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  1. The battle almost began to seem like a race against time. Raidou could cut the battle cold and freeze it while she restored energy slowly over time. That idea didn't interest her much. So when Raidou suggested falling back until she could recover, the assassin would shake her head. "I'll go until he or I can attack no longer." The shadow didn't have the energy to spare on any fancy tricks. Slipping into the shadows was no longer an option. She would strike head-on until her reserves gave out completely. Sparks flew through the air as amethyst began to carve through the bronze body of the
  2. Violet eyes trained on the last target, murderous intent lay within their depths. The graceful shadow splits its foe in two with a powerful slice of amethyst. The last of the Revenants were vanquished. Despite her small winnings, the victory bell had yet to play. The ground would begin to shake as the sounds of whirring gears and steel thuds filled the air. Slamming into the doors to the Ashen Keep, a bronze mechanical giant would rip them from their hinges. Standing several feet taller than either of the players, the Construct would focus its attention on the beings that had dispatched that w
  3. The air grew darker and colder suddenly as Lady Midnight returned to play. The shadows, elongated by the flames that Raidou had produced, began to form together and enshroud Hidden before she would once again vanish without a trace. The sixth Revenant would strike Raidou's blade, casting a spray of sparks from its still smoldering hand. The man needed to remove the monster from his vicinity or risk getting caught up in her attack. Her control over her skill was still shaky. It still felt like she was merely borrowing it from Hokori despite the skill oddly displaying within her skill list.
  4. Not quite? Was there more than this? Just how many of them were left within the crypt? Regardless, what was important was that she dispose of the ones that were at home. Taking advantage of the enemy's backsides, a flurry of attacks would rip through the area as she activated an AoE attack once more. Horizontal ripples would fly up through the air, lacerating the backs of the Revenants. One would succumb to the attacks, but the other two would continue to shamble forward. Pointing the Revenant with the most health out, Hidden would inform Raidou, "I am going to kill that one next. Keep th
  5. The air would flash in a red hue as lightning streaked across it and light the battlefield along with it. It appeared that two out of four of their original enemies still stood, shambling in Raidou's direction. Their clothing was made from red tattered cloth. A flash of orange lit the air as a dagger homed into the chest of a revenant. The assassin would rip the blade upwards and split the enemy in two before whipping it towards the other that stood within her vicinity. Amethyst tore through the right arm of her next victim as the previous exploded into light. Of course, this enemy had much mo
  6. Ladonian soldiers fell one by one at the Shadow's hands, amethyst cutting through steel like cheese. A voice would suddenly call out to her, "We need to leave. Quickly." An explosion would gather above her, a large airship falling directly towards them. Several events began to unfold as several of the Firm Anima members unknown to her would work together to hold the ship for as long as possible. Meanwhile, Simmone seemed to be working her usual voodoo which created a corridor of some sort for them to move through. "What the hell is that thing?" "GET IN, NOW ISN'T THE TIME TO BE DIF
  7. Requesting Paragon 50 Rewards: 1x Demonic Shard, 1x Gleaming Scale, 3x Tier up Tickets
  8. Despite having managed to get into hiding, somehow she lost her grip and lost her obscurity. 'What are you even doing?' Hidden grit her teeth. 'There isn't much natural light here okay, I'm not used to having to think about controlling the shadows to hide. I'm doing my best okay?' Hokori snorted at her. 'That's your best? Wow.' Hidden refocused on the zombies, a brilliant white light sparking from her location. For a moment, the zombies would falter, even that which was burning. It was as if the fear of holy light was more terrifying than the flame that consumed its flesh. Shadows would
  9. Rolls and Stats A strike of red lightning would seem to be called forth just before Raidou allowed the hoard to slew forward. 'Alright... AoE. I haven't played around too much with this Sword Art before. Let's give it a shot.' Moving forward, the silver-haired woman moved forward to activate <<Dark Torrent>>. A mistake was made and the woman drew to close the burning zombie who wailed in agony from flame. The light from the flame cast upon the woman's figure, bringing down her stealth rating even further after she spoke out. 'Damnit!' the woman would curse herself. 'Wo
  10. <<Hidden's Battle Theme>> A Shadow traversed the ashen fields of the fourteenth floor without a foot falling out of pace. From a distance, the sight would appear as a dark blot moving before the backdrop of the floor where light seemed to be unable to touch it. Speed at this point was of the utmost importance. There was a short period that she would have where she knew the Wanderer's location but if he moved then she wouldn't have the slightest clue. Without scouting skills, it would be nearly impossible to locate him again without requesting additional questions. From her sou
  11. Hidden sat, arms folded, in the chair meant for Ain himself. This small room was specified for private meetings. Once up a time, Mujo, Ain, and herself, made plans to strike against the Laughing Coffin guild in here. A single hanging bulb was all that provided light to the intensifying argument. "I'm afraid we've got nothing at all." Hidden would roll her eyes in disgust. "There was a large amount of work put into finding out their whereabouts. Now, they've moved their base and you simply have no clue where they went? That's some shit." What kind of informant was this? "We were found out
  12. Floor 7. Wood creaked as a shadow crept forward into the rundown warehouse, voices from within talking in loud and obnoxious voices. From the sound of it, the members of the Faceless had long outgrown their meek tendencies. Months ago, they were the kind that would have cowered from any social interaction. In some odd way, the shadow had breathed life back into each of them. Even if only half of them remained alive. The arbiters had killed many and proven that sheer numbers didn't prevail against an overwhelming force. At that moment, Hidden had left them to simply fend for themselves. Fr
  13. Light shone in through the colored glass, painting their colors on the marble floor stained with red. Hidden's eyes bore forward into Hokori. Twice the monster had managed to completely best her without breaking a sweat. If Hokori was just her... how was she so refined. It seemed that every movement was honed to its maximum, each strike aimed to kill. "Have you noticed yet?" Hidden was suddenly brought back from her thoughts. "What are you talking about now?" The way Hokori spoke and acted, was that how others perceived her? It was nearly unbearable. "Each time I kill you, you become jus
  14. The cold metal slashed through her throat sending Hidden's head from her shoulders. In an instant, the world became dark and silent. Was she dead? Was this the afterlife? It was so... void of anything. Sudden light blinded her along with an intense cold. Slowly opening her eyes from a squint, she once again found herself in that very same room. Her own figure stood there, foot resting on a now fading corpse that also belonged to her. 'If I just died, how come I am alive now?' Hidden would ask herself. The white-haired woman wouldn't even be able to take a step forward before the doppelga
  15. The hands... they were the same as before. Their cold grasps had been the one to drag her to drown before. Violet eyes widened as the White Silence retreated with a leap in the opposite direction. The hands of shadows continued forward, having a seemingly infinite reach. An orange light flared as a dagger slashed through the air and ripped through one of the hands. Unlike last time, Hidden was absolutely confident in her ability. This monster inside of her wouldn't be standing any chance. Another quick stroke followed by a few more would quickly see the hands dispatched. Now, the assassin woul
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