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  1. Katoka watched Lium closely, she had dealt with people in her past that could lie like the best of them. She could usually tell if something was off, but Sam's friend seemed genuine. She smiled and took a sip of her tea so she could properly think of something to say. After a beat she responded, "I know she thinks very highly if you, so I wouldn't do anything to keep her away." Turning to Sam she continued, "You don't have to ask permission to have friends. You're not my property, I won't treat you like an object. We are partners in this together." Looking back to Lium she took another sip of
  2. Standing up Katoka brushed herself off despite not really being dirty, "Freyd hasn't messaged you yet?" she asked, though now that she saw the look on Elora's face after say that she regretted it. "I'm sure he has his reasons, you know how he is." she shrugged a bit in an attempt to lighten the mood, "The fact that he's showing up online means he's at least ok. Unless we need to go beat him up." she pressed her fist against Elora's arm playfully. "For now let's just... Walk. Maybe find something to eat along the way? I'm stating to get a small bit of my appetite back." she held out her ha
  3. "Mopping up, you got it." Katoka called to Freyd as she flashed a grin. The energy in the room seemed to thicken as the samurai assumed a different stance than before. The air hummed with electricity and the smell of ozone filled the dungeon, the hair on the kobold's head began to stand on end. Blinking out of sight, an after image of Katoka flashed briefly before her actual body appeared now standing next to the group. Her original opponent looked around confused before he jerked about violently as electricity jumped in and out of his body like a living serpant, fresh wounds becoming vis
  4. Katoka was surprised by the new person that had entered her home, but she quickly composed herself and gave him a sweet smile as he sat down. As he introduced himself she arched a brow at his mention of having eyes for Sam. She did reach out and grip his hand to shake it, though she did it a bit more firmly than needed, "As long as your eyes and hands remain where they are then I don't think we'll have any issue Lium. It's a pleasure to meet you nonetheless. I'm Katoka, Sam's soon to be wife." She let go of his hand and turned back to Sam, "And I'm not mad at you love, just send me a mess
  5. Katoka sat, sipping on a cup of tea that had gone lukewarm long ago while reading a book she had picked up recently. She hadn't had a whole lot of time to really dive into it like she had wanted, what with the wedding planning, game devastating storm of shadows, and the build up of dishes in her sink. Thankfully she had tackled the one that she despised the most that morning and was treating herself to a much needed rest for the time being. The breeze was cool and the day was just the right temperature to really enjoy the outside without getting too hot or cold. The blonde turned the page and
  6. Katoka felt her cheeks flush as Simmone's comment. The way she clacked past in her heels made her slightly flustered for some reason, maybe it was because she seemed like a runway model or movie star. The way she fought seemed almost like she was dancing through the battlefield, the enemies moving at her tempo and never he other way around. She dispatched the enemies that the small blonde had set up for her, their shattering fractals glittering around them all. Kat was surprised that one had even choked on what seemed to be some sort of poison. Meeting Eruda's eyes she once again turned a
  7. Katoka nodded at Freyd's advice. Even though they were the same level now, she still knew he was her senior in terms of combat. Even now he was stronger, wiping out all of the enemies surrounding him in a single move. She a fire ignite inside her, one of the desire to gain power. She wanted to fight and to win. This dungeon would be her means to do so. The drops from these mobs would be exactly what she needed to increase her stats. As the group rounded the corner into a new corridor Kat spotted four new enemies. With her sword in it's saya she took two bounding steps before she crouched
  8. Katoka didn't know whether she should be embarrassed or intimidated by Simmone's words. Her cheeks flushed as embarrassment seemed to win, causing her to laugh awkwardly and fidget in her new coat. Watching as Freyd smirked ever so slightly, she felt his mood shift as he settled into his battle ready mood. Drawing her sword the samurai followed suit and watched as her friend seemed to meld into the shadows and reappear like stepping into a fog. Kat charged up her sword art as she charged in after the Kobold that had ducked out of Freyd's way. She slashed upward at him, from waist to shoul
  9. Katoka accepted the coat from Freyd and equipped it, she looked at it and raised a brow before turning back to her friend, "I appreciate it, though now I look like an anime protagonist. Maybe that's a good thing." She laughed and playfully jabbed him in the arm. Turning to the others she placed a hand on her sword, "I'm Katoka, we don't know each other well but I think we've at least seen one another in passing at some point. I hope we can get along well and collect some good gear today!" Trying not to seem nervous she opened her inventory once more to double check her dear and equipped i
  10. "I fought because I was furious. I was angry at myself for not being strong enough to help you and for this damn game for doing that to us." Katoka released Elora and placed her hands on her cheeks, smooshing them together to make her lips stick out in a funny way. "We're fine now. We survived whatever this was. Reset, or purge, or whatever it was the system did. Now let's just. Be happy for a bit ok?" She let her face go and scooted next to the elven woman, placing her back against the bed. There arms were lightly touching, just enough for the other to know they were both there without having
  11. Katoka had heard about the Black Iron Dungeon, it's depths seemingly endless and it's inhabitants stronger than anything seen on the first floor. As she descended the steps she felt her skin crawl, she rubbed her arms in an attempt to stave off the feeling with no success. She wished Freyd would have at least met her at the entrance to escort her to the meeting area, maybe she wouldn't feel as creeped out. Checking her inventory once last time, something that had become habit when she was anxious, the samurai completely entered the dungeon. *** Reaching B4 had taken time, but Kat man
  12. "I fought," she managed to choke out through the sobs, "I got so angry. I fought and I killed and the rage that filled me was terrifying. But when I lost you I couldn't stop." She pulled back so that she could get a better look at Elora. There wasn't a mark on her. No scratches, no dirt, she wasn't wet from the rain like she had last seen her. "In the end I was fighting back to back with Setsuna from the guild, we... We went down together." Kat felt a shiver run up her spine. Taking Elora's face in both of her hands and gave her a tear filled smile, "We don't have to figure out what we wa
  13. Kat let out a soft sigh as Sam kissed her neck while holding her from behind, she was right about their time table. If was difficult for either of them to spend much more than the short time at the beginning and end of their days together, sometimes it was less than that. The blonde picked up the dishes that her lover washed and began to rinse them off before placing them gingerly into the drying rack nearby before she spoke. "I think that right now things are a bit hectic for everyone. Once things settle down I'm sure it will be much easier for use to find time to do tons more together.
  14. Kat felt the warmth and love in Sam's embrace. She wrapped her arms around her soon to be wife and rested her head on her chest. She felt content being here, wrapped in her lovers arms, she almost didn't want it to end. After several minutes she turned her head up and kissed Sam lightly on the lips, "If we stay like this much longer I'm going to fall asleep. Let's deal with these dishes first and then we can go cuddle in bed." She wriggled out of Sam's arms and stood up, stretching a bit before gathering up the mess from their planning session. Piling what she could on the tray she hefted
  15. Katoka watched as the door to Elora's room fell inwards and crumpled to the floor. She blinked a few times, very confused at how weak the hinges must have been to come loose from her light knocking. Her gaze drifted to the form of her green haired friend, holding out what seemed to be a metal flower in front of her. "kat..." She managed to croak. Katoka stepped slowly into the room, after crossing the threshold she covered the remaining to distance to Elora in two bounding steps. The samurai wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close into a tight embrace that would probably have
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