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  1. Let's roll, shall we!? ID# 222008 BD: 4+4-1=7(hit), CD: 12(ST-B Available!) ID# 222009 BD: 2+4-1=5(miss) AoE-II: 28x18=504 Damage to Greater Fire Elemental 2! [0,1] Krysta | HP 897/897 | EN 97/112 | 28 DMG | 98 MIT | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 26 BH | 8 REC | 8 HLY | 48 BLD | 3 LD | 3 Pros. [2,1] Vigilon | HP 920/920 | EN 85/114 | 28 DMG | 98 MIT | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 56 BRN | 32 BLGT | 16 FLN | 9 LD | 3 Pros. [2,0] Morningstar | HP: 851/851 | EN: 106/106 | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 1 | MIT: 182 | LD: 9 | AA: 1 | VO: 122 | STK: 40/24 | BH: 15 | Pros: III [3,3] Fre
  2. Morningstar shared some thoughts to Freyd, who proceeded to groan into his cowl before admitting that he had the tracking skill the whole damn time. Vigilon considered remarking, "And you didn't think to tell us when Krysta asked?", but, well, better late then never, so Vigilon decided to try and overlook this for now. Freyd asked what the endgoal was for what the party was now doing. "I mean, Krysta's calling the shots here, but if they really planned on creating an ambush made entirely of potentially dangerous monsters like Morningstar theorized, it would be a problem if they were to have
  3. Vigilon blinked, then checked his skill list while Freyd did absolutely nothing. "...I don't have tracking." Vigilon realized. "I've got Night Vision, I've got Detect, but I don't have Tracking." Alas, it looked like the party would be going in blind. "Let's try going along the path we were going earlier, see if any of the other Cinnabar goons are dumb enough to cross the path where we can find them." He suggested, wondering if there were any other Operation Pompeii operatives who had the same thought process as the two idiots from earlier, as they might have anothe
  4. Vigilon thought for a minute, considering Morningstar's theory. The monster they fought was surprisingly easy to take down, but it was alone... A whole onslaught of them might prove to be a mild threat if everyone ran out of energy with little to no way to recover it. Vigilon knew little of the actual number of monsters they'd captured, and they were only able to tell the strength of one so far. Then Freyd spoke. It was as if things started to go downhill from here. He spoke down to Krysta, breaking down her claims and placing higher urgency on what he believed to be a prio
  5. Anyone could be picked on for any given reason, and if someone managed to become a serial killer, they'd be no pushover in combat and would probably be high enough level for most players to be given a run for their money, as well as be a troublesome opponent for the stronger players. Heck, maybe they could be strong enough to be a problem for a single frontliner alone...and that was exactly why Vigilon was concerned. So he pulled up his messenger and typed up a message for Krysta using his free hand. Hopefully by alerting her, he'd be able to keep her safe, right...?(He'd definitely be wrong.)
  6. Vigilon blinked. "Yeah...they wanted my Tiger Rage potion...Floor 6." He answered. "I was willing to defend myself for it, but someone decided to leave me at their mercy." He added, resisting the urge to point at or glare at Freyd. "Two players against one, not really the best odds if they're close to even footing, as numbers will offer an advantage..." Granted, he was able to win just barely after a frantic chase throughout the floor, but he didn't want to have to deal with that again. Vigilon took a deep breath. "Of course, I did kinda overhear the two players a bit before
  7. Morningstar and Kyo continued the conversation on the more insidious types of killers, as well as how messed up the game's sense of justice is. Morningstar mentioned a serial killer on floor 11, and that immediately caught Vigilon's attention. "Wait, floor eleven?? Krysta's got a shop and living space in floor eleven! Do you know any clues or hints? There's a lead that can allow us to stop him, right?" He asked worriedly, his eyes widened and filled with concern for his beloved girlfriend. He did NOT want anyone to even get close to killing Krysta. Not at all. "Right...? There is a way we can
  8. Numbers, man...they affect everything in worlds like these. Vigilon thought this was gonna be a tough fight, but everyone seemed to be drilling into this thing's HP like they intended to make a fiery fruit smoothie out of it or something. Krysta brought her usual first impression strike that was a full on Holy damage Smite. Unlike Carsar, however, this monster was able to survive the full force of Krysta's power. Vigilon had a few question though...how the hell does this thing bleed? What even bleeds out of it? This game didn't actually simulate bleeding, so it's not like the players cou
  9. As the party interrogated the two Cinnabar players, Vigilon began to notice how the the two players' expressions tried to hold firm, but were beginning to look more like poker faces. They were hiding something, that much was certain. "The future resting on our shoulders is a grand one, for all players of Aincrad! Well, organized, and expansive! A flourishing world that we will live in and protect! It is our duty to see to it's establishment! To get to that, however, we'd need to get some...special operations dealt with, and that's classified information." The first Cinnabar member
  10. Morningstar would set up what was basically a picnic. Vigilon wasn't feeling hungry at the moment, so he decided to wait for the time being, simply chiming into the conversation when needed. Morningstar and Freyd made some remarks regarding swimming in the lake and the current risk one would face when getting too close to Freyd's rod. "I've got a friend who once swam in the lake during the night. Apparently she did it because the lake's reflective nature gave her the illusion of swimming among the stars." Vigilon added, remembering the time Krysta mentioned to him what Astralin h
  11. Krysta confirmed Vigilon's problem, but there was probably a track record to prove it. Freyd's comment was met with a deadpanned stare. There was literally no way that it would help, even if aftershaves even existed in Aincrad, how could it possibly help? It made no sense. Now that everyone was ready, and with a path to follow, the party could set out. Time passed, nothing seemed wrong. Despite Freyd's remark on how frontliner traffic would nearly assure a clear path, something didn't feel right as he walked with the party. "It's peaceful..." He thought. "Too peaceful..."
  12. It must be hard for Shanno, only being able to stand and watch as the two other players fought on, with seemingly no end in sight, 'cause this Ebony Knight knew how to dodge, block, lock, deflect, push during a lock, the list goes on... Point was, this Ebony Knight seemed to be giving it's all for it's survival...and Vigilon knew why. This thing wasn't gonna stop until Vigilon went down as well. Despite the fact that Dazia was managing to hold it off, she was failing to damage it while doing so. She called for Vigilon to make an attack, but as it turns out, it's hard to strike a targe
  13. Vigilon flipped the coin, and it landed on heads. Krysta would be leading the party, and she stated that she would do her best within her given role. "And you have my sword, my lady." Vigilon responded, with a bow of his head as a gesture of respect. As cheesy as this probably was, he didn't care because he loved her. The discussion of player builds and party roles was an important one. Krysta mentioned that she was mainly a damage dealer, but could offer healing and support when needed. Morningstar would reveal himself to be a DPS, but didn't elaborate further than that. Freyd bega
  14. Vigilon seemed to be in thought for a short moment. "...So I guess we're all indifferent to who the party leader is, then? Alright, maybe we could flip a coin or tw-" Freyd showed up, asking if he could tag along. "You know what, the more the merrier, there'll be strength in numbers." Vigilon decided. "Now all I gotta figure out is how to divide a team of fi-" Where the heck did Alkor go? He was just there a second ago, how could he disappear without a sound? A faint outline of the man simply blinked in and out of existence within his mental perception. Vigilon
  15. Vigilon chuckled in response to what Morningstar said while munching a granola bar. "I thought only certain NPCs could teach professions, Morningstar." He remarked. "You sure Freyd can actually teach fishing?" Granted, Fishing was a secondary profession, so he didn't know if it actually could be taught by something other than an NPC, but he at least knew that only NPCs could teach crafting professions. Freyd first seemed apprehensive about the situation with Dazia. Then he seemed to accept that there were multiple sides and perspectives to the highly complicated story.
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