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  1. Name: Moonshard Veil Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 192915 Roll Result: 11 Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation | Evasion | Evasion Post Link: Hyperlink Description: A blue dress made from fine cloth, paired with a white jacket ma
  2. 15/05/2021 ID#192922 +6 EXP ID#192921 +6 EXP ID#192920 +4 EXP ID#192919 +5 EXP ID#192918 +5 EXP ID#192917 +8 EXP ID#192916 +5 EXP ID#192915 +11 EXP https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/5964-ariels-crafts-and-loot/page/17/?tab=comments#comment-641243 ID#192914 +8 EXP ID#192913 +6 EXP ID#192912 +5 EXP Total: +69 EXP -9 Mats
  3. Name: Fabrication Designation - Svalinn MK2 Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 192768 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation | Mitigation | Evasion Post Link: Hyperlink Description:
  4. 14/05/2021 Roll ID: 192768 CD: 12 - > T1 Light Armor ID#192860 +8 EXP ID#192859 +8 EXP ID#192858 +8 EXP ID#192857 +8 EXP ID#192856 +8 EXP ID#192854 +6 EXP ID#192768 +11 EXP ID#192767 +5 EXP ID#192766 +6 EXP ID#192765 +5 EXP CD: 2 LD: 12 Mat Salvaged ID#192764 +8 EXP Total: +81 EXP -10 Mats
  5. As she heard the roar, Ariel's hand instinctively went to her katana. ' Ryu-ka? ' she thought with a smirk as she took a better look at Night's 'discovery'. "Is this part of your quest?" she asked as she turned towards Randal. In the same time she freed her (un)holy blade and let it's dark flames seep into the ground by her side. She would lie if she said she wasn't nervous, fortunately it would was of the good kind as this would be the first time she would go all out against a foe wielding a katana. She'll see right here and now if she still had it in her after so many years, this wasn't trai
  6. The blonde's lack of familiarity with the 7th floor could be seen as soon as get got to there. Pulling her HUD and using it for reference even inside the main settlement. Last time she was here, she finished a quest involving... snakes? with wings?, the blonde's memory was fuzzy as it was during the period when she was in a haste to level up. She'd take any quest and finish them one after another with little regard towards the lore behind it. Her sole purpose back then was to follow in her guild master's footsteps and join the frontlines. Nowadays however, she had found her balance and was tak
  7. Her gaze followed towards the mountain, trying to see if maybe she remembered something that would help with their quest. Nothing clicked so far so she leaned back and enjoyed the journey in the meanwhile. She slightly tilted her head, thinking 'Iwa?'' when she saw the new familiar. She'd meet a bunch of others, in different shapes and sizes but she couldn't say she'd ever heard of a rock pet. "I guess there are all kinds of'em." she muttered more to herself than wanting to make a point. She still found it interesting and fixed her gaze at it until Night mentioned the raid. There was a sl
  8. "Sorry for this one, she has a habit of doing whatever she wants." said the blonde as she caught up with her familiar and the players. She'd let out a sigh after catching her breath and eye her familiar in a futile attempt to make the lioness heel. Instead she followed her gaze and smiled as she saw the small kitty poking from it's master's tracksuit. Her girlish grin getting only wider when she heard him 'speak': "Haaaaa, kawaii neko-chan!" She began extending her hand but stopped midway as she realized what she was doing, visibly restraining herself from the urge to pet the adorable thing as
  9. ► Meikyo Shisui Cost: 10 SP Action: Free Action (Ying/Yang pick) Effects: Yin - Marks the sword art used and decreases its damage, before mitigation, by 15% (rounded up). Yin marks can stack up to max 5. Yang - Increases sword art damage, before mitigation, by 10% per Yin marks. (max. 50%, rounded down) If the Yin marks are not used 2 turns in a row, on the 3rd turn they are forcibly used to heal the user for 1% per turn, for 3 turns. Meikyo Shisui also enters a forced 3 turns cooldown, even if the user's at full HP. Description: The user sheaths their weapon and
  10. Another day, another finished errand for a rather obnoxious NPC that this one would've preferred to have disappeared with the new update. Well... not really, it depended on her mood which right now was pretty good. "See you next time!" she waved to the elder seamstress, her mentor with whom she kept regular contact and offered a excuse for Ariel to come and stroll through the first floor once in a while. As always, she had Kimba, her white furred lioness guide the way through the sea of people while the blonde herself was window shopping or anything else than consciously thinking of the way th
  11. Name: Shirajishi-ryū Keikogi Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 189021 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion | Evasion | Evasion Post Link: Hyperlink Description: Initially designed as a uwagi, some creative liberties tran
  12. To his initial statement, the blonde couldn’t help but to smile and nod in agreement. “Douzo yoroshiku!” she replied, a little surprised but in a good way by his statement. She was a little surprised to learn that Hik didn't share with him the rumour, while she was already knees deep in researching it before going to investigate firsthand. A second, more determined nod, came as a validation for his assumption. She quietly listened to their exchange and the second explanation of the rumor. She sent their informant off with a wave, guess his wounds still needed more time to heal… as did her
  13. [Rank 5 Weapon Mod] Blademaster Cost: 10 SP Passive Requirement: Rank 5 Weapon Skill Effect: Allows the user to add or reallocate one Effect to one Sword Art. Energy cost adjusts accordingly: [AoE] +2 EN/Target hit, [Focus] / [Delay] +2 EN, [Stun] +1 EN. A new Effect (outside the native ones) can only be added to SAs that have none. Cannot stack more than 2 native Effects per SA. The SAs tree resets to default at the end of a combat sequence, any change must be declared at the start of a new sequence. *(detailed example: Katana native Effects: [AoE] and [Focus];
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