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  1. Familiar Obtainment Thread: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20849-f22-pp-a-helping-paw-≪training-your-friend≫/?do=findComment&comment=639274 Familiar Name: Julius Familiar Description: A mature Greyhound/Mastiff mix breed with black fur and a small white spot on his back. Familiar Image: pic
  2. It looks like I haven’t lost my touch. The dog on the other side raised its head as soon as I whistled and looked at us on the other side. Then with little to no hesitation it jumped in the river and started swimming towards us. I was pleasantly surprised by this development as I didn’t think it would work that smoothly. Also the fact that the blonde resumed her fishing and even left a lane for the creature to swim directly us, eased my worries that it would try to attack us. While this was a zone where PKers could walk, no monster could trespass and attack us. The blonde must’ve surmised the
  3. My comment meant no ill intent, only friendly banter which was the form it was received as. “Maybe this is too real” she added with a laugh and enlarged the details window for me to see. “Oh! So it can be transformed into a material?” I replied as I read its description. One of the good things about the new update was the unification of materials. No more different tiered materials which made crafting even more annoying and cumbersome. I see both the blonde and her familiar looking over the riverside, the blonde’s eyes slightly glowing. I direct my attention towards the same area but barely
  4. Yet another snack for the ever hungry familiar. I can’t help to think that if this were the real world, this lioness would barely be able to move thanks to her laziness. Once more she sent the hook soaring over the river surface until it sink at the desired spot and stood still. The blonde took the opportunity to continue her story or what was left of it as I expected no plot changing developments. “We then went back together in the main settlement and I returned what was left of the familiar food to the gypsy…” she looks to the side, where the woman’s form disappeared and tilts her head. “Now
  5. “Is that so?” I mutter somewhat pensively, a little curious as to why she seemed to have chosen to skip over details in her recounter of the past events. However I know that it would be unproductive for me to ask for more details, even the gipsy was pretty straightforward in saying as much: ‘Find a animal you like, feed it this special food and claim it as your own’ of course, that was my liberal interpretation and not verbatim. “What happened next?” I ask as I take a seat on the porch somewhat closer to the samurai woman. I see her slightly turn her face towards me, was that relief I saw in h
  6. I watched as the blonde’s latest catch, which wasn’t of the metallic kind, gets devoured in almost an instant by her familiar, leaving behind only bones and scales. “Let’s test your theory.” I mutter as I search my inventory to see if the food item has magically returned to me, I let out a grin as if it wasn’t there. “Carry on with your story.” I urge Ariel, who understood that I was merely testing her words just now. After a small cough, she casts another line and continues to relate from her memory: “There isn’t much to say after that, I was a bit reluctant but figured out I had nothing to
  7. "So did she tell you how to find a familiar?" That question woke me out of my partially entranced state and my eyes moved to meet the blonde’s. “Yeah, something like that..” I blankly replied, the quest details were a bit unclear “Tell me more of how you met her and found this beast!” I ask in an almost commanding tone without meaning to, Kimba picked it up and let out a low growl towards me. The blonde seemed used to my manner of speech and paid little attention to the tone. “I meet her in some back alley, like now, totally by chance or dumb luck.” she said, leaning a bit back and looking u
  8. It seemed the blonde was too busy fiddling with the treasure chest to spare even a glance in my way, so I had to deal with this NPC myself. “Use this well..” said the gypsy as she pointed towards the familiar food. “When you find a little one that you think suits your needs, have them eat from this. It will help form a durable bound like the one they have.” I was a little at loss, somehow she read me like an opened book and realized my desire for useful items overcome any need for visually pleasing items. I looked at the blonde that was teasing her familiar in absence of fish to give her. Thei
  9. “Why do you even keep that beast on the school grounds? Shouldn’t it be in the wild, doing animal activity on game instead of me!?” I protest slightly annoyed as I pick myself off the ground. Before the blonde got a chance to reply to my inquiry, I noticed her stance slightly shifting and could’ve swear I saw her eyes flashing for a moment. I didn’t get a chance to word out my curiosity when I heard nearby bushes moving again. They part ways for a woman with the NPC yellow tag above her head and a name below it. “I mean you no harm, good adventurers!” she claims as she removes any leaves or de
  10. While I listen to her explanation, I also observe how she opens the new chest she gained. 'So this is the other gathering profession...' I think before rerouting my thoughts towards the topic in hand. I personally found it highly improbable for inanimate items to possess any semblance of a soul or such but even I was sensible enough to not trample over someone’s belief because of my own. That is how wars started in the past and even for less than a difference in opinion. “I believe everyone has a different stance and belief, I’m not about to question yours for my own satisfaction. Especially n
  11. I nod to myself as it made sense in a way, even if I’m barely scratching the surface on the complexities of Kendo. Which honestly doesn't interest me, I was delighted to see the blonde’s fencing. Ever since I first laid my eyes on her, I’ve been mesmerized by her style and asked Claudia to keep tabs on her even back in the real world. I shake my head to banish those thoughts and continue: “So you’re taking advantage that this is a ‘controlled’ environment where you can’t cut others while training.” I say that but almost immediately regret my words used to describe this game. It is better label
  12. “Not at all! I finished just now.” she replied as she adjusted her weapon at the side. I gaze obviously at the saya and ask: ”Shouldn’t you be practicing with a training sword? I thought using a ‘live’ blade isn’t permitted outside official business and such.” I ask, taking advantage of the little knowledge I possess on the matter. Being a fan of her since I first saw her fencing match in my home country, I learned a little bit about sword fighting even though I cannot practice it myself. All my attempts failed rather flashing and I wish not to repeat the experience. This… game was supposed to
  13. I had to admit to myself that she had a great form while practicing early in the morning. I have barely woke up and tended to my morning routine when the blonde lioness already seemed on the brink of finishing hers. How early did she wake up? It is to my understanding that such training and even warm-up sessions tend to be at least one hour long. If so, she must’ve woken up before all of us, even the diligent Claudia, then went outside to train before there was even any light. The presence of still lit paper lanterns and candles confirming my suspicion. I never thought of myself as a lazy pers
  14. Guilds, yet another gray area that I barely scratched. Yet this time, I can bring my own view on some of the presented points, so I take the opportunity to interject: "Technically, I have been part of one of the biggest merchant guild in Aincrad. Past tense, mind you. I can 100% claim that I have not even once stepped inside the guild hall. Even for registering as a member, I did that via DMs. " I lightly chuckle as I remember how convenient if was to reap the benefits of the guild just by being a member with nothing to give in return. I've never been interested in interacting with other outsi
  15. Resting my chin on my left palm I ponder: "Wizard, I think that can work." but then I stop entertaining more in-depth thoughts than that. Unlike my companion, I am no romantic, never had the time or opportunity to be. Next up he brings up something I didn't have time to plan for. I snap my fingers and gently pop my index in front of my face. "A welcomed change if you ask me. However I'd rather it happen without any of the drama this update had." I really didn't enjoy being lost in the fog then swallowed whole by a dark tide of ink-like liquid. I'd be surprised if any of the played did. "I
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