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  1. "There's definitely some level of pain here. Catch fire a few times and you'll see," Morningstar chuckled. Vigilon let out a short sigh as he raised his hand. "I have the Blacksmith profession, I can attest to that." He remarked. He might have not necessarily "Caught fire" just yet, but he'd felt himself get nearly burned and was frozen once or twice. Temperature makes a gosh darn difference...but no form of simulated tingling could compare to actually feeling pain in the midst of battle, that Vigilon somehow ended up feeling during that time on the strange floating isle in his m
  2. Morningstar suggested that all four players here could use a break. Oh, if only he knew... When Freyd asked if Vigilon pissed off the golden goose, there was a bit of an...obvious answer... Vigilon blinked, looking somewhat confused. "...I don't see any beanstalks here, nor do I know of any bunches of clouds up in the sky populated by giants or birds...suffice to say, I highly doubt that the golden goose is here on this floor." He remarked. Freyd admitted that he came here to try his hand at fishing. Vigilon needed to get the fishing profession, not only for
  3. Figures, his less than graceful fall lead to the opposite of a good first impression on the active conversation, not that falling in front of them or disrupting their talk was his intention at all. First, was the voice he ended up recognizing from the player who looked familiar yet unfamiliar. It was Freyd. "Who said I was getting into this on purpose?" He pointed out. He intended none of what just happened. The green haired girl that Vigilon did not recognize put on a sardonic smile as she asked him how he was feeling and what he was doing in the tree he'd fallen from. "Ah, I'm f
  4. Dazia finished off the Ebony Pawns and slammed the Ebony Knight into the wall. Victory was pretty much assured, Vigilon and Dazia simply had to win it...and to win it, the two players would need to hit this thing. "I'm going in for an attack, Move so you don't get caught in the crossfire!" Vigilon alerted Dazia. Once there was an opening, Vigilon readied his weapon and his sword art, before unleashing his attack against the Ebony Knight. The Ebony Knight was now looking really bad, and its HP was in the red. It couldn't last much longer like this, and yet, it apparently wanted to k
  5. Any day that is a random day has the potential for some kind of shenanigan. That's how it was in this game, even on a floor like this. For such a peaceful floor, he'd found plenty of things that had beef with him for existing around here, and with the intel on the floor he'd bought from Akudo, he now knew a rumor or two having to do with this floor, located around the same general area where he'd been last time he'd gotten into a shenanigan on this floor. Thankfully, at least that time he didn't have to deal with an oversized koi trying to eat his left arm. Hopefully some other pla
  6. So the three players would get roadblocked by a bunch of black chess pieces with limbs. Odd. Three pawn looking things just staring at the three players. It was almost casually awkward, but then a dark knight with a red-eyed, dark horse head joined the trio of pawns. This couldn't be good. Yeah, there was no avoiding a fight at this point. Vigilon readied his weapon, and struck all four enemies with his Sword Art. The Ebony Pawns were all heavily damaged, only the horse-headed Ebony Knight remained above half its HP. Vigilon breathed out a sigh of relief. "Phew...thank God these
  7. So this place was nearly impossible to navigate? Nah, can't be... "Shanno...do you, by any chance have anything that could reveal a layout of the Citadel? A map? Memory will also do, if possible. If the odd rooms are the ones that shift and change, then the rest of the Citadel should be straightforward, right?" Vigilon asked Shanno, essentially thinking out loud as he did so. Shanno took a second to think. "...I don't have a physical map with me, but I remember getting lost and figuring out a few pathways. I intended to climb upwards to see where I was exactly and which direction to g
  8. Welp, Vigilon wasn't going to stick around for this, better help Dazia get Shanno to safety! Down the tower, down the tower, the shaking has stopped, but now Vigilon was getting worried, for who knows what's coming. Speaking of which... "Hey, Shanno," Vigilon began as the players were making their way down. "Do you know what the seals were containing?" Shanno quickly recalled what she'd read. "Two groups, the Ivory Clan, and the Ebony Clan." Shanno answered. Were these groups small, medium, or large? If they could overrun the players, Vigilon wa
  9. Victory, the battle was won. Shanno rushed over to the players, thanking and hugging them. Vigilon did not expect this, but he would allow her to show her thanks in this way...say, did Dazia just slip out? For a second there, Shanno was thanking and hugging both players, but now it was only Vigilon who was being hugged, and Dazia moved on to patting Shanno. This made the scene a bit different. Vigilon didn't know what to do, so his face ended up reddening slightly...but he did his best to comfort the player with his actions. Shanno might not have
  10. It really was simpler than it looked, wasn't it? Vigilon unleashed yet another Sword Art, the monster was near its death. He did not envy this thing, no matter how cursed it looked. This wasn't even a fight anymore, it was a straight up beatdown with no mercy of any kind. The two players came, the two players saw, the two players beat up everything that wasn't a player. Wow, to think that this would be the result...who'd have thought it? Granted, Dazia had taken a few hits, and due to the monster's latest attack, she'd gotten hit with a status ailment as well...but in the end, the t
  11. Needless to say, the tables turned the moment after the first impressions were made. This fight was quickly going in the players' favor, not even the Wraith like thing the two fought earlier was this dangerous...Maybe they were just unlucky in that fight, whereas the opposite was going on here! It wouldn't be long now... Vigilon attacked with Draco Rend again, tearing into the monster and dropping his HP a considerable amount. Just a few more attacks ought to finish it off... "We're getting close, let's keep it up!" Vigilon called out to Dazia. Shanno beg
  12. Vigilon could only watch as Kalsnald brought down his axe upon Dazia, slamming her down to the ground while leaving a red mark that probably symbolized a gash across her...but luckily, he was preparing his strongest sword art while doing so, allowing him to deliver a retaliation attack in her stead. The monster's HP was dropping steadily with each attack, this is going better than expected, despite the rough start! "Dazia, are you alright?" Vigilon called out. He then looked to Kalsnald's HP bars. "We're almost halfway there, just a little more and we'll take this cursed beas
  13. Well now...the battle had only just begun, and Vigilon was already seeing that this monster wasn't messing around. What Shanno hadn't told Vigilon or Dazia, however, was that the wild axe spin swing had bonus damage dealt as Fallen...which Vigilon was able to figure out, having seen the energy from player weaponry that carried it. Vigilon got up, with some difficulty. "Shanno said nothing about this thing having access to Fallen damage...you saw that, right? It used Fallen against me..." He noted. Well, nothing much to do but continue the assault. He readied his weapon, and unleash
  14. Vigilon intended to follow after Dazia, but the moment she stopped, it was clear she'd been spotted...which made sense, everything was white and she was wearing black. The color contrast would make her stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, it was time to move on to more aggressive tactics to initiate combat. Vigilon leapt down the stairs and rushed in to attack, only to be blocked by the monster's axe. The monster was a bulky, hulking, battle-hardened knight with pristine, ash-gray armor...and a deep glowing violet, considerably cursed looking horse head. It
  15. Dazia asked Shanno about the details of the monster, which would definitely help to at least show her and Vigilon what they were up against. Based on what was spoken, it was probably a miniboss of sorts, with lots of HP and a more diverse set of abilities. The two players would need to act quick and get the jump on it before it could act. "Well, we could try a strong start, see if we can't jump the thing. Dazia can stealth, and I can charge. If it goes off without a hitch, we'll both have some pretty good damage on it to start, we'll just need to be able to take it down fairly simply, and in t
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