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  1. It's been awhile...but would anyone wanna start a thread with absolutely zero combat/technical stuff? Just some good 'ol character development? :-)

  2. I cannot believe I have been on this website since I was 13 lmao

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    2. Macradon
    3. Hakai


      I think I was 15, haha. Its been a long time, huh.

    4. Kiru


      @Lessa Miss u too <3 @Haine it's been SO long. @Crozeph @ChaseR ;) @Macradon Indeed. @Hakaiyoungings !!!!

  3. Read!!!!!

    Okay, first of all, hello~

    - My Santa hat is finally relevant again after an entire year of keeping it as my user. (thanks zel.) 

    - Zelrius, so sorry I missed your birthday bud, I also missed mine on here lmao

    - I am extremely sorry to anyone that I haven't responded to over the past two months, I've started school again. (uh oh) 

    - Unfortunately I am not back on the site right now UNLESS I get some people (preferably the people I know, but all are welcome) are wanting to come to the Official Azure Brigade Holiday Party. Please let me know if you're interested in this event in it's third year!! 

    <3 Kiru 

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    2. Hakai


      A tiny group with more power than you could possibly imagine.


    3. Kiru


      Thanks everyone! I just may do the third annual AB Holiday Party! ily all <3

    4. Kotori
  4. Able

    It's Daeron!!! I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

    1. Kiru



  5. Guys!! Please come and join Zandra's party!! 


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    2. Kiru


      oh whoops @Jomei I guess Kiru's psychic  

    3. Helios


      does that mean i am too?

    4. Kiru


      I would assume so, @Helios

  6. Hey, MAYBE I'll post TWO times a year!

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    2. Helios


      Kiru this isn't like me

    3. Takao


      two times? i-in one year?


    4. Kiru


      @Helios I died so 



      (not as good as Takao at gifs lol)

  7. @Erroneous, make another "trailer" for the site. (yennow, like the one with this cars, but different.)

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    2. Erroneous


      As a diesel engine?

    3. Helios


      You can include my cat if you want.

    4. Kiru


      ^I'm a cat. 

  8. What's on my mind? Hm, well Zelrius and Ssendom really. The first thing I see when I get home is a goodbye message followed by a few status updates confirming that the two players are dead. Two players that are arguably good friends with me. Zelrius joined the site maybe a week after me around two years ago and all I can remember is thinking about how cool he was. Literally I thought it was awesome how he really couldn't care less if you didn't like his writing or you didn't like that he was one of the first PKers on the site. Zelrius and Kiru met in a contest I guess, Zelrius stole her kill and Kiru got really mad. However, they soon realized each other's strength and boom, Kiru became a frontliner because of Zel. Fast forward a few months and she's in Azure after Zelrius, single-handed, tore apart my old guild. I wasn't being serious about it- I actually though it was quite funny how much drama he could cause. Anyways, back to Zelrius. Over the course of two years he and I have only written maybe one completed roleplay, but several unfinished. And as anyone reading up on our topics can tell, there was some serious plot development going on there. Not just the cliche kind or anything, but actual development that took months to get straightened out, and in the end, what do we get? A tragic death of the Blond Commandant. Surely this will cause some major havoc for Kiru IC (and you can expect it too), but I am over all feeling remorse and just anger. Zelrius, "ripperoni in peace" dude. Total loss of a great character. 

    Ssendom, thank you SO much for everything. IC you were extremely lenient. You hauled Kiru (literally) everywhere and gave her life advice- real good plot development as well. Isn't it kind of funny how the best people on this site are Player Killers? :) Anyways, thank you for the awesome time IC, Dom, really it's a shame that this happened. I hope that with my upcoming threads you'll find some amusement. 

    Both of you, I know that you guys were PKers but I guess I'm just biased ;P oh well. It was super fun you two and I'm literally crying because of the loss of gr8 m8s. ok i go now bye

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    2. Helios


      They'd better still be around the Skype chat.

    3. orhalimi


      How he die BTW?

    4. Ratatosk


      Zelrius got killed by Oikawa, and then Ssendom got murdered by Opal.

  9. Congrats on PST or GM or whatever position you have !!! <3

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *raises hand* Newbie PST here! I'll be evaluating your crafts, journals, answer questions and 'support' thing in general. I'll be in your care. Thank you Kiru-neechan!!!

  10. nice one Erron

    1. Erroneous


      Your face is a nice one!

  11. Can items that have, let's say +3 MIT, be evaluated and changed to fit the new system?

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    2. Kiru


      It's the Cupid Wings from the Valentine Boss fight, last year.

    3. Oikawa
    4. Cilla


      that was a fun read lol

  12. Hi!

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    2. orhalimi


      lol, I remember how you start here. Now you are real crazy scary girl 

    3. Kiru


      Yep! A lot has happened.

    4. orhalimi


      Well nice to hear! 
      maybe I will get close to there more 5 years XD

      I hope to RP with you soon  :D

  13. rip dom aka my favorite unique holder </3 :'(

    1. Zelrius
    2. Kiru


      "ouch," he says. 

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