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  1. Hidden followed Shiina into the shop, her eyes flicking at the candles that were displayed. Shiina's words made her unconsciously breathe in the air. She found it to be pleasant but didn't take the time to argue with Shiina about the aroma. Instead, the girl was already harassing the shop owner for wax. The childlike joy of 'Crayons' filled the air as several chunks of wax hit the counter. Shaking her head, the shorter girl stepped forward, gazing up slightly as Shiina was delighted. 'Why is she taller than me if she's going to act like this?' Catching the shopkeep's gaze, Hidden quickly
  2. It was apparent in Hidden's eyes that she had become upset. Unlike before with her dazed expression, her self-doubt was laid plainly on her face. In the current atmosphere, her sense of Pride had all but vanished. All that remained now was her and her own feelings. The voice that nagged in the back of her head spoke where she could hear it, but the voice was lulled and sleepy. It was almost as if she had to strain herself to hear and understand her own thought's quiet voice. 'Wake up... it's not good to be here. Th.. is NIGHT. Not t. .. tr..... ' You must've gotten me confused for t
  3. Raidou would stand as she offered a change in location, the Animosity in the air suddenly increasing. Had he decided to kill her after all? Was he willing to face the consequences? She had prepared for such an outcome, but doubted it would be put to use. Black liquid began to mold to the player's skin, tracing up his face and down his neck. A red glare pierced her, but she felt nothing from such a blow. He exchanged words of warning, and she immediately threw caution to the wind. A smug smile rested on her face. "Tricks? Misdirection? Not my forte. Simply being prepared is enough. As for
  4. "Okay..." Hidden said quietly as Shiina shouted about juicing people up. "Juices aside, they just call on you when like... whenever? That makes you sound like their dog. Call you when they want to and leave you out in the yard all the other time." She kept quiet about her thoughts of Shiina being a very dangerous dog that runs around the streets unchained. When clarifying the sled, it didn't get any less unsettling. "...How many eyeballs?" Hidden had an idea what the bee was, the field boss on Floor two. Was Shiina just massacring this bee constantly? Then the sledding itself, if they fa
  5. "So its on purpose that nothing you do seems to make sense? Fair enough. As for Rosaria, it's impressive that you seem to know her on such a personal level. Did you have chemistry before I became along?" she questioned, a smile of muse sitting on her face. The man put away his glasses, the seeming to become denser. She could feel it. His growing animosity. Much to her dissatisfaction, the Wanderer didn't seem interested in answering her question. Only, asking his own. She was willing to oblige him with an answer, but this wasn't going in the direction she wanted. She asked for a conversation n
  6. "Get out more... I practically live outside right now." she assured the girl. It was true, she hadn't returned to Ayame in over a week since she had basically ran away. Not since her and Raidou and gotten in a fight. As the girl touched her hair, she leapt back with a threatening look to her eyes. No one, had even dared touched her hair. She had let Sey, but they had literally be engaged. Now here this girl was just casually touching it. She checked her hair to make sure caramel hadn't gotten on it while Shiina checked the coin. Then the dolt dropped it on the ground. "Hey! That's the on
  7. The dark-haired woman watched as Raidou slowly turned, a reflective tint in the evening sun visible as his caught sight of her. There was something darker to his eyes which was amusing to her. There was more to be seen in this character than in most. He removed the frames from his face, their eyes meeting with nothing in between. It was a sign that they were seeing eachother eye to eye. He understood the situation was serious despite her polite demeanor. "The Red Wanderer it is then," she agreed. She figured he assumed the moniker when not surrounded by her friends. Perhaps it served as
  8. Shiina didn't relent in the random things she said or did. Her defense for stripping a man was next to nothing and she even took time to comment on his undergarments. Her way of expressing music was weird. Music wasn't powerful, she just somehow incorporated song into skills like... well... a weirdo. "Music is just talking with a rhythm behind it. Its literally just words, of course you can express anything. " Having finished her own apple, she watched enviously as Shiina continued to munch of her own. Hidden had devoured her's too fast. She hadn't had one since Tanabata. An event w
  9. The streets of the bazaar were not as bustling in the evening as they were in the day. Several guards still remained stationed, but they paid her no attention. A well-dressed woman in her late-twenties walked the streets. Long dark hair drifted down evenly to her hips even though it was put up in a ponytail with a bow. Dark red eyes scanned the area as a confident smile was displayed on her face. No weapons were to be found on her figure, which was odd due to one prominent face. This woman was an orange player. A wolf walking among sheep with no need to hide herself away. She was aware of what
  10. Shiina didn't appear to happy to see her againHer . Of course she wasn't, she was trying to lose her. If she could get away, she could continue watching unseen from afar. Hidden wasn't perceptive enough to see her hiding around. When she asked where the girl got the apples, she pointed to an empty stall. Unamused expression on her face, Hidden blankly stared at Shiina. "Awesome. I think I'll go and get one from him now." Shiina picks up an apple, waving it in the air. Stepping back from the monster that would endanger the golden treat, it was forced into her hand. "Don't say I didn't do
  11. Hidden mused NIGHT's words. "My house doesn't meet that criteria. It isn't traditionally styled at all. Looks more like a summer home. Warm grass, a small river that flows through near. Only real decoration is small flower beds in the front. The stone steps in are sometimes nice to sit down on and look out." The warm sensation of the dream seemed to subside a bit as she remembered it. She had been away from her house for a couple of weeks now. She wondered if Ayame was still waiting there for her to come back. She averted her eyes from NIGHT as they dimmed a bit in regret of her actions.
  12. NIGHT's figure remained unchanging as she responded to Hidden's words, voicing perfect reason. The dark-haired girl made perfect sense. Why would anything be clear when she understood nothing about where they were at. Her name was mentioned which confused Hidden for a moment but it all made sense. Why wouldn't Dream-NIGHT not know her name? A moment of silence ensued as Hidden pondered NIGHT's question. "I... can't really think of an answer for it. If I were to have to guess, it's because I don't feel the need to understand it. It doesn't feel like here that I need to worry about what's going
  13. Distracted by the petals, she didn't notice the approaching figure. As her voice cut the serene silence, Hidden internally jumped as the high of the atmosphere faded in an instant. Her head quickly turned, violet eyes meeting the newcomers form. The person also adorned traditional attire, though not the same here. Dark hair and purple eyes were prominent in her facial features. A sense of familiarity rested with the woman. Standing from her crouched position, she found that they were similar in height. "Do you happen to know what this place might be? I must've fallen asleep and forgotten,
  14. Hidden was lucky to have been in earshot when Shiina teleported, or Hidden would've lost her entirely. She only knew her name and wasn't going to pay someone to track her down. On the other hand, with the Untraceable mod, it would take some time for Shiina to find her to follow her around again. That would ruin her lead of proving that Raidou was still having random girls follow her around. At least with this one, she didn't have a scowl and a prejudiced attitude. Following through to Coral, it would only take her the time to track her familiar to find out where Shiina was again. She had
  15. Hidden

    PT Event Feedback

    Firstly, I'd like to say that I think that the Playtest system was masterfully made, the best system for balancing weapons that I've ever seen and I've been around since the first sword art was created. I think NIGHT and ChaseR need a serious round of applause and a crispy set of high fives for. The only thing I'm worried about with this new system is that certain enhancements becoming just far too powerful and some that have always been relatively underpowered. 3.02 System Change Proposal Note: All changes made are considered only if the PT Sword Art System is Implemented. ► Ho
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