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  1. Order ^ Hydra stumbled inside the Arcade on the eight floor, he had received news from a few guildmates about this place. It was suppose to be owned by a player known as Pinball also a member of the Guardians of the New Dawn. Hydra looked about, the area was nice and reminded him of his own store deep in the forest of the second floor. "Hi there, I've come to make an order for some items. If you have the time and resources that is." Hydra smiled nervously. He had briefly seen this player during the last dragon hunter encounter, although they hadn't really interacted with one another. Truth
  2. (OOC: Didn't know if I was suppose to use send to or transfer so I just used transfer. Hopefully that was right. Thanks.) Skill(s) Being Dropped: First Aid (Rank 1), GathererMod(s) Being Dropped: N/ASP Refunded: 15Cost: 15'000 col
  3. As Malorne once said...




    1. Beatbox


      You better return boi. Jk, nice to have ya back bud.

    2. Hydra


      Haha, thanks! Good to be back :3

  4. Approved Your second craft didn't match the ID rolled, I think you accidentally entered the wrong ID as 79324 was a 9+1 however 79325 was an 11+1 so I changed it for you. Thanks ~ Hydra :3
  5. Anyone up for taking the Dragon Hunter Anthology with me? All levels welcome! :3

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