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  1. Zandra seemed to relax when the other players admitted that this was also their first time in a situation like this. She then sent an invite to the players, and Vigilon accepted the invite sent to him. Yuki would mention a variety of factors regarding the search, but when darkness was mentioned, Vigilon was ready to respond. "Well, I did say I had Night Vision, so I should be able to see hidden things a bit more clearly. Cleverer tactics will be necessary for something to be hidden from me...unless something goes horribly wrong, that is." He would note. Jomei, at some point during the wal
  2. Vigilon would hear Krysta calling out to him, and he would immediately turn towards the direction of her voice. He would head over to her, and the two players would hug for a few seconds, for it had been some time since they had been near each other. "It's been a while, Jewel...I kind of missed you, even though it's only been like, a week or two." Vigilon remarked. He'd began to grow more attached to her as time was going on...maybe waiting really was the right decision, after all. He could only hope that anything that might interfere with his love life wouldn't damage his bond with her.
  3. Zandra noted that it was nice to know Vigilon would be joining on this expedition. The Ginger haired player would note that it was nice to know what to call Vigilon. "Wait, I remember you, you were around when we took the fight to Razwell on the floor directly below us! Heh, nice to see you again, too...Jomei." Vigilon said after hearing the ginger player give his own name. The blonde player would note that she didn't recall being acquainted with Vigilon, and that she looked forward to working alongside him...and to stay behind her if the party ever got into a fight. Vigilon was a damage build
  4. Name: Unyielding Armor Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 209756 Roll Result: 9+1=10 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Heavy Momentum, Recovery Description: A set of heavy armor designed for wearers who prefer a relentless assault against their enemies. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=653599 Name: Diplomatic Immunity Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 209758 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mi
  5. [Day 31] [7/9/2022] Another day, another Order. A new face he hadn't seen before came into his shop, requesting two items. One from stock, and one custom order. "I'll get right on it." Vigilon answered. New tactics for forging always came with complications. As innovative as Vigilon tried to be, trying new things while having a particular substance in the fiery areas in the forge did have great risks. "Wait...that smell....Aw, crap, not agai-" *Booosssssshhhhh!!!!* So much for a good first impression, he'd lost a material to the fiery explosion, to
  6. Vigilon was a bit surprised to find he'd received a message from Zandra. He barely recognized the name, the memory only being faint. He knew the name only from that event on the sixteenth floor, the username of its hostess. If the front really was in need of his help, however... There was only one way to find out, so he started making preparations for the trip. A journey like this was likely to be more dangerous than what he was used to. This may end up being less than he made it out to be, but it was better to be prepared. Better safe than sorry...only, he didn't have any consumable
  7. It was about time Vigilon sought out an opportunity for a real break, as it was getting harder to catch one lately. For nostalgia's sake, he wanted to explore floor 16 with Krysta, and see if there were still a few locales of the island floor that had low spawn rates of hostile mobs. If they had any luck, a nice summer break would be nice...hopefully, things would go as planned. Upon arriving at the newly transformed floor, Vigilon took an initial look at his surroundings. While the settlement may be the pretty close to the volcano, almost attached to it, as it would seem, the place looke
  8. Time passed, Dazia didn't show up. That meant only one thing... Vigilon had to just move on and assume she was ok. Exploring this other corridor was easier than anticipated, but it was probably because the strange statues had enough of a variety that they kept things from looking the same. Which door should Vigilon open next? What would he find there? Would he come out somewhere else like what ended up happening last time? Too much confusion. Vigilon needed something simple for once. Then he reached the end of the hall and found a larger set of doors. When he approached them, he
  9. Vigilon picked up the strange token, and then the door opened. Vigilon decided that it was time to leave, as there was nothing else here for him. Hopefully he'd be able to catch up with Dazia so that there wouldn't be any further encounters dealt with alone. When he left through the door, however, he found himself...in a room that wasn't the entry hall. Figures. "Oh, come on!" He groaned. "I'm not gonna be trapped here, am I?" So maybe it wasn't just the rooms' interiors that moved...but maybe the rooms themselves? Wait, how does that even work? This is a Citadel, right? Rooms can't
  10. The false Garixon got up, with some difficulty, only to be met with the end of Vigilon's weapon, finishing him off. Over already...well, at least Vigilon could now get back to figuring out this strange room...right? Well...sort of. There didn't seem to be anything else in this room. ...Either that, or there was something of interest that blended in with the environment because everything in the room, including the room itself, were all white as porcelain. The shifted area didn't seem to have much, other than pillar-tiles that used to be the floor having different variations in height
  11. What kinds of encounters really were these? What was the Cardinal up to this time? Why was Vigilon facing a shadow of someone who once was? Why did the layout of this room even shift? What was even going on here?? Despite these questions floating in Vigilon's mind, he left them alone for the time being as to keep his head in the fight. He knew this wasn't Garixon, as shown by the red cursor above the enemy's head. "Why are you messing with me?" Vigilon asked. "Why are you trying to use the form of the fallen against me?" The false Garixon chuckled. "Do you really think I'm 'messing'
  12. No words needed to be exchanged between Vigilon and the false Garixon as they both went straight into combat. Vigilon's attack, Draco Rend, was a new, unexpected attack for the opponent, and despite his nimble movements, Vigilon's attack landed against him nevertheless. The false Garixon did manage to thrust his weapon into Vigilon, but the damage dealt wasn't nearly as damaging as it was back then on that evening. Vigilon didn't know if this would go the same way, or if it would go differently. But he knew this...he wasn't intent on losing this fight. Whatever this was, he'd make sure it woul
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