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    [F2-PP] Fragrance in bittersweet nostalgia

    Violet raised an eyebrow at his comment on songs, wondering idly where he was going with that until he made a gesture for her to put her menu away for now. A few moments later his intentions became clear, as a bottle of what appeared to be Sake appeared in his hand. "Mmm.. so you prefer bitter to sweet or spicy... good choice, honestly." she downed her mug quickly, sending the unused one back to her inventory as the one she'd finished started to crack and splinter as its durability ran out. The durability on the bottle was about halfway gone, so she immediately stowed it away. Better to play it safer than sorry with food items. the sound of tinkling glass indicated the mug shattering into gleaming blue fractals, dancing in the evening breeze. She gently picked up the apothecary vial, raising an eyebrow at the unorthodox usage of the potions tool. Violet quietly drank from the vial as Raidou began to wax poetry, the soft timbre of his voice providing a calming feeling to accompany the elegantly crafted speech. "Someone a fan of poetry?" she mused, a faint smile toying around her mouth. "Let me think for a sec... Ah, there we go.. here's one of my favorites. 'If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain' -Emily Dickinson." The brief poem was one of her favorites, and a bit of a motto for her to live by. Even if she couldn't go back to her old self, she could certainly go about helping others with her words and actions. She took another drink from the vial, this time savoring the soft burn of the bitter liquid. She opened her menu again, this time pulling a square board from her inventory, lined with 32 intricately carved pieces. She gave raidou a wry grin. "Say, dear wanderer, you wouldn't happen to enjoy playing chess, would you?" she asked, tilting her head. "If you do, would you indulge me, and play a game of it with me? I may not be much of a challenge, but I do enjoy a good match when I can get one, and you seem rather smart."
  3. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [OP-F22-GUILD] A Possible Reckoning

    Freyd watched and listened as everyone said their peace, his motives concealed behind thin, spider-like fingertips pressed lightly before his face. His eyes flicked from speaker to speaker, and then to the crowd to gauge reactions. Firm Anima had never faced a situation like this, and he meant to assess their responses. Much was revealed in how the scene had played out. Factions and loyalties, opinions and emotions, all had spilled out on the floor. Red eyes watched and scrutinized, scanning the crowd to observe specific reactions. It was a part of his role that he'd never before had a change to explore. Curious. 'There are fault lines, but no full fractures have resulted,' Freyd assessed, in his own mind. 'Good. But weaving this back into unity will not be easy. Bringing ChaseR back into the fold will be even harder.' I just hope it's worth it. 'It is,' he thought, though the ream of doubts and negative potential outcomes was long. Assembling a group of misfits was one thing. Weaving them into something effective took far more careful planning, and sometimes risks. *** Player Post #1 Post #2 Post #3 Post #4 Notes: Freyd 1 18 31 48 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Eruda 2 23 36 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Aquan 3 25 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Elora 4 26 34 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Katoka 5 27 32 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Setsuna 6 22 39 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Grimm Reaper 7 20 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Valentine 8 30 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Sam 9 29 35 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Shiina 10 43 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Asmura 11 24 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Gaius 12 33 41 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Simmone 13 47 - No reward (did not meet post minimum) Kiluia 14 19 38 44 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Freya 15 42 46 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Haine 16 21 40 45 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event) Raidou 17 28 37 - 2 SP (Met min. 3 posts + 1 for event)
  4. Raidou recovers 93 via Battle Healing PH Post Action: Triggering [Light] ID# 181486 results: Loot: 10 LD TOTAL [LIGHT]: 85/100 Shield | HP: 1805/1985 | EN: 129/176 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 260 | HB: 72 | VO: 180 | VD: 90 | LD: 8 | PRLYZ | DoT: -50%, 1 HIT, -25% AFTER | DoT: -27 | Dote: 3 | Oxidant | BURNS: -50% | TAUNT | THRNS: 30 | EN REGEN: 3 | BH: 114 | KEEN: 1 | KEEN | PARRY | [PARRY: --/2] Raidou | HP: 1783/1870 | EN: 150/166 | DMG: 6 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 7 | MIT: 216 | VO: 280 | TAUNT | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: - 27 | LD: 8 | BH: 93 | EN REGEN: 3 | VENGEFUL RIPOSTE | [PARRY: --/2] | [VENGEFUL RIPOSTE: --/3] Haine | HP: 1369/1590 | EN: 110/138 | DMG: 27 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 79 | HLY: 6 | BRN: 36 | VO: 159 | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | LD: 3 | BH: 79 | EN REGEN: 3 | [HYPERACTIVE (CD): 1/3] Baldur | HP: 1432/1650 | EN: 132/144 | DMG: 28 (+3: 1/2) | ACC: 8 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 64 | REC: 3 | BURNS: -50% | THRNS: 30 | Dote: 2 | BH: 82 | EN REGEN: 3 | KEEN: 1 | [CONCENTRATION: 0/3] NIGHT | HP: 1594/1790 | EN: 135/173 | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | BH: 104 | EN REGEN: 3 Kiluia | HP: 1018/1270 | EN: 77/106 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 79 | BH: 63 | ABS ACC | REC: 3 | KEEN: 1 | BLD: 36 | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | LD: 3 | EN REGEN: 3 | HYPERACTIVE: 2/3
  5. Katoka

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

  6. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [F3-PP] Laying to Rest in Peace Through Hope (Elvish Rivalries)

    A friend? This seems rather trivial a gesture to have merited such treatment, doesn’t it? ‘You underestimate the value of friendship, Montjoy. I have come to know the strength of the bond in such companionship. We cannot win this on our own. More importantly: it would be utterly pointless to do so.’ Freyd’s inner monologue struggled with itself too much of late. Things were coming to a head. His head. Too much. He closed his eyes. “Honestly... I’m… worried, about the coming floor boss raid.” Truth mixed with obfuscation. “It will be my first outing with the frontliners. I don’t know most of them, and they don’t know me. It’s not an ideal way to walk into one of the most grueling challenges that Aincrad has to offer.” You don’t know if you’ll crack against the coming darkness. ‘You’re wrong,’ he countered, against his doubts. ‘I’m worried that I’ll be tempted to embrace it, shutting myself off from the beauty and wonder I’ve discovered in this world. I don’t want to lose myself again.' Everything has a price. If you want to feel, you will also know fear. 'Don't underestimate my resolve, Montjoy. Never underestimate the lengths to which I am prepared to go. More than a few have fallen prey to that misstep. “Thank you for the meal, Freya. I really do appreciate it." He offered her a heartfelt and sincere smile. This moment would become a treasured memory. "And, it’s my pleasure to be your friend.” *** Thread Summary: Freya receives: 4 SP (1 page, +1 event, +2 quest) 1150 col <<Nature's Blessing>>. This item has (3) charges and may not be refilled. This item does not stack and may not be sold for Col, it becomes bound to the player. When used, Nature's Blessing heals you for (15 x Player's Tier) HP. Freyd receives: 2 SP (1 page, +1 event)
  7. Aquan

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    Rolling ID: 181484 LD: 5 Receiving/ Gaining: - Total: 5
  8. Lessa

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    ID# 181483 results: Loot: 17
  9. Setsuna

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    PH ID# 181482 Roll Value: 9 Giving/Receiving -- Final Roll Value: 9
  10. The Shadow

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    Round Fourteen It wasn't working. No matter how loudly he shouted, no matter how desperately he pleaded, the people simply would not move. Beneath his gilded armor, crafted by his own expert hand, Benovault shook like the leaves on the trees. "Please," he begged again, placing a gauntleted hand on an NPC's shoulder. The other man appeared to also be in his late twenties, giving Benovault hope that they might find some common ground. Perhaps he could connect with the man, then convince him. "We need to rest," countered the NPC, shrugging his shoulder to rid it of the player's hand. "If we don't, the elderly among us may not be able to keep up." Something hot roiled in Benovault's gut, lava sloshing about as he grabbed the man's shoulder a second time. Whether the feeling was anger or fear, the man couldn't be sure. Likely a mixture of both. "If we do," he spat back, "it won't matter, because we'll all be dead." He had seen it before: the thunder, the lightning, the rain, and the rising tide. In so many ways, Aincrad was just like his home in New Orleans. But this was one event he had prayed he might never again experience. When the NPC turned sharply, freeing his shoulder once more of Benovault's grasp, the golden tank rounded on a collection of nearby players. Exasperation lit his blue eyes, and seeped into every word as he called to them. "Someone, please help me get these NPCs moving. If we don't, they'll die. I don't think they can comprehend what's coming." † Elora has been consumed by the Storm of Shadows. Round Fourteen will end in 72 hours [January 25th at 10:00 P.M EST] [Timer] The LD Threshold is 13.
  11. Jackpot visibly recoiled as he inspected the bizarre concoction, doing his best to hold back a gag reflex that seemed wholly unrelenting. "That's... disgusting..." he remarked, pinching his nose so as to prevent its putrid stench from entering his body. "At least it's done now," he concluded, voice significantly more nasal-y on account of the pinched nose. He took a few steps backward, feigning a puke lurch as he did so, and distanced himself between the dainty woman and the meat liquid she'd crafted. Though her anxious tutor seemed proud of her pupil, Jackpot was anything but. "Don't come near me with that," he warned in the same nasal-y tone, holding out a hand with a single index finger extended. It wagged in a manner far too sassy for a straight man. "I want nothing to do with it." Now that his impromptu presentation of unintentional femininity had been put on display, a tinge of crimson coated his ivory cheeks and he averted his gaze. "I'm serious."
  12. Yesterday
  13. Midnight-colored eyes stared at the nascent nebula of dimly sparkling lights in the silent void over the heads of the gathered players. Shadow glared at the things, hating their enduring resilience and growing irate at the time and effort this was taking. A flicker of bother flashed across the expanse of his local consciousness. So much of him was elsewhere. Everywhere. “Heroic folly is both predictable and capricious, isn’t it Orgoth?” The dark, boy-like silhouette with tussled hair leaned casually against the twitching muscular thigh of the giant minotaur. His posture oozed with disdain at the mere notion of any actual threat posed by the melee ongoing around him. His shadowlings were dying in droves, setting off a barrage of thunderclaps as they perished. He didn’t care. They were serving their purpose – his purpose. “Look at them struggling to hold their ground. They think this harmless, not having realized the true cost of their pathetic sacrifices.” A tense, struggling gurgle was all that Orgoth managed in return. “Fools. This isn’t the real war. It’s a distraction whose only purpose was to draw them in and keep them occupied: an indefinite stalemate to tie up champions while their kin perish, defenseless against the storm. My storm. And now it’s all mine. They can’t see it yet, but everything is already lost to them, sacrificed to the arrogant idea that they could challenge a god!” Orgoth’s leg shot out and hoofed Shadow, literally, sending him sprawling forward into the edge of the void. The scrawny figure emerged again, seconds later. Flickering black flame or rage burned from within him, his pride seething at the giant’s affront. “You just don’t get it, do you? There is no end to me. There is nothing here that you can actually defeat. Every act of defiance is wasted in the wind. I have won!” He sounded confident and desperate in equal measure. Striding to stand before Orgoth, Shadow reached back and threw a feeble punch at the giant’s gut. His seemingly frail black fist passed straight through the brick-like wall of abdominals before him. The breaching strike unleashed multiple rippling, black waves that pulsed across Orgoth’s form. A geyser of inky, sputtering goo burst forth from the frozen champion’s mouth, spraying high into the air. Each droplet instantly transformed into a fresh nightmare as another swarm of ghastly shadows rained down upon the field and the villain’s army was renewed. “Take all the time you want,” Shadow chuckled. “Soon, there will be nowhere left to go.” The fight is currently at [ROTATION 7, ROUND 1]. Players of Parties I & II are called to post once. The deadline for each round is 72 hours [Monday, January 25 at 11:00pm EST]. [timer]
  14. "That still puts you ahead of me." "Not really, dating as in the boyfriend title. I have never been on an actual date either..." Thinking for a moment about Rin... "Well, sort of. I guess I went out with Rin a few times but that just seems like a distant memory. Like a dream almost... Right now none of what happened between me and Rin seems real..." she was not sure if that actually made sense but it was true. Everything involving Rin has come back into her memory but it doesn't feel real. Even when she saw Rin that last time at the orphanage, it seemed like a dream made to reality and nothing more. Her heart didn't beat the way she remembered with Rin any longer. A small smile forms on her face as she finished her meal, staring into the fire. "When I am with Gaius, it feels real. He pushes me to be better and he gives me a rush that I've never felt before." Freya blushes a bit glancing at Freyd. Making her plate disappear, she gives a sigh. "Living around Gaius is a blast, even with the weird bickering we do back and forth, the random bitch slaps when he is being an ass, I would like to think that we enjoy each other company. He keeps me on my toes," she chuckles at this. "I really love cooking for him, it makes me feel worth it to be here even if it's just a small gesture of sorts." She was glad he had someone special in his life. Freyd deserved to be happy just as much as Freya did and it was clear that he felt something for this woman he spoke of. Right now she felt relaxed, happy. "Freyd, I have really enjoyed our time together. With no feeling toward you attached, I feel like I can tell you anything without feeling like your going to judge me. I think that is what true friendship is like. So thank you Freyd for being my friend." Glancing back down to Ko, she was knawing on an eyeball from the fish... She was trying so hard to eat it but it was half her size. Glancing to Freyd now, her eyes sincere saying, "I hope you know that you can talk to me about whatever. You are bearing a secret that I wouldn't dare tell anyone outside of Raidou and you. Giving you the same option here, anything you say will never leave my mouth to another. Sometimes it's just nice to talk to someone that won't judge your track record if you know what I mean..." She would let him take that as he would. If he wanted to talk she would be here. She knew what it felt like to hold something in for so long, it's nice that she was able to talk to someone about it... Knowing good and well that it wouldn't leave for another to hear without permission from her first.
  15. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [PP | F01] The Lesson's Continue, and they are still not making me pay

    Freyd heard the death roar and smiled. It was way off the appropriate register to be hers. By the time Asmura emerged from the cavern, grinning like she'd eaten the Cheshire Cat whole, his expression had returned to that of the un-satisfiable mentor. "That took quite a while. Were you gathering other shinies, or something?" A single eyebrow lifted, not scolding, but signaling just enough false judgement to string her along. The glint in her eyes, reflecting the gem she held so proudly before her, fractured his false severity. The edges of his lips curled upward. "Damn it!" He scolded himself, through a rueful grin. "I was going to be all stoic and stuff." Freyd's imperious stance deflated almost instantly, returning him to the more common relaxed poise to which Asmura was accustomed. A quick glance confirmed that she had no injuries. His faith had been well-placed. One more test remained, and then she'd be ready for the open world. "I take it everything went well?"
  16. Beat's eyes narrowed as the light faded from the room. It wasn't pitch black, but it made making out anything that his HUD didn't highlight difficult to track with his eyes. Still, his sense were still taking in plenty of information. The shadowlings certainly blended in well with the darkness surrounding them, but they made faint skittering noises as they moved around and uttered small cackles under their breath as they slinked around, taking delight in the fact that they had the element of surprise. You think I can't find you just because it's dark in here? "I wouldn't have made it this far simply relying on my sight..." He uttered with a smirk as he closed his eyes, his ears focusing on the noises the Shadowlings made as they swarmed the party. Only two....over there! Beat's head snapped towards the two remaining Shadowlings , evoking a shriek from one of them as Beat's charge skill activated and he closed the distance between them instantly. His weapon shimmered as he drew it across both of the, the pale yellow attack carving a crescent moon along the blade's path, cleaving both of them in twain. "That's the last of them!"
  17. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [F3-PP] Laying to Rest in Peace Through Hope (Elvish Rivalries)

    Freya's words echoed his own muddled feelings about his recent experiences with Elora, but the circumstances were different. Or, were they? Freya was afraid of how Gaius would judge her, if he knew her secret. Elora's own insecurities seemed like they had driven her to run off and face Avalanche on her own, though Freyd suspected that she had run away from him as some sort of twisted excuse to run away from herself. She'd been that way since they first met, though, perhaps, things were finally changing. "I just got soo annoyed with the words -Your too weird for me- or -You are way too much for me...- so I stopped dating altogether." "That still puts you ahead of me." Freyd looked distant, while staring at the flames. "I've never been on a date. Not a real one, at least." A hint of mischief flashed across his face as he broke his trance and came back to what passed for their reality. Resting his chin on a casually curled fist, he watched her work on the fish and admired her meticulous precision. "Your living arrangements sound complicated." Would theirs be also? Elora had never really given him a straight answer. After the raid. There it was. That niggling, unavoidable elephantine thing rattling around in the back of his head. As much as he tried to deny it, the coming challenge silently preoccupied his thoughts. Uncertainty lay beyond the boss fight, but in many more ways than facing whatever malevolent monstrosity awaited them. Freyd had no idea how to be in a relationship, and as much as he portrayed a calm and confident demeanor for Elora's sake, in this, he had no answers. That put him well beyond the semblance of any of his comfort zones. "Gaius knows about the memories but not about HIM. I am sure that he would deem me crazy and I would never get that chance I wanted with him." His wayward smile returned. "Maybe it just takes crazy to understand crazy." No explanation was forthcoming, but it had to be clear by now that Freyd wasn't exactly your average bear. Mari had once asked him if he was autistic. He'd shrugged, and said 'probably.' Sociopath. Montjoy's unsolicited reminder forced the smile to fade, as reminders of past testing and the unpleasantness of a wasted childhood returned to living memory. Nothing was offered or shared. This was too personal, and they were still too much the strangers to each other for him to voice the perils of his past, and their effects upon him, at least in any more detail than he already had. "This other person is lucky to have you in her shadow. I hope you guys are doing well. Tell me about her, what is she like?" "She's a delightful bundle of adorable chaos, full of life and vigor, as beautiful as a rose and just as thorny - prone to sticking herself on the sharpness of her own foils." Freyd's red eyes drifted back to the flame, again, drawn away by all of their shared experiences. "She is so many things that I am not: so whimsical, capricious and alive. She is so very human." Taking his serving with thanks, he closed his eyes and savored the rare scent of good times past. "She wears her heart on her sleeve, most of the time. Mine is still next to my car keys, on my dresser outside of Aincrad." 'And there it must remain, until the deed is done,' Montjoy argued as it always had. But, this time, it received a simple and unexpected response. 'No.' Vanity Tag: @Elora
  18. Last week
  19. She can't help but chuckle at Freyds curiosity. She takes the tongs and flips the fish. Sprinkling the same herb contents on the other side of each fish as they are flipped she meets Freyd's eyes with hers. "There was a kiss but I am not sure what it meant. I really like him but I am not sure how he feels about me." With a twist of her lips to the side, she makes a face like she was bummed a little. "The moment was amazing and I want more but I am afraid of getting close to him because every relationship I have had has ended very badly. At the same time, I don't want to fuck it up, but if I don't move forward with what I feel I might lose him... I just got soo annoyed with the words -Your too weird for me- or -You are way too much for me...- so I stopped dating altogether." She materializes a knife from her bag and takes one of the fish, placing it on a plate. She cuts the head and the tail of the fish. She then cuts vertically through the fish exposing the bone. Taking the bone out in one piece she sets it aside and throws the head down to Ko, her tiny saber cat familiar. The head was bigger than her but Ko pounces on it and starts gnawing on it with her tiny teeth. Freya does this for each Salmon saying "I share a shop with him and in return, I cook for him every morning and during the day when I can. We both have houses of our own but they are both linked to the shop we share." On a plate, she sets the 2 halves of the Salmon's together without the bone and hands Freyd the plate with a fork and a knife on the plate. Doing the same with the other 2 she sits on the bench with a plate of her own on her lap. Cutting and taking a small bite she smiles. "Gaius knows about the memories but not about HIM. I am sure that he would deem me crazy and I would never get that chance I wanted with him." Thinking back to what he said about him having someone..."This other person is lucky to have you in her shadow. I hope you guys are doing well. Tell me about her, what is she like?" Freya does some questioning of her own. A smile peers over her face as she eats her surprisingly good Salmon. Glancing down at Ko she was playing with her food now, Freya just chuckles.
  20. Pinball

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    It was a deadend in more ways than one. His reflection in the glass. Her face looking back at him. There was a silence so deafening he couldn't think straight. A cacophony of nothingness. Here, now, there was no running, and there was no hiding. There were no delusional excuses, thinly veiled emotions kept carefully under wraps, and even if he wanted to, he wouldn't have been able to look away. It all came crashing down at once, a crescendo of emotion, furious waves crashing down and boring holes through the icy walls he'd built out of fear. Out of guilt. Out of desperation and madness. Why wasn't she angry? Why wasn't she calling out for the guards? Why wasn't she disturbed that he'd approached her in disguise? Why, why, why? Why? It was the only word - the only question - that came to mind. Why was he lying to himself? Why couldn't he face himself? Why wasn't he running? Why had he ever ran to begin with? Her fingers closed around his and they pulled him away from a state of mind that was more than disturbing. It was nice, and it was warm, and it was undeserved. Was she telling the truth? She would never lie to him, right? He didn't care. He'd told her he hadn't cared. He didn't. He didn't want to. He wanted to be alone. He wanted to die alone, unforgiven, alone, and he wanted everyone left behind that he'd gone out like the coward he was. There was no redemption for scum. But ever since then. Since her. And as she pulled away from him, his hand remembered her touch. In his palm, he clutched a neatly wrapped parcel. Her smile... That was when he began to tremble. It was uncontrollable. He willed himself to stop shaking, to hold back what felt like a tidal wave of pressure building up in his throat and skull, his face turning red around the eyes. "Oh," was the only sound he could manage, and it was choked. If he hadn't-? Would he--? "Thank you." Pinball pocketed the item but kept his grip there, refusing to let go of that precious thing. He forced a smile and tried to look her in the eyes but he knew if he did, even for a second, he wouldn't be able to help what happened afterwards. And he was still shaking. He'd never stopped. With his freehand he adjusted himself, but his lips quivered in a way that was more than recognizable to anyone. It was deceptively easy to shatter ice. There were always weak spots, and for him, Mishiro was one of them. She could very well have been the only one, too, but when it happened, he'd broken down completely. He wanted to reach out for her, but he didn't want to risk scaring her off. He wanted to tell her he was sorry, that he would never do it again, that he hadn't meant the things he said. He wanted to go back to the way things used to be. He wanted to feel comfortable. He wanted to be happy. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to make things right. He wanted to make things right? That thought alone made it feel as though his head had been cleaved in two. "I don't know what to say?" His voice came out much more unsteady then he'd wanted it to, and much more than it had been previously. Nevertheless, he continued, repeating the only thing that came to mind that felt sincere, from the very bottom of his very being. She deserved no less. "Thank you."
  21. Katoka

    [SP | F6] Seppuku <<The Gemini>>

    The angry shadow Vie walked towards Katoka slowly, each step with purpose as she got closer and closer. The samurai gripped her sword tight in her hands as the little red head approached her. "I don't want to hurt you." she told her as she came to a stop. The martial artist cocked her head to the side, confused for a moment. Her expression softened and Kat felt her guard drop, the sweet smile she knew returning to Vie's lips. The tip of her sword wavered for just for a moment, and that was all it took. In an instant there was a fist in Kat's stomach as shadow Vie had giver her a gut punch, sending her staggering back. A flurry of blows erupted from the small girl, several of them hitting their mark and causing the samurai to lose the sense of calm she had been barely holding on to. But after a few seconds she leapt back, putting distance between herself and the dark clone of her friend. "Come on then Katsumi, give her all you got! Or do you feel like you deserve those punches?" Sumi laughed again, clapping her hands in glee. Shadow Vie launched another attack, but Katoka was prepared this time. She side stepped the swing and stepped around the back of the small woman. With shaking hands she thrust her sword into her heart from the back. Placing a hand on her shoulder in a comforting way as the dark smoke began to leak from her wound. She felt a small cold hand press against hers just before shadow Vie was no more. A tear ran down Katoka's face but she wiped it away before turning back to her Gemini, "You have no right doing this."
  22. Katoka

    [SP | F6] Seppuku <<The Gemini>>

    "Aww, is the little baby scared now?" Sumi asked in a mocking tone. She grinned and coughed, blackish blood flying from her mouth as she did. "Too bad you're all on your own here." she walked the edge of the tree line, keeping her distance as she circled her prey, "I know how much you like to depend on others for help. I mean, why do all the work yourself when you have others to shoulder the burden for you." "That's not true." Katoka said through gritted teeth. "But of course it is dear. Why do you think you grew so strong so fast? It's because you found others to do the work for you while you reaped the benefits." giggling Sumi spit some blood on the ground, after a moment it began to grow and take shape into another figure. A young woman with reddish hair, but her face was wrong. There was a scowl on her face that Kat wasn't used to seeing. "Little Vie here was left in the dust, and then you practically defeated that golem for her with one swing of your sword? She resented you. She hated how you coddled her, pitied her." "No. No! No she didn't!" Katoka stood prepared, her katana positioned in a defensive stance. After the first attack she knew what to expect. Or at least she thought she did.
  23. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [F3-PP] Laying to Rest in Peace Through Hope (Elvish Rivalries)

    "How close are the two of you?" His tone was practically clinical, as if interviewing her for some kind of drug trial. Freyd realized how he'd sounded, rolled his eyes at himself and grimaced an apology towards Freya. "Sorry. Small talk isn't my thing, but I'm working on it." Hating to talk about himself, he quickly changed the topic. The nature of Freya's relationship with Gaius was none of his business, so he curbed his own natural curiosity. Something told him that he really didn't need to know more than he'd been told, and should be content that she stopped where she did. "No worries about the non-date thing. I'm just happy to help. Do you live together, in the shop? Or do you have your own place? I'm thinking of relocating, but haven't decided where" Picking up a stick that was left aside, reserved for the express purpose, he poked at the fire to help air reach the fledgling flame. "There's also... someone... that I've come to care about. I don't want to hurt her either, so please don't feel like you have anything to worry about. The meal is also appreciated, but please don't feel like you're obligated." Fire flickered and slowly spread throughout the kindling, like an infection in search of new flesh. Sometimes, nature couldn't help itself. "Does Gaius know, about your...?" He tapped his right temple with the corresponding index finger. Crammed headspace could make complicated relationships, as he was only too aware.
  24. Approaching the scenery that Freyd presented she smiles. "Yea it took me a minute to get the fish. Gaius was there...Long story short I bitch slapped him with a fish." she chuckled a bit. "After I told him I was cooking it for another male for personal reasons he got a bit..." not sure how to word his reaction, "I don't know. I slapped him with the salmon and grabbed two more and told him I would make him food too." She bites her bottom lip as she remembers what happens after this. Not wanted to tell Freyd all the details though she takes a seat on the bench. "This is all very impressive though. You really went all out," saying as she starts taking out the fish and ingredients she was going to use. Setting them on the bench next to her she kneels next to the fire pit. She recalls something about making fire building from her friends she had in the other world. Taking a few smaller stones she starts clashing them together, creating sparks against the kindle that Freyd proved. After a few minutes of this and blowing on it, a fire is formed. She smiles and backs up a bit. Setting the fish directly on the flames to let them cook she sprinkles some crushed basil and powdered onion against them, letting the flavor sink in while they cook. Sitting back on the bench she cleans up her mess a bit and takes out a pair of tongs and a few plates. "To be perfectly clear, this is not a date. It's a nice gesture for you for helping me out. I feel like I own you more but this is the one thing that I know how to do." Her cheeks become a bit flustered thinking about Gaius. "I want more than ever for me and Gaius to be a thing and I wouldn't do anything to hurt that chance." She sighs a bit as she watches the flames sizzle as it cooks the fish slowly.
  25. ID: 181475 LD: 11 [no materials found]
  26. Setsuna

    Setsuna - Creature of the Mist

    Stances: Mortal Draw [Iai[
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