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  2. As I Flip my hair off my face after that attack. I Dash towards the Boar. As my lips curl up into a smile, My toes click onto the ground As I Take my left foot forward. The momentum As I thought what would happen is, The boar would get slashed and utterly destroyed into blue particles. But that didn't happen. The boar simply side stepped my stagnant attack, As it huffs loudly as If it was mocking me. I Squint my eyes As I Spot the Beast taking it's leg and rubbing it on the ground. My instincts Kicking In as it dashes towards me, I put my hand onto the ground. Propelling myself outward fr
  3. Okay Now onto the actual quest, I walk towards the Boarlet that had spawned. With every step, My mind pops into how many people this little adorable creature had killed. Surely a lot Right? Or is it just...I shake my head, If this was a actually hard fight I would be totally dead With this kind of attention towards it, Dashing towards the boar. I spin my sword, With all my attention towards the Boarlet. As my sword slices through the weak skin of the boar, My lip curves into a smile As I see it's hp Dropping drastically. Not a hard fight this was going to be? The Boarlet as If ann
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    Yokai | Ichika Yukikaze Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5' 2 Background: Ichika was born in Kyoto, Japan to a somewhat upper-middle class family. She was the only child to her parents so she was rather spoiled. Her mother loved spending time with her only daughter so when it came time for her to be schooled, she began homeschooling. This was fun while she was young but when it came around to her teens, Ichika really wanted to attend an actual school. So finally, at the age of 12, she started going to school. It was a difficult time adapting to the new environment but s
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  7. Finding a partner has proven harder than expected. At that point Sunni had approached three different players. Each one of them seemed to have a reason not to join her; “Sorry – I’m already meeting someone,” “Oh, so sorry. I’m heading back from a quest.”, her personal favorite being the one where the player just pretended not to hear her. Despite that she was determined to find a partner. If a player on the street wouldn’t help her then maybe a shopkeeper would. Honestly, she was running out of ideas and in a sudden wave of desperation the small girl popped into a small shop called Cin
  8. Astralin took this chance while she could, and prepared another sword art. "Ikiarra!" She called out as she activated the sword art, finishing off the Giant Moth. Well, that was easier than expected. Now it was time to continue on- wait, who was that over there in the distance? Astralin walked a bit closer to see this person, finding a young woman, who was revealed by her green cursor to be a player. The girl looked confused to see Astralin at first, so maybe a kind greeting might ease her. "Hi," Astralin began. "I'm just heading up the mountain, nothing to worry
  9. There wasn't that much of an issue reaching the mountain from then on, but then came the climb itself. This was something Astralin did not miss. Not even Vigilon's shop was difficult to reach, just a half-hour walk. This, however, was a much different climb. At least Vigilon was willing to help with all the hard parts back then...now Astralin had to make the climb herself. Some time later, however, she found herself at what seemed like a dead end...no, this was no dead end, something was blocking the way, and it wasn't made of stone. Astralin swatted at the false stone, and wi
  10. Seeing that she was getting nowhere with this, Astralin closed the book and locked it again before putting both book and key in her inventory. It was past time to get going. It took a fair while to traverse the rocky floor, and most of the floor's local monsters were easy to avoid the aggro range of, but this was a game, so of course there would be a few moments... Such as the moment when there were some ruins near the road, and goblins showed up when Astralin was close to passing by. "Hold! This toll road. You pay, you pass. No pay, no pass. Toll Five Hundred." One of the goblins spok
  11. Once this was over, Astralin might need to get a move on and become an Alchemist. Maybe she could look for someone who could help her with that other strange book, too. Speaking of which... Astralin placed the Skillbook back into her inventory and pulled out the odd book. That VII on it, it clearly seemed to suggest there were more. She wondered if she'd ever find the others, and whatever they were tied to...but if only she could get past the glaringly obvious problem... She pulled out the key she found with the book, and used it to unlock the book. Upon opening it up, just like last t
  12. Her next destination had basically been decided for her, so it was time to set out again. It was up that tall, tall mountain for her, though she knew not the reason, aside from potential further training...even though Astralin herself had no clue why she'd need more. She might live within a warrior's world, but she herself is no warrior. Astralin pulled her Skillbook out of her inventory, and looked through both the fire and ice sections she'd been writing. She could use more variety to some of all the sections she'd been putting down for sword arts, as seemed to have one set of swo
  13. Astralin had not been to Floor Two in a long time. Knowing this, she considered returning to see if there was anything worth looking into. Now that she had returned to the mountainous floor, however, it would seem that something had been waiting for her. She hadn't been back in Urbus for longer than five minutes when an NPC approached her. "I've been looking for you, got something I'm supposed to deliver, your hands only." Astralin was a bit confused at first, who on this floor would want to contact her? Is it a quest prompt, or something else? "Let's see here..." Astralin wai
  14. "Kick snow in your face? Now that would just be rude." The ginger said with a smirk as he thought of his own ridiculous plan to get revenge. With a sharp whistle, he would summon Adere from a nearby branch. The brown, tawny owl would swoop down and perch atop the snow fort, a green scarf wrapped around her neck to keep her warm in this cold, snowy weather. Taking off his own cloak, he would lay it on the ground and begin placing snowballs atop it. Packing the cape full of snow, he would pinch the corners together like a bag and gesture for Adere to grab his creation. "Go fly this over Lessa an
  15. “People are complicated” Those words echoed within Jomei's mind, the voice of Lessa's fading into his own inner voice as he shared the same thoughts. One of the reasons he was keeping to himself and not going out of his way to meet up with friends or find another potential lover. Maybe, deep down, he preferred the loneliness. As much as it hurt, he didn't have to figure out others, wouldn't have to deal with losing friends, or heartbreak. Could be easier. In reality though, he couldn't do it. He truly thrived on social activity, and he knew himself too well that he would just shrivel up i
  16. Fae looked towards Nari a feignt smile on her lips at the praise and encouragement. Nari was right, Fae was different than she was back then, and this time it would be different this time she wasn't in over head and this time she wouldn't be running. Setting her gaze back on the beast before her Fae held her sword out before here. GOTTA HEAD BACK TO WORK WILL FINISH IN 2 MORE HOURS
  17. She could tell that there was something that NIGHT had wanted to say, a comment on the tip of her tongue - something that the girl had bitten back and kept herself from uttering. Before, Nari might have pushed for it, to hear what the other had to say. Those days were gone, however, and instead Nari turned her attention back to the area they had been passing through - noticing after NIGHT pointed it out, that they had arrived at a rather large cave. She gave her friend a single glance, before leading the two into its depths. The darkness quickly surrounded them, before being pierced by a
  18. The girl had promised to let her know if there would be any assistance required, meaning that Nari need not do anything at this point. She watched as the two continued to dance around one another, continued to try and pummel and slash one another. The constant dance of conflict, that had become the life of Aincrad, their lives. Fae managed to land a blow, cutting the creature's health down ever so slightly - a small shimmer crossing its body in response as it seemed to brace itself afterwards. Something about it seemed...different, although Nari couldn't pin her finger on it immediately.
  19. If Bistro was nowhere to be seen upon first entering Cintimani, it was usually guessed that she would be located within the laboratory itself. An open entrance frame to it behind the counter; with the ring of a bell, she would come running, or at least holler for patience before getting to a customer. This was not the case today. Quiet and distracted, the alchemist was seated within the second section of the shop, which had gone unused the entire time since the start of her crafting career. On tables of orange and white hues, her workload was scattered -- scrap papers scrawled with short-
  20. For a floor that use to be bustling with all kinds of players everything was ominously quiet. NPC's stood wordlessly behind their stalls waiting for travelers that would occasionally come through but never stay. Those who lived long enough had long learned that the stores on the upper floor were better suited for surviving. And that player stores were sometimes better than game generated items. Luckily some of those store also existed on the first floor. In fact, the young player had just visited one a few day ago to get her first weapon. The one handed straight sword rest against her lo
  21. It had been three days since the shop "The Ring and the Sword" had been found. Since finding the shop the young girl had been wracked with an unfamiliar feeling. Anxiety. Why some may ask? Well, that was because she was about to make a decision that held the weight of the world - or at least felt like it. Before leaving to start his adventure her brother, a player named Thirteen, made it clear that he did not want her to leave the Town of Beginnings. As he was leaving the last thing he said was, "Promise me you won't leave. At least not without me." What he never realized was that he t
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  23. Note: Mob HP changed due to ... A LOT (3 extra dmg calc? / AOE specialist not added / Mit not calc / Phase should be active on second mob hit) missing from Cro's attack. Corrected in current stat. It seemed that the first wave of attacks was coming along swimmingly. Nari seemed to be perceptive of the hunter's words, as she started out with a Shatter Art. Weirdly enough, the move seemed much more powerful than a normal one. Was she a Tech user? This is definitely a great find, as he didn't know too many Tech users and would benefit from looking into her fighting style with it. NIGHT
  24. Vigilon did what he was supposed to do, which helped, as the battle was now halfway over. [Editing, please wait...] ID# 212380 BD: 1(Critical Fail) [2]Vigilon: HP 542/760 | EN 86/110 | 23 DMG | 78 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | PAR | 6 LD [0]Dazia: HP 484/660 | EN 69/84 | 23 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | 8 Fallen | 1 LD Memory Wraith 3: HP 410/1000, 150 DMG, 50 MIT, 3 ACC, 3 EVA | Sneak Attack: Memory Wraith 3 attacks first when combat starts. This first attack deals an additional 70 DMG if it hits.
  25. Dazia claimed that this enemy was merely another apparition that had taken the form of someone she'd killed, in which this kill had saved another's life, particularly Yinangi's. The false Lupix disengaged with Vigilon as to block Dazia's attack, and proceeded to claim that Dazia didn't make the kill to save Yinangi. This agitated Dazia, as though the claim was either false, or had struck a nerve. Vigilon activated his sword art once Dazia provided an opening, and he managed to deal damage this time, knocking the foe's HP to the yellow. "She could have easily kept attacking because you
  26. Vigilon had no clue who this Apparition had taken the form of. Which was to be expected, as he was never there that day. "She looks like Lupix, though I know for a fact that she's not." Dazia stated. The Apparition shot a quick glare towards Dazia. "And what makes you think I'm not?" She demanded, before turning her attention back to Vigilon. "Because I killed Lupix. If I didn't, an innocent player named Yinangi might not have lived to tell the tale." Dazia answered, as she held her weapon, looking for a proper opening to time her attack to as the enemy clashed with Vigilon. "Tell me, do you t
  27. "What, you know this one?" Vigilon asked when the enemy seemed to recognize Dazia, as though she were the original target. Now, it was Vigilon who found himself having to fend off the monster. "Well, if you've faced someone like her before, do you know how you beat her last time?" He asked, hoping there was a weakness in the foe's tactics. Vigilon attempted an attack of his own, but the enemy dodged this attack as easily as she did Dazia's. "And I thought I had the tough enemies..." He thought. He grimaced as the enemy slashed him pretty badly, but thankfully he didn't have to worry a
  28. Dazia heard something land behind her, but before she could turn around with her blade drawn, a dagger plunged into her avatar from behind. Dazia struggled to free herself from her assailant's grip as Vigilon was drawing his weapon. After struggling free, Dazia turned around to see her assailant. "Ugh, damn it..." Dazia muttered. "Another apparition." The apparition pulled off her cowl, revealing her face. Dazia knew this face, it was the second player she'd killed. "Apparition, you say? Well, that's not a very nice way to describe someone you fatally wounded." The appa
  29. The fact that Dazia had wandered into this room was good news, at least. Both players checked above the others' head to see if the cursor color was green or yellow. Thankfully, both were green. Dazia spoke of Apparitions, and Vigilon's experience proved her statement. "I know, I fought one of them just recently. It took the appearance of someone who tried to kill me once." Now that both players were reunited, they could explore the citadel again without having to worry...right? Turns out they couldn't. Vigilon heard a sudden noise and turned around to see Dazia getting backstabbed
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