, and there were more chances to prove their worth to the other players coming up. {Scarlet} thought about Shadowynd's words for a moment, t
  8. Kanari made her way through the small crowd of players, with her partner Shuliik following close by. When she was close enough to speak to Auranika, she remarked, "Well, well, well...how nice of you to join in. Your main rivalry might be with Alex, but personally, I can't wait to kick your a** in this little game." Shuliik also had something to say on this. "She's serious on this one, Queenie. We've had some time to develop our teamwork, so you'll need to give it your all if you wanna beat Team Typhoon, let alone the Power Couple, Red Eyes and Princess, known in this little challenge as Team C
  9. Auranika looked to Serafi, who nodded in agreement. "A Challenge like this should have many benefits for all parties involved. I am Auranika, Leader of the Angelic Brigade. My ally here is Serafi, a fellow Guild member." She said to Mitria. "As for the team name, you could just put down 'Team Seraph'." Vigilon, meanwhile, as Mitria was explaining the scenario to Auranika, decided to talk to Krysta about her question. "About that...Amelia and April...are Enemies. Maybe not to the point of Bloodshed, but you could say they don't tolerate each other. Amelia has a Chaotic, all-freedom ideolog
  10. Auranika smiled, appreciating that she had been recognized, despite not being met just yet. "Glad you remembered me...I do recall seeing your face, too, now that you mention it...I will admit, your singing talent is a good one, you actually surprised me on that stage. It may have been a while since I last sang, but I want to see how well our voices do when we sing." There was an ulterior motive to this, as Auranika wanted to have a chance to prove herself greater for the sake of her reputation. And Vigilon could tell, for he had been around her long enough to figure that out...and Vigilon knew
  11. Goblin Soldiers were shattering one by one, clearly the players had already won, and were finishing off the last of the enemy forces. Vigilon activated Tornado Kick one last time, and it was over. The last two Goblin Soldiers screeched and shattered, and only players remained in the vicinity. With the issue now handled, Auranika decided for her and her ally to have a peaceful conversation with Vigilon and Krysta. "Well, now that those goblins are out of the way..." She began, before looking to Krysta. "I don't believe we have met. I go by many names. The Golden Dragon, The Angelic Warrior, Aur
  12. Chaos. Just Chaos. Oh, and Goblins, too. As the battle raged, one Goblin who had no opponent, climbed up to a ledge and raised its crude staff, calling out towards the battlefield. This rallied the Goblin Soldiers, for whatever reason, and the enemies started chanting whatever the one with the staff said. One thing, though...what the heck did "Lin" mean? Vigilon watched as one of the Goblin Soldiers disarmed Krysta. "Oh no you don't." Vigilon thought, before jumping right into their formation and attacking with Tornado Kick. The attack caused all three enemies' HP to drop i
  13. Auranika was a bit surprised to find players coming in droves so suddenly, with Vigilon and his girlfriend arriving first. Then again, seeing how these two players who disrupted the original plan unwittingly whipped the goblins into a frenzy, she didn't mind this surge in reinforcements. "We actually could use your help right about now." She remarked in response to Vigilon's offer. Those words, while appreciated, were not necessary, as all the players had already arrived to take on the excess Goblins by now. Krysta severely weakened one Goblin Soldier, and Vigilon attacked all four enemie
  14. "Yeeeeaaahhhh, see, Krysta's not opposed to killing killers, as long as she believes they're evil..." Vigilon noted after Krysta had her rant. "She's um, been through some things, including the loss of her cousin....caused by Dazia." Vigilon revealed... And yet Vigilon wasn't willing to tell her what he'd learned about Dazia, that she was actually...nah, never mind, it wasn't like that would ever be an important thing to mention. It would be kinda weird if he did. "I do agree that it's unbelievable that Kayaba would ever force players to slay innocent creatures, but then again, it's not v
  15. "Yeah, makes sense, I guess..." Vigilon noted. With all things now spoken, and a number of questions to answer, all that was left to do was to continue searching the floor for the nest. The trio would travel to a more mountainous portion of the floor before reaching the general area the map was taking them. "Well, this is the area the map led us to..." Vigilon began. "But I don't see any evidence of anything living around here. Did we come too late? ...Oh, wait, right, Dragon. It might use flight to get home easily...hmmm...how should we search...?" Vigilon finished, thinking aloud at th
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