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  2. The blonde's lack of familiarity with the 7th floor could be seen as soon as get got to there. Pulling her HUD and using it for reference even inside the main settlement. Last time she was here, she finished a quest involving... snakes? with wings?, the blonde's memory was fuzzy as it was during the period when she was in a haste to level up. She'd take any quest and finish them one after another with little regard towards the lore behind it. Her sole purpose back then was to follow in her guild master's footsteps and join the frontlines. Nowadays however, she had found her balance and was tak
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  4. [04/21/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [4/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  5. Randal and his company chatted about the things that they did in recent memory, the high-level players discussed front-line raids while Randal paid close attention, hoping to glean some sort of insight, and finding it incredibly interesting all at the same time. Eventually the cart reached the mountain and the party alighted from the cart. They moved through the jungle, frequently checking the map for directions and notable landmarks. With the prowess of Night and Ariel combined, very few troublesome opponents appeared, more so since Randal himself could dispatch any enemies that were unl
  6. Her gaze followed towards the mountain, trying to see if maybe she remembered something that would help with their quest. Nothing clicked so far so she leaned back and enjoyed the journey in the meanwhile. She slightly tilted her head, thinking 'Iwa?'' when she saw the new familiar. She'd meet a bunch of others, in different shapes and sizes but she couldn't say she'd ever heard of a rock pet. "I guess there are all kinds of'em." she muttered more to herself than wanting to make a point. She still found it interesting and fixed her gaze at it until Night mentioned the raid. There was a sl
  7. "Don't be fooled - I was raised in hell." "Or maybe, I raised hell itself." ♦ Oz "All it takes is a spark to ignite my bad intentions." NAME: Bellamy Tressler GENDER: Male AGE: Twenty-seven-ish HEIGHT: 6 foot WEIGHT: Lol BIRTHDAY: March 8th BACKGROUND Look at you, snooping. Figures you'd come to an info broker's profile for details. Y
  8. If Daemien's mobile shop was Aincrad's best example of minimalism, Cintamani was the opposite. Bahr had taken notice of its arrival when he started catching alluring whiffs of freshly brewed coffee on his way to the Crusty Bahrnacle. More than once he'd found himself wanting to take a look around inside, but never really felt like he'd had the time. Today, he'd resolved to leave his residence extra early, just so he could afford to swing by and grab a brew on the way to work. And boy, was he happy that he had. In some ways, the shop reminded him of his own. Rich colors, quality handc
  9. It was... a campfire. Just a campfire. Not a giant to-do like Bahr had become so accustomed to with next door neighbor's shop. But as he and Oscar weren't seeing eye to eye at the moment, Bahr saw it fit to search for his meals elsewhere. It just so happened that he found just such a place, albeit on accident, off the beaten path and hidden away in a busty thicket. It was the smoke that had made him curious, the smell that had beckoned him closer, and finally the revealed arrangement beyond the row of bushes that left him gaping in awe that the surprisingly mobile business the young man h
  10. Her combat boot collided violently with the surface of the soot covered rock beneath her with a thud, sending dust flying up beneath her. She could hear it, the scraping of mechanical parts and the whirring of the cogs. Prey. Her fingers wiggled impatiently beside her, an outlet for the excess energy rushing through her. The calm before the fight was always the best and worst part. Every detail seemed to enhance, every noise was twice as loud as before. Scarlet lightning crashed through the air behind her as her restless hand finally wrapped around the woven grip of her katana. "You ready for
  11. Randal turned to look at the names listed at the corner of his HUD while she spoke to him. Hakai was an interesting name if anything. “I am trying to improve myself. I have been levelling on the lower floors for some time now, taking on simple quests to build myself up but I have never tried to venture much higher than that. Recently, a new burning hope to change that appeared in me.” Randal said seriously. “What about you…Hakai, where is your name from?” Randal asked curiously. Right now Randal and Hakai were headed towards the Florenthia’s Guard to find a man named Se
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  13. Battle Action: Astreya uses SA: Straight @ Pyre Vulture 2! ID: #189698 BD: 7 (Hit! 40 Damage! Pyre Vulture Defeated!) MD: 2 (Unneeded defeated) (+198 Col) Pyre Vulture 2 Loot: ID: #189699 CD: 4 (+132 Col) LD: 7 (+2 Materials) Uncommon Consumable (Unidentified) Astreya: HP: 188/200 | EN: 20/40 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 30 | Regen: 2 | ACC: 3 | Thorns: 18 Lightning CD: 1/2 Backrush CD: 2/2 Straight CD: 0/1
  14. Battle Action: Astreya uses SA: Lightning @ Pyre Vulture 2! ID: #189697 BD: 4+3=7 (Hit! 8*7 = 56 Damage! Stun! MD: 9 (Stunned) Astreya: HP: 186/200 | EN: 19/40 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 30 | Regen: 2 | ACC: 3 | Thorns: 18 Lightning CD: 0/2 Backrush CD: 1/2 Pyre Vulture: HP: 29 | DMG: 66
  15. Battle Action: Astreya uses SA: Backrush @ Pyre Vulture 2! ID: #189696 BD: 9 (Crit! ((8+1)*8 = 72 Damage!) MD: 6 (Hit! 66 - 30 = 36 Damage dealt! 18 Thorns damage taken!) Astreya: HP: 184/200 | EN: 27/40 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 30 | Regen: 2 | ACC: 3 | Thorns: 18 Lightning CD: 2/2 Straight CD: 1/1 Backrush CD: 0/2 Pyre Vulture: HP: 85 | DMG: 66
  16. Battle Action: Astreya uses SA: Straight @ Pyre Vulture 2! ID: #189695 BD: 9 (Crit! ((8+1)*5) = 45 Damage! MD: 3 (Miss!) Astreya: HP: 220 | EN: 34/40 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 30 | Regen: 2 | ACC: 3 | Thorns: 18 Lightning CD: 1/2 Straight CD: 0/1 Pyre Vulture: HP: 175 | DMG: 66
  17. Quest Info Stats: It was dark and gloomy, but that wasnt saying much for the fourteenth floor. This place never changed, it was static in its depressive nature. It would be a stretch to say that Hakai liked this floor, but more often than not the atmosphere matched her general mood. It seemed her sour aggressively sarcastic personality tended to push others away from her, so as usual she was alone. Once again, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that Hakai liked being alone, but more often than not that was how she ended up. She had only really gotten close to one person in this
  18. Battle Action: Astreya uses Lightning against Pyre Vulture! ID: #189694 BD: 1 (Crit Fail!) MD: 2 (Fail!) Astreya: HP: 220 | EN: 38/40 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 30 | Regen: 2 | ACC: 3 | Thorns: 18 Lightning CD: 0/2 Pyre Vulture: HP: 220 | DMG: 66
  19. Gathering Check: ID: #189693 LD: 18 (Success! +1 Material) Astreya takes a peek into the caldera cave
  20. Familiar Finding Check (DC: 9) ID# 189692 LD: 5 (Failure! DC reduced to 6) Finds a cave.
  21. Gathering Check: ID: #189691 LD: 20 (Success! +1 Material) Astreya searches for a way out
  22. Treasure Chest Check: ID: #189690 LD: 9 (Fail. Neber eber) Astreya realizes she's at the edge of a caldera
  23. Gathering Check: ID: #189689 LD: 9 (Failure) Astreya has a fumble and falls.
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