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  1. To Hei it seemed the younger player understood what he said about the game being as it was wasn't that bad, as he told him, that oncehe would become strong enough to survive he would do whatever he wanted. This was the kind of thinking Hei had had for the last two or so years, even though he had found a kind of family, so he was bound to stay save for them. There were a few risky things he would love to try, but he wouldn't do, as he knew how hard the death of one of their members had been to the guild and he wouldn't want them to go through this pain again. When the boy declined his offer, st
  2. When Akio answered his more or less rhetorical question about him liking raptors Hei had to smile. It was such a n innocent few of the world many kids had, and Hei really liked being around players who were like this. To him the game world had lost it's wonders long ago, probably shortly after he had started his job, but then again, there had been other things he had been interested in. Being reminded off the times before he analysed games rather than simply enjoying the fabulous worlds they created was a really nice thing, so instinctively Hei said "You know, it's not as bad as you might see
  3. After Hei had asked the player he had followed what he had done the player hesitated a moment before he told him that he had started stealing, as he didn't know any combat mechanics. This made Hei think for a moment. He hadn't known that stealing would change ones cursor colour, but it was a fair assumption it actually did. Still having something like stealing make you appear as if you were a PKer was rather hard on Hei's mind. When he realized that the boy told him he stole, as he wasn't able to grind and fight, Hei started to think about how difficult living like this must have been. St
  4. The player that had just bumped into him that he had recognized as the one who had ordered the armour with the ability to change their colours seemed to be just as perplexed by the coincident of them running into each other just a few days after the item had been done, so he just stuttered a few words. Hei was about to ask, where the boy was heading to when he heard some guards running towards them, chasing the boy. It was only now that he noticed the players cursor wasn't green like his own one, but orange. Was this boy a player killer? He couldn't really believe it, but there were other wa
  5. Lately it had been busy in the Hanger again and Hei was running low on materials, as it always happened. Who evern thought it would be a good idea to have crafting have such a high chance of using up the mats without producing what you were going for must love to see others suffer. Hei didn't really remember how often it had been in the last years, that his shop had been booming with customers, but all he could tell them was that he would message them once he had finished their Itemsand that it would take a while, since he would have to go and gather materials. Thinking back to his days
  6. Hei wasn't to sure what to make off what Dustin had just said. Was he going back and stop fighting with them, or would he just need a longer rest. And what was it with that broken sword he was staring at? Maybe he would have to talk to Dustin later, finding out what was going on, but as they were here for a kind of mission and it seemed like Dustin and Jinx got along well enough, with Dustin even bringing pancakes for her, he felt save with leaving them to have their rest, while he would wander off a little bit, searching for some materials he would be able to use in his smithy. Before he
  7. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Assassins Armour Your Profession: [Tailor] Your Rank: [||||||||||] {8} ID: 120180 Roll: 12 Item Type: [Light_Armor] Tier: [||||||||||] {1} Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [Evasion_#3] Description: [Image_in_Profile] [Additional: Can_alternate_color_scheme_of_cloth] Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14535-f1-tailor-shop-the-hanger/?do=findComment&comment=577743
  8. Hei was about to do one of his friends a favour, as she needed a new weapon, but she had not enough money to order one herself. Besides that, Hei wanted to surprise her with the weapon, so he choose the player he had heard off that was the best smith around and made his way to Macradon's shop. Once he entered the shop he greeted the smith that was behind his counter with a smile and took one of the order forms to fill it in with all the information. Once he was done he handed it over and said "Hey Macradon, I got this order for you. I don't have the mats to pay for it, so here is the col for
  9. After Hei had finished the hand wraps his friend had ordered Hei turned to the order forms that were still lying on his desk. All of them were Tier one items he hadn't been able to craft, as he had no mats of that tier at hand, but Dustin had been a good friend and handed him a share of his materials. It wasn't a huge amount, but would probably be enough to finish at least one order, maybe more if he got lucky. So with the new material Hei went to the sewing room and started working on the items and the first one he finished was of really good quality. The armour he crated really fit well
  10. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Strength of Thor Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 119948 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: Hand Wraps Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Damage Description: Black hand wraps with a nordic design following the trim and mjolnir lace pattern on the back of his fists. The knuckles are studded with what appears to be rocks. Post Link: leave blank
  11. Hei had been working on Dustins order one whole day already and none of the items he had created were good enough for his friend. When he entered the shop the next morning he started working on the new item as soon as he had time. When a player entered the shop he paused his work to greet her and show her the store, but it seemed she had special items in mind, as she ordered two Items. Hei looked at the orders and as she paid with col he turned to her and said "I'll try to craft the items once the last order is done, but it might take a while, as I don't have any tier one material in stock rig
  12. Hei hadn't had many customers lately, so when Dustin entered the shop Hei was happy to see him. It was always nice to meet his guild mates, and he liked Dustin, so he greeted him with a friendly smile. As he had finished some crafting for Dustin he handed the item to him and thought that probably was it, but instead of leaving Dustin grabbed another order form and filled it in. Hei took the form and the col Dustin placed on his counter and when Dustin said he was sorry for making him work so much Hei just smiled and said "Don't worry man, its all right. I choose the job, so it's my own fault t
  13. Hei

    Hei's Journal

    Skills Non-combat: » Gatherer » Fishing Passive: » Survival (now 30 HP per post out of combat) Combat: » Weapon skills: »One-Handed Assault Spear (Rank 5) Extra skills: »Familiar Mastery: Accurate (Rank 3) Skillpoints 8/111
  14. Hei had missed his last attack, but just slightly, as he had only been able to hit the Toads armour while jumping over it. While he had taken a moment to realize what had happened and to get back into the battle Stryder had just barely managed to evade another attack and landed a blow on the monster, but as his energy was drained it wasn't strong enough to kill it just now. As the other team had killed of their mobs Arabelle came in to help end the fight, swinging her scythe multiple times she hit the monster and dropped the HP even lower while also kind of stunning it. Using the fact that i
  15. After he had told them about the loot, he was able to see a kind of confused face on Jinx, but it went away after a second or two, and just after that she asked him, if 5000 col was good, and if they could help the guild a lot if they just continued fighting. Hei quickly nodded and answered "Yeah, 5 thousand is a good amount from one monster. I think I only ever got this much from a random field boss I had to kill, that nearly killed me back than. And it didn't even take us that long to kill it either, so we should be able to get a lot of col for the guild. But before we can continue we should
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