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  1. It wasn't to long before Kyoto was able to gather his order. Matter of fact this is surprising quick compare to Mac where his order list is so long it take him a while to get back to you... There again Mac is a very well known blacksmith in Aincrad. But this time Kyoto wanted to try something different and thanks to Freyd he took his sights on Rencesvals. "Hey thanks again these look great." It was a pleasure to try someone well talented to make him gear and it was for sure that he'd recommend people to this place. "I'll defiantly put a word out there for you." Kyoto gath
  2. Coming up to the shop's front doors. Kyoto looks up at the sign, then inside to see the owner. Rencesvals was a suggestion to Kyoto from Freyd. It seems like a lot of players like coming here to grab there gear or upgrade with what they have already. Kyoto other hand has 2 things he needs. A new sword and new set up gear. As Kyoto would walk in he would try and grab the attention to Rencesvals and hand him the paper that would be his order. "Hey there, I have an order I like to put in. Freyd recommended me to you."
  3. It didn't surprised Kyoto that he knew Itzal. Seems like everyone knew who Itzal was. As for the rest it made sense. Most of the guild mates tend to keep low-key for obvious reason. Beatbox died in a fight before the guild fold and Kaiser went off to do her own solo thing for personal reason. As for Beat and Shield... they were also in the guild but Kyoto hardly knew them but recalls seeing them in the guild meetings. Like Freyd said. Kyoto never not seen those two away from each other. It wouldn't surprise him that they are somewhere doing other adventures away from the front lines. Afte
  4. The fact that Freyd was asking about his guild name was a shock. The sad thing is it seems like what happen to the guild happen so long ago he can't even remember the guild name anymore. But he remembers the name of a couple of the members... "I unfortunately don't remember the name of the name of my old guild. But I do remember the name of a few of them. Like Itzal, Kaiser, and Beatbox." It wasn't to long then that Freyd talked about is guild. the fact that so many kind of disappear to deal with there own things is what he missed about the guild because at the end of the day. Everyo
  5. Listening to what Freyd said made him think. The man was right everyone would think the same way because we're all some type of loser that wanted to be in a different world that what we were dealt with. Grand it, this game is the death game but it's also a world where all these gamers are able to do the thing they love while being in a different world. Playing games probably meant everything to these players and the ones that got stuck in here because of there curiosity of what a VR game would be. "You know you're right. Maybe when we get out of here our lives would be better. Not because
  6. It was shocking to hear the fact that he would do a routine through this area if there's any action going on on this floor. The route was interesting as it takes you through areas that are high in bandits and other creatures crawling around on this floor. It wasn't long after though he hears Freyd ask about his objective. His objective.... That's a question even Kyoto ask himself. "I guess I'm not sure what I'm wanting to do. I want to beat the game to send everyone back but at the same time this is the only place where I have friends. Unlike the real world where I have no friends an
  7. It was a relief when he hard that Freyd was alright from that bite. But there again when you're in the heat of battle you don't feel pain. But like Kyoto predicted it didn't take long to beat this shark. It was only now that they have to go back and turn in the quest to finally finish the quest. "So what now? I'm assuming we're just heading back to the village and talk to the quest giver to finish this thing?" The thing is. It seems like Freyd doesn't really like Abdullah all that much. I guess with the first impression he doesn't really blame the man. "So I'm assuming you're he
  8. That moment when he hit Freyd took the brief moment to give him a thumbs up. But doing that drop his guard enough for the creature to gang up and attack him. Kyoto was shocked said the least but at the same time he wasn't to worried. Freyd seem to be a strong player and with his experience should means he has more hit point. That being said, Kyoto would attempt to strike once more. charging into the creature he activated his sword art but fail to connect and would misty step back. "Ah doesn't look like I do have the luck that I thought I had for today." He kept calm as he looks
  9. He chuckled as he hears Freyd mention about family and Kyoto. Kyoto was a city of ancient Japanese culture and history that is much different than how it is now. Things got modernized over the years to the point that the historic capital felt like you walked into a time machine. Kyoto kept watching Freyd shuffle around the area avoiding the moves of the monster. It looked like he's done this quest a few times as he knew the attack patterns very well. This though was Kyoto's first time doing this quest and knew it would of been a challenge by himself. That being said, Kyoto didn't hes
  10. The man said his name was Freyd. The name sounded familiar but he wasn't sure where he heard the name from. The next thing he knew the man was talking to a strange creature. What he called Persi was a mongoose. They were vicious creatures but would be a great companion in a game like this. It didn't take long though before the two found the objective they were suppose to be slaying. It also didn't take long before Freyd went into action. That being said though, Kyoto went into action as well by pulling his sword out of the sheathe from his hip. The teen boy was left handed which sometimes
  11. It didn't take long before Kyoto would hear a response for a request of aid for this quest. Matter of fact it seems like this guy been here before doing it for all the other newer players. As before Kyoto would speak he suddenly saw the man evaluate him. It didn't feel to kind but at the same time at this point he didn't really care. He just wanted this quest done and find himself closer to the front lines. "Please to meet you. I'm assuming you've done this plenty of times to know what to expect." It was a kind offer that the mystery man shared some consumables to boost up Kyoto
  12. Kyoto watch as a man in purple introduced himself to Kyoto. "Please to meet you name is Kyoto." It didn't take to much time to introduce between the two of them. And it didn't take to much time for the two to get to the point of the quest that they're going to be on. And from what Ren had said it would be better for the two of them to take Larbrook as a guide through the mazes. As Ren dismisses his helmet it didn't take to much time before he mentions about Kyoto's gear. It's true that it's outdated but it got him by through the major update a while ago. "Yeah gear seems t
  13. It was just another breezy day on the 5th floor of the death game. It wasn't long until Kyoto already hated it here. This was one of the floors Kyoto hated the most out of all the floors. And mostly because it was dead and boring here. But there was a quest here he was wanting to do and that he was going to. Walking up to the square of Fortaleza he would look around to see many people here both NPC and as well as players. "It shouldn't be to hard to find a party with how many people are here. At least one person here would be interested in helping me" The boy said to himself bef
  14. It was another day in the death game, Kyoto was traveling in some of the lower floors. Mostly because he was told there's a quest down here that he hasn't completed. It was only then while walking towards the center of the plaza that he heard a man probably around his age asking around if anyone needs an aid to come to a location in the area called Hoyas Labyrinth. Luckily that was where Kyoto was going. "I could use some help. If you like to come along with me." Kyoto said. Wearing his black coat as well as his sword to his right side of his hip. Even though Kyoto doesn't seem to b
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