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  1. Post #9 Sumi doubled over laughing, clutching her sides as if it pained her. Kat gritted her teeth as she watched, knowing there would be a new doppelganger to show up soon. Her Gemini coughed up blackish blood and spat it on the ground, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Honestly, I have every right. I mean, I'm you after all." Katoka blinked and her opponent was gone, her voice coming from all directions caused the samurai to panic slightly, "And we both know the roads you'll take will always lead you," her final words were whispered into Kat's ear, "to me." Whipping arou
  2. 2/23/21 Final Results: 38 exp, -6 T1 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potions (5), T1 Rare Potions (1), T1 Perfect Potions (1)
  3. Post #19 Katoka returned her katana to it's saya and watched as the polygons of the monster burst around them. She plopped down into the now on her behind and began to laugh, a deep belly roll that overtook her. Two hits from each of them. Four all together. Had she really grown that much? It had only been a few months since she had finally decided to leave the town of beginnings. Sure, Freyd had done a lot more damage than she had, but she had grown. She felt it deep within herself that the old anxious girl that hid away in hotel rooms was gone. After a few moments she stood up and
  4. Post #17 "When the hell did he learn how to make shadow clones?" Kat said aloud to herself as she cocked her head to the side watching Freyd flip and jump around. In that moment she knew she fucked up. With a crunch the titan ripped it's leg from it's own body and smashed it into the ground, sending a ripple of snow and ice towards the players. Despite their fast reflexes the two couldn't avoid the damage and were hit with the avalanche of snow and ice. Wincing at the slight pain from the damage she gritted her teeth and rode the wave as best she could. The effects of the antidote ki
  5. 2/20/21 Final Results: 36 exp, -7 T1 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potions (8), T1 Rare Potions (2)
  6. Post #15 A blur of black passed by Katoka and bounded up the ice and debris that surrounded the area, smashing headlong into what she had assumed was just part of the landscape. The sound of splintering ice filled the air as she saw Freyd now hanging from the face of their opponent. Avalanche's name and health bar appeared for Kat and dropped considerably with her friend's attack. She was surprised he hadn't managed to kill it in one blow. She watched as the monster attampted to hit the cowled man, but her dropped out of it's reach and landed on the ground with ease, letting it smash it's
  7. Katoka sat, her back straight and poised as Haine and Sam talked. She was still embarrassed after her walking in on them after all. The thought of the approaching boss raid made her look down at the coffee table in front of them. She was worried about her friends and the other frontliners that were risking their lives for their freedom. The thought of her not being able to contribute made her clench her fists quietly in frustration. Letting out a quiet breath, she closed her eyes and calmed her nerves with the techniques her sensei had taught her. "I'm going to go make us some tea." she s
  8. Katoka smiled warmly at Freyd's reply, then she was face first in the snow a second later. Popping out gasping for air she started laughing hysterically before she raced after him. This was friendship. Being stupid with and supportive of one another. Scooping up two handfuls of snow as she caught up she smashed it on top of his head and then took off full speed to put some distance between them. Laughing the whole way she bounded through the snow covered path, knowing that Freyd would be close behind. Rounding a tall embankment of snow Katoka saw large chunks of ice and enormous holes in
  9. 2/17/21 Final Results: 47 exp, -7 T1 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potion (8), T1 Rare Potion (1), T1 Perfect Potion (5)
  10. 2/16/21 Final Results: 32 exp, -5 T1 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potion (4), T1 Rare Potion (1)
  11. Kataoka let out a giggle and covered her mouth trying to hide it. She motioned at Freyd to follow her, "Yeah yeah, come on. Let's take care of this ice man. I'm sure you could melt him with the heat from you cheeks blushing after all." Despite the teasing she was giving her friend the samurai felt relief. She was beyond happy that her friends could find one another while being stuck in the hellscape that they were in. She knew the warmth and anxiety that came with love, especially something new and blossoming. After the two exited the safe zone of the town and began trudging through the snow,
  12. 2/7/21 - Rank 6 Final Results: 44 exp, -6 T1 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potion (4),T1 Rare Potion (1) T1 Perfect Potion (3)
  13. With each word that came out of Freyd's mouth, Katoka's hands moved closer to her face until she had covered her mouth with both of them. She let him finish talking before she let out a squeal and punched him in the shoulder, "I TOLD YOU. BOTH OF YOU!" She giggled like a mad woman and danced around. She knew that she was probably embarrassing him but she couldn't contain her excitement. Two of her best friends had kissed each other and she had to celebrate somehow. After a few minutes she cleared her throat and composed herself, "I apologize for my outburst." She began walking stiffly ahe
  14. As Jevi was consumed by the darkness Katoka felt herself snap back into focus for a moment. Her anger was still there, but now her tunnel vision had broken. She cut and slashed at the new tendrils of darkness that lashed out at her. Beasts crawled from the rising tide and she dropped them one by one. A crackle of electricity rippled down her arm and leapt from her katana as she drove it into the chest of a hulking bear. "I can't let them die for nothing." she gritted her teeth. More power crackled through her, snapping to life with every strike and thrust. "I won't go down without a
  15. Kat brushed herself off as she stood back up and smiled, "I'm sure there's a finesse to it that everyone does differently. I mean I'm sure that depending on the person and their equipment, there are different results and concoctions that they can make." Taking a few steps back over to her original position she looked up at Hanami again, taking an attack stance. "I liked gardening with my mother and little sister, taking care of the plants in our garden at home. Growing herbs and things to use for cooking. It all reminds me of that I suppose. Getting into the grit and dirt to find the ingredien
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