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  1. A cacophony of cataclysmic proportion clattered out from the nearby common room. Elora barely managed to stifle a scream as the sudden jolt of surprise made her spine rattle from tailbone to the base of her skull. Christ almighty -- is Freyd ok?! , the instinctual worry sparked within her mind. "GAH! Borris! What the...?!", came a convincing cry from just around the corner. Pangs of anxiety shot through Elora's chest as her mind began to construct the crime scene behind that door. "It started because of breakfast...", she imagined her opening remarks to the court, "...and ended as
  2. Azure eyes regarded Mina curiously, then cautiously as she summoned a notepad to hand. What is she writing down...?, Elora narrowed her eyes to peer at the text. A transcription? What the hell? To document such a vulnerable discussion felt unnecessarily judgmental and detached. Maybe that's the point --, Elora seethed, She's not even tryin' to listen to Freyd, just prod and gawk at him like some sort of lab rat -- Perhaps her thoughts had been less quiet than she had hoped, for only a matter of moments later, Mina warily removed the veil that shielded her features. The intensity of Elora'
  3. The starchy aftermath grew ever evident against the marooning backdrop of Elora's face. Where Freyd may have expected shrieks, he was instead greeted by an unnerving silence. A prolonged stare would soon reveal subtle tremors that lapsed into uncontrollable shakes from sticky head to splattered toe. Steam may as well have been sizzling off of her skin as Elora made one swift motion to hurl the egg she'd been holding into the kitchen ceiling above. What could have been miscalculated as a stray attack would soon find its way from the rafters onto the head of the wryly player. In a moment's notic
  4. "YOU WHAT?!", Elora exclaimed, her bouquet nearly splatting into smithereens on the ground. "Pre-packaged meals have been the norm for me, for as long as I can recall..." "They have for me too -- but I haven't tried to use a sword as a COOKING UTENSIL!", she stressed as if saying the words louder would attribute more sense to their application. "You need to learn how to prep properly, good god --" Elora intercepted him, lacing a hand around his arm to tow him up from the floor. "Show me all these special talents you have hidden away. I can't wait to learn.", he encouraged in
  5. Elora's ears flicked upwards as her eyes ignited with unbridled excitement. "The wild roses!", she shouted with arms shooting forward to accept the gift, "I've been keeping my eye on them and waiting for them to bloom--" A chain of memories too long to recount was quickly curtailed as she shoved her entire face into the heart of the bouquet. With one comically large inhale, she drew in her breath to savor the sweetness of their scent. If she were a cartoon character, the buds would likely be shooting out of her ears. "One of the few things they managed to get right...", she sighed contentedly.
  6. A spike of surprised was immediately lapsed by the exhale of relief. "Oh -- hi, Freyd", greeted Elora as her far-too elusive partner materialized from the shadows beside them. I always forget he can do that... "Yeah, it's going -- well?", the response had broken off with unmeditated second-guessing. "I got all my stuff unpacked, now I'm just trying to figure out what to do about this.", she gestured vaguely to everything around them. The undeveloped greenspace served as a scapegoat for, or perhaps more uncomfortably, a visual representation of, her own insecurities. Sure, living at the Humming
  7. A dramatic hand raised to wipe the arch of her brow as Elora stepped back to admire the day's progress. There, she regarded with some sense of accomplishment, All unpacked. The result of her efforts would seem indistinguishable to the average home-owner. In a room sparsely occupied by furniture or decor sat one dilapidated bed accompanied by a neglected dresser. Nested in the corner nearest the window, the set appeared more like a flee market show floor than a young woman's dream interior design. As silent seconds of scrutiny stretched on, Elora gave a disgruntled sigh, So much space... The im
  8. "Guess so", she said casually and with a courteous smile. These interactions never get less awkward. Thankfully, this individual seemed the capable type, despite his age. He showed impressive dexterity in maneuvering his tea, at the very least. Wonder what kind he's drinking., she couldn't help but speculate. Soon after, Elora followed the old man as he began to reminisce about his days as a skier. "Winter Olympics, 1972.", Kingsley recited, "I injured myself the next year and took to other endeavors," Why...is he telling me all of this...? "That's the type of memory I expect t
  9. Dawn drenched the walls of her room in bright amber light as the shrills of territorial squirrels could be heard on the distant horizon. Elora stirred momentarily before stretching her arms high above her head. For the first time in a long while, she felt rested, refreshed even. When was the last time she'd slept through the night's slew of concerts or procedural brawls? That's right., she resolved after inspecting her surroundings, At the new house. Promptly climbing out of bed, she made her way to the heart of the house. Freyd's already gone -- Off to Firm Anima I bet. She glanced briefly in
  10. "Even a sweet little rabbit can be terrifying if it comes in a horde, and it suddenly has a set of sharp little teeth... and a taste for a players flesh." The example evoked imagery of a certain white-haired rabbit devouring regiments of soldiers near the maw of a cave. So the legends are true., she considered with an especially cautious slurp of soup. Mina and Freyd continued their deliberation on Montjoy. "...Have you ever wished you could understand how other people can feel, how they tick? I know you're aware of how Montjoy behaves... but have you put any thought into what he cou
  11. The two gradually made their way through the dew-covered fields and back to the Town of Beginnings. Fireflies and the low-hanging moon lit their path, making the arduous trek seem much shorter than their hike outward. The village's chatter had subsided into a dull murmur as many of the occupants retired for the night or stuffed their faces with a well-earned meal. "There's something I want you to have.", she interrupted their quiet walk with an offer, "You should have the opportunity to stay where you want, to really begin to form your life here." Her fingers raced to initiate a protocol
  12. Even with Katoka's assistance, towing Freyd out of the water felt like shouldering a sack of cement. It took both the women's effort to bring the deceptively muscular boy back onto their ramshackled vessel. Seeing that he appeared unconscious, Elora spared no second in splashing his face with a fistful of water. "Oh, wait --", she remarked disappointedly. Her go-to method of rehabilitation proved useless in this environment. "Maybe you can wake prince charming with a kiss eh?" "Hah ha, very funny!", she retorted sarcastically. A nudge of her spear still failed to rouse the delir
  13. Moonlight swirled in a nauseating display as their vessel spun across the water's surface. Staggered steps swiftly threw Elora off-balance just as the sail's wooden beam whooshed to clock a fossil fish right in the spleen. Wrapping her spear around the base of the half-assed mast was enough to prevent her from slipping off of the raft. The injured angler swished after them, lantern bobbing above the inky expanse like some sort of drunken firefly. "Screw this stupid fish for ruining our vacation!", barked Elora as she scrambled to her feet, "I don't care if we're on Floor 12, I'm gonna hav
  14. Worry was palpable as the still environment shifted to one of suspense. Before she'd had the opportunity to decipher the note, the sun had swiftly plunged beneath the horizon. An obsidian sea swirled around them, glassy surface broken by the rising form of something sinister. Katoka responded with the agility of a skittering gecko. Her blade's lightning resounded with its signature crackle mere moments before a successive disturbance came from Elora's side. Panicked and surprised, the woman dove forward with her spear, its shaft igniting with static electricity as it plunged into the gut of so
  15. Before Elora could talk to Freyd about the skittering stranger, another sleuth of snow came rushing down directly beside her head. A swift side-step averted the miniature avalanche and sent it sloshing into her glass instead. With an accepting shrug, she arced the vessel around her to be topped off by the eager barmaid. The resulting beverage seemed a surprisingly appetizing combination of mulled cherries and mystery slush. Raising the rim to her lips eclipsed the arrival of another player, one far taller than most she'd seen. "Been a while, buddy,", he casually greeted. A second sip dism
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