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    Simply a guild of people intending to settle the score with the cardinal system by abusing every advantage possible

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    Aincrad Trading Post. Do you need something crafted? Take a look for information of the crafters of Aincrad. Or are you a crafter yourself that wanna spread the word? Contact or join us for more information. If you need help with anything crafting related, dont hesitate to contact Aincrad Trading Post.

  • Closed Guild  ·  1 member  ·  Last active

    The Outcasts Pact, also referred to as the pact is a orange guild for criminals and lawbreakers that simply just want to have fun, but in a surprisingly organised fashion.

  • Closed Guild  ·  6 members  ·  Last active

    "Tarot is an instrument that reveals the hidden things of the world, and makes sense out of the visible ones."

  • Closed Guild  ·  1 member

    Front Line Assault Guild

  • Closed Guild  ·  15 members

    The Guardians of a New Dawn is a guild created to survive and see the new dawn, and to bring all the other survivors in Aincrad with them. It welcomes anyone into its ranks, and will protect those in need. Here is some more about us. Joining The Guild Any and all players are allowed to join the Rising Dawn. There is no restrictions on level, playstyle, or anything period which will stop you from being accepted. If interested, Contact either Myself or @Eatos Guild Objective The primary objective of the Guardians is to provide shelter and protection for all players in the game who desire or require it. We are a guild focused on assisting players from all level ranges, and helping to provide assistance as they try and level up and develop as characters. The guilds final destination is to reach and assist the players fighting at the frontlines, however no player in the guild is under any obligation to fight and serve on the frontline. The guild’s main goal is to provide shelter, with the frontline being as a secondary goal. About the Guardians of the New Dawn The guild doesn’t run as a hierarchy based guild. While there is a leadership systems, every member has a voice and can talk to any of the three Guardians about any issues they may be having. While most guilds run in a pseud-Militaristic style, the New Dawn run more like a family, and everyone is treated as an equal. The only time this will not be in effect is in battle, where all members will be expected to follow the instructions given to them by the Guardian in charge. This is done to keep the battles coordinated and to keep unnecessary dangers from occurring. The standpoint that the guild holds on Player Killers is the following; unless done in self preservation, the act of taking another life in the game of Sword Art Online is inexcusable full stop. The guild has no intention of harboring such members who take others lives for their own enjoyment.

  • Open Guild  ·  5 members

    A guild based on the principal of helping people reach the frontlines, and to be a model of what is expected from those on the frontlines. To set a example for all people.

  • Open Guild  ·  13 members

    Like the fabled staircase to the heavens, that which dreamers look upon, spiraling up to the next world wherein lies their salvation. A guild founded to be the ladder between the front lines and the rest of Aincrad - bridging the gaps in the supply chain to provide crafters with the materials they need and to fill the gaps in the lines as players retire or are lost. Players may come to Jacob's Ladder for aid and counsel, even if they are not members themselves.

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