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  2. set to the back of the room, night was quiet, huddled with the other nobles, her eyes set to the floor. there was a lot more space below deck than she'd first thought, once she saw the servants collected beside her; they were made to stand rather than kneel, in lieu of the number of attendants. the rabble were trading concerns over hushed whispers, with the occasional bark from one of their captors for them to shut up. it helped that night hadn't made a sound, then -- instead of listening, her attention was focused, wrangling the ropes locking her wrists together. soon, she was able
  3. The ginger would pick himself back up to his feet, watching as the blade that had been thrown from his hands disappeared in a flash of white, returning it to his inventory. Shortly after attempts were made to take down the pirate captain and his crew, only diminishing his patience even more, the Captain Xandis of the Duchess would emerge and speak with Loughran themselves. It seemed the only option that Daemon was given was to turn the ship, the crew, and their own being over to the pirate crew. If they obliged, the players could get out of here easily.. but could they truly make that de
  4. The Pirate master scoffed at the petite, blonde girl's question. "What did Daemon do to me, she asks.." he says to himself before ejecting his arms outwards to either side. "THIS is what Daemon TOOK from me." The pirate continues to scan his surroundings, not looking at the players, or the staff, but the ship itself with a disgusted scowl locked on his face. "They stole my ship, right out of the dock, and turned it into this.. This prudish cruise for the wealthy upper class." that disdain still ringing in their voice, he would spit upon the wooden floorboards at his feet. "Abandoned my
  5. so did demian too, it seemed, because the moment the other had over taken him, so too did he push himself into a relative gear. if it was endurance, he had it. speed; he had that too. but a stopping point, that matched up to the other player... that, he wasn't so sure about. so he skid and stopped his jog after a certain point, once the mountain leveled out even. his breath was ragged, gaze to the floor – no pressure, trying to fit in to an audience of one, who was already a little stranger than he was. he watched the player skid, too; she slipped, while
  6. – and hook, line, sinker; the chef appeared to be agitated with her read of his brow. now came the challenge -- the sounds of shuffled feet, despite their lazy and distress-ridden implication, only grew louder, melting into the cacophony of proper footsteps from brisk walking, before one of them decided to break out into a run. night pushed herself to follow suit, distraught and annoyed at the other's apparent willingness to follow suit. because that didn't feel right. was this the reason why her better half was fond of the man? any usual player would've stopped at brisk wa
  7. sorry? was there someone else there? admittedly, it hadn't occurred for him to be bothered by other players, who were headed the same way he was. in fact, that clearly seemed like a normal things players would do, and never mind. yet, for some strange reason, with the eyes he felt upon his back, he had the strangest suspicion that he was being tailed. ... on purpose? when the woman snapped her head away, her walking pace accelerated, demian turned his to verify his assumptions. he figured himself wrong about the intent. and when his gaze returned to the road, he noticed the othe
  8. So much for having a good time on this trip. As fate would have it, this was yet another time where Astralin had come expecting a moment of peace and happiness, but instead war came knocking on the door. As the pirates landed on the ship, they began doing what pirates do. Plunder. There were a lot of things that Astralin did not expect whatsoever, and they all happened so fast. First unexpected thing, Nari would respond to the threat of being tied up the way most people...wouldn't. "Nari???" Astralin exclaimed with a hand nearly over her mouth. Was Nari taunting the pirate, or was s
  9. unfortunate that the lone nibblet was her only respite between occurrences; what she hadn't expected, however, was the sudden ambush. and from the way her companion reacted, it seemed as though it hadn't been planned for their meeting, either. which was a frustrating reveal. night had pulled open the interface just as the leader of the invaders had been pre-ambling, only to pull her hand away from typing when her shadow had stopped her, and the eyes from their system audience had been too much to bear. the resting palm on the back of her hand quickly shifted into a hard grip, that pulled
  10. All at once, almost too fast for anyone to really comprehend, the peace and serenity that came with this gala in the sky fell into utter chaos as unknown attackers began to close in on the Duchess from all sides. As one of the anchoring shots of a harpoon pierced through the wooden deck of the ship just mere meters from where she stood, the shock and scattering of tiny pieces of wood sent her crashing into the ground. Shooting a glance up into the cloudy sky, through strands of hair that had come loose and fallen in front of her face, Jevi watched the four, ray shaped airships settle into
  11. The Jewel Shines in the Light ID# ID# ID#
  12. Her hand clutched his, and in it, Lessa found balance in both the literal and figurative sense. Later, she'd look back on that moment and ruminate on the fact that they were holding hands. But in that split second, she simply squeezed, steadying herself against the sudden attack. With a pang of regret, she let his hand slip away as he confidently summoned his weapon, drew it, and strode forward. Jomei was one of Aincrad's most powerful players - surely, he'd surpassed her over the years - and she had complete faith in him. Whatever this random encounter was, she could think of no better c
  13. The booming of something in the distance caught Nari's attention, drawing her eyes away from the party on the main deck of the airship. She was certain the sound had come from above, and ever so slightly behind the ship itself - somewhere in the clouds distant - and yet, she couldn't see anything beyond the cloud cover. Odd, I could've sworn...must be imagining things. The thought passed through her mind, right as something came striding through the sky. Nari watched in slow motion as the thing - Is that an anchor? - slammed into the Duchess. Almost immediately, the rope was pulled taunt
  14. Freedom was an inner ideology that Yona had for herself. The problem was, not everyone was worthy to use freedom in her eyes...such as disruptive people who were far, far more chaotic than her. And those who disrupt her personal freedom, do so at their own peril. She hadn't even finished her wine halfway when something sounded wrong. What sounded like the shot of a cannon boomed in the distance. The moment the sounds of destruction arrived, agitation and aggravation filled Yona. "You have got to be f**king kidding me!" She exclaimed as she struck her wineglass against the surface, to
  15. The smile Jomei wore as he spoke with Lessa, the two moving towards an open table so they could enjoy their small meal without the need to walk around, suddenly faded as he heard what he could have sworn was cannon fire off in the distance. Was it the sound of continuous fighting between what remained of Landonain forces and the Galteans? Before he could think any further on it, the front of the ship erupted in small splinters of wood. More cannon balls crashed into the ship, the damage causing the ship to slowly tilt into a dive. His eyes began searching the skies for their attackers, while a
  16. Act 3R: A Change of Plans | Twilight The players continue to enjoy a night of peace and relaxation upon the deck of the sky ship, as it sails upwards out of the city's airspace and closer to the clouds above - once white and whispy, now dark without the sun's light reflecting off of them. Below the deck, doors swing open as multiple servers emerge holding large trays in their hands. This train of NPCs continues through the lower deck, up the stairs, and to the read end of the ship, where they would begin to set up stations for the party-goers to choose and enjoy their main course for the
  17. (Please disregard the horns, tail, and ears until such a time that Squishy acquires an item capable of making him have them) Profile: Username: Squi Hikari Real name: Squishy Kurai Age: 19 Gender: Male (Femboy, details below) Height: 5'2" Background: Squishy was born to a couple of goat farmers deep in rural Japan. His mother and father were of... an interesting sort. They had already had 3 boys before Squishy and his mother wanted nothing more than to have a little girl. Perhaps they would have kept trying for one after Squishy was born... but Squi would be the final
  18. **About me!** -Name: Kage/Hikari/Squishy -Age: 24 -RP Experience: 18 Years! I started on the Warriorcats forum at 6 years old. At one point in time I couldn't even comprehend the idea of roleplaying anything other than my OC, Blazepelt. From there I discovered the "Off-Topic" forum and a little roleplay titled "Soul Takers"! After spending years and years there I discovered Geeking and spent another few years there in a high school roleplay and another roleplay titled "Halcyon City". Since then I've fallen away from constructed RP and just been doing stuff on Discord and Twitter randoml
  19. “You should be a bit more selfish,” Kagami said. “The bounty rewards that us travelers receive are already increased… And we know the risks so no one owes anyone anything that isn’t already contracted.” It was a pointless statement to make. A redundant one at that. Kagami was already prepared for Mama Fahri to talk about how the kindness that they have received should be reciprocated in greater kindness. That lecture never came. Mama Fahri forced out a hearty laugh. “Hahahaha, maybe I should but not before the sun returns.” The silence crept back in between the two as neither of them want
  20. What have I missed here?

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  21. The puzzle clearly gave Cro a shock. something really intricate inside a labyrinth. Whoever was in charge of development probably sneaked in something like this in the future should players dabble their curiosity with exploration. Back he wasn't a hamster trapped in a game, he played this game. The very game where people gave him a disgusted look not by how good he was... it was because without a timer he was stalling the game far too long. He can't be that overly defensive player this time or they'll be stuck here forever. Crozeph squeezed himself in and made his way to the knight.
  22. A deep breathe one to calm the nerves as she sets her gaze to look towards the sky having missed the ship due to news taking quite awhile to reach her little place of solace and escapism from the entire world. Though it would be nice to see how things have shaped and what have become of the people she once talked to and became friends with for the most part. Time has laid waste to most of the connections she could only assume as it seems like most Aincrad has this way to act like waves along the beach. People come and ago with the tides with some never returning to the sea to welcome themselve
  23. Please read before entering/reading thread, thank you. Vigilon woke up, but something felt different. "Hrmm...did I sleep wrong...? Did I...sleep in my equipment again?" Vigilon would walk then over to the makeshift mirror on the wall of his living space, to see if he'd indeed accidentally slept in his gear again. Unfortunately for him, this was not the case. Vigilon's eyes widened as what was seen in the mirror was...different. Was his eyesight betraying him? He then moved his hands towards the feeling that was off, what seemed to be extra mass, and- wait, something was the
  24. She was just playing along with the joke, of course. He had teased her first, and she had followed up, both calling out 'deal breakers' as if they were actually trying to pursue a relationship. The way it so easily left her lips, a quick glance at the expression on her face spelled out that she was just as surprised about it as he was. He laughed, of course, it was a humorous remark after all (and he knew that letting silence hang would only worsen their slight embarrassment) Lucky for him, the long strands of ginger that fell in front of the side of his face so naturally allowed his smile to
  25. After Jomei's shrimp-related admission, Lessa added a snort of her own. "You can't eat fifty shrimp in one sitting?" Feigning disappointment, she shook her head, then heaved a great sigh. "I'm afraid that's a deal breaker for me. I simply cannot entertain the notion of being with a man who cannot eat fifty shrimp." The words left her mouth before her mind could register them, and she felt a blush climbing her neck. It spread across her cheeks like unfurling flower petals, and she ducked her head to hide the tell-tale embarrassment. Maybe it won't mean anything to him, she thought on a note of
  26. PH Resource tracker: Purchasing: Halloween Favor x2(50+50=100 Seeds), Cluster of Stars(20 Seeds), Nametag(10 Seeds) Remaining Seeds: 4 Tag Milestone Rewards: 1: [T4]Halloween Candy(DMG) x3 3: Reroll Ticket x3
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