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  1. in exchange for: Transaction acknowledged and successfully finished! Pleasure doing business with ya' !
  2. Ariel claims the following Raid Rewards: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218302 Ronbaru Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on an item and replaces it with Frost Aura. (This effect cannot override the Frost Aura enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) ID: 218303
  3. One more health bar, they were almost done with this floor boss. Ariel couldn't help put puff her chest with pride as she monitored the raid party's situation. No casualties.. barely touch green health bar and the attacks launched against them were merely brushed off by their tanks. She was happy to see that almost everyone came overprepared while this fight showed her the shortcomings. The retired scout made a mental note to improve her energy management and probably invest more in some form of energy recovery. She quickly shelves those later thought and returned her focus on current mom
  4. With their tank once more taking lead, the blonde more than happy to oblige with her request. Especially now that they had another facet of the dragon-kin boss against them. This one in particular seemed easier to manage for their group as it's HP bar depleted at a much faster rate than the previous one. Looking overhead at the still passive 'elephant in the room', Ariel couldn't help but smirk at the remaining health bar. Despite being a little rusty at the beginning, she seemed to be back in the game. Even the before aprehensive 'tool' in her hand seemed to now better respond to her intent
  5. It wasn't much she could do at this point, the final head.. cut off by Jomei. All that remained was to join the rest in finishing off Wushen's main body. *thud* The blonde hit one of the nearby walls with the pommel of her katana. "Didn't think so...." she muttered as her fist meet decent resistance in her half-assed attempt. Her weapon let out a few black sparks in retaliation. She didn't have any fire sources around so she had to improvise. Turning around to face the wall she sheathed her blade. Time to put the Iaido training to good use. Closing her eyes, she focused on the obstacle i
  6. Ariel could only smirk as the mighty dragon roared in their faces. 'Now you're taking us seriously' she thought to herself. One head fell, only to be replaced by another. She initially thought of it as a hydra but she was happy now, to see that it had a limited amount of 'elements'. At the sight of the new one, her weapon shivered in the blonde's hand. With a raised eyebrow, Ariel examined the katana and could swear she saw the black flames on it gradually receding towards the handle. A soft chuckle escaped her: " Did the big bad dragon scare you? " she asked condescendingly in a whispered ton
  7. The boss didn't have the chance to attack as the blonde saw the [STUN] mark on their party's assigned 'head'. She took a deep breath and began initiating her assault on the target. She would take aim once more and slash at the neck of the frost hydra head. Cursing through clenched teeth as she noticed the head's HP bar slowly tinting red with nothing but a slither of color allowing it to remain in the fight once more. Frustration built up as she looked over her shoulder and noticed that the rest of the groups had finished their part of the task of cutting the heads in unison. Only they were th
  8. It looked like a pretty streamlined fight, up until they started chipping at the boss' third health bar. Then things started to get more a little more complicated. Wushen started showing its aces, in the form of multiple hydra heads. A different one for each party she noticed before each grup got segregated, not that the blonde had time to pay attention to the rest of the raid. The casual glance over the participants HP bars showed they were mostly green. These new variables were definitely a headscratcher but not something that couldn't be solved with raw force as they did until now, at
  9. Voices began to circle the boss room, nonsense begun to reach her ears, earning audible 'haaa?' from the blonde with a slightly annoyed expression. Soon enough her features would change from annoyance to surprise, as the dragon finally made a serious move against them. It would look at them in contempt and moments later, brilliant flashes would signal the boss' attack onto them. Like a rain of arrows from a well known movie scene, it all came pouring down upon them. As best as she tried, she didn't walk away unscratched, as they were fighting on a open field with little to no cover: "Kuso
  10. Yet they still stood, defiant, despite the dragon's attempts to dismantle their annoying assault. The second wave of attacks almost depleted the foe's second health bar, changing it green hue to a red shade. The loud shout that came with its attack was more of a hassle that made the blonde squint her eyes and grit her teeth. "What a unpleasant thing.." she muttered as she readied her weapon once more. A quick glance behind revealed that the rest of the parties were doing fairly well so far, she could even spot some smiles throughout the battlefield. 'So far, so good' Readying her weapon o
  11. Slowly but consistently, they were depleting their foe's health bars. One down already, 5 more to go, was a significant amount od damage the whole raid managed to deal in such a short time. So far, it looked like this boss will be another punching bag but her gut feeling told her they were only scratching the surface and some sort of complication will disturb their smooth sail, as much as she hoped it wouldn't be the case. For now however, she would continue to do her best and do her part at hacking at the multiple health bars present in the form of a annoyed dragon that was swatting its membe
  12. A huge blast came their way, fortunately easily avoidable for the cloth armour user and most of her team. Except their tank that took it head on and got out of it without a scratch. Ariel couldn't help but smile as the defying silhouette reminded her of an old friend on blue. She raised two fingers next to her head and lightly wave in acknowledgement of her request, then prepared for her next attack. Now that she took all the precautions needed, she could focus on setting up to deal some real damage like the rest. Luckily they were against a static target that didn't seem overly interested in
  13. Stepping forward, Ariel couldn't help but let out a loud giggle at the sight of the dragon? Not too long ago they slayed a similar beast controlled by a 'god'. Brandishing the proof of her triumph in her hand, a dragon's fang fashioned in the form of a katana, she would put it to good use against its own kind. Others steered into motion against their foe, she would follow suit. "Your cousin, Nihilim, sends his regards!" she added with a smirk as she left a wide cut on the dragon's neck. It felt weird... having her trademark skill disabled here. Yet she would adapt to the current condition
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