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  1. Katoka turned her attention to her own doppelganger. A sense of deja vu washed over her, reminding her of the fight she had with her Gemini many many months ago. Her opponent mirrored her movements as the both of them settled into the same stance. A small grin pulled at the corner of the young woman's lips, "I guess it's just you and me now?" The system made copy of her gave her a similar grin, "It will be just me once we're through. Then I can go and play with that little toy of yours that you've been neglecting." Kat frowned and the two of them vanished in a flicker of movement, bo
  2. First off I'd like to preface this with this was my first raid, I'm not sure how the other went before this. Also I hold no animosity towards the folks that worked on and created this raid, you all did an amazing job! As for my review while I did enjoy it there were a few things that felt a bit, bland maybe? On the narrative side it felt like Wushen really wasn't paying much attention to us which made it feel kind of boring to see what he had to say. I know he is the big elemental man so it does make sense overall. The combat mechanics were interesting, but once we figured it all out
  3. Taking several steps back, Katoka realized quickly that Freyd was fighting with himself on more than an emotional level now. She watched as the now physical embodiments of his trauma took shape and began their verbal assault on him. She didn't know how to react. What do you do to help your friend when they are hurting? How do you help pull them back onto their feet when they're been tripped by their own past? While the samurai was looking back and forth between Freyd and his demons, unsure of how to act, her friend acted first. With every punch, every strike, every impact, Katoka flinched
  4. The sheer size of the boss stunned Katoka for a fraction of a second. She had fought large things from time to time, however this one was ... Off to her. Her senses were on point when they all get close to the towering giant and saw the tier lock status effect appear on her hud. "Damn," she thought to herself, "this guy should be interesting." As the boss took a step in their direction the ground shook, causing Kat to ever so slightly loose her balance. She has made started in after Morningstar attacked and only just managed to nick her target on the foot. She saw it's health bar inch down and
  5. Katoka waisted no time after Freyd stomped the Lich into the ground. She raced forward, her sword trailing low behind her, catching the ground at various points and sending sparks flashing into the darkness. Leaping over the monster in a front flip she slashed at it's neck, separating the head from it's shoulders with ease. Freyd could feel the passing of her blade a few centimeters from his own foot, as well as the burst of wind that followed after the initial attack. The Lich shattered into the all too familiar motes of light and particles shortly there after. Kat turned to Freyd and st
  6. 9/20/23 Final Results: 58 exp, -7 Materials, T1 Uncommon Potions (6), T1 Rare Potions (7) EXP Total: 1384
  7. "I'm going to live to regret saying that aren't I?" Katoka sighed and drew her katana. She wasn't as angry as she was, but she still felt the remnants of her animosity flickering deep inside. Taking that she turned and began advancing towards the coming creature, it's many arms twitching and grasping in various directions. It was not a pretty sight, that was for sure. This was there intended target however, and it need to be dispatched as quickly as possible. With that in mind Kat let her sword begin drawing it's power from the system as she charged her sword art, the light from her blade
  8. Sweat rolled own the samurai's back. Her breathing was heavy, her sword in her hand was beginning to feel like it weighed ten times what it normally did. They were close, so damn close. Katoka's grip tightened once more as her katana began to glow, the familiar whine of a charging sword art filling her ears. Just a little farther. Just a little longer. A battle roar escaped her mouth as she charged in, her body seemingly moving on it's own as she advanced. Dodging rubble and roots of their guardian tree the samurai once again leapt up and struck Wushen on his snoot, a burst of fire an ele
  9. 9/18/23 Final Results: 53 exp, -7 materials, T1 Uncommon Potions (5), T1 Rare Potions (4), T1 Perfect Potions (1) EXP Total: 1326 - RANK UP!
  10. In the weeks that had past since Katoka had begun to actually start brewing again, her shop had taken on a more organized chaos. Instead of things strewn about everywhere in various nooks and crannies, it seemed as though there was a bit of order that had returned to the space. Bottles and vials were clean and set on their proper shelves, ingredients were set in labeled cubbies and hung in bunches from racks, and most of all there was another completed order set in a tray on her work table. Kat was pleased with how quickly she had managed to finish this one. She carried the tray around to
  11. She crossed her arms and let him talk. She wanted to hear what he had to say. Her cheeks were still wet with tears but her brows began to furrow again as he went on. She ground her teeth as she kept her mouth shut, she would wait for him to finish since he gave her the same consideration. All she could think was that he must be stupid. For as smart a man as he was her really was dense. "I'm not a fool Freyd." she finally managed. "I may not have as much battle sense as you, but I can recognize a pattern easy enough. I know that you've been the common denominator in these glitched dungeons
  12. "Are you ready?" Katoka stopped in her tracks. She whipped around to see her friend casually sitting on an outcropping of rocks, waiting for her like the quiet wraith that he resembled now. She shot him a look that could kill as she placed her hands on her hips, if she could see herself now she would have realized in horror that she was emulating her own mother. After a few moments of silence she finally spoke, "That's all you have to say to me? You fly into a rage and beat that boss thing to a pulp and then just leave me with a cryptic message on a tree." She pinched the bridge of h
  13. 9/15/23 Final Results: 56 exp, -7 Materials, T4 Uncommon Potions (2), T4 Rare Potions (3), T4 Perfect Potions (3) EXP Total: 1273
  14. The deep darkness of Floor 10 was something that Kat still wasn't used to. Despite the glowing lichen and radiant crystals that lined the cavernous walls, it was still dark and very very damp. Despite the darkness the small samurai pushed forward, pure determination radiating off her in almost visible waves. She was not about to let Freyd leave her in the way that he did without an explanation. She was mad, and she was going to give him a piece of her mind. The way to the Stygian River was not easy to get to, that was sure. With no real was to travel quickly around the floor, Katoka had t
  15. [Draught of Safeguard] (x10)
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