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  1. Dazia claimed that this enemy was merely another apparition that had taken the form of someone she'd killed, in which this kill had saved another's life, particularly Yinangi's. The false Lupix disengaged with Vigilon as to block Dazia's attack, and proceeded to claim that Dazia didn't make the kill to save Yinangi. This agitated Dazia, as though the claim was either false, or had struck a nerve. Vigilon activated his sword art once Dazia provided an opening, and he managed to deal damage this time, knocking the foe's HP to the yellow. "She could have easily kept attacking because you
  2. "What, you know this one?" Vigilon asked when the enemy seemed to recognize Dazia, as though she were the original target. Now, it was Vigilon who found himself having to fend off the monster. "Well, if you've faced someone like her before, do you know how you beat her last time?" He asked, hoping there was a weakness in the foe's tactics. Vigilon attempted an attack of his own, but the enemy dodged this attack as easily as she did Dazia's. "And I thought I had the tough enemies..." He thought. He grimaced as the enemy slashed him pretty badly, but thankfully he didn't have to worry a
  3. The fact that Dazia had wandered into this room was good news, at least. Both players checked above the others' head to see if the cursor color was green or yellow. Thankfully, both were green. Dazia spoke of Apparitions, and Vigilon's experience proved her statement. "I know, I fought one of them just recently. It took the appearance of someone who tried to kill me once." Now that both players were reunited, they could explore the citadel again without having to worry...right? Turns out they couldn't. Vigilon heard a sudden noise and turned around to see Dazia getting backstabbed
  4. Fusion Evaluation: [T4]t4wpn.[206553c](Taunt/Keen, Static, ACC) [Item is assumed to be a Polearm.] [T4]Solitude's Sorrow[209945](Polearm[Scythe], ACC II, Bleed) t4wpn. | x | Solitude's Sorrow | -> Reaper's Charge Name: Reaper's Charge Item Type: Scythe (Polearm) Tier: 4 ID: 212089 Quality: Demonic Enhancements: Accuracy(3), Static (1) Description: A long handled, two handed scythe with a curved blade. This piece contains a purple chain that wraps itself around where the shaft meets the blade, reminiscent of the weapon often pictured with the grim reapers of
  5. Vigilon knew he'd have to get out there again soon. He'd also been hearing some odd rumors lately, and was considering investigating these things. He couldn't just sit in this shop forever... But first, business. Someone had returned to the shop sooner than expected, apparently requesting a fusion. "I've made sure I know how to use my new fusion forge, you won't be disappointed." Vigilon assured. Vigilon would receive the components and necessary resources, and bring them over to the fusion forge. He would place the two weapons in their respective two slots, drop the two resources do
  6. Vigilon rushed through the winter snow, trying to find where this snowball fight was supposed to be. He was late, he knew he was late, he just didn't know how late he was. Nevertheless, he dashed like all was on the line. Before long, he found himself running right into the chill of snow projectile combat. The others that were already participating were throwing their snowballs, and now was Vigilon's chance if he wanted to try anything. He was assigned to Team A, but there was only one problem...how would he know who his teammates were, or who his opponents were? Maybe he had to guess, si
  7. "Alright...let's get to it, then." -Vigilon rises up to the challenge! --------------------------------------------------------------- "I shall give it my all, so you shan't anticipate an easy victory!" -Krysta enters the fray! --------------------------------------------------------------- "I guess hell has frozen over, 'cause you're going to feel it." -Dazia unleashes her might! --------------------------------------------------------------- "A Snowball fight? Oh, I am SO in!" -Astralin casts Snowball! -----------------------------------
  8. Name: Sanngriðr Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: 210142 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Axe Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Paralyze(2), Keen Description: Nothing could prepare wandering eyes to the beauty and intricate patterns of the engravings adorning this battleaxe. Not only was it beautiful, but it could rend your flesh again and again, rendering you powerless as you fold beneath the crushing weight of this weapon. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r7-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=671283 Name: Soothing Tabard
  9. [Day 39] [12/15/2022] Vigilon was starting to wonder why there was this noticeable pattern in his recent customers. Most of them were all female. Not that he minded, of course, heck, a fair number of them seemed to be pretty new, asking for new gear. And of course then there was Yona getting herself a new weapon, as well as some weapons for someone else, but that wasn't what Vigilon was focused on. ...Although, it wouldn't hurt if this factor wasn't noticed by anyone who would tease the hell out of him for it. As another female player would enter the shop, Vigilon had just fin
  10. Name: Pixie's Greatsword Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 210098 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Straight Sword Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage(3) Description: A somewhat small sword coming in at about two feet in length, the straight blade on this sword has a light blue sheen to it as if it used to glow a long time ago. This sword gets its name from the creature that wielded it, to the Pixie this sword would be massive in size. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=671189 Name: White Blade
  11. [Day 38] [12/7/2022] Another Day, another order. The fact that Vigilon had been getting this much business surely meant that players were starting to get a move on again. Maybe once this excess of orders and crafting was through, he'd take a quest or two and see if he can't figure out what was going on with his new main weapon, Kyrkuran. But for now, he had a weapon to forge. It took a few attempts, but he managed to make a decent blade or two, along with an item that looked like what was requested. This had to be what the latest customer was wanting. He would bring the req
  12. Vigilon walked over to the chest and opened it up. Inside it was a decent amount of loot. Maybe someone would have use for this later on, if it turned out to be something Vigilon had no use for. Due to a growing collection of unidentified items, he was gonna need to look for a trustworthy appraiser who could identify it all. So this heap of stuff had better be well worth the trouble of gathering it all. For the time being, he would hold onto all of the stuff. Now he just needed to figure out what this room here was all about. With everything being white, it might be troublesome to figure
  13. Vigilon can't even recall how he stumbled upon it, but there it was, lost, there for the taking by pretty much anyone. He could be content with his current weapon, Kyrkuran, and the "eye" on its hilt would open to look at Vigilon, as if telling him he didn't need it. Vigilon's concern, however, was that he couldn't just leave this for anyone to take. He didn't know who it belonged to, but if the wrong person was to pick up something like this... And now the blade was in his inventory. Vigilon would continue to use Kyrkuran, and this blade he'd found... Well, all that's needed no
  14. Name: Solitude's Sorrow Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 209945 Roll Result: 11+1=12 Item Type: Scythe(Polearm) Tier: 4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy(2), Bleed Description: A long handled, two handed scythe with a curved blade. This piece contains a purple chain that wraps itself around where the shaft meets the blade, reminiscent of the weapon often pictured with the grim reapers of tales. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=670985
  15. Stuff had been selling a bit more often lately. Maybe word was getting around? Maybe it was finally getting safer to reach this location, in which staying on the road wouldn't draw any aggro? Whatever the case, it was good, especially for business. And now another customer had walked in. She would request a custom order...and be willing to give three items free of charge if Vigilon was willing to accept them?? Vigilon's eyes widened as he looked over the items and their stats. "You add these to the deal, you won't need to pay a single Col. Heck, I should be paying you at least a
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