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  1. Simmone seemed to take a step back, realizing she was infringing on the girl's very fraying mind. She admitted that it was harder to read people than it was people. Hidden shook the questions from her head. It was almost as if the woman designed it, she would begin to question her own existence and the reality around her. This woman's weapon was her tongue itself. She needed nothing else. "I am an uninterested third party here. Take it or leave it." Hearing those words made Hidden feel like her thoughts were screaming at her, disagreeing whole-heartedly. It happened so fast, as if
  2. They seemed to be making quick work of this boss, bringing it down to half health with each of them only having made about a single attack. Their godly support was also a great help, slamming his weapon down on the beast for massive damage. Unluckily, this seemed to only anger the great beast. A howl would ensue and the creature would struggle against its bonds. At first, it was restrained. Then the chains snapped under the sheer force of the beast. Fenrir rose, rising upwards until it literally ate the sun just as the myths foretold. Afterwards, it turned on its enemies, a new fiercenes
  3. Renegade ♫ Real Name: Hilda Bidden Gender : Female Age : 23 Height : 170cm Weight : 54kg Birthday : 12/13 <<History>> Pre-SAO Hidden Amyth Bidden was born to a normal family, but it quickly took a turn after her mother's passing. After the traumatic events transpired, Hilda was blamed for it by her living family. Being too young to understand, she became a quiet child as her father became an abusive alcoholi
  4. Simmone's question made little sense to the white-haired girl. How was she supposed to know that? "I don't know what its asking me. I don't even see myself in the reflection. The only question that's there is..." 'Why am I not in there? What if she is doing this on purpose? Is it a trick? Does the mirror only purposely reveal her? She is a merchant and a shifty one at that.' Her thoughts came to her almost as a whisper, but the whisper was cold and uncaring. Simmone kept questioning, the questions coiling around her like the smoke that spewed from Simmone's cigarette. Every new string b
  5. She walked alone, the only noise to be heard was her own thoughts. Walking home alone, something she was used to doing. She hadn't partied up with Assassin for a few days now, and she didn't feel like doing it. There wasn't anyone she knew without a possible intention to just be using her. Even Yuki had constantly ignored her warnings and only seemed to be inviting her around for tough battles. No, Yuki had surely thrown her away. Thrown her away for Crozeph and NIGHT. NIGHT made since, she was just a better version of herself. Crozeph; however, surprised her. What did he have to offer Yuki? H
  6. There was little time to rest before they were forced to continue on with the dungeon. If this dungeon was anything like the Easter event, there was three phases. The last was the hardest, and they had finally reached it. The last boss reeked of the legend of Ragnarok. Something known well enough that even she had passed by the information in a book before. The giant wolf was fated to escape his chains, eat the Sun, and begin Ragnarok. There was most likely a time limit on this fight before failure was imminent. They would have to move quickly, far faster than the other fights. While she
  7. Purotekuta came at her next barehanded, but those were even slower than his previous attack. Sidestepping, she activated a sword art. A dark energy glinted off her blade as she activated the Sword Art: Equinox. A single strike with the sole design to split her target clean in two. Bringing the weapon down cleanly, a burst of white light would accommodate the normally dark attack. Purotekuta's life would drain in an instant. The force of the blow threw him to the ground at her feet. The smile on her face faded as it became replaced with an annoyed expression. The enemy had given her no sa
  8. She brought up her dagger, wiping off the sheen purple crystal blade. Hidden started walking towards Purotekuta, not stopping until she was inches away from him. The girl spoke quietly in a whisper. "I'm standing right here. Take your best shot. It'll show you just how outmatched you are." The samurai quickly struck with an Iai technique. To no surprise, she simply side-stepped the strike. In his defense, she was entirely built on her ability to dodge attacks. If an attack actually landed, she was in rather deep trouble. Slamming her hand into Purotekuta's she would force him to drop his
  9. Stepping back, she would face the two, the samurai falling back behind his shield. A pang of annoyance rose up in her and the woman began to taunt the pair of enemies. "Takes two of you to take down me? That one is hiding back there like a coward too. Are you sure this is going to work out for you?" The two's weight shifted uncomfortably, but still they stood to face her. "We will protect Uso-Tsuki with our lives!" A malicious spread across the woman's face. "You're funeral. I'll try to make it quick." Darting forward at a speed the pair couldn't match, her dagger headed straight for the
  10. Leaping off the roof, she would leap onto the top the enemy caravan, forcing an immediately halt from the driver. With the use of the Nimble skill, she was able to expertly take the inertia and slide onto the ground without any damage taken. The sudden stop caused the caravan to lurch, tipping on its side and breaking one of its wooden wheels. Entering Stealth, she would prepare for a stealth attack to start out. She watched as three men came out of the knocked over caravan. A brief exchange was had before Hidden was stripped from stealth at the flash of one of their eyes. Her target Uso-Tsuki
  11. Note: A mistake in the roller occurred. ST-I was used not ST-II as in the roll purpose. It wouldn't take long for the quest to really get underway. Hopping into the chief's caravan, he would follow and they would begin on the road. It would have been unsafe to leave him behind if one of his servants had defected and relayed the news. No, she just needed to stop the assassination before it happened and not affect the actual course of affairs. The road was quiet, the only sound the steps of the horses and the grinding of the wheel on the ground. Hidden remained quiet, her eyes looking past
  12. <<Incognito Assassination>> Stats Sword Art List Returning to an older questline that she had begun some time back, Hidden returned to the Twenty-fourth floor. Visiting the floor was rather annoying as it called for constantly hiding in the shadows as she hid from the various guards that patrolled the city that she needed to be in. Edging along the shadows, she moved into the Chief's residence. As she entered, the Chief looked to her with a questioning expression. "You will move in your caravan just as originally planned. I will ride with you until they beg
  13. The uncertainty in her heart had claimed victory over her. Unknown to her, it had lost her trust in one of the few she could call friend. One of the few people that she could feel at ease with, was now hidden to even her. The problem was, she didn't feel bad about the events that transpired. Hidden felt as if she had done the right thing. That she had managed to protect herself in some way by breaking one of the bonds in between them. The only thing that tied them together was a promise. 'Are you sure that promise actually means anything now? He admitted to overstepping the boundaries of
  14. Hidden watched as the woman's eyes flared with the use of a skill and for a moment, it looked as if the woman was trying to peer into her own soul. However, with closer inspection it turned out the merchant was actually appraising her reflection in the mirror. After a few short moments, the feline-like girl retreated to her sofa and tea. It must've served as Simmone's safe place like how the Stygian River was for her. Simmone's safe place looked much more relaxing than her own, she would admit. More cryptic words escaped Simmone's mouth as if she was imitating an oracle. Her words spoke
  15. The silver-haired girl allowed the others to move in first, allowing herself to catch the target by surprise when they were finished attacking. Following behind, she watched as NIGHT's attack fell short. The force of the missed strike was enough to create a whirl of air that ruffled the boss's attire but nothing more. A huff was audible from the rude woman, a smirk playing on Hidden's face as she heard it. Darting by, she would take her position for an attack. The blue boy wonder made his attack, followed by Crozeph who would fall back and call out to her, "Medea! kill her quick!"
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