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  1. Hydra let out what would probably be his 100th yawn since they started this quest. The fatigue of the adventure had hit him, even if it was just a simulation. "I'm sure you'll be able to find them given enough time. Just don't give up I suppose that's the key." He was never really the type for words of encouragement although he did believe Stryder had the capabilities to go far. I mean he had practically surpassed Hydra by this point anyway. As for his own plans he did wonder. Part of him wanted to bury himself deep within the forests of the second floor once again and never return. "Guess tha
  2. "Sounds like a fair plan..." Hydra smiled. With the amount of players still present on the first floor it was good that the more potent were offering places to try and attract those players, all the help they could muster would be needed for the future floor bosses. Hydra let out a muffled yawn and turning his head steadily to gaze upon some barren rocks. Things down here could get boring quickly, despite the fact it was a game. No matter, they wouldn't be here much longer. The player lazily twirled a lock of dark hair between his thumb and his finger. "Track me down huh..." Truth is Hydra was
  3. Hydra laughed, "I think we can both agree on that. I probably won't be able to sleep for another few months now." At the very least the pair of them could relax for a little while now, it wasn't every day he accomplished a quest but he felt a little better today, every ounce of experience amounted more to his survival. It was still unclear how long the players would be stuck in this virtual prison for, however he guessed it would be a few years at the very least and who knew what the person who put them in here had planned. Hydra diverted his attention back to Stryder and his surrounding
  4. Hydra nodded, players had special relationships with one another and he was in no position to invade others privacy. Whether Stryder liked Eatos or not was his own business, though the spearman took his word for it."Dragon Hunting..." He wasn't sure he liked the sound of that too much, well, he had never liked hunting but he supposed in the end everything that happened in this world was virtual. "A party?" Hydra had been to a few parties since his journey had begun in SAO, the most memorable being the hot springs event hosted by the members of the Knights of the Blood Oath. To be honest t
  5. "Give it time and i'm sure you'll find yourself capable of achieving what might now seem impossible. You appear to have the drive and yeah, I second that, this floor is a little too... eerie for my liking and not being able to see the sky at all makes it that much more claustrophobic." Hydra mumbled on a bit longer, his own tone wasn't as aggressive or hateful though a little more sarcastic. Then glancing left and right he glanced around and started to randomly walk down a path. With enough time they would eventually find the settlement of this floor and would be able to leave. "So anyway, o
  6. "I have returned." Hydra half sung half mumbled as he strolled into the Lakeside Trading post. Recently he, Pinball and the guild leader Stryder had decided to attempt the next floor boss and it was wise that they stock up on everything they possibly could to help them in battle. It didn't take the spearman long to look around for what was needed. A ration to boost his health but most importantly the teleportation crystal that would keep him frost hopefully dying. Once Hydra had the items he went to the counter and purchased them in the meantime talking to Stryder about life and how things wer
  7. Hydra scratched his cheek awkwardly and let out a nervous laugh. For some reason the last time he had taken this quest it had been much easier. Perhaps he had weakened since then in power, but that really didn't make any sense. His health pool was slowly recharging in the meantime, it had come dangerously close to 50% though he supposed in hindsight they could have fled if things looked like there were going too poorly. "Yeah you did well, sorry I wasn't of much help. She seemed to take a liking to me." He let out another awkward laugh, in his life before all this any attention from others was
  8. Order ^ Hydra stumbled inside the Arcade on the eight floor, he had received news from a few guildmates about this place. It was suppose to be owned by a player known as Pinball also a member of the Guardians of the New Dawn. Hydra looked about, the area was nice and reminded him of his own store deep in the forest of the second floor. "Hi there, I've come to make an order for some items. If you have the time and resources that is." Hydra smiled nervously. He had briefly seen this player during the last dragon hunter encounter, although they hadn't really interacted with one another. Truth
  9. It appeared Stryder's follow up attack was also ineffective and the Banshee was now over it's stunned condition. "Not yet..." Hydra let out another growl and threw back his spear arm. He didn't care if it phased through one or two attacks, he couldn't stop now this time he would use merciless flurry until he ran out of breath and it couldn't dodge anymore. The sword art had that name for a reason, and it was his role to do that name justice. The blue energy surrounded Hydra's left arm. The banshee was distracted by Stryder who had previously landed a perfect punch on it. "Let your soul rest."
  10. Hydra was surprised by the increase in skill Stryder had gone through since last time, truth be told he was disappointment in himself for under performing so far. All he had done was taken some damage and had otherwise missed. "Now is not the time to be dwelling on this." Hydra suddenly realized shaking his head, Stryder had created an opportunity for him to land a hit. Throwing back his left-arm Hydra activated the <Merciless Flurry> sword art and rushed forward trying to jump in the air and send his spear flying into the creature. The weapon hit but seemed to sail straight through her
  11. What a lovely feeling. Hydra was not sure why that was the thought that came to his mind now of all times, when facing death he couldn't help but make a sarcastic remark. He watched with despair as his lifepoints depleted too nearly half though thankfully the paralysis wore off just in time and he was able to lash out with a <dragonfly cutter>. The fatigue had reached him however, and the banshee swiftly evaded his water serpent's fang. "This isn't good." Now both of them were at an unstable amount of hitpoints, between them they might be able to take a few more attacks from this thing t
  12. It seemed Stryder was a little too eager and Hydra did not have time to warn him that they'd be attacked on entry. As his friend rushed through the gate a hoard of the undead guardians swarmed him, he responded quickly with an AoE sword art though not before two of them landed blows. In the mean time the Banshee had flown forth only a few yards away from him and let out it's deafening screech within a few yards of Hydra. No armor couldn't mitigate the damage of sound. Not only that but it was such a loud noise Hydra felt his whole body freeze up. The scream had paralyzed him meaning he could n
  13. It appeared Stryder was getting more and more frustrated by the fact they couldn't find Tartarus, Hydra himself was beggining to gain a sense of hopelessness. They had been walking for quite some time and no path had revealed before them. The spearman drew out a sigh in sync with Stryders growls, though once he was over the conversation continued on the frontlines. "I suppose that is true." Hydra responded bowing his head a little, he took note of the slightly nervous tension in the air although did not mention anything. To be honest, i'd be terrified, in fact just thinking of what creature lu
  14. When Hydra heard Stryder was planning to go to the next floor boss his soul lifted in curiosity. So much so that he completely forgot about looking for Tartarus and instead focused on the conversation at hand. "Really? That takes some bravery." Hydra responded, it appeared Stryder had grown considerably, however if his friend was willing to risk his life, was he in the wrong for not risking his own. At the very least if Stryder could attempt the floor boss he could as well. "Time to dwell on the subject." The spearman mumbled lightly, his trail of thought beggining to submerge with the shadows
  15. Hydra had received a few notices recently that Stryder had a new store that had opened up on the 22nd floor. "So he is now a merchant... that's useful." The spearman pondered as he strolled onto the floor of the building that was still being made. Hydra had travelled to this floor after the frontliners had cleared it, he thought it would be useful to stop by and catch up with the guild leader though at the same time he didn't want too disturb his work. Opening his inventory the young spearman quickly scrolled through until he found the two unidentified t1 potions that he had received on his la
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