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  1. So close. "We're really close now," Lessa announced, putting voice to her thoughts. A sudden screech erupted from the direction they'd just come. The sound chilled the woman's blood, and had her swinging her gaze toward her companion. "I honestly think that I can handle the rest of this fight. Why don't you go back that way, and figure out what the noise was? It may or may not be a part of the quest, but I'd rather be safe than sorry." Once the other tank had followed Lessa's suggestion, jogging off toward the hellish noise, Lessa squared off against the two remaining enemies. "So close,"
  2. “I’m sure you’d be great,” Lessa countered. “Besides, we’re lucky enough that the system can bridge a lot of gaps.” She walked along beside him, gaze picking through the grass for materials she could use in her forge. “I figure I’d have made a decent enough blacksmith in the real world. I was always physically strong, and I never minded the hard work, or getting dirty. But ‘tap something three times and it turns into a sword’ good? I could never do that. The game sucks in about a billion ways, but at least it helps us with our crafts.” No clumps of ore caught her attention, so she shifted
  3. Pain flashed in the woman's blue eyes, but it did not extend to her facial features. Instead, she merely offered Roxis a small smile, then nodded. "Sure," she answered. She stood a moment, watching the other Player move on ahead while she attempted to bury the hurt. Why? Why had he made the decision to join the game, knowing full-well what he was doing? He could have stayed in the real world, surrounded by the familiar, and the people who loved him. Instead, he had donned the Nerve Gear, and signed himself into this prison as if it were some fancy hotel. And he preferred this world? Perha
  4. After half a decade in Aincrad, very little surprised Lessa anymore. Of course, Roxis' statement, and the nonchalant way in which he delivered it, completely blindsided her. As her blue eyes widened in shock, she nearly bobbled the compass. "You- I- what?" Those were the only three words she could manage when she finally picked her jaw up out of the grass. Then she inhaled, exhaled, and asked, "You just joined? I mean, after all this time, and after you saw what happened to all of us? You still joined the game?" She looked as though she might say something else, but the compass suddenly
  5. "Hey now," she countered, jabbing a gloved finger at him. "It's not illegal! I own this property. I think." Then she paused, tilting her head as she studied their surroundings through the softly falling snow. "I mean, I assume I do? I've never seen anyone else hanging around here. But I also never did pick up a formal deed or anything. I also haven't seen any posts indicating my boundary lines." With a quick laugh, she shook her head. "I'm going to assume there are no surveyors in Aincrad. That would be the weirdest profession choice though." She reached over and eased the axe from Bahr's
  6. "Oh shi-" The force of the club meeting her breastplate stole the word from her lips, and the air from her lungs. Lessa crumpled, contorting like a soccer mom's folding chair before it was thrown into the back of a mini van. Distantly, she knew that she would collide with the cave wall very soon, and most likely, end up just a paralyzed as the last time. Instead, a second force was applied, adjusting her trajectory. The ground rushed back up to the soles of her boots, and she stumbled into Oscar as he plucked her out of the air. Fortunately, the Player was stocky enough that she didn't kn
  7. "The Demonic Shard?" Lessa asked, then shook her head. "No, I've never heard of it before. And honestly, I can't know if it has always existed, and I've just missed it, or if it is new with the update." At the mention of the world-wide patch, Lessa's lips drew into a thin line. "So much has changed since the big overhaul. New quests, new NPCs, new locations, and new items. So it wouldn't surprise me if the Demonic Shard was one of them." The compass' needle began to tremble slightly, and the woman came to an abrupt halt. Her gaze remained fixed on the tool, and she mumbled, "I think we mi
  8. I know it's not canon, but I like to imagine your characters have a nice little subdivision somewhere.
  9. Col has been sent for item junking.
  10. Red-rimmed eyes went wide as Bahr spoke, then narrowed again. This time, it was Lessa's turn to be confused. "I- what?" Given all of the muddled thoughts splashing about in her brain, that was honestly the best she could come up with. Shaking her head slowly for a few seconds allowed her time to sort her thoughts, but in the end, it didn't do much good. "The confines of the boss' chamber?" Did he really not know what had gone on outside of that boss room? "Uh, hey," she began suddenly, shifting a bit to draw further away from him. "Would you mind if we went inside? We could grab something
  11. ♦Lessa <<Harbinger of the Night>> "I don't care how cliché it is," Lessa announced, "I just freaking love the fourth floor." The exclamation was unnecessary, of course, as her blue eyes danced with all of the excitement that her tone held. In fact, every inch of the Empress simply hummed with eager energy, like a child with a secret she can't help but share. Or, more aptly, a child on Christmas morning. Because while on the fourth floor, that was essentially what Lessa was. Trapped in an eternal state of holiday cheer, Snowfrost's decorative window-displays, strings of light
  12. ♦Lessa "Alright, another day, another low-level quest." As if in response, Riker gave a low, guttural groan. Lessa, who had worked with many middle school students over the course of her internship, recognized the tone for exactly what it was - annoyance. "Come on," she shot back, looking down to flash her wolf companion a dazzling grin. If it didn't quite reach her eyes, and wobbled a little at the edges, that wasn't such a big deal. Right? "These are so stupid easy, so it shouldn't take us very long to get through them all. Then we'll be rolling in the experience, and more than prepar
  13. "Yup," the blonde responded, motioning in the direction they were already walking. "There's a clearing not too far outside of town. That's where I last heard the quest-giver was camped out. Apparently, she moves around a lot. But if we're lucky, she'll still be there." After only a few minutes of walking, the pair found themselves at the city gate. "This is where the safe zone ends," Lessa explained conversationally, gesturing to the invisible barrier. "I'm not sure how much time you've spent outside the city, considering how little experience you've had. But if you go this way again, make sur
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