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  1. Current Level: 34 Current SP: 114 Link to SP Tracking: [See Spoiler Below] Item Upgrades: N/A Notes: No items are being upgraded.
  2. "How is Alchemy? I like dealing with plants and things so I thought I'd give it a go myself." "It's not all that great, really --", insisted Elora as a flurry of insecurity rushed through her chest, "It's just about finding random shit in the wild and smashing it together until it turns into something consumable. There's not any skill to it at all, so I'd suggest looking for something different if you're expecting a challenge--!" The green-haired woman took a sharp inhale of air, then paused as she seemed to reflect on her reactive advice. With a hesitant sigh, she relinquished, "Well...I
  3. "Steer clear? Are you kidding? I had no idea that Raidou had such a stockpile of these things -- I could totally use them for making potions!", piped up Elora as she reopened the crate, "I think I'll just take a few for good measure, in case he'd be upset if he noticed. I don't know how particular that guy is about his inventory. It'd just be good to have some on hand for when I get around to practicing...Alchemy" Elora's speech drifted off as she began to recall her first attempt, well, failure at creating a potion. Had that been when she was still at level one? Her mission with Jackpot felt
  4. "Now only if he would get some sun, he'd look less like the ghost of a workout junkie." "That's no problem...I'm sure that I could, like, ask him to take me on some sort of swimming quest, or something. -- They have those, right?", Elora found herself rambling, her blush painted on her cheeks like a violent sun burn as she recalled their time frolicking with fisherman Pete. And no, not like that. She found herself nodding at Katoka's suggestion to relocated, since it proved a suitable distraction from her wandering thoughts. "Yeah, somewhere more private might not be a bad idea" "May
  5. "Calm down, Jack. I'm not gonna threaten you with it or anything! I just wanted to show you how pretty of a color it came out to be!", huffed Elora as she quickly sealed the potion bottle with a triangular cork to prevent any foul fumes from further lingering in the room. After all, Jackpot had gone out of his way and sacrificed an entire day to help her reach this moment. It would be kind of her to spare him from the aftermath of learning alchemy, especially since she couldn't currently offer him any other form of repayment. With feigned appreciation for Evangeline's assistance, the two
  6. ♪ Lost Souls ♪ "ELORA WHERE ARE YOU?!", she heard Katoka cry out as her body plunged into wintry darkness. "I'm here!", she tried to scream without respite. "Katoka - please - PLEASE HELP ME!", her mind raced as her lungs began to sting from the impending asphyxiation. Waves of panic rushed through every fiber of her being, sending clear visions through the static of her blurring sight. They were of...they were of her future -- a life that she would never experience, and a potential she would never be able to fulfill. She imagined it all: finally having the courage to become
  7. "Now", the woman commanded, "Show me the strength that you possess today, Elora"
  8. "Hold onto me! I don't want you falling off!" Elora had the best of intentions to follow her comrade's commands. Her legs, however, found it difficult to find traction against the slippery surface of the stallion's rear, which was saturated with the liquid that resembled the appearance of sullied oil. "Wait--!", she had just barely managed to call out to Katoka before a blue bolt of lighting crashed beside them, sending the horse rearing in fright. Elora flew from the steed's back, one of it's back hooves planting itself firmly into her torso as it brayed and sprinted up the mountain
  9. Elora shook her head, brushing off the suggestion of mounting one of the horses. "Horses are stubborn as all hell, and I'm not about to ride one after what it saw me do to the others. But someone else can...", her voice trailed off, Is there even anyone else left to save? Just then, a plea for help rang through the frigid air, practically responding to her realization the second that it crossed her mind. "You've gotta be fucking kidding me", she sighed as she teetered onto her feet, then broke into a half-hearted sprint, it was more like a sloppy jog, really, toward what was left of the player
  10. Elora wasn't sure how to process, well, whatever THIS was. It seemed to her like the doppleganger was going through some sort of existential tailspin. "Look, lady. I don't know what it is that you're going on about, but it seems like you've got some pretty deep-seeded emotional issues. Maybe you should try actually dealing with them instead of going on these philosophical tirades with strangers that you meet in swamps.", she shrugged nonchalantly, "Something about this whole facade seems pretty back-handed to me, like you don't really know how to deal with your issues head-on. You can't just g
  11. "I'm not saying any of this to put you down, but to make you aware of how much potential you have", it practically answered. "God, just shut up already. You sound like my mother", huffed Elora. The figure seemed to freeze in response to that. Had her accusation somehow disarmed it? "Are you...worried that you will become like her?" "What? No! I'm -- ", she hesitated, "I'm just -- tired of hearing that -- that I have 'potential'. That's all she'd ever tell me. I was never good enough for her, or for my father, just as I was. I always had to live up to the greatness of some s
  12. "You haven't --!", it interjected sternly, "Clearly the ghosts of your troubled past still haunt you." Her duplicate charged, intending to deal her more than just phycological damage. "You're callous, selfish, and reckless in your approaches -- ", its claims were curtailed by a dull thud as Elora lifted her staff to defend herself from the attack. "But -- that makes you fast on your feet --!" Elora shoved the creature backwards, causing it to stumble and stagger over a section of scattered crates. "Couldn't have said it better myself", scoffed Elora before she quickly found her own center
  13. "I'll show you a gentle approach!", barked Elora as she sprang up to attack the other woman. In a clumsy attempt to reclaim her spear, Elora stepped onto a loosened floorboard, sending the opposite end of the plank soaring into the air. The act held comedically perfect timing, as her counterpart's spear suddenly found itself lodged into the wood rather than its intended target. Swiftly scooping her weapon off of the ground, Elora pivoted around the obstruction and plunged its pristine point into the enemy's side. "I don't care who you are -- DON'T FUCK WITH ME!", she hissed in warning be
  14. Elora felt her muscles tense upon hearing her real name. It was the first time that anyone or anything had spoken it since she'd entered the game. How does it -- ?, before she had the chance to consider, her clone rushed forward, summoning a spear from beneath her charcoal-colored cloak to swipe at Elora. The weapon tore through the front of her corset, gashing Elora across her bodice with its sharpened tip. "Engh!", winced Elora as she reflexively released her staff to apply pressure to the wound. Where she'd expected to find blood, she instead found only a small stream of pixels. The p
  15. "Is this some sort of joke?", Elora huffed as her staff briefly loosened in her grip. "Why -- How do you know what I -- What are you -- ?" Each question curtailed as Elora's thoughts struggled to keep pace with her speech, "I don't understand" "I know that it's hard for you to translate all of your ideas into words", her counterpart chuckled comfortingly as her features began to morph to match Elora's current appearance. The figure's hair seemed to bleach as she sauntered into sunlight, inky shadows trickling away to reveal hidden light green hair and a set of long and slender elf-like ea
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