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  1. To Hirru's question, the blonde crossed her hands and closed her eyes as her brows furrowed in thought. She remembered farming a few of them before the update and... purchasing the rest? or at least that was the faint memory she managed to pull. Walking inside someone's shop for the usual consumables then noticing maps on display as well. "I think I bought it from another player? she asked herself more than anyone in particular. I remember getting drops on floor 10 but since they're all the same now I can't tell you for sure." she added, her posture changing again as she looked around. S
  2. With her right hand slightly raised, she lightly shock it: "Unfortunately, they're not for sale. I have plans on using them sometime soon but you're welcome to tag along when I do, if you want." The dungeons that the maps lead to were, in her vision, controlled environment where she could practice using her custom skill. Some entrances were located in the residence's valley, literally in her backyard. A quick glance at the team's status made it painfully obvious what the cost of of her newfound skill was. Her energy bar already at half while the rest we're well enough to start a second fight.
  3. ' one, two... seven ' Ariel watched them find a place to settle before the meeting would start. Pleasantly surprised that there were more people than she originally estimated, most of them players that she already had worked before or at least interacted in some way or another. From her seated position, she clapped twice hoping to get everyone's attention. The same action signalling the two students of her school that brought their guests to the dojo to start preparation. As she talked, they would try their best to inconspicuously place a tray in front of each person. The tray contained a smal
  4. The sudden stillness of their resident tank took the blonde by surprise. Thinking that it was some new kind of attack, she instinctively was about to activate her parry skill but discarded the thought before her body started moving to that goal. She watched Freyd remove a significant chunk of the king's hp bar alongside it's 'physical' body via his flesh-eating? weapon. From her perspective it looked more like it tore through the boss rather than the traditional way of cutting off its limb. Nonetheless she heard the call and quickly glanced at her status bar to confirm the tools at her d
  5. In a blink of an eye their group managed to gray out one of the three red HP bars that this boss had. From the lab boss fight she already knew that the two were capable players but it was a relief to see that even after a significant time that the blonde hadn't a actively participated in 'endgame' content. Her blade hadn't dulled as much as she thought and she could still keep up with top players. Internally, being the weakest link was one of her fears derived from her lifestyles both inside this game and in real life. Her relief was visible as she watched the two take action while she prepare
  6. She looked at the offering wrapped in leather and tapped to see what buff it gave. In her eyes one could see it wasn't anything out of the ordinary or something that she didn't had already but Ariel didn't want to refuse, so she took a small cup of the burned cream and enjoyed the sweet taste of it with a smile. She listened to the brief summary of their fight-to-come and nodded at his remark, her finger unconsciously tracing the golden etchings on her saya. "With the update, I had to either pick a tank build or to min-max my dps. A hybrid one like before wasn't a real option anymore, not with
  7. Purchasing the following items: 5x ≪Tier 4 Blank Dungeon Map≫ | [2000col]
  8. Location you ask? A place out of sight in front of the Grand necropolis on floor twenty one. It was at times like this that the blonde missed her ≪Hiding≫ skill, now having to work harder to evade the cold gaze of the undead scouts and soldiers wandering around the caverns leading here. Despite having no visible eyeballs, just the sockets, these pesky trash mobs were vigilant to an unholy decree. Investigating even the faintest pebble sound that seemed to echo with the intensity of a city's earthquake alarm. The blonde would let a soft sigh as she would pick one up and throw it over their head
  9. A simple message, an invitation alongside a marked location on the 22th floor, was sent by the blonde to the rest of the members of the labyrinth boss fight and her neighbour, the leader of Firm Anima. The message: "We had a short time to take in and digest what we saw in the floor 26 boss room. I wish to invite you all to an informal tea gathering to discuss and plan our next move. Unlike the last floor boss meeting, I'd rather keep the peanut gallery as small as possible but feel free to extend my invitation to whoever you deem relevant to the discussion, we'll prepare enough snacks and conf
  10. A small bow towards the place that moments ago stood the labyrinth boss alongside a thank you that she didn't let escape her words. Similar to Baldur, she did a small swipe to the side with her weapon before slowly sheathing it, brows furrowed. It was only when the darkened blade was fully contained by its scabbard that the somewhat serious expression she wore, softened, as if a burden fell from her shoulders. "I'm pretty sure y'all didn't need me for this but I'm happy I got invited nonetheless." she said after a quick glance at everyone's status bars. She then quickly followed Baldur and pea
  11. ► Meikyo Shisui Cost: 10 SP Passive Debuff: +(Player)Tier*EN to all SAs / -3 ACC [Permanent] Effect: During combat, allows the user to store up to 3 [II] or charges of any combination. [II] charges may be gained by using ST-I or AoE-I. charges may be gained by rolling CD9+ on any SA that isn't ST-B. [II] charges may be used to activate either ST-II or AoE-II without their necessary preconditions, while charges may be used to activate ST-B without its necessary preconditions. A charge is expended when used. All charges are lost upon a fight's completion. If the
  12. Her eyebrow arching in annoyance, she looked over the shoulder at the rat. "The sickly and women for the last eh..." clearly dissatisfied with the mob's targeting criteria so far. Needless to say that their target was quite the annoyance, evading a good amount of the weapons aimed at it. Ariel saw everyone else trying to stop it on its tracks and joined the quest, managing to blindside the sewer dweller and use a stunning Sword Art: both in effect and display, as the black flames ignited on her katana consumed the light around her and afterwards extended all over the boss' body. "Maybe yo
  13. The blonde was about to retrieve one of the healing items she brought, leftovers from the previous raid. But Baldur managed to restore Crow's HP back with ease. With a long breath she let her worries go and focused once more on the task. The boss seemed to completely ignore her up to this point, she was glad about it because her armor was virtually inexistent though her eyebrow arched in slight annoyance at the same time. Once more she lowered her center of gravity and concentrated on her next move, with honestly was the easiest by now. If you blinked, you'd have missed her charge towards the
  14. Soon enough, she found out why she could see the reason for her summon with her own eyes. The creature before their eyes was repulsing to say the least and when it opened it's mouth to speak, the blonde lurched back and took a deep breath from her DIY mask. A couple of the players took initiative so the blonde decided to hold back and watch them. She was somewhat unfamiliar, an improvised straw training dummy being the only opponent that helped her keep her skill sharp since the new swords art updates. She kept an eye on Night, who took cover in the shadows and couldn't help but be remin
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