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  1. The blonde nodded. "Yeah, I can tell that you've gotten a lot more powerful, even since the last time that I saw you." The smile she offered him was genuine, because there was nothing but truth behind the words. It really was a pleasure to see how far Alkor had come, and not just in the "if everyone is strong enough to clear the floors, everyone benefits" sense. Alkor had always been one to fixate on the numbers. In fact, she recalled a few different occasions when he struggled to see past them, and judged his entire worth on the levels and the skills. Where she had likely cared too little abo
  2. "Princess?" Lessa scoffed under her breath. So he had seen her less than graceful landing. Of course he had. Fortunately, Lessa had very little time to dwell on it, as Alkor exploded into action the moment she activated <<Howl>>. Through eyes glowing an eerie, iridescent blue, she watched the swordsman deal a devastating blow against their furry friend. Embarrassment became admiration in an instant. "Yeah, I'd say so," she agreed when he commented on his hit. "Definitely hard. Let me see if I can follow that up." Hefting her massive sword from her back, Lessa dropped into a co
  3. "Ah shit." It was the only answer that Lessa could conjure for Alkor's warcry, or the dramatic leap he took off the platform. She had seen players go full George of the Jungle before, and a part of her had marveled at their skill. She, however, had always preferred to remain on the ground. Lessa and heights did not go hand-in-hand, and the idea of swinging around over a) the ground, and b) a raging monkey, did not bring her joy. Yet as her friend took the plunge, leaping from the platform and executing a perfect arc through the air, she just knew she would have to follow along. If she took the
  4. "Inconvenience me?" she echoed, then loosed a short laugh. "All you did was get me out of bed. Honestly, I'm not up to much these days. It's a nice change of pace. Plus," Lessa motioned to the raging monkey with a wave of her gauntleted hand, "I actually haven't killed this guy yet. So it'll be one more quest checked off my very, very long list." For some reason, the woman had never fallen into the "grinding" routine, even early on in the game. While other players had raced to collect the rewards and get stronger, Lessa had instead focused on the social aspect of Aincrad. Perhaps that was the
  5. Congratulations to Koga, the author of the Cathedral of Man! The location will be added to the official Floor 13 lore. As a reminder, even locations that didn’t “win” may still be considered for future implementation (for locations, events, etc.). Do not be discouraged if your idea was not chosen - staff may reach out to you regarding it in the future. Also, remember that each person had only one vote. It is entirely possible your location was someone’s second choice! Thank you to all of our participants!
  6. Pleasure and embarrassment clashed on her suddenly-warming cheeks. Compliments from Alkor did not come every day, and she still found herself shaken by them. Why his words affected her so much, Lessa couldn’t be sure. Perhaps it was just a remnant of a different time. “Thanks, Alkor,” she answered with a warm smile. Another thing that could be counted on was the man’s honesty; Alkor didn’t mince words, nor did he offer words of praise without thought. Even something as simple as ‘you look well’ likely took a considerable amount of consideration and effort. The least she could do was retu
  7. She was still in bed when the message came. Anyone who knew Lessa wouldn’t be surprised by that, as the woman loved lazy mornings more than most anything. While she wasn’t actually asleep, she still grumbled faintly as her notification alert pinged. Rolling onto her stomach was difficult with the weight of Riker across her legs, but she still managed to prop herself up on her elbows and summon the message box. ”Alkor?” she actually questioned aloud, causing her wolf familiar to lift his head and blink sleepily at her. It had been a few months since they had interacted. Of course, the time
  8. This journal is thrice approved.
  9. Well, two heads were better than three, she supposed. It was sort of a bastardization of the old saying, but it held a lot of truth. Lessa decided she would rather have two heads attacking her than three, like the Cerberus that camped out on a higher floor. Honestly, it felt a little odd to be attacking a two-headed creature. Something about having three heads was just more aesthetically pleasing, even though it threw off the symmetry that Lessa so enjoyed. Those are thoughts for another time, the blonde finally decided, literally shaking her head to rid it of them. Instead of lettin
  10. With a curt nod, Lessa called back, "Can do." The tiny tank was packing quite a punch, and Lessa could not help but admire her spunk. No doubt, she would be able to mop up the second monkey without issue. That meant it was up to Lessa to kill the witch. Or, at least keep it busy long enough for Yuki to join in. Hefting Scarecrow's Sickle, Lessa's lips pulled back in something between a grimace and a snarl. In response, the witch cackled in a way that sent shivers down her spine. Flashbacks to hiding under her seat in a crowded movie theatre flooded back to Lessa, and as she tightened her
  11. Once Drenz had accepted the offered gear, Lessa hooked her thumbs in her belt. With a cocked hip, the woman was the picture of ease in the familiar tailor's shop. The newcomer had a surprisingly easy-going way about him, and Lessa found herself letting her guard down with him around. And, of course, Bahr was one of the few people that she could be completely herself around. With a smile, and a quick glance between Drenz and her boyfriend, the blonde nodded toward the door. "What do you think about testing out your new stuff? We can find a boar or two, and show it whose boss?" As if antici
  12. Location Creation Contest Voting The time has arrived! Below, you will find all of the entries for the Location Creation contest. You may vote for one choice. For full rules and details, please refer to the original contest thread. As a reminder, you are voting once per writer, not once per character. I will be checking to ensure nobody is voting with alts. If you are found to be doing so, all of your votes will be thrown out, and you may be bahred from future contests. You may vote for yourself. Also, you should still refrain from sharing which proposal is yours. If you'd like to claim y
  13. Location Creation Contest (I am somewhat sorry for this terrible title.) As we move into 3.0, allowing players to create and manipulate site lore will become a main focus. New ways to leave your mark on the site's permanent setting will be made available, both in-character and out of it. To kick things off, we're hosting a location creation contest. You will have the opportunity to propose a point of interest for an existing floor of your choice. Then, the choices will be presented anonymously, and the community will vote on their favorite. The winning idea will be accepted into the new
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