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  2. Walking in the door after a long day. The day however was still young. Rounding about 5 PM and Gaius wasn't even home yet. Walking to the kitchen, she grabs some juice and pours it into a cup she grabs. Leaning against the counter and taking a sip. Setting the cup on the counter, she opens her HUD deciding that this day was not going to be over yet. She wanted a slight challenge, but something that would help the guild out slightly.Sending a message through the guild chat saying, To: Guild Chat From: Freya Going on a double quest up to end the day
  3. Rank 5 Appraiser (Base: BD 10, CD 8+ for unique, 10 identifications per day) +1 to CD from Hermes’ Scale +2 EXP: Hard Working (also +1 IDs per day) +2 EXP: Lucrative (Firm Anima) (also +2 IDs per day) +1 EXP: Custom Ambition Tool (bought from own shop 2020-07-16) Consuming: Crafting Respite [173258] Witch's Brew: none Identifications: 5x T4 Perfect Items (@3040 col) = 15200 col +75000 col for re-rolls. (5 * 15,000 for 4 rerolls apiece) +16000 for one 5th reroll Total Cost: XX col Junking: ?x T4 Perfect Item (@1900) = XX col Total Value of
  4. "Doubt is the doorway to understand: recognition of that limits can be breached and the unknown beyond explored." Freyd's expression was flat. He was falling into his machine self, cunning and clinical all at once - ruthlessly practical in all things. Watching her refusal accept Zackariah's reward, a notion came to him. "You choose not to choose on the grounds that it will bias the outcome of fate's design, but that act is a choice in and of itself." A flaw, unexpectedly exposed. A contradiction that could only be excused as an act of blind faith - something the Whisper could never accep
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  6. Violet sat there as he explained his initial intentions for the book, and how he'd sold it for a price, only for the information to be misused despite his intentions. Her expression immediately softened when she heard that. It was still heartbreaking how people were forced to suffer in this world, without food, without a home... At least his had a somewhat happy ending. "At least you aren't in that situation now, it seems. I know alot of people that would pay good money for information on dangerous guilds..." She commented, looking up at him. "You did what you felt was necessary, you can't hel
  7. Baldur, clad in a blue and white toque, sat on a log by the warm fire with Lessa, the both of them wearing thick woolen mittens some kind lady had forced them to wear before handing them large cups of hot chocolate. They hadn't been here long. In fact, the two of them had been enjoying one of their semi-regular long walks through the fourth floor when they found the out of place lantern. When they had been pulled into the phased instance, the fire and the hot chocolate had been more in their wheelhouse than a quest. The two sat shoulder to shoulder on the log, glowing slightly with the amber l
  8. "Hm?" His eyelids slowly opened as the light of day greeted his dark blue irises, forcing Calrex to squint for a moment before fully opening his eyes. He had gotten a notification in his menu that had awoken him from his brief nap within the room set aside for him and Teayre within Baldur's estate. After spending some time exploring the floors and trying to come to terms with the changes in Aincrad's system, the Ultramarine Knight had felt mentally and virtually burned out. The past few days was the laziest he had been in quite some time, back to the early days before he even decided to l
  9. Children wander They get lost and soon enough the forest devours them or was it the forest? Perhaps something... someone out there Will there be someone to stop this? or will they also be a fine addition to the collection? The mire of Floor 18 was always unpleasant to the less adventurous players of Aincrad, no one can blame them, not even [censored]. This also rings true to its inhabitants, be it Eriwald or Serpent's Pitch. Aside from the annoying to harsh nature of the floor, monsters also lurked on areas where one wanders aimlessly. One wrong turn can cost a player
  10. "Oh, uh," Shit. Koga hadn't realized he'd spoken out loud. "I-it's nothing," he quickly stammered out, passing over his stray thoughts as quickly as possible. Silence followed after again, just as awkward as before. Perhaps more so. Thankfully, Kasumi spoke up, asking a question Koga realized he didn't have an answer to. "When I get out of here?" Koga repeated, as if perplexed by the question itself. He crossed his arms and drew his eyes to the ceiling as he tried to piece together some sort satisfactory response. "I'll be honest, I've never really though about it," he replies after
  11. Standing at the stove, attempting the eggs again. She would eventually get them right. Rounding about 7 am, today was the day. A day to relax and have fun. Eruda knew that the storm would hit soon and she just wanted a chance to have a day where she didn't have to worry about anything. A day full of new experiences, things that she doesn't know how to do or haven't gotten a chance to learn yet. Starting with these eggs, as the white turns from a liquid to a solid she flips them. Letting it sit just a little longer on the heat before placing them on a plate. She put a little bit of salt on the
  12. "I'm much rather concern of seeing a rat act almost that good-" Crozeph chimed in out of nowhere, appearing from behind a wall and slumping on the floor as if he was tired of exploring Ariel's place "and it's living under or near a settlement, that's something no creatures lurking or prowling outside a settlement can do" he told them. The bazaar, children who were too cautious, the talks of infestation, and the nobles not liking him. Well that last part was clearly a Crozeph thing and he didn't want to bring that up, after all, he insulted a noble who was a bit more scrawny than him. He r
  13. "I did, I had no idea what it was being used for. Despite my suspicions, I was alone in this place for what felt like ages. The one thing I was good at was gathering information, and I needed to eat." He slides through page after page. "I am not proud of it, and as soon I was made aware of how it was being used, I left it behind me. Even still, there are so many that seek what I carry in here, and its existence works to disarm others from repeating my mistakes. Hard work is only necessary when there isn't such a readily quicker path available. Through it, I become a target, but it solves the i
  14. Violet was still shaking slightly, but managed to pull herself together enough to pay attention to what Raidou was saying regarding his little book, though his apology unfortunately went unheard. Her mind had tuned it out in favor of trying to latch on to something, anything other than what happened to Declan. "I-information..?" she whispered, a confused look crossing her face. "I-is it just about other players, or is it about quests and stuff? Or guilds?" She didn't look over at the small book, instead averting her gaze. It would have been rude to look unless prompted by the boy to do so.
  15. Baldur was pleased to see Lessa show up, and even more so when she came and sat beside him. His eyes never waivered from whomever was talking, but as she sat down, he leaded over and bumped her shoulder lightly with his, acknowledging intimately that he was pleased to see her. Then he waited until there was a lull in the conversation, "Unfortunately, I feel like speculating on the canons is going to be mostly wasted time until we get in there and see. Undoubtedly they will factor in, but it doesn't tell us anything useful about the fight. We will probably need people to man the canons, bu
  16. 10/26/21 (Witches Brew [Remaining: 2] & Draught of Seer Used) T4 Perfect Weapon #198559c ID:198559c (T4/Weapon/Perfect) BD: CD: LD: 199327 6 7 7 Bleed/Paralyze 199328 2 5 4 Taunt/Keen 199329 10 5 8 Bleed/Paralyze Reroll #1 - Slot #1 Reroll
  17. While waiting for an answer to his question, he kept an eye on the entrance before them. There didn't seem to be anything coming out for them, but that just meant that they still haven't entered it's territory. Once inside, they wouldn't have too hard of a time. Both Freyd and Hirru had done their fair share of dungeons, especially using the hunter's certain chance luck to find any dungeon, at any time. If only he didn't have to constantly buy more buffs for it to be fruitful. Were there other ways to work around that?, he thought. He was starting to figure out the boosts that Baldur's
  18. That same coy expression, unfazed by the notion, without even an attempt at concealing it. "What a simple shade to become, doubt leaves one's mind closed." she eyes Pete, still working to patch up some fishing pole that had been damaged. "Perchance, it will be. But I care naught of any chains, any given affairs. If I seek it, it will be of my own volition and not the decree of some falsehood or figment. I see no value in gains given." A handful of boar tusks still ripe in her palm, she ushers into the thoroughfare to the sound of a beating hammer. Casting the bones from the slain upon the top
  19. "Did you forget something?" Kasumi quips, struggling to keep that sentence together. It could have been that she had taken him away from something important with all of her nonsense. The girl hoped not, but it could have been the case. Fiddling with her hands a bit, just the sense of an almost uncomfortable silence between them. The blossom was completely at a loss of what to do or say, frazzled by the situation. Despite it, she was slightly happy, all things considered. Hands, fingertips sliding together and apart, and she was fixated on the action. A sudden realization causes her eyes to wid
  20. Rosa patted her dear friend on the head, a sigh escaping her throat. "Sorry kiddo, I'll get ahold o' an artisan later and make you a new one, better than this old thing!" She said kindly, a wry grin on her face. "'sides, you'll probably like it better than this one. A nice one carved outta darksteel and platinum, with a nice glass overlay~ Mahogany and teak pieces, with hand-painted kanji. Would that suit the 'lil hime? Weeeeeelll?" Violet elbowed the older woman, a bright red blush on her face. It was like dealing with an older sibling 24/7 when Rosa was around. "W-w-wait, cut it out! Are you
  21. Flipping through the pages, he tore out a page. "I'm sorry for your loss." There was an obvious expression of sorrow, pained, upon his rather generic, boyish looking face. Raidou balls the piece up, lowering its durability quite considerably in an instant, before tossing it out into the field of flowers and seeing it destroyed. The topic was bitter, something that Mina clearly didn't want to drudge up. He'd switch that scope inward. "Mine, is this book." He remarked looking through the pages, catching on his peripheral a shutter as a familiar played nest atop his hair. To another page, ri
  22. To Hirru's question, the blonde crossed her hands and closed her eyes as her brows furrowed in thought. She remembered farming a few of them before the update and... purchasing the rest? or at least that was the faint memory she managed to pull. Walking inside someone's shop for the usual consumables then noticing maps on display as well. "I think I bought it from another player? she asked herself more than anyone in particular. I remember getting drops on floor 10 but since they're all the same now I can't tell you for sure." she added, her posture changing again as she looked around. S
  23. It was rather small, whatever this thing was. He had been around the tenth floor only a few times for a quest or two, and had seen the skeletal mobs and NPC. * this guy, was not like any of them. His clothes were not tattered and he seemed to speak rather fluently, if not lazily. It didn't seem like this thing was any harm to them, at least, not for now. Hirru still didn't like that it was so close to him, so he backed away from it. It seemed to grin more than it's skeletal form would allow, when Freyd complimented him. "* thanks. it's so hard to find some fun people to hang with."
  24. Koga wasn't sure whether or not he should pity the poor player, or burst out laughing as NIGHT wallowed in shame in her grave of sand, the storm slowly burying her. He kind of just stood there and waited, doing his best to suppress a laugh. It wasn't until a brief respite from the gravedigging storm that NIGHT finally recovered enough from her embarrassment to stand up and address Tarek. "Well, since the poor beast is dead, we must search for his hoard on our own," Tarek says before turning around and making a show of looking around, whilst shielding his eyes from the dust. A loud crackin
  25. It had only just registered to her that they'd failed the mission objective once the interface at the corner of her eye was marked out with a strikethrough on their task. And she laid there, uncomfortably, waiting for the winds of the sandstorm to die down just as she heard Koga's rampant scampering towards her location, with orders for her to rise up from her mistake. "Leave me here," she'd managed to muffle out, after pulling down the hood of her cloak over her head, sheltering her cavity from dust and sand alike. Still flat upon the dune, she curled up even further, regret at the foref
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