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  1. "Absolutely not. I've been on the beach with pants. It's not a fun time. Shorts are more ideal for this trek, at least in my opinion. I don't mind the feeling of sand against my skin, I don't wanna have to dig sand out of my pants later." She knew exactly how this would go if she wore pants, every little crease and crevice would have sand in it. She was NOT about to deal with that. It was awful enough that they had to do an escort quest in the desert, she wasn't about to deal with the awful feeling of sand in the pants. The heat was bouncing off the sand and as the sun went higher in the
  2. Ciela watched as Zamek moved very slowly. This was an escort quest. The bane of her existence. She let Wulfrin take the lead and she held the rear. Ciela looked around, paying attention to small details. She was on edge due to the heat. It was making her quite cranky. She materialized some snacks and handed them out per usual. Inside the tin was cut up cucumber and watermelon. "Here, have some snacks that are pretty hydrating. I also made sure to bring lots of water." The trek seemed to go so much slower than their previous quests. Although she attributed that to the way that
  3. Ciela relaxed up against the rock wall and let the water from the waterfall massage her back. Ciela had almost what was like war flashbacks to the waterfall on Floor 2 when her and Wulfrin had to sit under the waterfall and get absolutely blasted by it. This waterfall had by far less power behind it and was more like the waterfall equivalent of the gentle crashing of waves on the ocean shore. She appreciated the relaxation. Ciela hadn't been sleeping in as she usually did since Wulfrin was taking her out early in the morning right after he'd get back from the forge. Which meant she would wake
  4. The two ate their lunches without any interruption. Ciela relaxed for a moment, enjoying the sounds of the river and the waterfall next to them. It was so loud she could barely hear herself think. "After lunch I believe I'm gonna sit under the waterfall and enjoy the rush of water against my skin. Would you like to sit with me Perlita, or would you like to chase some of the fishies?" Ciela watched as Perlita eyed the little fish in the water and was given her answer. Ciela put her basket and blanket back into her inventory and changed into a bathing suit. She had changed into a black str
  5. As per usual she stored her lunch basket complete with their meals and any snacks they may need along the way. Most of the time she'd over prepped snacks but they would snuggle up on the couch and snack before falling asleep. Wulfrin mentioned Fortazela, Ciela didn't like heading down to Fortazela. Not because of the sand. But Ciela absolutely hated the heat. Pretty funny considering her main extra source of damage is fire. She grew up in the south and has learned to absolutely despise the heat because of it. "I'm so grateful my hair can't frizz in a game." She ran her fingers through he
  6. Ciela and Perlita having finally returned to Krycim, she went back to the spot that they had enjoyed before being distracted by Anti. She placed her blanket down on the ground. Sticking close to that waterfall the pair played under earlier. Since they were in a safe zone, Ciela unequipped her armor and sword but was prepared to reequip them at a moments notice. Should that moment arrive. As per usual Ciela had prepared lunch for the pair. She had even left some behind at home for Wulfrin. Ciela wondered what he was doing. She could picture it vividly. He was probably off fishing ne
  7. Ciela and Perlita had begun their trek back to Krycim. When heading here from Krycim it felt like a shorter trek. Ciela didn't recognize anything from the previous journey. Thankfully, she could see it off in the distance so she headed that way. As she and Perlita walked, she began to search for materials once more. She wasn't wasting the opportunity to find something and further her foraging career. As they walked along Ciela heard a loud growl. Wulfrin had warned her of the different mobs on Floor 6 and what could potentially jump out at her. Not feeling as if she was ready to take some
  8. Ciela picked up her little otter companion. "That person sure was an enigma weren't they Perlie?" Ciela began thinking about the battle that just finished. What was Anti's motive? Were they just there to challenge players or were they a player in disguise? Ciela remembered for a quick moment that she'd swiped away a menu to help Anti up. She looked through her menu's to find that she'd been awarded a new skill. The skill was called Concentration. She planned to take note of it to read it later. She didn't feel as if taking a moment to read it here was a very smart option, especially since she
  9. New Item Crafts: [x20] Honey Cookies | T1 Rare Snack| Vitality II | ID: 221142, 222065, 222280, 222303, 222303-1, 222471, 222473, 222850, 222854, 222857, 223224, 223225, 223226, 223226-1, 223229, 223229-1, 223229-2, 223231, 223235, 223236 [desc.] A simple honey cookie, golden brown on the bottom with a soft core. More honey makes it sweeter. Each cookie has a drizzle of honey in the shape of a heart on it. Mats paid during crafting process
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