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  1. The gentle press and clatter of stone on stone beneath slow-moving footfalls broke against the darkness. The figure moved, its arm by its side, without any evidence of weapon or malicious intent. A cloak draped over her slight shoulders was too large and eagerly sought to swallow her slight form. The wind whistled through nearby streets setting off shrill shrieks like banshees sweeping out the gutters. Something drew NIGHT’s attention - a fleeting bit of movement at the edge of her peripheral vision. Were they not alone? Her gaze had drifted but an instant. It had been enough - t
  2. Few lights remained twinkling in the south quarter at such a late hour. Those that did were sparse and often served as safe harbour for lost souls with no other place to stay, offering pale solace against the terrors of the night. Even safe zones have their dangers. Bounded by a low, circular stone wall, roughly two feet high and the same across, the jet garden occupied the central space in an otherwise unremarkable plaza away from the main roads and paths of travel. The surrounding area was largely residential, dominated by tightly packed traditional Japanese minka, adapted to various
  3. It was early evening, leaning towards twilight. The sun raced at its celestial pace towards an artificial horizon that was hard to see from the tightly packed streets of the Town of Beginnings. Darkness and the taint of long shadows had already swept over the city. Most of the NPCs were already closing up their shops, making ready to switch to their overnight activities. For some, that meant nothing more than vanishing until Cardinal called them back from nothingness to tend to their appointed tasks. The lucky few had homes or haunts to frequent. A handful were tasked to keep their shops
  4. Nothing happened as the ink-black bird soared through the open window. Only once the familiar's master moved to follow did the room come alive. Nearly every weapon in the vicinity suddenly sprang to life, jetting across the open space as if held by invisible hands. They collected in front of the window, a mismatch of dangerous tools, barring Itzal's exit. While he may be tempted to barge through, the blades would surely hack him to pieces. Once more, the silent soldiers brought their longswords to their chest plates, the sonorous sound again filling the air. Though they did not attack, t
  5. As Itzal landed in the room with all the practiced grace of an expert assassin, he did not make a single sound. Of course, the silence was altogether wasted, as the room stood empty. Aged stone walls closed in on all sides, a rugged contrast to the smooth floor. Though dust covered the tile, as it did everything in the abandoned guild hall, it was apparent that great care had gone into laying the pieces in complicated patterns. Mid-afternoon sunlight spilled through the two windows, one of which stood broken, before splashing across that ornate surface. The rays also found the various weapons
  6. Those crimson eyes went to slits as FearX studied Itzal for a beat of silence. Though anger still rode high on his cheeks, it was evident in his stance that doubt also plagued him. After a few more seconds, he emitted a soft tch. "I don't really care why we're here," he informed Itzal matter-of-factly. In truth, he very much did, and the mystery of it all still nagged at him. But to admit that to the other man would be to admit a weakness. What kind of man just woke up in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how he got there? That sort of thing was reserved for idiot frat boys after a night o
  7. The mansion sprawled endlessly. Or, at least, that was how it felt to the Player as he wandered the winding corridors, the expansive rooms. His boots echoed dramatically on each step as he descended a staircase, ascended another. Concern for his safety still weighed on his mind, but it had been pushed to a backburner as wonder overtook him. Despite the darkness, the musty air, the dust, the place was incredible. That wonder gave way to a nagging sense of unease as he found himself in a dazzling room of gold and marble. The fanged beasts that snarled from the ceiling seemed oddly familiar to hi
  8. The response came only a moment later, as the very confused sender wasted no time asking for answers. Caught entirely off-guard by his message, Lessa had checked her front porch, thinking maybe Bahr waited there. She had no way of knowing that he stood before the Forgotten King's lair, or about the invitation that she had supposedly sent. The message had never appeared in her "sent" folder, and for good measure, it conveniently disappeared from Bahr's inbox. One floor below Manderley, a small river snaked silently between enormous stands of stalagmites. Even in the cavernous space, with i
  9. Ascendant Hall towered above the twenty-second floor. Though it's inhabitants had long-since gone, as the guild had been disbanded, the massive structure remained. It stood in silent watch, a dutiful soldier never dismissed from watch, left with no enemy to protect against. Instead, the halls held memories, dust-coated furniture, and a single human occupant. The man opened his eyes, sucking in a hard breath as confusion and fear crashed like a wave. He found himself lying on his back in an entirely unfamiliar space. Above him, arches speared toward the heavens, and an ornate ceiling hung
  10. Conclusion Finally, the dark gave way to light. Buckets of water doused the final flames, and as the red of fires died away, golden streaks of dawn dominated the sky. Civilians slowly spilled from the castle doors, returned from their safe haven to survey the damage. Occasional cries of exhaustion and loss still came from the NPCs, but overall feel was hopeful. People spoke, laughed, patted each other on the backs. They helped neighbors sort through the burned remains of houses, and encouraged each other with promises of rebuilding. But all movement, all sound, ceased when Queen Deli
  11. Obsidian Invasion - Phase Two Shadowy figures slipped from the castle's entrance, emerging into the smoke and the chaos. Queen Delia, each arm wrapped around a child, moved within a protective circle of players. When the party slowed to a halt, the woman clutched the young ones closer to her side. "I will never be able to thank you enough for saving us," she told the players, her eyes wide against the darkness. Flames danced within them, literal reflections and metaphoric anger. "Now go rid my city of this cancer." Though the song of panic continued, pained screams no longer joined t
  12. Fortifying the Walls 55/200 Saving the Citizens Moving Debris: 0/100 Citizens Available for Healing: 0 Citizens Healed: 0/10 Potions Accumulated: 1 Fires Put Out: 1/10 Rescuing the Royal Family 163/100 Congratulations! The Royal Family has been rescued!
  13. Obsidian Invasion While the players were distracted with the merriment and glee taking place on the eleventh floor, something interesting was taking place above. The seventeenth floor, home to mythical monsters and rich ivory architecture, had experienced an invasion of sorts. Seemingly overnight, a massive obsidian castle imposed itself on the horizon, visible from the outskirts of Larissa. Its ominous insertion against the landscape spelled catastrophe for the floor’s denizens, who knew not of its purpose nor origin. One night, the sinister omen was proven true. Shambling, skeletal
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