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  1. As Ariel trudged alongside her companion, the dense foliage of the forest seemed to stretch endlessly before them. Despite the lush greenery and the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind, there was an eerie silence that hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of their particular circumstances. Pushing through the undergrowth, Ariel kept her eyes peeled for any signs of their friends. Every rustle of leaves, every broken branch, could be a clue leading them closer to their goal. That is why, while Hirru was taking point she would follow up behind, keeping watching behind and on their flank with h
  2. filling... +4 EN Rec. ID: 221276 | CD: 1 | +0 EN Charge Available ! Concentrate CD: 0/5 Post Action: ST-II ID: 221277 BD: 6 (4 +5 -3, Hit!) | CD: 7 | [x23] (29 +4) =759 -160 MIT =599 DMG > ≪Mimic≫ Dead! -(22) EN [H: 0] Ariel | HP: 1035/1035 | EN: 63/108 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 5 | FLN: 16 | RSKY: 8 | BH: 56 | HLY BLS: 45 | PHASE | TXV [24/3] | AA | REC: 3 | LD: 8/11(+1 loot) | PROSP. 3 [H: 0] Hirru | HP: 960/960 | EN: 79/108 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | LD: 11~14 | BH: 48 | HLY BLS: 38 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36 | Hype 2/3 CD 1/3 // PTA CD 0/3 [H:
  3. Ariel deftly sidestepped the mimic's sluggish tentacle strikes, a trace of disgust momentarily showing on her otherwise focused expression. Her strikes were wearing down their foe and her latest evasive maneuver seemed to aggravate it more. With a swift pivot, Ariel brought her katana to bear once more, her gaze locked onto the creature before her. She could the weakness in its form, its desperation, and she knew that now was the time to strike. With a soft trained shout, she launched herself forward, her blade slicing through the air with deadly precision. With a swift flick of her wrist
  4. Ariel's grip tightened on her katana as she narrowed her eyes at the elusive mimic. With a swift exhale, she channelled her focus, letting go of any lingering frustration from her missed attack. "We have little choice, Hirru!" Ariel replied, her voice firm and resolute. "I'm counting on you to continue keeping me covered." Her gaze remained fixed on the mimic, ready to press the advantage and keep up the pressure. She knew that time was of an important factor, and she was determined to emerge victorious, no matter what obstacles stood in their way. As Ariel lunged forward once more,
  5. Panting, the blonde readied herself once more, bracing for another dire onslaught from their foe. Several contingency plans ran through her mind, but for the moment, they were still holding up. However, a quick glance at her companion's energy bar confirmed to her that he was burning through it at a fast pace, all for her sake. She closed her eyes and envisioned one of the items in her inventory as Hirru once more dealt with the aftermath of her blunder. The pristine, high-quality gray cape with various crossed-off guild icons was engulfed in a golden shine for a brief moment. Then, it tu
  6. Ariel's immediate response seemed to have the desired effect of distracting the new enemy, but the mimic's transformation sent a cold chill crawling up her spine. Its grotesque appearance, a twisted amalgamation of wood and metal, filled her with slight disgust. The mimic's tentacled form was a sight to behold, its appendages writhing and lashing out with sinister intent. As the barbed tentacle flew towards her, she instinctively braced herself, ready to defend against the impending strike. With swift reflexes, she extended her katana in an attempt to cut down the approaching appendage. Howeve
  7. Ariel's hand instinctively gripped the hilt of her katana as she surveyed the area, her keen eyes scanning for any potential threats. The thumping noise had startled her, but her focus remained sharp. She quickly assessed the surroundings, ensuring there were no additional assailants descending upon them. Seeing Hirru on the ground, with the fallen treasure chest on top, Ariel's mind switched into combat mode. She took a step back, creating some distance between herself and the mimic, preparing for an engagement. Her searching skill remained active, providing her with insights into the mi
  8. Ariel let out a soft chuckle between her lips as she watched the two, listening to their banter... "I could eat." she added sheepishly as she looked to take the best route behind them, hopefully with the same amount of success at avoiding the metalic devices at their feet. Now that she knew how the contraptions looked, it was only a matter of letting the «Search» skill register them and pinpoint their locations within her field of view, at her command. A process that only took a few seconds to execute. She made sure to take a mental note, to stay vigilent in the near future for such things.
  9. The blonde would listen to the rest of the discussion with the now recovering dragon. It seemed like this was indeed the quest location, a conclusion she came to after noticing the ease with which the mother dragon trusted them with the task of recovering her offsprings. Well already talking to a mythical being like her was pretty off of Ariel's 'normality occurrences scale', which have been warped throughout the years spent in this 'game'. A quick nod of approval towards Randal, who offered their help. Details on what they had to do, were provided in relative depths so that the blonde he
  10. Mina snuffed out the remaining of the bears' HP bars moments before extinguishing her blade, in a manner not different than how the blonde quenches her own blade. The color of their blaze a different tone but similarly lethal, by the looks of it. The trio emerged victorious from their battle against the pair of albino bears. Ariel nods at the fellow swordswoman's words and replied: "I'm not sure where he wandered off to... Let me take a look." she let her words trail as she pulled out the map, he slipped off and left the party during the fight. Making his tracking a lot more difficult.
  11. re-evaluation request Final Version after ticket#33: ``` ► « Kaiso no Waza: Meikyo Shisui » Cost: 10 SP Requirement: « Katana » Rank 5, « Concentration » Passive Effects: - The effects of « Concentration » [Extra Skill] are now a passive but must still be equipped (this still consumes an available extra skill slot as normal) - While wielding a katana, the user can choose to store the usage of ST-B when a natural CD9+ has been rolled (removing the restriction of the roll having to be made the previous attack). This stored ST-B can be
  12. She would feel guilty even if it wasn't his intention, having heard Hirru's question. With one hand raised, she would silently dismiss the assumption and replied; hoping to sound reassuring: "I'm ok, just an unfortunate streak!" Mina's words stung even more as she knew the redhead was right. With reaffirmed determination she tightened the grip on her weapon and eyed the proposed target. The bear turned its attention to Ariel, as if it sensed her predatory gaze. As the albino bear's massive claws swiped through the air, the agile swordswoman executed a mesmerizing dance of evasion in res
  13. The blonde did a quick mental review of the items she had in her inventory, more specifically the armor section. While her lucky cloak was her usual travel companion during scouting missions like this, she wanted to take advantage of the relatively recent acquired «Quick Change» skill. However her split second review came out empty as she packed light, expecting a swift expedition. She felt a little annoyed at herself, lightly clicking her tongue but quickly sent the sensation into the abys as her name was called into action. "On it!" she replied instinctively, her weapon aimed at the app
  14. It seemed that the rest of the group were not fans of the floor's native transportation methods. She thought it was a shame but that was only from her point of view. Complying with the rest, she followed-up afoot as they went towards their set location. Nothing worth mentioning happens until they reach the forest so she replied to Hirru's initial comment: "I'm sure the Rat and the information brokers are up to their necks on the quests and whatever new info they can get their hands on safely." she allowed herself a little smirk as her Search skill and its mods and addons gave her a heads-up as
  15. The blonde pretty much kept quiet throughout their interactions regarding presentations. While not being overly familiar with any of the present company, she did cross paths with them at some point until now.. during previous raids, events or whatever. Listening to her instincts, classifying them as dependable and competent in the matter of scouting. When Bahr mentioned 'grotesque monsters', Ariel suddenly replies with a involuntary "...desho?" in the sense of 'I know, right?' Her eyes then went to the area of the map he mentioned, she agreed with a nod that the forest area would be
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