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  1. Macradon was about to open up shop and get the furnaces blazing for his apprentice to work and gain greater experience, the knight had spent a lot of resources trying to get Alec up to speed with hos a grandmaster blacksmith was working, and having someone else be able to craft certified equipment while the owner was out was a lucrative deal for his apprentice. Macradon got into his dirty old workshop clothes and began cleaning up the front of his shoppe while the furnaces were heating up and as he would walk around the streets in front of his shop to clear it of any litter, Macradon overheard
  2. Macradon looked over at this HUD as a small notification appeared in his message inbox. The knight hesitated but was still quick to press the floating screen only he could see and would read the message. “Nice, a meeting, this should hopefully be better than the last, a bit too chaotic, but let’s see who shows up. It might actually be a very constructive and efficient meeting." They didn't know much about the boss or about the boss room other than the quick peek to get an understanding of the arena they’ll be fighting in, which didn’t really tell the vanguard party anything too useful. Ma
  3. Was poked on edits yo my CS, so here's the old one And updating it to
  4. « Thematic Music » The fleet footed knight kept leaping across the battlefield like he was in some kind of anime world, how wacky was that. His quick movements were nearly unrivalled, his sheer consistent damage kept the battlefield level as long as he was on the right side. At least that’s what he thought of himself, a brave knight that could shake a battlefield for the betterment of humanity and the inhabitants of Aincrad. This new skill of his made his world so much more fun, his nimble actions that were much more difficult to execute were now somehow ingrained into his body like som
  5. The icky squeak and giggle of the vile beast shook Macradon to his core, it was eerie in a different way compared to much else he had been fighting. Mindless beasts, evil end bosses, sentient antagonists, and whatever Cardinal threw at him. This was quite different. The beasts he had slaughtered, the remnants he had to vanquish off the surface of Aincrad, they were nothing like this literal incineration of toilet humour … now they only needed something funny. It did not take too long for the machination to take its form, the lines, the comeback, the setup, everything was there in a flash, in a
  6. One thing led to another … but this “another” was not something Macradon had anticipated, it was news to him that monsters could act in such way and it excited him to the core. “Yes!” he howled out in a gleeful manner as the ratman scoured away from the frontal forces and slithered up to the young man Crozeph to beat him up with his mace “Wait shit!” he growled back when he realized what that meant, its AI could target character by reverse aggro, which was much more difficult to juggle. But despite the harsh hit, Crozeph was steadfast and stood his ground even though his health points took a s
  7. That rat bastard was just standing there, menacingly, waiting for the party to commence their vanguard. Macradon and the others had prepared themselves, at least most of them had prepared themselves for this battle. Recalling from earlier labyrinth bosses, they would be tough to fight for a single party, but still doable. First to act was NIGHT, quickly slithering into her hidden self before Hirru would approach, slowly as the overgrown rat began to speak. “It’s somewhat intelligent, makes this fight a bit different than a savage dragon trying to wreak havoc …” he thought to himself and g
  8. Hey there Lucky! Welcome to the site! I'm Macradon, but most just call me Mac, it's shorter and easier. We have a Discord server we use for most of our instant messaging, but the staff members on here do check their DMs from time to time, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask away!
  9. NIGHT had seemingly found the entrance to the labyrinth guardian, Macradon felt his energy levels rise up in excitement. The exhilarating and invigorating feeling of combat was on its way and the knight could barely contain his excitement as he grinned like a kid on Christmas day. He quickly adjusted all his armour to have a proper fit with everything and scoured through his inventory for a quick setup and chugged a wide selection of handy concoctions and snacks. Even though he had done all this prep work before on many occasions, this scenario was a bit different, somewhat vile to a degree. T
  10. Macradon nodded at the Jade Hunter and took in a deep breath “Alright then, let’s get going, we have no time to lose, the guardian fight is getting closer, let’s head out!” he said after quickly noting the coordinates in comparison to their current location and began a slow lurch into the crowded area again while fully clad in armour. His menacing performance of a slightly short stature was enough to make the people part way and give him enough space to begin a full on sprint. With each heavy step a loud clanging of steel plating and maille fragments would enlighten the entire area like a smit
  11. He smiled back at the woman called @Lessa and tried to comfort her encouraging words “Don’t worry, everyone learns in different patterns at different rates. I just chose to dedicate way more time than necessary for my profession,” he replied with a chortle. He was growing slightly impatient, Crozeph and NIGHT have been gone for a while now, and no one really seemed to have any real idea of where the party should head next “@Hirru , do we have a location yet? Do we know where Crozeph is?” he asked the party gatherer in a rather monotone voice “I don’t know much about either from our party,
  12. Macradon chuckled at the children’s comment about the rag tag motley crew possibly being inquisitors … the group was quite inquisitive so that wasn’t that difficult to confuse the lot with what Macradon could only guess to be scary and well hidden services of the crown. Weary of these weird and off-putting, if not by their different clothing styles to the rest of the populace then possibly by their sudden inquisition, the children went their way again, not taking any chances. “Can’t blame them. Sounds like they got into trouble for talking with these ‘Inquisitors’ before, might be useful
  13. Macradon kept his disgruntled look like a stone cold murderer waiting for the children to make a mistake while everyone else seemed to be doting the kids. Even the likes of someone like Crozeph went up for the less-money-bribe and offered what every kid wants from strangers, candy, tasty sweet candy, Macradon even got a small handful. The knight didn’t even doubt for a second before chucking a few into his mouth and began chewing … something was off … something was quite tough to eat. “What the actual -” he thought before being cut off by Crozeph. He opened up his mouth to show his m
  14. It was nice, his party members had begun to socialize as the entire entity walked through the slums. There were a few added comments towards their next actual step to find the labyrinth, and as Hirru began inquiring the populous, Macradon followed suit. The Jade Hunter tried to calm down the kids while Macradon stood behind him, glaring at the kid that stood up to them, but he didn’t advance, he just stood there, menacingly. NIGHT was quick to join in and try to calm the kids, something that Macradon wasn’t too keen on, nor was he any good at it. Calming down others didn’t seem to be a sk
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