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  1. After finishing his latest quest. Kyoto finally had the chance to get this weapon appraised that he purchased from another player awhile ago. Walking into the merchant shop he would casually walk up to the counter. "Excuse me. Can I get this sword appraised?" He drops the sword onto the counter and then waits for the merchant to take a look at it. "So... how much will it be to get this checked out?" @Hirru
  2. He look at the girl before she brought up the nerve to introduce herself. It wasn't an awkward situation this time. In matter of fact it felt kind of right. She didn't seem to give off the vibe of annoyance when he talks to her. Instead she seem very interested in his own work and wanted to check out the place. "My name is Kyoto. Glad to meet you. And yes this is my shop." He unlocks the door of the shop then invited her inside. It wasn't really all that impressive as he still had quite a bit of people buy some new clothing out after the major update a while ago. "So... What brought you here t
  3. With such a beautiful day on the 22nd floor, Kyoto was on his way to his shop. It wasn't a big shop but it was in a perfect location for people to see as they pass by. Although he's still not a popular face in the community he does surprisingly get a bit of customers to check out his shop. As the young male walks closer to his shop though he sees an unfamiliar face. It looked like a girl. She looked like she was around his age and was looking at his shop. Walking closer though he would finally speak up as he hopes it caught her attention. "Hello, are you wanting to take
  4. Another long day trapped inside this death game and this time instead of searching for materials or just fighting random MOBs to level up he had asked someone he’s never really spent a whole lot of time with to come along. Although this quest was quite simple it was always nice to have someone along side just to have company while doing quest. Macradon was a blacksmith that Kyoto would go to on the occasion of needing new gear. Today though it seems like he’ll be his partner for this quest. It wasn’t something he was going to worry about knowing that Macradon has many floor boss experien
  5. After receiving the message from Mac with his order he thought it was pretty quick for someone that seems to be constantly busy crafting other’s orders. But as always Kyoto would walk into his shop and ring the bell on the counter. “Hey Mac. I’m here to pick up my order” On the counter though was his order as he obtained it as it was sent to his inventory. “Thanks again. It’s exactually what I wanted. You’re always make the best gear” He smiles a little before heading to the door. “I might be back for another order soon enough. But for now I’ll be content with what I have.”
  6. Walking into the shop, he looked around. It had an interesting theme to it. Walking up to the counter he rings the bell to let NIGHT know that someone’s here. Laying the form down on the counter he gives a nod to her before heading out. “I’m not into much hurry on getting it but if you manage to get it done quickly that’s alright to.” He smiles a little as he walk back to the door and walks on our. The next place he has to go was on the same floor but not in the same general area as NIGHT. -5 mats
  7. Walking into the familiar shop that he normally get’s his weapons done. This time though he decided to come in and get some armor made from the man himself. “Hey Mac. I have an order for you today.” Placing the form on the table as well as the materials for the payment. “I hope this isn’t asking for to much from you.” He understands that Mac is pretty popular and seems to be busy all the time making other’s orders but with the new update messing up his last armor he’s having to get another created and this time he decided to try something new. -8 Mats
  8. Current Level: 27 Current SP: 77 Link to SP Tracking: [Journal] 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED Name: Nachtwächter Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 107038 Roll: 12 Item Type: Weapon Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Keen Description: An oddly shaped black sword and four spikes near the handle of the blade with a silver color that offsets the blade. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=fin
  9. After a long wait of meeting up with his old guild mates, Kyoto didn't expect him to meet up with Shield at his shop. But for a good cause Kyoto just bought a weapon off of someone that hasn't been praised. Even though it's a gamble in getting something that would work for him, he thought it was worth the col to see what he could get. Walking into the shop the first thing Kyoto sees was Shields. As always he seems busy. But this time he might be able to talk to him besides saying a few words to him. "Hey Shields. Long time now see." he said as he walks up to the counter. "I have somethin
  10. Kyoto walks into Mac’s shop after receiving his notification that his orders are done. “Hey Mac I’m here to get my order” Nice thing is Kyoto already paid for his when he placed the order. Walking up to the counter he received his new armor and his new sword. “As always man you’re the best. Let see how this heavy armor works for me. I’ll keep you posted alright.” He smiles as he puts his new gear in his inventory as he then waves to Mac and walk out of the shop and shuts the door quietly. Need to show the respect and not slam the doors you know. (+1 Dunkle Materie) (+1 Nachtwächter)
  11. Kyoto walks into The Blazing Typhoon with a smirk on his face as he walks up to the counter and letting Macradon know that he’s here. “Hey Macradon I’m here to place two order this time.” Kyoto not much of a familiar face when it come to Heavy armor but He’s sure that Mac will help him just fine. Kyoto leave the list of items on a piece of paper and hand it to Macradon as well with 8 Materials with it. “I know this is over but I don’t like rounding down from odd numbers.” He laughs a little knowing that if you take 3.5 and multiply it by 2 you get 7 but again he’s not a fan of odd number.
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  13. Right before Kyoto left he remembered something. Kyoto turned around and walk back up to Macradon. “Excuse me. You happen to know anyone that is willing to help me with a few quest do you?” Kyoto smiled as he then laughs at the whole point he was trying to be polite and not interrupt him doing his job. Kyoto kept looking at all the swords and armor he made and just admire how great they all look. Then he looked at Macradon again and notice that he’s a heavy built. Which means he is probably a tank built. Kyoto is also guessing Macradon is also part of the frontline as well.
  14. On floor one Kyoto just got done getting his charm and is ready to grab his Light Armor. Now the only thing is it’s somewhere in Floor 4 and he’s going have to look for it. Kyoto then walks over to the teleport gates as he then banishes to floor 4. Entering into floor 4, Kyoto then stops at the edge of the gates and tries to look for the shop. Not noticing it’s kind of right in front of him. He then walks on up to the shop's entrance and then walks into it. Kyoto then walks up to the counter and ring the bell so Aereth know’s he’s here. ”Hey Aereth. Itzal and Ruby told me to come
  15. Kyoto walks back into Macradon’s Workshop and walks up to the counter. Kyoto just receive the message that his sword was ready. Now this was nice and quick didn’t take to long to make and receive it just how he likes it. “Hey Macradon I’m here to pick up my sword.” He said as he then grab a hold of the sword. “Boy she’s a beauty. Nice job I like it a lot.” Kyoto smiled as he then offer a handshake. “Nice working with you. Will always come back if i need another blade.” Kyoto smiles as he then starts to head towards the door. + Verdunkelnder Jäger
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