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  2. Kagami took a peek at the boy’s journal when he flipped through to find the page with the details of his and Kohi’s deal. Notes and sketches were scrawled across the pages, and Kagami wasn’t able to catch anything except the sketch of her making Monarch’s coffee. Or should it be the french press making coffee since there was an admirable amount of detail in it compared to the rest of the shop, including her. Kagami opened her mouth to speak, then closed it and wore a polite smile. She thought it would be impolite to bring up a customer’s personal matters, as much as she wanted to. But she coul
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  4. The yukata wearing pinkette smiled and nodded. "I do! We first met back in Middle School, and he was one of the two friends I made there...well, before my family moved, and I kinda had to go with him...I really like him, it's such a shame that I wasn't able to tell him back then..." So, a friend from late childhood, then? Krysta had yet to meet all the individuals who personally knew Vigilon, and she certainly was not expecting to meet a large majority of them. The odds and the result were kind of strange. "I see...Well, it is good to know that you were able to reunite with him." Krys
  5. Yona's search wouldn't get her anywhere unless she went around asking questions. "Hey, do you, by any chance, know where to find the uh, place called the Hall of Countenance?" She asked to the first NPC that looked like they might know something. "You got trouble, miss, or is it a meeting for a guild you're in?" The NPC asked. Yona blinked, confused. "Uh...no. I only heard of the place two minutes ago and I wanted to know what it was and all." She responded. The NPC nodded. "Harmless curiosity, then? Well if you must know, the place has been open to gatherings of numerous kinds. It has often b
  6. Krysta would reach the town's gate, where the areas of the floor that were rife with monsters and dangers lay beyond. She took a deep breath, she looked to her right, then to her left, where she saw someone waving cheerfully at her. The pink haired girl approached when Krysta's gaze met her own. "Looking to explore beyond town? I was considering doing just that...would you, maybe, consider going together? Strength in numbers, right?" Spoke the girl. Krysta blinked, but she was willing to respond. "I...do not see why not." She began. "I am Krysta.
  7. Yona yawned as she laid down on a bench in Taft. "So. Bored." She had absolutely nothing to do and no rumors or quests to take on...none that were her level, that is. Without much to do, she could do nothing of importance other than grind without motivation...but that would just be a slog, and Yona wasn't one for needless slogs. Sure, she needed to increase her level, but what's the point if she can't find an excuse to set her mind to it, to live in the moment instead of putting pressure on the future? A passing player would mutter, "I wonder if there's anything happening
  8. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ SPOILER CONTENTS BELOW Krysta walked outside of her shop and onto the streets of Taft on one seemingly normal morning, blissfully unaware of the events soon to transpire. She looked to her left, then to her right. Nothing much outside of the usual so far. Perhaps she should take a chance to go outside the safe zone today? For now, the Princess would simply take a slow walk to the town gate. Ever since the Titanium Incident over on Floor 26, Krysta had been wondering if she should be more alert. After all, what were the chances that
  9. He almost yelped with glee as he grabbed the last one. His fatigue had been thoroughly pressing him for the last two hours, and he felt like he was barely conscious. Taking a gulp of water and chewing some cheap bread, he made his way back to Tolbana. He saw his next objective, but figured it could wait until he had gotten a night's sleep. It's not like the NPC's were going anywhere anyways. He woke up around noon, having slept in to compensate for staying up late last night. His room had a window overlooking a fairly busy street, and he saw it bustling with players. Getting up out of the
  10. He had regained his previous luck, manifesting in him finding his fourth material. Only one more to go and he could leave and sleep.
  11. His hard work had paid off, and he had found his third material! He was over halfway done with the quest now. Only two more left.
  12. Jorentos' frustration grew with his fatigue as he desperately looked around. And he thought this would have been an easy quest.
  13. His luck had seemingly run out, as the next half-hour yielded no search. It frustrated him, but it wasn't enough to make him give up. The sounds of the wind rolling over the plains served as his own little symphony, it's calmness increasing his fatigue. But he pushed it away and kept searching.
  14. The sun had gone down at this point, and only the lingering light remained. But he had found another material. He was on a roll! There was no way he would stop now.
  15. Luckily, the next 30 minutes had yielded him one material. This had given him a boost of confidence, and he put his head down and continued searching.
  16. This quest had been a lot harder than Jorentos had anticipated. Even after a half hour of dedicated searching, he had found nothing. The soft grass below his feet had only yielded occasional leaves and seeds, but nothing he needed for the quest. Jorentos had wondered earlier if he had been looking in the wrong place, but had quickly abandoned that line of thought; it didn’t make sense for a quest in a town on the first floor to require another skill, especially a quest that had come to him. By this time, the sun had started to fall below the mountainous horizon, and night would soon be upon
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  20. It had been a few days since Kayaba’s announcement, and Jorentos was in full swing. He had to keep his focus on moving forward, and couldn’t dwell on the grim reality of what had happened. If I want to survive here, then I’ll have to get stronger, Jorentos thought as he rushed around Tolbana looking for NPCs, with others doing the same. About an hour into searching, a old man with a monocle approached him, walking with purpose. "Pardon me, but I am in need of some assistance, and you appear quite capable. My name is Dorian, and I am the mayor of this town. As part of those mayoral
  21. Kylissia nodded her head in agreement with Sotarou. "I believe that sounds great, Sota-kun." She spoke with a smile. With that, she would pull up her menu and then send Sotarou his share of the Cache's contents. With that matter taken care of, Kylissia would then proceed to watch as Sotarou poised himself and cut down a tree with his Katana. The tree fell with a clean cut, and there would be a newly obtained material in the man's inventory. "Impressive." Kylissia complimented. "At this rate, I'm sure you'll be able to take down sturdier targets before long." What else could a weapon cut throug
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  23. Sotarou just stood up, dusting himself off of the dirt covering his outfit. He took a calming breath, recovering from the wind being knocked out of him. He looked at the loot gained curiously and smiled a bit. "Well, seems easy enough to divide the spoils there. Even split seem okay to you? We each get one of the consumables, the Col can be split 50/50, and then since I get my own materials anyway, you can take those if you want them. Otherwise, one for each of us. Does that sound okay?" Discussing this topic seems to have helped him to forget the earlier thoughts that were hitting his mind li
  24. Profile: Username: Jorentos Real name: Jordan Carlos Age: 29 Gender: Male Height: 5’4” Description: Jordan is a man of small stature, with blonde hair and green eyes. He has a slim fighter’s build, with his fists being calloused from practicing. He has a fairly soft face, with rounded cheeks and a wide nose, with a small mouth and bushy eyebrows to compliment. He has a scar on his left forearm from an accident he had when he was a kid. Background: Jordan has been playing games his whole life, so when he heard about SAO, he picked it up immediately. He was born in a s
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  26. Yona would keep up her pace, until she spotted another human being. At first glance, he looked a bit like Vigilon, but the hair was too dark and the outfit the person wore didn't seem to match. Yona would then approach the player, who she now confirmed to be taller than Vigilon as well. Yeah, this guy was definitely different...but now she was curious as to what might happen if the two were ever to encounter each other. "You seen any NPC humans around here?" Yona began. "I've been looking for one for like, an hour, and at this rate I might just give that little dimwit a talking t
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