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  1. He wasn't willing to give her the answer she was wanting to hear. Instead, he promised that Setsuna was growing stronger and that everything he had done was because he'd been worried about her. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by her own thoughts. 'Lies. There has never been anyone in this world that has shed a care for us. Why would he be any different?' Closing her eyes and taking a breath, her fist tightening around the demonic shard that lay in the palm of her hand. She opened them, a glassy fierceness in her violet eyes. "It doesn't matter if I have to do
  2. As Simmone stepped in front of the mirror her reflection became visible; however, it was different. Her attire had changed completely. A frown appeared on her face. It was only her standing in the mirror. Appalled, Hidden stepped forward, beginning to question everything. She reached out, touching the mirror with her pointer finger. The image's surface rippled for a moment but nothing changed. Hidden turned away. "I... I don't want to see that." She admitted to Simmone before waiving it off with words. "It probably wouldn't have been that good anyway." Hidden now turned to Simmone hersel
  3. "Simmone is correct." A frown placed itself on Hidden's face. Everything? Everything she said had been correct? As he continued and explained it was Setsuna that had been tasked with her safety. The frown quickly was placed with silent fury, eyes trained on him now as if he were foe. She remained silent a few seconds after he said that it was always part of the deal. "Tell me... how does that make any sense. Having her involved with me just endangers her. Her being in danger is entirely counterproductive." She tried to defeat him with logic; however, with her emotions so high she do
  4. Raidou offered her the vial that she requested which she took ahold of. The doubt didn't voice its opinion as she knew this was the correct substance. It was freezing cold to the touch. Spreading the substance through her hair like she would shampoo the black of her hair would wash off in sheets like ink. Returning to the state of her white hair put her at ease a little, but her troubles with Raidou had only begun. As he informed her to speak her questions, she took a deep breath. Swallowing her doubt for just a moment, she turned on him. "Recently I had a run in with another orange play
  5. Her words were heeded by none, causing her to shut her mouth. She had forgotten. She had no say in anything. The only reason she was allowed around was because of Yuki's pity on her. The only voice that was spoken in reply was the brisk and brutal one of NIGHT's. The woman was very condescending in any chance that she could get. 'I guess i'll just stick to the original plan then.' She began to continue picking at the links of the chains holding down the soldiers. Unlike NIGHT, she hadn't seemed to figure out how to do it very well. Hardly making any progress on the chain, she didn't feel
  6. A snap brought her to attention, causing her to turn. Unfocused eyes trained on Raidou and as they did the doubt once again began to creep in. Words spoke directly into her heart, poisoning her judgement. 'Are you even sure you know who he is? Are you sure you can trust him?' Attempting to shrug away the thoughts, Hidden spoke up first. "Sorry, I was wondering who this chick was." She told him plainly as she pushed the dark hair away from her eyes. Looking at Raidou now, she didn't feel the same passion she had the last time she looked at him. Now, all she could feel was the overhan
  7. After recovering, the boy turned on her snarling. "You don't get it, do you murderer? We're in a safezone, meaning us green players can't be hurt. However, you player killers are still in danger. Everytime you step into a safe zone, you are weak. Now, drop all of your gear, or its not gonna get pretty." A smirk appeared on Hidden's face. "The funny thing is that you think you have room to threaten me. Go ahead, try and kill me..." Violet eyes flashed with hostility. "See where it gets you." A mixture of her own Pride and Wrath with her statement seemed to provoke the enemy as all three of
  8. Hidden turned, but as she did the footsteps sounded out as the trio began to sprint forward. Hidden sighed with annoyance, activating Vanish. While it seemed that she no longer existed, the trio stopped and looked frantically. "Where'd she go? Spread out and find her!" From the shadows, Hidden glared at this boy with hatred in her eyes. This one was the main source of the problem. Bring down the king and the kingdom would follow afterward. It was a game of chess. Activating <<Surprise Attack>>, she dashed toward him, wrapping her body around him and pressing the edge of her b
  9. The chief made no reaction to her statement, resuming his usual activities as an idle NPC. Turning through the door, she made her escape from the chief's house. Incognito Assassin could wait a little bit. The questline wasn't as exciting as she figured it would be. Attempting to make her exit to the city, a voice called out to her. "Hey!" She turned, seeing three players approaching. They were green players, unlike her. Two men and one woman. Hidden frowned, and spoke cooly in return. "Can I help you? Warning you, I'm not the kind of person to waste time." A chuckle from one of the
  10. Hidden had picked out the important information. Her opponent was fast, and there was a good chance she wouldn't be able to sneak up on him. She was willing to bet that he fought similar to her with the cloak and dagger, but it was really bodyguards that would turn out to be the real problem. Multiple enemies gave her trouble as her low defense and single-target attacks weren't going to work on more than one target. With each attacker, there was a higher chance of her actually taking a hit. Of course, they could most likely be easily dispatched. With a few buffs and a couple of heals for
  11. An apologetic expression rested on the chief's face. "I'm afraid it is. If there is a talent that I possess, I would have to offer it to the fact that my troops have never lost on the battlefield that I have commanded. Now, Uso-Tsuki himself is known for his smooth words, able to influence most around him. He's also known for being nearly impossible to sneak up or land a blow on. He's fast." The chief wasn't sounding too hopeful about the situation. "Another problem is, he is liked among even some of my guards, making it impossible to mobilize against him. Outside influence is required.
  12. After a minute or so of him skimming through the papers, he seemed settled on the matter. Of course, he wasn't without grief. You could see it resting within the man's eyes. A dissatisfied grunt is herd from the chief before he begins to speak once again. "I thought of Uso-Tsuki like a son. Its a bit hard to think of him doing something like this. His plan is nearly flawless. He intends to intercept my caravan on my way to an important meeting that I can't afford to miss. We must make preparations to stop him before he can continue with this plan. Another thing is we can't let him know we are
  13. Hidden's eyes fell on a campsite as she waited for Raidou. She had received a reply with the simple word, 'Alright'. She didn't know exactly how long he would be. Stepping towards the unfamiliar campsite, she would approach with extreme caution. Hidden figured it was an NPC's based on the fact that it was a complete with a firepit and horse-drawn wagon. A woman dressed in green emerged from the wagon, bringing Hidden back to an alert state. "So, it appears you've found me, The silver-haired girl frowned. "Exactly whom did I find?" Seeming to almost ignore her question, the woma
  14. <<EAL | Gatherer>> Only hours had passed since the shadows had swept her away into nothingness. Left with only her equipment, she had been completely reset and forced to reallocate everything. It seemed much had changed and somehow she hadn't returned the same level. She was left weaker. They had won the boss battle right? She was alive, so that had to have meant something. That meant it was time to continue as normal. She had returned to the first floor as a net of safety from players who would take the moment of weakness in the world to strike. She needed to reaccess h
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