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  2. in exchange for: Transaction acknowledged and successfully finished! Pleasure doing business with ya' !
  3. Ariel claims the following Raid Rewards: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218302 Ronbaru Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on an item and replaces it with Frost Aura. (This effect cannot override the Frost Aura enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218303
  4. Morningstar claims the following: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218300 Braso Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Phase. (This effect cannot override the Phase enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218301
  5. Freyd claims: Dagan Crystal-B | (Tierless/Consumable - Instant (during healing effect)/Re-usable) | Once per thread, as a free action: Add an additional +5% to any post action healing effect. This value exceeds normal maximum HP, and will become temporary HP. This effect is applied before Life Mending is calculated and benefits from it. (This item must be present in battle ready inventory to be used.) ID Tag: 218298 Ordsea Crystal-B | (Tierless/Consumable - Instant (during any action that generates hatred)/Re-usable) | Once per thread, as a free action: Add an additional +5 hatred
  6. "Oh, right! That's why it always sounded so familiar. I grew up near Coquitlam as a kid. Not really the same, but the cadence is similar." Shrugging off the woman's dour demeanor, he crumpled her note and let it fall to the broken flagstone street beneath their feet. "He'll be the easy one to find. They next won't be found the same way. Yet another opportunity for you to shine, Vice-Commander," he added, beaming a grin at Hirru. "I'm equally glad to see that the curse has yet to claim you. Let's keep it that way." Crouching on bended knee, Freyd dipped his gaze to the ground. At
  7. Eying his Wristwrap's Luck of the Sea suspiciously, Freyd was very skeptical that the wet burlap would amount to much of anything. He was right. Weaving and bobbing around the mob, as if to pacing of some unsung sea chanty tune, he simply couldn't get close enough for a strike. "How the hell is he moving that fast on a peg leg?! Is it spring-loaded? Maybe a pogo or something?" Verbal barbs were about as close as the Whisper managed to get, though the effect was mutual. Swinging his cutless as crazily as he was, Burlock wasn't likely to ever hit much of anything himself. "Have at
  8. "Oh good.." "Hey Freyd!" The masked fighter and the Jade Hunter exchanged greetings to the munching and crunching of wandering shadow. He had thanked the hunter before going on to thank him for the performance back in the boss room. The hunter would only shake his head. "I can't say it's nothing, but we all did our parts. Even though it barely did anything to you, you were a skilled offensive tank and supplied both buffs and offensive capabilities to all of those new raiders. Each of them were powerhouses due to that. Was that Absolute Accuracy runes on their weapons I spie
  9. If Koga hadn't known Freyd already, he might've been worried for the other man as Burlock did his best to shank the dark haired man with surprising speed and dexterity. But tier, skill and experience was more than enough for Freyd to narrowly avoid the pirate's blows. The pushed apart from each other, the Newton's laws dictating they be pushed away from each other. But Koga had had more than enough time to position himself favorably. "Aim for the bling in his face. Maybe he's magnetic?" The gentle sound of metal tapping against leather came from the pirate's right, drawing his attention
  10. Reading the message, Freyd had forgotten that the recently added next episode in the Arabian saga had been planted in his own backyard. Perhaps not literally, the monastery ruins being a more factual boundary, but so few players chose to make their home in the zombie-infested wastelands of floor 13 that it was easy to think of the whole thing as his own overgrown lawn. It had been ages since the two of them had worked together, other than the recently completed raid. Event the last Arabian quest they'd completed seemed like ages ago. Hirru was also good people. There were few in Aincrad t
  11. He was grateful to Katoka for ending 'herself.' The toll of taking out another friend might have proven too much. So many familiar faces cut down out of necessity. When was it going to be enough? Memories drifted to his mind's eye of a manhunt in the woods: he hunting down his own dark essence that had literally clawed out of his mouth to wreak havoc on the world. The effigy had spawned dozens of copies of itself, each in the shape of a friend. Each had been felled in turn, without mercy. They were not real. But what was real anymore? Trapped in a digital world where your own face was
  12. Koga couldn't suppress the small chuckle that bubbled up from his throat at NIGHT's almost obvious answer. "Oh yeah?" the man said with a faint smile. "Labyrinth got cleared already?" He'd stopped keeping track of that stuff a long time ago. Once upon at time he'd at least paid attention when he'd heard the errant talk of their shared progression through the floors, but as of late, it'd all been in one ear and out the other. For once though, it was NIGHT who was disappearing off the face of the planet (when had that happened anyways?) Usually it was the other way around, but the addendum
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  14. The ginger looked upon Lessa with squinted eyes. "What would you even do with a hundred horses." he barely was able to get out without laughing. The ginger followed suit, stepping off of the rock with a small smile. His boots found the softer ground, blades of grass flattening beneath his feet, only to straighten back up again as he stepped forward. "Remind me to tell you about the only time I tried to ride a horse.. Unless Baldur or Mac get to tell their point of view first." His shoulders rose and fell with a shrug, offering her a side glance as he fell into step with her, "Maybe
  15. His teacher was not soft on him. Ebbon didn't expect this quest to be easy, but he also didn't expect it to be this hard, or this time consuming. Most of the day had been spent attempting to maintain the proper forms and stances that the older man had demonstrated to him. Whenever he had done them wrong, he received a whack from his teacher's bokken. Mostly notably in the spots where he needed to adjust his form. The legs, the arms, the back, the hands. He had welts and red marks on most of his body by this point. Come lunch time the Samurai had brought food items and more tea, making sure to
  16. The following morning Ebbon was woken just before the sun had risen by the old Samurai. He simply shook his shoulder enough to wake him and then left the room. Dragging himself from the futon he had pulled from the small closet that previous night, Haru sleepily exited the room and made his way to the entrance area. There he enjoyed breakfast and tea in silence with the old man, the silence only being broken by various sounds of eating and drinking. Once they were finished the old man left the house and motioned for the player to follow, leading him to a fairly open space near the stream and l
  17. Did You Wake Me Up? Did You Bring Me Here? <<Arabian Nights: Libel>> As time passes, one would think that the floors were coming alive. More and more were NPC's becoming more life-like. The environment would change as the effects of the felled bosses would fade away. Some floors flourished, while some have yet to change. All in all, the floating castle, Aincrad, was growing ever so slightly. Not so much in length, but in prosperity. Though, that did not mean that the changes would go unnoticed by some. Most players were not caring about the big or small changes that
  18. "It's not like you would've listened," Koga replied, kicking a stone into the water, the resulting ripples drowned by those made by the waterfall. Should it have been strange to Koga, to see his own body from the outside? He may as well have been another player, stumbling across another of Cardinal's secrets. A side quest maybe. He was no field boss after all. Or maybe he was, he'd felled a number of them at this point. Strange thoughts, but no stranger than the situation itself. Tala circled his sleeping body, a hand trailing across his shoulders as she did so. "Maybe. But, still, you co
  19. Katoka turned her attention to her own doppelganger. A sense of deja vu washed over her, reminding her of the fight she had with her Gemini many many months ago. Her opponent mirrored her movements as the both of them settled into the same stance. A small grin pulled at the corner of the young woman's lips, "I guess it's just you and me now?" The system made copy of her gave her a similar grin, "It will be just me once we're through. Then I can go and play with that little toy of yours that you've been neglecting." Kat frowned and the two of them vanished in a flicker of movement, bo
  20. "It's just not proper gaming etiquette to use our real names..." Zachary couldn't help but feel slightly taken aback by this statement. While true, Chris, Sarah and Joey have been his friends for as long as he could remember so he figured it would be okay. "Honestly I never really understood what the big deal is about using our actual names..." He admitted, going through his menu to equip his gear and prepare for their meeting. "You get bent out of shape way too easily, Chris..." After donning his gear, he walks towards the door to their room and gets ready to leave. "I'm going to go on
  21. Each of the three poll questions had various strong points and shakier elements. Rather than skew either way, I’ll just skip the poll and offer the following as creative feedback. It’s also worth acknowledging how hard it can be to plan for raids when the designer doesn’t yet know who will be participating while creating the boss. Mad respect for those of you who put in the effort. Hopefully, some of what follows is useful. 1. Narrative Honestly, this raid’s narrative struggled a bit regarding engagement. The text itself was great, but was often so heavy with internal monolog
  22. Last week
  23. I liked the concept of this boss a lot but found a bit more to be desired with the narrative and combat. Tying the sister Ronbaru Roundtable event in with the boss fight was a really nice touch, I just wish it could have been a little more prevalent on our end so as to add a bit more flavor to the battle. I had a difficult time knowing how to interact with Wushen outside of repeating attacks since most of his posts were internal dialogue vs anything that our players could actually hear to react to. My only critique of the combat is that it felt like there was a lot going on, more than I w
  24. First off I'd like to preface this with this was my first raid, I'm not sure how the other went before this. Also I hold no animosity towards the folks that worked on and created this raid, you all did an amazing job! As for my review while I did enjoy it there were a few things that felt a bit, bland maybe? On the narrative side it felt like Wushen really wasn't paying much attention to us which made it feel kind of boring to see what he had to say. I know he is the big elemental man so it does make sense overall. The combat mechanics were interesting, but once we figured it all out
  25. My only complaint about the mechanics of the fight was that the wall was up too frequently/felt really repetitive. Every couple posts having to take the thing down was more of an annoyance and didn't really feel like it added anything to the fight itself. Other than that, two thumbs up!
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