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  2. Tired of the games, Sai tightly gripped the handle of his blade with a strong determination, he quickly took action. Without missing a beat, the swordsman swung his sword, slicing through the «Boarlet». 'It felt smooth.. Like butter.. My attack landed!' As the blade of his sword exited the monster, he sheathed his weapon and heard the shattering of the «Boarlet». A window appeared before him with him obtaining the second boarlet tusk needed to complete his quest. He pumped his fist into the air and smiled toward the sky with the sun rays bathing his skin. 'Things are picking up! I just need to
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  4. Without hesitation, NIGHT dashed in, the only indicator of her vote being the small message notification that appeared in the corner of Koga's HUD. Right on his partner's heels, Koga followed. An explosion of sand at their feet sent Koga flying backwards, off his feet and into the sand, tumbling. The man spat the grit from his mouth as he got back to his feet and looked around. NIGHT fell back to ground nearby. "Shit, NIGHT, you good?!" Koga called as he tightened his grip on his weapon. As if in answer, the dragon reappeared, knocking NIGHT aside with his claws, before spinning arou
  5. After successfully making a potion it was time to head off to the complete the rest of the quest. With the newly transformed bottle of healing potion in her inventory Sera lingered at the door of the shop while she explained what brought her to his doorstep to begin with. Upon hearing that the mayor had loaned money to someone, but could not remember who, he laughed. "Leave it to Dorian to forget something so important," Zachariah's voice then turned to a more serious note, "No, I'm afraid it wasn't me that borrowed the col. You might try Lyle, the blacksmith. I've seen him talking with t
  6. Everything had been done precisely the way Zachariah had instructed. Three turns to the right, pause for 30 seconds, and then turn once to the right. During the interaction Sera found it hard to remember that the old man beside her was an NPC. For at least the second time during this adventure the average size women found herself marveled at the amount of detail that went into making this game - including the NPC's. Zachariah was so life-like in his interactions with her that it felt like she was engaging with a normal human being. As all the ingredients were added to the bottle it began
  7. This time, it was Zachariah’s turn to respond without hesitation. With a simple nodded the tools were placed back on the table and gentle smile spread across his wrinkled features. "Correct," He confirmed while turning away to grab the ingredients, "And now we continue on with making the potion. Picking the bottle and learning the tools are the first two, and easiest, steps. Now were going to move on the ingredients." The five materials that had been collected and then displayed where moved in front of her person. As the next sentence left his mouth Sera found herself beaming. "You've f
  8. For several seconds the old man eyed the young player. Technically, that answer had been correct; however, since it had come in the form a question Zachariah was unwilling to accept the correct answer. "I'm not sure," Zachariah spoke, uncertainly threaded in his voice, "Are they called that? You know I am an old man and can't remember too well." His purposefully confused gaze was now on the tools in his wither hands. Out of the corner of his eye the watched the young women hesitated at the question. Once this was out of the way they could move on the actual potion making, but this had to be do
  9. Distracted by the petals, she didn't notice the approaching figure. As her voice cut the serene silence, Hidden internally jumped as the high of the atmosphere faded in an instant. Her head quickly turned, violet eyes meeting the newcomers form. The person also adorned traditional attire, though not the same here. Dark hair and purple eyes were prominent in her facial features. A sense of familiarity rested with the woman. Standing from her crouched position, she found that they were similar in height. "Do you happen to know what this place might be? I must've fallen asleep and forgotten,
  10. "You're here. You're safe." A sharp inhale wavered before Elora broke into dissonant sobbing. She collapsed into him, clutching the folds of his cowl between the knuckles of her trembling fingers. Shoulders fell and rose sporadically as uneven breaths coursed through her diaphragm, and she succumbed to despair. "I - I - I -- was s-so scared", choked Elora as best she could, "T-there was -- so many people d-died -- I didn't know what to do - I t-tried to help, but then I -- I was pulled under, a-and --" Burying her head face into Freyd's shoulder, she struggled to snuff out the sounds of
  11. Hidden was lucky to have been in earshot when Shiina teleported, or Hidden would've lost her entirely. She only knew her name and wasn't going to pay someone to track her down. On the other hand, with the Untraceable mod, it would take some time for Shiina to find her to follow her around again. That would ruin her lead of proving that Raidou was still having random girls follow her around. At least with this one, she didn't have a scowl and a prejudiced attitude. Following through to Coral, it would only take her the time to track her familiar to find out where Shiina was again. She had
  12. With the bottle now picked it was time to move on to the next steps. Together the duo stood at the counter. While Zackariah proceeded to explain the tools at the table and what they were used for Sera was taking mental notes. There was a lot of information to take it; however, the young women had always been studious and excellent a retaining information. It was not different from the classes attended at higher education. Finally, the white-haired man placed down the last tool and peered at the new student expectantly. "Did you get that?" He question, voice bordering on stern. With
  13. The silence was deafening as it rang through the empty shop. Since being told that to find the right bottle based on a feeling - whatever that meant - the white-haired women had not moved. Wide-eyed and mouth slight agape Sera stared at the wall of bottles in utter confusion. Each bottle was identical to the one next to it. There was no special feeling that any bottle invoked, nor was there a bottle that caught the confused gaze. Zachariah must have sensed the confusion radiating off of her as she stared blankly at the wall because he placed a leathery hand on the slim shoulder. "You're
  14. Oh, how apt. Because the dragon was certainly in need of its own dramatic entrances -- very well, of course. NIGHT's first response to the sudden menace was to shoot forward, lunging for the upshot of sand from the very top of the dune she had managed to stand on, just as Tarek directed his camel towards the newfound battlefield. The window popped open, verifying her causes; she'd barely heard for Koga's speech in the aftermath of Avyss' introduction, slamming on the blue circle icon assuming it to close out her distractions. No clue what it meant, although the journal indicator at the co
  15. A world away, NIGHT was asleep, dreaming. Dreaming about a castle unreal, a courtyard too big, a starry midsummer's sky peppered with speckles of white and silver and gold. It was in the realm of unimportance that one was want to wake in a haze, dizzy, senses failing them each time they shifted to move and take an action. Feeling as though they didn't have any choice in where they were going, what they were meant to do. NIGHT had felt it, aware of not being in control, but at the same time she too was familiar of her failing lucidity. She stumbled from one of the rooms, a comforting warm
  16. With a calming breath, the deep blue armored player turned to face the nobleman, who by this point was barely getting to his feet. To all the onlookers still remaining on the perimeter of the battle area, it was clear to see the difference in power between the two. At this point the finely-clothed NPC was shaking in his boots, his weapon unsteady. His guards were defeated swiftly, and the faint wounds that they had left on the frontline player were healed before it seemed like even a moment had passed. "P-Please spare me! I-I'll give you whatever you want! What is it you desire?! Money! A
  17. The white locked old man invited the younger women around the shop counter. Sera maneuvered around the wooden surface and joined Zackariah on the opposite side of the counter. From this point of view, it felt like she was the owner of the shop, not the man standing beside her. For just a moment time seemed to freeze as a blank gaze was fixated on the players that walked by the door. Naturally, if one walked in Zackariah would answer the request but Sera silently asked herself if Zackariah would let her. Well, she never knew until she asked. As pink lips opened to the asked the question a warm,
  18. "Yes," Sera grinned, opening the menu, and proudly displaying the five items that were brought back for the potion master. Continuing to grin the young women waited for the praise that to come. After all, this quest had been hard work and one expected to be praised after hard work. Only, that praise never came. Zachariah simply examined the items with a watchful gaze and then placed them to the side one by one. Slowly, the frown that decorated beautiful features slowly started to sink and then a lip was jutted out. Well, at least she proud of herself. After the last item was placed to the side
  19. Vigilon managed to find another true building, styled similarly to the ones that had a unique enemy to face. Yeah, this had to be one of the remaining two places, there wasn't a lock to tell him no. The hall was lit by crystals, like the other buildings' halls were. He just walked through like he'd done this before...because he had. But a sight unlike what he was expecting awaited him when he entered the wide room. So he looked, and behold, a deceptively lovely figure with white, leather wings, sitting comfortably on a throne of jewels and silk. The whip in her hand was called S
  20. Along the way to the next actual building, Vigilon ended up walking into the aggro range of a blood beast and two metal swarms. He was able to tell the moment the blood beast screeched. He quickly drew his sword, and realized that the sound had caught the attention of other blood beasts...oh, no...they were now heading in Vigilon's direction. Vigilon started by using an area of effect attack to get rid of the initial three enemies, thus the arriving three blood beasts would be the last of this little squabble. Vigilon was struck several times, these freaks knew how to make rapid strikes a
  21. Vigilon took a moment to rest and regenerate his HP, then he continued to wander the area in search of the next foe. Then he remembered how easy it was to get lost in this labyrinth...then again, it might be even easier to get lost in worse labyrinths...this should be nothing...right? Heck, it didn't even look like a labyrinth! It was like some kind of "empty" city of sorts, with strange formations of stone and metal being in place of the buildings, and the place was crawling with monsters that could inflict actual pain! It was by dwelling on this fact that got Vigilon to start reeva
  22. Vigilon walked outside, and the voice in his mind continued to speak, wondering if someone was truly there. What was waiting for Vigilon outside, however, just so happened to be another monster of the isle, one he had yet to see. He walked outside to see a screeching figure that looked like a skinny bipedal creature with sharp, bleeding teeth and claws as well as a single burning eye in what appeared to be its head, and the creature itself looked like it was made of frozen blood. Well, shit. Vigilon drew his sword immediately, and took a defensive position. The creature le
  23. Was the voice even hearing him? It seemed to be within his head, yet he couldn't see a single being...he sure felt something, though...but what exactly? Vigilon looked towards the throne of bones, which crumbled into nothing, revealing a single large red crystal. He walked over and took it. "I... where... hm? Someone's there?" The voice asked. "Hello? Hello is anyone there? Where are you? Who are you?" Vigilon was very confused. "I'm...right here? can you hear me?" He asked as he looked around for the mysterious speaker. There was no one to be seen. "I feel lik
  24. Nearly skipping with delight Sera made her way back to town to turn in the materials for the quest and learn to make a potion. Wandering back through the gateway a beeline was made toward the little shop. It didn't take long to locate. Finding the familiar solid oak door a gloved hand pushed and it swung open. In wonderment the young women entered the shop to find none other than Zackariah - who was doing the same action as when she left; which was making potion. This potion was a florescent yellow unlike the previous one. Seeing Zackariah's eyebrows knitted together in concentration Sera sile
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  26. The «Boarlet» oinked at the player and he slowly became more irritated from hearing the sound escape from the monster. 'Tch.. I can't believe I am letting something like this get to me.. I can't be the strongest player if I am going to let this affect me..' Although the player was trying to keep a leveled head, he was slowly becoming more impatient as the time went by. He gripped the handle of his blade as tight as possible and glared at the «Boarlet» and took a quick breath and attempted to stab the «Boarlet» once again, but his blade could not connect with the monster and it quickly retreate
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