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  3. Taft - Floor 11 Settlement, the Weathered Wayfarer Tavern Nestled in a far flung corner of the city stood the Weathered Wayfarer, a hovel so easy to miss that it often went forgotten by the many players who passed it by in their hurry toward the Frontlines. Alkor was one of its few frequent customers for that fact alone. The only real denizens were non-player characters who were programmed to know, and even then, their routine found them there at certain times of day. It was the perfect place to go when one wanted to be alone. He ordered his usual drink, a lighter pilsner hopped just righ
  4. As Kat looked up at Ryou, she saw her looking around a bit shifty eyed, and could feel her squirming lightly in her arms. She let go of her friend and backed up a bit as she offered the advice of trying something new. "I mean, if I'm being honest, fleecing men is about all I know how to do. But I can make drinks too. But making drinks probably wouldn't make as much money." Kat rubbed her chin in thought a bit, before registering that Ryou wanted to go somewhere else. With a nod, she grabbed Ryou's hand and began leading her away from the plaza. As she pulled, and having no real clear dire
  5. She paused for a moment. "Oh, they did say that, didn't they? I was too busy panicking, I suppose..." She shut her eyes and sighed. Whoever would rescue them wouldn't know that the both of them personally had Nervegears, there was no record of their purchase either as they didn't buy them. The only one who would know was that shady man who gave Kat the Nervegears and even then, she didn't know if he was stuck here too. If he was, they didn't stand a chance. She opened her eyes, trying not to burst out crying again. It wouldn't do Kat any good if Ryou couldn't keep it together. Ryou yelped
  6. As Kat looked into Ryou's eyes, for a moment she had hope. Hope that Ryou would be okay, that her words had gotten through to her. But then Ryou started crying again, and Kat's smile cracked. Kat put her other hand on Ryou's other cheek and pressed her hands together, squishing her face a bit. She could feel the wetness of the tears running through her fingers, and she tried her best not to lose her own composure. "Ryou, they said on the news that this is happening. We'll be okay! They'll find us in our homes and take care of us, I'm sure! The police will catch the man who did this and we'll a
  7. Ryou gently rubbed her back, her eyes widened when she felt Kat move. She looked down at her, wiping away her own tears. She looked at Kat’s smile and how hard she was trying to be strong too. She just couldn’t help but break down again. She let out a quiet sob as her head bowed. Her mind was racing. What about her family? How was she going to send them money now? She had work tomorrow, they would surely fire her because she wouldn’t be showing up. The creator had said himself it wasn’t a joke, and with all of them at his mercy, she was sure he wasn’t lying. She would die alone in her apartmen
  8. Kat hadn’t been expecting Ryou to swim through the crowd the way she had. Ryou hadn’t been paying attention and had accidentally kicked Kat, but in the moment she didn’t even care. She was happy to see her, and Ryou seemed equally as happy to see Kat. Kat felt herself picked up in Ryou’s arms, and she didn’t think she had ever felt as simultaneously safe and terrified in her life. Without thinking, she buried her face in Ryou’s chest, continuing to sob uncontrollably. But it was when she felt the warm wetness of Ryou’s tears on her head that she started to get even more worried. Ryou was
  9. Ryou was already gritting her teeth, the pain pulsing through her jaw. She clenched her fists. It was just a game, how could it have turned to this? She tried everything, she was pulling at her own hair trying to get the Nervegear off of herself. She let out shaky breaths, looking around at the crowd of people. There was sure to be a stampede if everyone was as panicked as she was. She was shoved to the ground by someone running to the entrance. She scrambled up, looking around. She couldn’t blame them, they were scared and so was she. She began shoving people back through the crowd, look
  10. Kat stared up at the sky after Kayaba’s announcement, and her mouth was just agape. There was a large part of her that wanted to scream. And many people around her began to do so, after the initial shock began to wear off. Kat felt people push her, and still she just stared at the sky. Wasn’t this just a game? How could we die in real life if this was just a game? Kat knew nothing about technology. So the idea that something was projecting her thoughts into this virtual space was already awe inspiring. But for it to then be able to also kill her in the real world? It was almost beyond com
  11. That was something he had not considered. Yes, he had always did things without thinking about the full consequences, but it never really hit home how family members would be worried about that. That was a true point. He suppose her sister just wanted to see him safely reach level thirty two before he started picking fights with others. This was her way of keeping her eye on himself. While he did not need anyone to babysit him, he knew that this gave Rebekah some peace of mind. Besides, he knew that if he could gain some important and valuable lessons from her younger sister, he would listen.
  12. It was finally time for Rebekah to create a fish stew. Luckily for her, she had already prepared a lot of the chopped vegetables ahead of time, and created all the broth. She was not crazy, as she knew cooking out here would be difficult without a full kitchen. Those were the things that professional chefs such as herself had gotten accustomed to, and anytime she was not in her elements, it made cooking a lot more difficult. To begin, she decided to put the chopped ingredients into a boiling pot of water. Rebekah immediately went to find more snow nearby to melt, as she realized there was
  13. Made using Picrew - https://picrew.me/image_maker/17569 Profile: Username: Ryoubai Real name: Ryou Baisho Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 5’7” (170 cm) Background: Ryou was born on May 17th to a poor family in the countryside. They always wanted her to excel and be the best so that she could take care of them when they got old. She did just that, finishing at the top of her class. After finishing university, she got a promising job at a company as a bookkeeper. While not entirely well-paying, it would keep her mostly afloat. She took all of the overtime and extra p
  14. Profile: Username: Akatsu Real name: Akiya Otsu Age: 27 Gender: Female Height: 5’4” (163 cm) Background: In her current adult life, Akiya, Aki for short, is a bartender. She works at a high-brow fancy hotel bar for business people to unwind. The women wear kimonos as their standard work attire, and the staff is entirely composed of women. The primary patronage is men, although a few women will stumble in from time to time. Aki lives a reasonably comfortable life, as one of the more popular bartenders. She flirts with the men, and they tip accordingly, thinking tha
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  16. Nicklaus was surprised to find out that he had already found two treasure chest, containing a total of eight items to identify. Today was definitely going well, he knew that he would need to continue to get better at fishing, he would eventually find more and better items. Currently, all of his items that he had found are tier 2 which is a lot stronger than what he had at the moment. He would be very happy to trade it in and switch to a stronger and better equipment. Now, all he needed was either another trinket or a defensive item such as armour or shields. That would help him a lot in his ab
  17. Rebekah continued getting the camp ready. It was almost complete, she did not plan on staying overnight this time. Perhaps that would be next week. Their plan today was to allow Nicklaus to reach level two at fishing, and then for them to try out what worked today and what did not work. They did plan on going on a sibling bonding camping trip sometime in the near future, but this was a good set up to allow them to stay warm in the cold fourth floor. She looked back at Nicklaus and he had already found two treasure chests, this was a lot more then she had ever found in this game. He had al
  18. As the campsite came to life, Nicklaus knew that it was his job to continue to fish. He was looking to try to reach level two by the end of the trip. He also knew that he was not very useful in these settings. The least he could do was to make sure they had enough food to survive for the trip. He passed the fish that he had caught to Rebekah who would then cook them out here in the cold. He was wondering what type of food her sister would make. He knew he wanted something warm out here on the fourth floor. It was just the type of thing that would make the time go pass by a lot easier. Whi
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    <<Kylissia>> Profile: Username: Kylissia Real name: Rebecca Lenoir Age: 25-27 Gender: Female Height: 6’3” Birthday: October 28 Background: Personality: Virtues: “The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” Flaws: “You fell in love with my flowers but not my roots, so when Autumn came you didn’t know what to do.”
  24. She cocked her head towards the keep again, before taking the first step inside. Her eyes darted, the shield and spear held at the ready…but nothing jumped out at her. A single quick glance back towards Koga, ensuring he was behind her, before she continued into the courtyard itself. Her tension only grew as nothing seemed to leap out at her presence – the trap seemingly more and more likely the further in she got. She felt like a cornered fox, ready to spring and snap at anything that even looked at her wrong. As she reached the sword’s resting place, skeletal hand reaching as if for the
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