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  1. Night truly showed her advantage in this fight. Macradon’s range wasn’t enough to keep her at bay. Flashes and blurs disappeared around his attacks, dodging and evading like cleaving into a mist. The knight chortled even though he was in a disadvantageous spot “You’re pretty good, light footed across the battlefield. I can’t imagine you also doing this while going all out with your greatsword. Saying I am impressed would just feel patronising, you’re a good fighter!” he exclaimed and went for a rock solid blocking guard, but it was futile, Night’s agility trumped his reach and ferocity, he was
  2. Macradon snickered, “Glad to know I’m not the only one having just about nothing to do when raids aren’t upon us. Every excuse to get outside seems like a breath of fresh air, no matter how non-fresh the air ends up being,” he said and commented on their surroundings. It wasn’t the best of places to be, but it was something. This place wasn’t important, what was really important was what Baldur would be pointing out in the distance. “That mountain huh … so the mountain houses the boss we’ll be fighting?” he questioned but only needed a short while to piece the pieces together “Oh shit. T
  3. With a quick upwards strike trailing behind him like a tail, Macradon glamorously failed to connect with Night who easily diverted from his oncoming attack. The incoming attack would then at least attempt to be parried, but the added momentum, and the lighter weapon Night was using, easily manoeuvred around his unwieldy blade with a just as unwieldy grip. His boulderous rock slide of a parry didn’t go his way and was hit by the quick strikes of Night. To his retaliation, Macradon would boulder his way through but play to his own advantage now, reach. Not only was his blade longer, his hilt as
  4. What a sight, this wasn’t really what he had anticipated for what seemingly was a valentines event … a tournament. Macradon chortled and looked at the crows around him and Baldur standing strong on his centralised position to everyone, telling everyone present what was going on and how the tournament was to be executed. It was quite the setup Baldur had prepared, training clothes, weapons, and gear. Everything seemed to be proper sparring gear where everyone could go all out without anyone being hurt. The dojo’s aesthetics were pleasing to the eye and everything seemed to be neatly placed to n
  5. Macradon had packed and donne some great gear for the cold cold 4th floor as he exited his estate only for him to receive Baldur’s reply “For fuck’s sake.” he exclaimed and went back inside and began packing other clothes for the occasion, something that was more … battle-ready, since an ancient earth elemental was guarding a forbidden garden onsen which sounded endearingly interesting to check out. He would begin to don his Frostlight after sending the message to the two, and heavily pack extra cloth on his ironclad boots, making sure that his feet wouldn’t get stuck in the muddy envi
  6. Macradon growled lightly by all the fuss going around. A mere choice in a game, a non-dilemma, going up in flames around the frontlines. He wasn’t a person to argue, he was a good soldier and followed orders, he was a battling machine, so interactions weren’t part of his fine repertoire of murderhobo-ing through everything and everywhere. He sighed heavily and struck his sword into the ground, leaned up against it, and began to massage his temples “Are you guys really sure about this. Are we really playing Pokémon now? Going all out until it’s in the red, then we ‘capture’ the poor little thin
  7. As his team without hesitation went on the assault, everything was going as “planned”, the scathers were disabled or disactivated and Gabrandr was hurting all over. The next parties to take their turn at the punching bag came barging in, ready to finish off the boss to get everyone out to the other side, safely to the next floor … or so Macradon had hoped. But nope! Visual Novel time let’s go! A prompt appeared in front of him, as well as in front of everyone else. It asked them all the same question, and there was a definite line between the frontlines, some would spare and others would go fo
  8. Macradon nodded, the wording probably wasn't as kind as he wanted it to have been, but with the current setting, that was probably a better word to describe the conditions. He added to his description "A general gathering/living area predominated by a minority in the wider scope. Since these Galteans are held at lower regards, they might have their own living areas from everyone else, or they might just be locked up in a big mosh pit. I'd like to find out either way." and went on with what Hirru noted about the slums "Alright then, let's head out and get closer." Macradon said and began walkin
  9. “He’s a wily one this Gabrandr!” Macradon shouted out to the rest of his party. The damage that was done and then rightly so nullified kept the team running. The other players were quick to run for the scathers and disarm them as quickly as possible, letting the rest reach for the vanguard. With the next oncoming attack, Macradon knew that it was gonna hurt and he prepared himself “Morg, I’ll take the next hit, you’ve done more than a good job! I trust you with my safety!” he called out as he ran past his party’s tank “This one’s gonna keep him at bay for a little while!” he roared and went in
  10. The fizz of a can being opened, the heavy sigh of the drinking subject. The first floor estate sat empty apart from its now only resident. A big house for a single person, a whole lot of nothing to do all alone anymore. He brought the drink up to his mouth and began chugging, it was all he could get himself to do now, there wasn’t anything else that was giving him the entertainment and thrill of the fight that he used to strive for. He longed for the hectic daily battles, he couldn’t forget the action he kept meeting day in and day out, everything was now so … mundane and boring. He finis
  11. The blinding bright flames would erupt and cover Macradon in a wicked retaliation from the boss, dealing a good chunk of damage to all affected by the luminous payback. It didn't seem like he was the only one hit by the flares, at least that was what he could notice from the HUD in his view, but just as fast the health was slowly depleted, his health was bumped back up, he couldn't see clearly, but he could hear and the voice was familiar "Thanks for the backup, @Simmone!" he called out to his team mate. Macradon kept his mind steeled and focused on what was at hand, but something irked him th
  12. Just like before, the cannon thingies were deactivated, shot down, eviscerated, even before Macradon had a chance to act, therefore his only objective was to wither down the health of the boss as fast as he could. The single health bar converted into multiple others, showing the true colours of the fallen king, now resolute with his decision to blow up parliament. “I’d mostly agree with how you want to run things, but violence isn’t always the answer … but who am I to talk, yeet!” he retorted at the king and went in for another attack. But alas the knight missed the target, but just barely gla
  13. From light the «Banner of Command» materialised from his inventory, covered in bright blue crystals as it began to take form from nothing. “Sure thing.” the knight replied with a smile and handed over his banner to the old man. His banner had been with him for a while, it had seen a lot of stuff happen, it had been there from when he joined the KoB, to the fall of one Vice Commander after the other … after the other … after the other. Macradon sighed from what nostalgia and requiem its existence gave him, the warm feelings of his membership of the knights and the cold shudders of his mentor, f
  14. It went much faster than anticipated, everything went into motion in a fell swoop right before his eyes. He was one of the first to arrive, but he was only one of many. The frontline’s raid parties had assembled in a pretty fast fashion and were now heading into the boss room. With the glimpse they had from defeating the labyrinth guardian, Macradon could only anticipate the worst in feats of smelliness and sewage that would rear its ugly head at the frontlines. “Active cannons, huh. Guess that’s what we’ll have to work with now.” he thought to himself and got into a battle stance and rushed i
  15. There wasn’t a lot going on towards the boss room, it was a stinky alleyway, just like it was when they fought the giant rat beast that guarded the entrance. With the raid battlefield ripe for the taking, frontliners were slowly beginning to gather round and make their appearances. Macradon arrived as the first of his party members that was concluded from the latest raid meeting, and he barely knew any of the members he was to fight with, which was a new experience for the Imperial Topaz. The only member he recognized was Morgenstern, a person he had fought with before at raids and during priv
  16. Crafting Type: Fusion [Starting Item 1] Name: Fodder Katana +2 Your Profession: Appraiser Your Rank: Rank 5 Roll ID: 200246, 200247*, 200248 Roll Result: LD 13, 16*, 18 (*Unique) Item Type: Weapon (Katana) Tier: T4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: BLD, AA, ACC Description: A seemingly-plain weapon housing great power. Seeking further refinement to bring out its true power. Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20941-f01sp-on-that-grind-bid/?do=findComment&comment=641294 Acquisition ID: 193650a [Starting Item 2] Name: Fodder Katana +2 Your Profession:
  17. Macradon would raise an eyebrow, Hirru did indeed have something for them to work on, which was a nice twist. The knight nodded his head in acknowledgement and revised his current allocation of equipment. He went through his long list of useful items and concluded that his current attire would be outlandish enough to not be seen as a high-brow threat, but also not too militaristic to seem like anything else than someone making a quick pit stop at the town. “Refugees, slaves, immigrants. Quite the people we have to work with, but I guess if this fancy technology is some heavily guarded intellig
  18. The discussions that ensued were not what the knight had thought would come up. The passive, but close to active, aggressiveness in the air could be felt from Hidden, but for Hirru’s own sake the Jade Hunter was able to combat the sharp words with a wise retort without spilling too much back towards his aggressor. Macradon sighed, it was still a heavy and touchy subject for him, he had felt the humiliation, perhaps not directly but still enough for it to have been a burden for him. He would shake that uneasiness off of himself and looked back towards the rest of the meeting’s participants.
  19. The lingering effects of the transportation finally let go and dropped its lightening effect on all of Macradon's currently equipped possessions, letting his armour clang together as it set itself onto the knight again. His cape would waft lightly in the wind but would like the armour settle on the back of the knight. He stretched his body slightly from side to side to make sure he didn't need to readjust his armour after the teleportation and with a quick nod at himself, he was ready to venture out, which he in turn actually didn't need to, the Jade Hunter was already present there in the baz
  20. More people were slowly beginning to gather at the designated meeting spot, which was nice. The small ensemble that had appeared before Macradon wasn’t a huge crowd, not even enough to properly set up a single raid part, but with the new additions to the fray, a party or two could probably be stacked up for a proper vanguard. Macradon waved at Baldur as he entered the dojo. He didn’t say much, he kept silent, waiting for the meeting to get going instead of falling into “meaningless” chit chat. They needed to get right into the thick of it and keep pushing through, they couldn’t just laze aroun
  21. Macradon was about to open up shop and get the furnaces blazing for his apprentice to work and gain greater experience, the knight had spent a lot of resources trying to get Alec up to speed with hos a grandmaster blacksmith was working, and having someone else be able to craft certified equipment while the owner was out was a lucrative deal for his apprentice. Macradon got into his dirty old workshop clothes and began cleaning up the front of his shoppe while the furnaces were heating up and as he would walk around the streets in front of his shop to clear it of any litter, Macradon overheard
  22. Macradon looked over at this HUD as a small notification appeared in his message inbox. The knight hesitated but was still quick to press the floating screen only he could see and would read the message. “Nice, a meeting, this should hopefully be better than the last, a bit too chaotic, but let’s see who shows up. It might actually be a very constructive and efficient meeting." They didn't know much about the boss or about the boss room other than the quick peek to get an understanding of the arena they’ll be fighting in, which didn’t really tell the vanguard party anything too useful. Ma
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