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  1. Lessa had no shame. The moment Jomei's sword severed her binds, she scrambled away like a feral animal, only finding her feet once she'd put space between herself and her attacker. "For fucks sake," she spat, somehow managing to make the three words come out on one syllable. Bending at the waist, she snagged her blade, and held it aloft as she moved back to her friend. "Apparently," she began, "I did not handle it better than you did. I handled it horribly. This whole thing is a fucking joke." Still shaken by the close-call, Lessa was happy to let simple anger chase away the lingering, mo
  2. "It's beautiful," Lessa breathed, shocked into stillness by the Guardian's appearance. "And also terrifying." She drew a long, deep breath, then lifted both hands in a placating gesture. The creature had already lashed out at Jomei once, and that had been a very near-thing. If she weren't careful, she'd find herself at the end of those Bulbasaur-esque vines. But the Guardian did have a somewhat horse-like look, and if Lessa knew anything, it was how to act around a spooked horse. "Easy," she murmured, her gaze bouncing haphazardly between the thing's four eyes. "Hey, look, he's right." Wi
  3. As Jomei pointed out the flower, Lessa jogged over, pressing closer to examine the item before it slipped into his inventory. Then she nodded. "Good to know, thanks. There's not a lot of light here, but hopefully a white flower will stand out a bit better than a darker colored one." She tugged an elastic band from around her wrist, and in a smooth, sweeping motion, gathered her blonde hair at the nape of her neck. In a movement so second-nature that she was hardly aware she was doing it, Lessa pulled her hair back from her face, and wrangled it into a long, sleek tail. Then she turned awa
  4. Lessa nodded, humming a soft sound of agreement. "I definitely don't want to get on the guardian's bad side, either. Whatever it is, with a name like 'the guardian', it's probably packing some power." Whether that meant literal power, or symbolic, she couldn't be sure. In truth, it didn't really matter. Getting thwacked by a strong beast, or being shunned by a floor of NPCs for slaughtering their god-figure, could both be equally problematic. "I definitely hope that this guy doesn't come after us," she said suddenly, a thought coming to her. "I mean, in the story, the guy who wasn't run off wa
  5. Percival turned away from them, a clear dismissal, and Lessa blew out a long breath. "Oooookay then," she drawled, though only loud enough for Jomei to hear. "I get the guy is stressed, but damn. No need to bite our heads off when we just wanted to help. When we did help." Shifting toward the path Percival had indicated, she waited until her partner did so as well before moving into a walk. As she plodded, the woman scrubbed her hands over her face, then winced as she realized how thoroughly she'd smeared soot across her flushed cheeks. "Ick," she mumbled, snagging the end of her cloak, and us
  6. The NPC's lips nearly disappeared entirely as they drew into a paper-thin line. Behind his glasses, his dark eyes flared brighter than the fire still burning mere feet away. Despite the chair he appeared confined to, and his somewhat scholarly exterior, Lessa sensed the anger rolling off of him in waves. Or perhaps that was simply the flames, the heat it threw, and the strange, hellish light it cast. "We are perfectly capable of taking care of our own," he sneered, "and we take offense to any suggestion as to the contrary." Clearly, Lessa longed to shoot back, even as the gathered Sronian
  7. Event Rewards Experience Bahr: 2,130 Jomei: 3,726 Freyd: 4,498 Katoka: 1,167 Oji: 617 Morningstar: 1,457 Hirru: 4,292* All participants also receive 5,000 col and the following item. Magdalyn's Cuckoo | (Tierless/Consumable/Re-usable) : Must be equipped in a Battle Ready slot to use as an instant (Free Action | Item) to gain +3 LD when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Can be applied after a roll. Limit 1 use per thread. Thread rewards are being listed here so that they can be linked back to if desired. * Only receiving experience, due to not co
  8. Even as she kept her steps slow and measured, her mind spun out of control. Lessa had truly thought that she would die before facing Dominic again, and that had been entirely okay with her. Now, at the notion of seeing him again, she found it difficult to take a deep breath. What she went through in that defiled church left scars she'd never shake, and she had only been there for two days. The idea that others had spent years in that place was something she couldn't begin to comprehend. Even so, the visuals burned into her brain kept her up at night. Olivia, clinging to the edge of the w
  9. "Bahr, hi." She turned to him, and wanted nothing more than to meet him with a tease or a jab in the arm. It had been months since they'd seen each other, though they'd spoken regularly, and she was happy to see her friend again. Hey stranger, she might have greeted, were the situation different. But she simply could not find the energy to drum up the enthusiasm. He'd hurried over, that much was evident, but every minute she'd spent waiting had been dedicated to imagining Oliver in danger. By the time Bahr reached her, her stomach roiled like a stormy sea, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to
  10. Let's pick the truth that we believe in, like a bad religion, tell me all your original sins. So many questionable choices, we love the sound that our voice makes, man, this echo chamber's getting loud. First Floor, Town of Beginnings, Teleport Plaza "Tell me what happened." Lilik and Kyra turned to stare at each other. From outward appearances, the two women couldn't have been more different. Lilik already towered at six foot, but her wide shoulders, facial tattoo, and intimidating air made the woman seem larger than life. Kyra, on the other hand, seemed even smaller than her
  11. The NPCs exploded from the burning building in a tangle of smoke and limbs. One in particular, a girl of about eleven, tumbled directly into Lessa's arms. Instinctively, the Guardian closed the girl in a tight embrace, lifting her off her feet even as Lessa moved them both backward. "You're okay," she murmured into the Sronian's soot-covered hair. "It's okay, I've got you." Only once an older woman materialized at Lessa's side, and peeled the girl off her, did the Player finally turn to Jomei. Black dust coated the lower half of her face, and she absently dragged the back of her hand across he
  12. "Very lucky," she countered with a sage nod, "since I'm dirt broke. You'd think after all these years, I'd have more to my name. But I figure that would require grinding for col, and I've always been a bit too lazy for that." She watched him as she sipped, then set down the mug and breathed out a long sigh. "You're right. Of course you're right. It's wild to me that there are still people out there who don't see NPCs as humans. Like I said, after all these years... you'd think we'd all be settled in by now." She gave the bespectacled Player a small nod, then added, "So yeah, it's nice to
  13. The cool air is alive with the Fall Festival. The smells of roasting meat, the sounds of laughter and music - all of Glyndebourne is simply buzzing. As you make your way down a sidestreet, heading toward the heart of the celebration, an elderly woman approaches you. An NPC, judging by her cursor, but one that you’ve never seen before. She offers a warm smile, and asks, “Are you here for the festival?” At your confirmation, she continues. “If it’s entertainment that you’re after, I have something that might interest you!” A quest window pops up, asking if you’d like to begin “The Mysteries of M
  14. With the wall toppled, and the dragon head felled, Lessa was finally able to face off against the true threat. “Alright,” she ground out, tilting her head from right to left before setting her sights on the massive boss. That desire to deal big damage lingered, surely a side effect of her earlier miss. But Lessa surprised herself by instead opting for another TECH sword art, opting for the delay rather than the extra damage. Her efforts had paid off thus far, crippling the heads long enough for her teammates to deal devastating damage. And oddly enough, she didn’t hate it. “I wonder if I
  15. "Almost done," Lessa growled through gritted teeth, bending her knees, and shifting into a battle ready stance as Jomei and Ariel did considerable damage to the head. After her previous miss, Lessa really, really looked forward to leaving her mark on Caustic. Less than a quarter health left, and then a single health bar left floating above Wushen's head. They could do this. They were so close to making it out without any casualties. Riding high on that thought, Lessa thundered toward the ghostly dragon, closing the distance in only a few strides. She hefted her blade over her shoulder, an
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