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  1. ID: 218267 CD: 8 - Recovery Activate +12 EN +53 HP As the battle raged on, one couldn't help but notice that the large dragon was growing slowly. His attacks seemed more sluggish and it finally seemed to be noticing the various amounts of weapons that were striking it. The end was nearing. Brandishing her dagger, she would prepare to make a strike but found a large tail crushing down on her. A couple of acrobatically enhanced dodges would steer her clear of the brunt of force but serve her with the impact of the blow and the rubble that ensued from it. Picking
  2. ID: 218143 CD: 4 No Recovery +53 HP +4 EN The sound of shattering ice was barely met with any action. A confused glance would pass over the individuals. Was she not being loud enough? Were they frozen in fear? It didn't matter much as the moment of opportunity passed. A chilled wind would assault her as the ice began to reform between them a Wushen. Biting her tongue, the Lily would instead opt for a sigh. It seemed as if she would have to do this herself. Flipping that dagger in her hand, a white gleam would brighten the area around her. Shadows would dance on the ground
  3. ID: 217979 CD: 5 No Recovery or Vamp Def +4 EN +53 HP Heat would eat away at her stamina and flame would attempt to nip at her cloak as the creature recovered from the status that bound it. Raising a hand to bring forth a blow that would smite the creature back down, the woman faltered as she watched with anticipation as two others took the lead. Crozeph and Koga working in tandem, striking down the energy-born creature until it had fallen to the ground and faded to nothing. "Good work you two." she would mutter under her breath as her violet eyes flicked to the next obj
  4. ID: 217747 CD: 3 - no Recovery +53 HP +4 EN It would seem that they at least got their enemy's attention. On the downside, life was much more preferable when he had chosen to ignore them. As the ice wall repaired itself, Hidden found herself pushed back as she did her best not to get caught up in its wake. With the ice wall, a new elemental head grew to replace the old. This one was red and simply being near it seemed to increase the temperature of the boss room. "Can't get enough of this shit, now can we?" A dagger would flash as a gash would appear in the head's s
  5. ID: 217378 CD: 8 - 12(8+4) EN Recovered. Things would not begin to calm down after she felled the head. In fact, it almost seemed as if they were put on a clock. Kill the big thing before heads start to grow back. Luckily, NIGHT seemed to be on the same page as she immediately began to break through the wall. As the ice shattered, a spray of fog and mist would sweep through the area, and when the dust cleared... all that was left was their target. The party charged through the broken barricade, beginning to hack and slash at the exposed dragon. Did she think they would be
  6. STK 2 activated, 80 DMG sustained ID: 217245 CD: 9 - Vamp. Def and Recovery Activated. 106 HP Regained. 8 energy Regained. 80 STK damage received. Bad would only shift to become dire. Within mere moments, the entire situation had changed. The White Lily's eyes would widen slightly as several glowing heads spiral from Wushen's body. "What the hell?" the girl would mutter as she slowly backed away. A purple head would approach them, glaring menacing at her party. Hidden's eyes would begin to search the other parties' reactions to heads but she couldn't find them. The groups h
  7. ID: 216258 CD:3 - No Regen -80HP, Static | +53 BH As if her thoughts willed it into being, the storm would only rage harder. Wushen, snapping to attention, would quite literally rain destruction itself. As waves of energy crashed onto the players, the White Lily did her best to dart away from the attacks. Unfortunately, there was no escape to be had. A stinging pain shot through her body as a searing electric surge forced its way through her. Her once straight hair was now quite frizzy from the sudden surge. Looking to her team and its health bars, Hidden would devise he
  8. ID: 215837 CD: 12 -Recovery and Vamp. Def procced Rec: 8+4=12 EN Recovered 104 HP Recovered A blonde man stepped forward, taking the 'attention' of the boss. What was his name again? Alfred? Perhaps she should take the time to learn that at some point. Another brief moment appeared in which the health bars appeared. This was the first boss she had seen that was hiding them for brief moments. In fact, this was also the first boss that seemed disinterested in the players. Something it was doing was off. "You think it is waiting for something specific to happen?" The w
  9. ID: 215636 CD:11 -> Recovery + V.D Procced! 12 EN Recovered 106 HP Recovered -Charge is now off cooldown- The deafening sound of another tail strike aimed towards NIGHT shook the ground beneath her feet. 'How bothersome.' Lily would think. Stepping forward from her backseat position in the party, she would take front and center. "Many have found that ignoring me is a rather big mistake." Those same shadow-spectral arms began to sprout from her backside, pushing off the ground to assist with her leap upwards. A myriad of soon-fading white flowers were left in her wake as
  10. Combat ensued around her, with it, an underlying tone of pure chaos. Each player had their own fighting style and way of attacking. Crozeph and Koga found themselves high in the air, while NIGHT and Alkor seemed to be poking at the beast, testing out its true power and defenses. For now, she simply stood back and acted as the party's supporting attacker. Channeling the power of her "Lady Midnight" skill, shadows would begin to dance around her and form into hands around her. These hands would begin to clasp together, creating a fine point that she would fire off like a javelin toward the creat
  11. NIGHT would simply walk past her, ignoring her words. 'Perhaps just a little too straightforward. She is a shy one after all.' Pursing her lips as she passed, Hidden would turn her attention to the door. "Let's see if this gets me back into it." she would mutter to herself. The reason for her arrival at the raid was simply to do something she normally had. To feel that same sense of normality. She had become extremely lax as of late, with little seeming to motivate her. Maybe this endeavor would rekindle her fire. The large double doors would open, and her eyes would be met with those of
  12. [ADVANCED TRAINING USED: +10% Thread EXP] Quiet footsteps were hardly able to be heard echoing across the cavern. Voices were to be heard ahead of her as a group of players amassed in front of the boss room. It seemed she had managed to make it in time. Violet eyes passed onto the participants that had gathered. Freyd was of the people she knew well along with NIGHT, but there were several unfamiliar faces. Mina was also among the known but an individual she knew little of. Her attention became caught on a girl in a teal Haori. "Interesting... so that is her, huh?" As she stro
  13. Raidou had begun to show concern about how she had felt that day. "Perhaps sick isn't the correct word. I just... felt I had lost something that had been a part of me. A weight in my chest was lifted, but let a hole in its stead." Describing it wasn't easy when it was a feeling she had not yet felt before. Purple eyes drift onto a black feather as Raidou revealed it to her. She couldn't begin to guess the relevance of the object. "Have you attempted appraising the feather yet? Perhaps where it came from is where the ship went." It was by far the best guess she could come up with. Simmone
  14. Raidou would begin setting the table for two, bringing silverware and plates to the table. Fetching a heat pad, she would place the spaghetti and noodles atop finished with some slightly burnt garlic bread that had been cooking in the oven. "Well, I guess it looks better than it normally does..." Hidden would mumble to herself. A question would come from Raidou who had moved himself into the living room now. "How long have you been back?" Hidden raised an eyebrow in response and stepped from the kitchen back into the living room. "Here? I guess about a month or two? I've noticed a c
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