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  1. Some shouting could be heard over from where Team Rogue had rushed over to. Sounds like there was more than some simple fighting going on. "Yeah, we should definitely investigate, since there's no other route to take just yet." Vigilon agreed. The teams would head down the only available path, and when they arrived, they would see a ruckus. Four players were present, two of them being Team Rogue, and two others that hadn't been spotted yet today. One of them was a familiar face. "April?!?" Indeed, Auranika was there. With another player, trying to fend off the Goblins surrounding her, her ally, and Team Rogue. "We would have had them if you two hadn't shown up and devastated our chances." Auranika called out to {Scarlet}. Clearly, the two players must have had this complex plan and the arrival of Team Rogue wrecked it. "I'll at least try to keep us alive to the best of my ability!" Auranika's ally offered. "How about some reinforcements?" Vigilon suggested from a distance, catching the attention of four Goblin Soldiers. Here we go again... Vigilon knew that he might have the upper hand if he both struck first and timed his attacks well. He would manage to deal damage to all four with Tornado Kick, paralyzing three of them with well-placed attacks. While the damage might not have been ideal, he was satisfied with what he could accomplish. The other teams rushed past Vigilon to engage in combat with the other Goblin Soldiers surrounding the four cornered players. Time for Team Castle to shine again, it seems. ID# 169770 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG, Inflicted Paralysis and Bleed), MD: 9(critical! +1 DMG!) ID# 169772 BD: 9(Critical, +1 Base DMG, Inflicted Paralysis and Bleed), MD: 1(Crit. Miss) ID# 169773 BD: 9(Critical, +1 Base DMG, Inflicted Paralysis and Bleed), MD: 3-3=1(Miss) ID# 169775 BD: 7+4=10(hit), MD: 6-3=3(Miss) Tornado Kick: 22x6=132 Damage to Goblin Soldier 5! 21x6=126 Damage to Goblin Soldiers 6 and 7! 20x6=120 Damage to Goblin Soldier 8! [Paralysis refrains Goblin Soldiers 5, 6, and 7 from taking action] Bleed Damage: Goblin Soldiers 5, 6, and 7 take 24 Damage [2-2-2-1]Vigilon: HP 850/850, EN 52/86 | 19 DMG | 46 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 Immolation | PAR | T2 BLD | 5 LD | 3 Pros. [0-0-0-0]Krysta: HP 596/620, EN 35/62 | 17 DMG | 64 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 REC | 6 BH | 56 Thorns/Immolation | PAR | T2 BLD | 3 LD | 3 Pros. Enemies: Goblin Soldier 5: HP 322/478, 114 DMG, Bleed: 1 turn, 24 DMG Goblin Soldier 6: HP 328/478, 114 DMG, Bleed: 1 turn, 24 DMG Goblin Soldier 7: HP 328/478, 114 DMG, Bleed: 1 turn, 24 DMG Goblin Soldier 8: HP 358/478, 114 DMG
  2. As Vigilon was starting to get back up, he heard a girl call out to him, "Dude YOU HAD ONE JOB!" Vigilon looked towards the direction of the voice. "You think I didn't realize that?" He then turned his eyes back to the bunch of baddies...or, rather, two baddies. The opposing Mage was set upon by two players who clearly blasted it down, so there was only one target that it would make sense for Vigilon to go for...and he should probably do this before Dazia would have any chances to make a third kill in this battle. It wasn't like he knew what he was going to do about it, after all...other than strike the target that remained. "Alright..." Vigilon decided. "Let's do this right...let's FINISH THIS!" Vigilon charged up his Sword Art again, and he decked the Unyielding Avatar right in the face. There, that should do the trick. ID# 169148 BD: 3+4+1=8(hit) All Might: (20+2)x15-75=255 Damage to Unyielding Avatar! Player Statuses:
  3. The Revenant Soul met a bitter end at Dazia's blade. Well, he was asking for it, taunting her like that when such a dark hatred seemed to burn deep within...what could possibly have been the root of it? The wrath of Dazia aside, the Revenant Soul did not reform on the spot. This...was just what the players needed to see. Vigilon would soon hear an echo of music, and something would be added to his current status effects. "This looks like a symbol for an increase in damage...aw, yeah..." Vigilon thought. He smirked, then turned his eyes toward the opposing tank. He charged his sword art, rushed forward...and slipped on a stone that was round enough to roll, and after a speedy triple flip in the air, he landed on his back. Of all possible outcomes, it just had to be this one. "Why..." Vigilon groaned. "Why is it always me?" ID# 168908 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!) Player Statuses:
  4. The bosses continued their taunting, but some of the players were taking notice to something else happening in another fight. Now these taunts were failing, the players could confirm that they still had a chance. "As long as we're breathing, we'll keep on fighting, even if we gotta retreat and fight you guys multiple times in long-term warfare! ...In other words, We'll see about that!" He called out in response. The other players moved in to assault the Vanguard again, striking, missing, and uh...not much else aside from that. Krysta refreshed the Tank's HP once more, and the other healer seemed out of commission(stunned) for this moment. Dazia? ...She was definitely still raging. Vigilon did not want to be in the Revenant Soul's position right now... Vigilon turned to the Regent Berserker, and moved in to Deck him right in the face. The holy energy activated once again, and he could tell he'd landed a good hit. He smirked, liking the hopeful turn this battle had taken. ID# 168578 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG, Holy activates[Rigel's Benelovence], Inflicted Snake Venom, Paralysis, and Bleed!) All Might: (22+2)x15-50=310 Damage to Resurgent Berserker! Player Statuses:
  5. Another foe taken down, only for it to immediately respawn, with full knowledge of what happened earlier. Thus did the laughter, taunting, and mocking begin from the vanguard. "Oh sure, go on and laugh it up, we're not in the middle of a battle, we're not trying to give our all to get out of the life-or-death situations, go right on ahead." Vigilon noted. Sarcastically, of course. Vigilon then heard someone else's thoughts on the matter. "So, you think this is all funny?" Vigilon looked towards the source of the voice...Dazia?!? What...what kind of expression was.... "We'll see who is laughing when you've been dragged down to hell." Vigilon never thought he would see such a form of anger....and he was terrified. "Could...could Jewel's claims be true? Could...could Dazia actually be evil? No, there has to be some good in her, she's a human, like the rest of us...doesn't change the fact that her hateful expression is...unsettling...malicious, even..." He thought. Whatever the case, the players needed a new strategy. If simply taking them down one by one wasn't enough, then...what? He still had a thought. Maybe instead of calling it out, though, he decided to hope for the best and think that the others were thinking of something similar at least. He decided not to target the Berserker for two reasons, one being that he had a stronger damage output, the other simply being that he did not want to get in the crossfire between the Berserker and Dazia. So he decided to attack the Unyielding Avatar instead. He struck it in the face, hoping that everyone would attempt to take them all down at once. It was worth a shot, at least. ID# 168200 BD: 4+4+1=9(hit) All Might: 20x15-75=225 Damage to Unyielding Avatar! Player Statuses:
  6. After Vigilon's attack against the mage, a woman with black hair and red eyes complimented on Vigilon's attack with a bat of her eye, while tracing a finger along his shoulder, then to his back, apparently restoring his energy. Vigilon blushed with embarrassment. He tended to feel like this with such mannerisms that this woman seemed to have...and he could only hope Krysta wouldn't be disgruntled over seeing this...that is, if she sees what happened. Vigilon didn't know if he could blame himself for his current heart rate, but he did anyway since it wasn't going at its pace because of Krysta, but by someone else instead... Whatever the case, he felt like he'd seen this woman before...wait, hold on a second... The mage shattered, only to suddenly piece back together with full HP. "No...not again..." He thought with a shocked expression on his face. "This can't be happening....I can't possibly be dreaming again!!!!" Familiar face from a strange dream, and a monster's revival...and yet, this felt all too real to be some kind of dream. Heck, he even slapped himself in the face to make sure. Nothing but the usual tingle there... He looked to the fourth foe, which was now...healing the opposing party??? They have a healer?!?!? Never before had Vigilon been up against such a group of enemies before... and to add insult to injury, the first of the four bosses let loose a booming roar of a war cry, managing to stun a few players with this specialized howl...including Krysta. He saw her put her hands to her ears whilst dropping her weapon. "Jewel!" He called out as he ran over to her. "Jewel, are you alright?" He asked worriedly. Krysta had only one thing to say in response. "I'm fine, Alex. Go, strike at their healer, before it's too late!" The failed strategy may have been his fault, from what Vigilon knew, but this mistake's damage was surprisingly minimal, and the battle could easily be turned around by following what Krysta said to him. Encouraged, Vigilon nodded his head in agreement. "Right, we can't lose hope now, especially since we now know what our priority target should be. I promise you, I'll get us an uninterrupted date once this whole thing is over!" He stated. In case the other players were still trying to figure out what to do, he decided to help by calling out a suggestion once more. "Change of plans, the enemy has a healer! Let's take it down before this becomes a battle we can't win!" He called out before attacking the Revenant Soul. It was fast, but Vigilon was faster...or, technically, one could say more accurate, but...point was, he managed to deliver a powered-up punch to the Revenant Soul. ID# 167920 BD: 5+4-3=6(hit) All Might: 20x15-25=275 Damage to Revenant Soul! Player Statuses:
  7. Well, this might be a problem. What Vigilon and his allies were up against seemed to be like some sort of elite vanguard...and, wait, they have a mage!?!?!? "...Huh. Well, how about that. Astralin's gonna be pissed." He noted. When Vigilon looked carefully looked at the emblem each of these enemies had on their gear, there was...hold up, that looks awfully familiar... It was that emblem that was on the strange token found on Byakko that Freyd had found, and even showed to Vigilon... So...there was a monster group associated with it, after all... Chances were, the Cardinal saw potential for an event, and went with it, and Freyd found the signs and clues leading to it. Man, oh man, was this one heck of a climax for the guy's investigation. Well, it was now or never, if not a teleport crystal. Vigilon already had half a strategy. "If anything is ever gonna be the bigger threat, it's gotta be the wizard. 'Kill the wizard first' is what I call a pro-tip. They're always the glass cannons, emphasis on cannon." He declared. With that, it was time to attack. Vigilon went ahead with his own suggestion, rushing straight for the one that looked like a magic-user, and delivering a powered right punch to its face. Yeah, this was off to a good start so far, as some sort of energy enveloped him during the attack. It felt...bright. He could also say that it felt like there was some sort of connection to an omnipresent being connected to this energy... "Is this...holy energy? Dang, I've been blessed!" ID# 167460 BD: 9(Critical, +1 Base DMG, Holy Activates[Rigel's Benelovence], Inflicted Snake Venom, Paralysis, and Bleed) All Might: (21+2)x15-25=320 Damage to Undying Mage! Player Statuses:
  8. He just wanted some peace and quiet from all the chaos the game had, spending said time with his girlfriend. Was that really too much to ask? Just when things were getting good, something just had to happen! Before he knew it, everyone was falling an entire floor in terms of fall distance...and Vigilon, obviously, was not enjoying the impromptu skydive at all. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Turns out, God was ready to save Vigilon. Whatever the heck had happened just now, Vigilon clearly had him to thank for the fact that he was even alive right now. He got up, slowly, and then spoke up. "Ok, who's not dead? Sound off." Right after he said that, he saw that one player who had gotten up before Vigilon did had deployed two feasts for the players. Lord knew the players were gonna need these. Vigilon went straight for the steak feast, taking a single portion and scarfing it down. At least whatever helped him get down here safely had also increased his defenses enough to surpass the debuff caused by the Protein food he'd just consumed. He'd still rather not get hit, but he couldn't complain about the boost to his damage capabilities. After that, he accessed his inventory, equipped his Light Armor, and pulled out the Vial of <<Snake Venom>>, then applied said venom to the sharp points of his leather glove weapons. He then walked a bit closer to the barrier that separated the group of players from their enemies, who must be waiting to strike. "Who are these guys supposed to be, and why are they here?" He asked. -Vigilon Applies <<Snake Venom>> to his Leather Strikers -Vigilon consumes a portion of Well-Done Steak(Feast #1, provided by Gaius) -Vigilon's Base DMG increases by 2, but his MIT falls by 20 Vigilon's Stats and Equipment: Vigilon's Stat Line:
  9. Vigilon

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    The meteor shower ended, and it was then that Vigilon remembered something. "Aw, crap...I forgot to turn in the gold stars I found! I'll be right back, I promise!" He said to Krysta as he got up, before he rushed for the center of town. This was one of those few times when the presence of crowds was more trouble than worth. "Excuse me, sorry, coming through..." Maybe he would adjust to many people one day, maybe he'd try becoming an ambivert at least, but it was times like this when life really liked to shove people in his face, and not always in a positive manner, either. Eventually, though, He'd managed to reach the town center, and find the boys still looking over their plans. As he tried to catch his breath, he opened up his menu and pulled out the gold stars he'd found out on the lake, as well as the lakeshore. "One... one hundred and thirty-two stars....I...I hope it's enough..." He said as he continued catching his breath and placing the sack of gold stars down for the kids. Of all things, Vigilon would never expect to hear what he heard... "Thanks, we appreciate the thought! We've already passed the required threshold for gold stars, but we'll accept these just in case!" Vigilon simply fell on his back in response, out of disbelief and fatigue. Item Name: Gold Stars Quantity: 132 Thread Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19867-pp-f22-star-spangled-mess/
  10. Vigilon

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    The two players would embrace each other when they reached each other. Krysta exclaimed that she was happy to see Vigilon again, and that, at least to her, it seemed like it had been a while since the two players were last with each other. "Only a few weeks, I guess, but it's just not the same without you." He wanted to enjoy the festivities with her, regardless whether or not others wanted to tag along or not...but for now, he would try to ask her if she could spend the rest of tonight's festivities with him...in a different way than usual. He decided to try using a pick-up line. Better late than never, he supposed. He took a deep breath, his humility fresh and perfect for the chosen line, he cleared his throat, and then he spoke. "On a scale of one to ten, you're a 9 and I'm the 1 you need." He said, almost awkwardly.
  11. Vigilon

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Vigilon found himself returning to the festival grounds, but not in the way that he expected. Time after time again, an oversized Koi would leap out of the water, and engulf his left hand and half his left forearm, and time after time again, Vigilon would pull the fish off of him and toss it back into toe water, only for the process to repeat again. Thus, Vigilon found himself returning to the festival grounds with the Koi on his arm...there had to be a better way to get this dang fish off of him for good, it wouldn't stop coming back to him, and he didn't need this Koi over his left arm. As he walked into the settlement, hoping for answers, he got some strange looks from the NPCs, as they'd never expected to see someone with an Oversized Koi over their arm. Whatever the case, he had to find something to do about it... He saw a pond that was deep enough for the fish, and there were some other fish in it, too... "I can't keep you around, so prepare to be relocated, you piscine hitchhiker." He muttered before pulling the fish off of him again, and tossing it into the pond, bolting off afterward as to prevent it from jumping back onto him. "I'm gonna feel sorry for the fish's next target..." He thought. He would make his way back to the area where the Tanzaku stall would be, then he saw a familiar face on the horizon, someone he wanted to see tonight... "Jewel...? Jewel!!" Having missed his girlfriend, he ran towards her, happy to see her again...
  12. Vigilon could hardly believe what he heard from both players. "So, wait, let me get this straight...you both are going with the pretense that the person is dead?" He questioned. Elora was frantically scanning the banks of the lake for anything floating around. Then another player, who had apparently started a fire, claimed that searching wouldn't be worth it, as if it could only be found once. "To say that would mean that you don't play a lot of MMOs. Such items, even if they're rare, or depend on chance to find, will never appear once only. So even if I don't find evidence that Yori's still out there, at least I will have actually tried!" Vigilon responded, somewhat sharply at the end. With that, he decided to help Elora in her search by going deeper...and by that, I mean diving into the lake again to find evidence within the lake itself. He would spend as much time as he could, searching this underwater area of the lake, dimly lit by starlight...but when the air he had was about to run out, he was forced to give up the search...for now. He would resurface, and leave the waters. "Ok, minor setback, I didn't see anything down there... However, that doesn't mean I'll stop. Just because we might as well call it a night with the search doesn't mean all hope is lost. This little event, it goes on for a week? If so, I'm sure I'll be here tomorrow night. He's out there somewhere...I can't deny it..." He said as he walked out of the water, not even paying any attention to the fact that the Oversized Koi was on his left arm again, but that was probably because he didn't care at this point. Besides, he wasn't lying when he said he wanted to keep looking each night of the event...he wanted to prove that there was always something that the players should never lose sight of... Hope. ID# 165484 LD: 6(Objective failed...) Summary: Vigilon receives: 6 SP(2 Pages completed[2], Quest Completed[3], Quarantine Bonus[1]), 266 Col, 6 T3 Materials, and 132 Gold Stars @Elora receives: 6 SP(2 Pages completed[2], Quest Completed[3], Quarantine Bonus[1]), 266 Col, and 107 Gold Stars Dazia receives: 6 SP(2 Pages completed[2], Quest Completed[3], Quarantine Bonus[1]), 266 Col, and 120 Gold Stars
  13. Vigilon pulled the fish off his arm, and tossed it back into the lake. It was then when he noticed that Dazia's boat had caught fire from the other boat, forcing Dazia to have to swim back. Vigilon didn't know if she failed to see it coming, or if she couldn't manage to stop it. Either way, it was happening. "Guess the boats would have been doomed either way, and we all would have had to swim back, regardless of what happened next..." Vigilon thought aloud. When all three players were around, Elora decided she was going to warm up by a fire, then be on her way. Vigilon somehow, felt like there was something missing... "Are you...sure that we're really done here? I feel like we're forgetting something..." Vigilon noted. And no, it wasn't the lack of a fire on dry land. It was something else, like...something else to look for...but what was it? ID# 165348 LD: 12+2=14(found 14 Gold Stars) Vigilon's Totals: Gold Stars: 123 T3 Materials: 6
  14. Zuekin explained how he'd been living the Martial Arts life for the past six years. of course, it had been quite a few years(or, at least, felt like quite a few years) since this game started, so Vigilon simply assumed he meant six years before the game started. When Zuekin asked what Vigilon meant by his remark on Astralin's position, Vigilon was going to explain, but Astralin beat him to it. "Yeah, when I said she wasn't the warrior type, I meant that she wasn't the warrior type. Warriors utilize a wide variety of physical weapons, sometimes including archery. But in fantasy settings, games, fiction, and the like, there are those who prefer to use personal inward power and knowledge to handle conflict. Astralin here would be one of those types, she's only using Martial Arts because she has to." Vigilon noted. Zuekin stated that Vigilon and Astralin must be good people if they were willing to help him out. Astralin would have something to note about it, and Vigilon had to agree. Of course, Zuekin wouldn't be able to get the skill if the players just stood around in the high fields of crossing all day! "Anyway, we should head on out to the place where the quest will be. Come on, I'll lead the way!" Vigilon would say to Zuekin, offering to lead the way. @Zuekin
  15. Turns out, Elora decided not to get back onto the boat, and considered swimming back to the shores instead. That's...well, that was perfectly fine, but that would completely shutdown Vigilon's attempt to help. Looks like he would be leaving Dazia alone anyway. He would think for a moment as Dazia claimed that Vigilon should just swim back to the shore. Guess he would do that, too...but first... "Ok, fine, you win this one... But can I at least hold on so that I can get the fish off of me again?" He asked. He would then place his left elbow on the boat, and try to pull the Koi off. Once he managed to do so(definitely with difficulty, but whether or not he had help he did not see), he tossed the fish a fair distance, and it landed in the waters with a splash. Vigilon then immediately made headway for the lakeshore, swimming as best as he could through the waters. The lake's waters indeed felt freezing, and with the nighttime setting, it really seemed to fit the whole space theme the lake's appearance was going for. After all, space is a cold place. When Vigilon finally reached the lakeshore, he collected the cluster of stars he stumbled upon. Afterwards, he stood up, and stretched. As he did so, he heard a splash, followed by him feeling something on his left arm. He looked back to the Koi that had engulfed his arm again, with an irritated expression on his face. "Why do you keep doing this..." @Elora ID# 164853 LD: 3+2=5(found 5 Gold Stars) Vigilon's current totals: Gold Stars: 109 T3 Materials: 6