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  1. For some reason, my hands felt a little bit clammy. "Why do I even want to avoid him?" I thought to myself, mind racing. It weighed on my conscious to think about Oikawa's life in this game. Surely I did not make it any better by being in it. I did not like to label myself as someone who was self deprecating, but it was pathetic how high I climbed in ranks with my friends only to have them all struck down and killed. I knew it was not my fault deep down, but it did not stop be from putting the blame on myself considering that I was the only factor for their deaths still alive and well in Aincrad. "The least I could do is leave him alone-" Suddenly, my name was called. I kept walking, a little faster now, but something hit me. It rang through my ears, and I stopped. It was weird to hear someone call it. I genuinely could not remember the last time someone had addressed me. I looked back slightly towards him. It was definitely Oikawa, but something was different. His demeanor? Did he change his hair? I scanned the area and noticed it had grabbed others' attention as well. Normally, I did not care, I was not afraid of other people looking at me. Being the center of attention was never an issue for me. However, I did not want to be noticed, especially not right now. I was trying to leave town; and by Oikawa yelling my name it was certain that I couldn't come back for awhile. During this time, I was frozen. "What do I do?" I Inhaled deeply through my nose and closed my eyes. Problem solving was my strong suit, all I had to do was think. But everyone was staring at either him, or me. I touched my thumb to my bottom lip and opened my eyes. Slowly I removed my hood from my face, revealing my two-toned hair in a high ponytail, and my face open and clear. "Here goes nothing...." I straightened my shoulders and slowly turned towards Oikawa. A small grin danced along my lips as I crossed my arms over my chest. "You called?"
  2. The sun almost felt warm on my face; it felt cruel to have so much reality in a virtual world. But then again, wasn't that the point of all of this? To make living here feel real? I mean, it did one hell of a job. It felt like this was all I knew, and slowly throughout my time in Aincrad I had begun to forget that my name wasn't actually Kiru, and that this was not actually the real world. However, even with all of this, I truly did not think I would change a thing about entering the game in the first place. If I knew I wouldn't be able to leave SAO once I logged on I probably would have left my parents a note, saying I would fight my way out or whatnot. I would leave something tangible in the real world for home. I almost felt guilty admitting that I preferred to be here rather than in school or at a job because not only was it selfish, but it was also almost admitting that the death was okay as well. And I knew full and well that there was death in the real world, much like anywhere else, but it was different in here. There was not justice system really. I would have considered Keith and I that system that kept order through non-ethical means, but it kept peace for awhile, and the PKs chased after us instead of regular people who came here to swing a sword or two. It was different for me and the people I had lost. We all had a reason to be here, whether or not that was running from something or running to something. It almost made me wonder how I missed meeting Keith in the real world, and how different I would be if he hadn't stuck SAO in my locker. "Maybe it would have been better if I never came here." I thought to myself and put my hood back on. I knew that all I could do is regret my actions, and hopefully learn from my mistakes. I looked left and right. People were just coming out of their Inns, and waking up to another day in this game. I sighed and walked away from the town. The easiest way was through the food carts. Not everywhere went there to leave town because of how incredibly crowded it was during the daytime. I dreaded going through the mass of people, but I kind of wanted to. After all, this was my last time in Inti for a long while. I pushed through the players all around me while examining the food. I had just eaten, but looking at food comforted me sometimes. It reminded me of Tristan in a way. It kind of funny how we associated things or places with people. For example, Floor 6 was Keith. Alchemy meant Mari, and every time I looked at my clothes I was reminded of Ariel. Swords reminded me of Oikawa, as sad as that was. I associated the ledges of Aincrad with Daeron. And Zelrius? I saw him everywhere I looked. Another sigh left me as I drifted from the crowd. Finally I had reached the end of Inti, and was just about to leave the safezone when in the distance I saw a familiar figure. "Oikawa?" I thought to myself, slightly confused. I could not pinpoint what I was feeling. I felt a small burning anger in my soul; he killed Zel after all. Something tugged on my heart as well. Guilt. I left him, and even though he was fully capable of taking care of himself I still felt responsible in a way. I stared at him for a little bit, "Is it even him?" I tugged a little on my hood and walked confidently past him, hoping deep down in my heart that if he did know it was me that he wouldn't approach. But that would have been too much to ask for, wouldn't it?
  3. Each sip of my tea got better, but worse at the same time. The first few sips are the best because all of the flavor was there for you to savor, but lost it's touch after awhile. Even still, this shop was my favorite spot in Inti. Not only was it not populated- especially at this time of day, but it was secluded. On top of all of that, the tea was something that calmed me down quite a bit. It was the perfect place to start my mornings, and brace myself for the days I had ahead of me. Speaking of which, today had planned to do something I had not in awhile: go outside of the city. For quite some time I stayed inside, or at least in safe zones due to the fact that I had no interest in getting myself into trouble. I knew that the moment I saw a player killer, or even anything rotten happening, that I would intervene. And most times that happened, I do more harm than good. In fact, I had probably killed more people after my fit of depression and wallowing after Zel died than I had while I was helping Keith with mavericks. It was a pity to think about really, and for no good reason could I think about why I was so pent up on this idea of revenge. I guess one of the only people who could possibly sympathize with me on this was Zel, and he was dead. I could not bring myself to avenge Zelrius, and so I tried to challenge Opal, who killed some of my guild. That did not end up working, and I could not even remember why either. If someone asked me what I had been doing for the past few years, I would not know what to say. I tried to go after everyone that had wronged me and all of my friends. But that was cut short after I realized that I didn't have the balls to kill Oikawa. As angry as I was, and as much as I knew that Zelrius, Keith, and even Dom would have killed him in a heartbeat if the roles were reversed, I just couldn't. There was something in his eyes when I looked at him, and something that pulled on my heart when I thought about it for too long. It just didn't make sense sometimes. I was unsure if any of them were alive, or what I would do if I saw any of them again. Maybe they disappeared like me? I shook my head slightly and looked towards the horizon. The sun was almost just above it, which was my cue. I set the teacup down and stood up. I draped the cloak over myself, and put my hood up. My feet seemed to carry me down the stairs, and out of the cafe. I knew my way around here all too well. "I should probably switch towns soon..." I thought to myself and smirked at the thought of something new. Nothing was more refreshing that taking your time to learn everything about a town, then just leaving. It was almost like a little game I played with myself in which I was the only player. Anything to pass the time, I guess. I jumped off of the last step of the stairs and looked again towards the horizon. As I did so, my hood fell off and the incoming light for the day cascaded over my pale face. I closed my eyes and smiled lightly for a moment. "I wish you were here..."
  4. [It's been awhile, please bear with me if I am a little rusty haha. @Oikawa] "Thank you, sir." I said to the NPC clerk as he set the tea down in front of me. He smiled quietly, but I knew that it wasn't genuine due to the fact that NPCs were not actual people; at least not in the way that I was. It was an odd feeling to be trapped in this game for such a long time, and to grow accustomed to living here in Aincrad. I was sure that for some players, this life was better than what they had in the real world. I once had that in common with that sliver of the population, but recently things had changed. This 'game' had always been serious to me, and I knew I could die at any moment; I used to be cautious due to my causes, and tried to live my life for the people I cared about. However, for the past year or so I had gone MIA, removed all of my friends on my list, and almost never ventured to highly populated areas. I was confident that I lost my ability to fight as well as my ability to care about the crap that surrounding the politics of guilds. After all, mine had been wiped out; no one dared to speak of the Azure Brigade because everyone who was related to it is either dead or like me. The Kiru that everyone once knew was no longer here. The old Kiru might be on the front lines, or hunting PKs, maybe even completing quests as boring as they were. Yet, none of that suited me as of right now. Looking back, there was quite a bit of drama I was involved in that might not have been such a good idea. I was certain that there was a bounty or something stupid on my head, they could not have forgotten about me after what I had done for Keith's revenge. Just thinking about everyone that had been taken from me made filled me with an emptiness. It may be hard to understand, but the days go by in slow motion, as if I was the only one alive. But when I look back, it's been weeks, months, a year since I spoke a word to anyone I knew. It was scummy move on my end, but I felt that it was the right choice. I was so pent up on revenge that I was going to risk my life, and the lives of others to obtain retribution for them. Everyone I ever came into contact with has died, and I knew it was not my fault, but I could not help but to distance myself. There was no self pity on my end, what's done was done. The only thing I felt was my heart every single day, telling me that I failed my friends, and the people I loved. I wasn't there for Zelrius before that boss battle. Who knows what would have happened if I was there to stop it? "It should have been me, really." I thought to myself. Who knows what would have happened if I made it to Daeron in time, to Ssendom, to Keith, to Jun, and Echo. The list went on and on in my mind, and would only spiral into a fit of hatred if I continued on this path. But these feelings were my own, and not meant to share with others. I kept away to avoid being a mess in someone else's life in this already messed up place. I traced the tip of my finger around the rim of the cup and stared at myself in the reflection. Behind me was the cafe in which I was situated at. I came to this place almost everyday in Inti in the morning so I could watch the sunrise. This was the only thing that I really enjoyed doing during the day other than wandering the floors aimlessly. The terrace I was on was one of the tallest in the settlement, just high enough to overlook everything and everyone, but hidden enough to keep to myself. Normally I wore the cape that Zelrius made for me, but something felt different today, like the breeze was special somehow, and the colors in the sky were promising. My hair had also been put into a ponytail, away from my face, and I was dressed rather nicely considering that it was literally 5 in the morning. I felt most like myself at this time of the morning. I closed my eyes and took a sip of my tea. "This is the best mango tea, I swear."
  5. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    I closed my eyes for a second and let everything sink in finally. I not only had provoked a murder guild, but I was stupid enough to allow Oikawa to get himself involved in my mess. And that's not to say that he was not capable of defending himself. He could probably end my life in less than thirty seconds, but that was not the point. Oikawa may have killed Zelrius, but I believed that he didn't have the specific reason to kill Opal. He was not available to the voices of murder, even in a game. For myself, I could say otherwise because I was a walking sob story that no one cared about. Hell, I had become so irrelevant that Opal did not even know who I was. In my case, that was for the better as she had no way of knowing what I accomplished or my stats. But it didn't matter. Oikawa was brought into this situation once before, and I was not about to allow it to happen again. "I suppose I am not in the correct mindset to devise a plan. If you hadn't been here I would be dead right now, Opal probably has wayyy more attack damage than I do," I looked down at his hand for a moment. I knew it wasn't a good idea, though it was just a hand, to initiate in this sort of way. He killed Zelrius through an extension of Opal. But he was my friend. I swallowed the small amount of pride I had left in me and took his hand. "Yeah, let's go."
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    Okay, first of all, hello~

    - My Santa hat is finally relevant again after an entire year of keeping it as my user. (thanks zel.) 

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    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    "Yes, well, I'd like to think it's because I'm pretty but we both know why I get into trouble. It's like I'm unintentionally calling anything and everything murderous to me; Death for some reason desires an audience with me I presume. But not you of course. If I see him I'll say hello for you though." I said, slightly gesturing my hair from my eyes, "But back to the common ground thing. I do not see a solution to this odious predicament I'm afraid. I will not let you kill her, but you will not let me die. The only possible way for this to go both our ways is for some elaborate plan. Opal said to come alone and to have nothing up my sleeve," I paused, with a smirk, "But when have I ever listened to anyone?" There was a certain feeling, like temerity, in me. I felt as if I needed to absolutely rebel against Oikawa and fight Opal one on one with no plan. However, this was not going to happen in a million years. The only choices I had were to lie, cheat, or make a plan. The last one seemed more respectable, not that Opal was. "We can further discuss our plans another time, or finish right now if you like, but all I know is that someone is going to get hurt, and I certainly would not like it to be one of my friends. I think that when Opal challenges me to the total loss duel, I should just accept it and try my best. Though you and I both know how that is going to go, I did provoke her," I smiled just a little and focused on his blonde tufts of hair, "Of course, that is unless you would like to do something to aid me in this fight. She has a green cursor, so there's not an option to attack her first, but what if I didn't need a challenge in order to strike? I'm sure there's some loophole to this, I just cannot think of it."
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    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    I shifted my weight to the right and crossed my arms over my chest, "As rude as this may sound, I don't care about your promise. I will stay on my selfish route and think of only my own promise. However," I sighed, Oikawa was right. The both of us were way too stubborn to simply let our promise go down the drain for the other. And though I didn't particularly agree with his offer, I couldn't say no. If I did, we would be back to square one again and I would probably do something twice as stupid as what I just did. "I see where you're coming from. I will not go into detail unless you want an explanation, but Zelrius did exactly what I just did for almost an entire year. I believe I told you some parts of it, but to be honest I really did not like it. Your promise and mine counteract with one another, but I think we can reach an agreement if we try. I am not sorry that I went off in the first place, I'm sorry that things went sour and I didn't tell you about it. That's one of my most redeeming traits, right? Running off and doing something stupid without telling anyone," I stifled a chuckle but once again returned to a more serious state. There were many obstacles to go over if we wanted even remotely agree on something. For example, the grounds. As in, in what way would he protect me, how far was he allowed to go before he had to stop? There was also me, how far could I go without interfering with his promise? The guilt of Keith and Zelrius was still in my stomach, but I chose to ignore it and push forward for now. I needed to get through this. I opened my eyes, not realizing I had closed them in the first place, "What about the total loss duel? She told me to come alone, and if you come with then I'm pretty sure that means I'm not alone,." I rambled, not meaning to. "The one thing I know for sure is that I need to attend or else something is going to happen. Whether it may be to you or me or someone else, I can't let that happen. IF you're really still on board with this, we need to figure out a way to settle this." I paused, Oikawa most likely did not want to hear these words, "If I battle with Opal I have a very slim chance of winning, you and I both know that. And it's not like she is going to give me months to prepare. So most likely, if a duel breaks out, I will die," I steadied my stare, but kind of focused on his hair more than his face, I couldn't look him in the eye while basically stating I was going to die, "But that makes your promise invalid doesn't it? So, the question is, how do I win against Opal?"
  11. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    The situation I was in required thoughtful planning, and doing so right now would not do much good. In all honesty, I was exhausted from the past two days. Every since my meeting with Oikawa I had been in and out of the guild hall, setting everything up and accounting for anything that could have gone wrong. I had spare weapons, potions, and even a mass PM to send if Opal suddenly were to make a move. Everything had been calculated to the minute exactly, Eleven. Since then maybe a couple hours had passed; it was all the same dark color outside to me. The result of all my work had been ripped to shreds. Yes, I got Opal here to talk, but she left knowing a few things and placing death upon me. She had the upper hand in this situation from the moment she stepped in the door, and I was a fool to think otherwise. Thinking of the time, I looked over to the spots on the floor where the light of the moon spilled inside. It crept through the entire hall from the door and up a few steps, almost illuminating the walk to my bedroom where I could sleep this away and hope tomorrow was the actual day. I could dream that Opal came and I was the one pulling the strings. I could think of what it would be like to have an entire Azure Brigade behind me on the matter. That thought left as quick as it came as I peered through the window above the giant door to the Guild Hall. Finally, I close my eyes for a second and returned to my conversation with Oikawa. Guilt was practically scratching from the inside out. Why did he insist on protecting me when he knew full and well what would happen? Why did he stay when he had a high chance of dying if he stayed by my side? Of course I could take a guess at the answers to those questions, but deep down it all felt wrong. Why did he have such a deep affection for me? Did he merely feel culpable for everything that's happened since the Festival? It all came back to me. He was in this because of me, and it hurt to know that the fault was on me. Suddenly something broke my train of thought. Specifically, Oikawa poked the middle of my forehead, then guided his hand to brush my hair back gently. My feelings from two nights ago suddenly broke through again, forcing a small smile upon my lips as he stared at me. Quickly however, I retracted the smile before he removed his hand from my face. I couldn't keep this up. Oikawa was making it very difficult, but I couldn't keep pulling him closer and closer. Because one day, I knew that something would happen. Whether it be to him or me, it would hurt it I continued on with the blonde. "I remember my promise to you, and I intend to keep it. However, I cannot keep it if you are in any way involved in this with me," I said carefully, knowing he was probably just going to reject my statement. And for a moment, I let something more slip. "I don't want to lose you."
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    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    My eyes met with his, wild with anticipation of his answer. One of the main reasons I kept Oikawa in the dark about this was for his safety. Not only that, but for his own sake. For example, if Opal intended to remove me right then and there while Oikawa was with me it would not have ended well. I would imagine that Opal could have screwed with his head some more, or even worse, lead him to the point of wanting to kill her. If that happened it would have gone one of a few ways: Opal kills he and I both, leaving satisfied. Or possibly Opal killing one of us, leaving the other to go and kill her. And maybe even if Oikawa got to the point of murder, I would have stopped it exactly like I stopped Zelrius, I would have tried to kill her before he could do anything he would regret. Even if there was a one hundred percent chance that this situation would have ended well for myself I might have still had setbacks to keep him away. I did not like dragging other players into my affairs, especially dangerous ones such as these, but the damage had been done; only time could tell what the consequences of my ignorance were. For a moment, I felt Oikawa reach for my hand as he stepped closer in reassurance. Before I realized it, my eyes slid towards his hand and stared for a moment. There was no glove outlining his fingers. It was strange to see Oikawa, self proclaimed "Knight of Kiru," without them. I had wondered about the matter for a second or two before slowly returning my attention to him, hoping his response to my questions were negative. I let out a small breath of relief when Oikawa stated she did not see him. "That's good to hear, I was afraid if she even had a glimpse of you that...that, you know," I said, hoping that Oikawa would pick up what I was trying to say without me having to actually explain why I was so worried. It would be a pain to go too far in depth, and honestly after puffing up my ego to Opal, I did not have the strength to do much. "I believe you would be a good swordsman, Keith taught you did he not?" I smirked slightly, tightening my hand a little, "And no, I supposed you cannot protect me if you are just pixels floating through Aincrad," I looked at our hands for a moment, "But you don't have to you know? I know you said you would be my Knight until the end, but you also said you would not march into death with me. And to me, this looks like death. If she did not see you then you have no part in this until she finds a reason for you to be. If I don't show up to this total loss match, she will definitely find your ties to me, and I don't want that. You may be able to take her but, I don't want you to kill anyone else- you shouldn't have to," I paused, attempting to regroup my thoughts. Everything was jumbled and I didn't quite know what I was trying to say. My point was not getting across very well and it was frustrating. "Unless there you think of a plan that does not involve you killing Opal, me not going, or dismissing this situation, then I'm all ears. Other than that, I do not think I see a light at the end of this tunnel."
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    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    (OOC: If you read the PM and say otherwise, let me know so I an rewrite this thank) She was almost out of the door by the time I got within distance of her, focus directly placed upon my target: Opal. Something switched inside me, to tick me off, to make me so intent with finishing her off right now. Opal would recieve no mercy for staining Oikawa's hands and killing Dom and Zelrius. It was all too much to be forgiven, too personal to let go, and too much of a narcissist to let her have her way. So, with all my pent up emotions towards her, I pulled the small knife behind me and pushed it forward, only a few feet from her now. In such a blind rage I didn't even see the white figure from above. It was only known to me when my movement suddenly halted, armor stood before me. My mouth twitched with even more anger at whatever, whoever, stopped me lost me possibly my only chance to get the jump on Opal. However, this anger went out quicker than it came as my eyes trailed from the hand slowly retracting the blade, up the chest plate, then to the face. It was Oikawa. My rage was replaced my shock and guilt. My mouth hung open in surprise as I stared into crimson pools. "Oikawa?" I asked, but it came out strained as if I forgot how to speak or was in dire need of water. I dropped my dagger and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tip toes. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I...I just.." I let myself trail off, not sure how to explain myself. I had not only lied to him about when I was going to meet Opal, but what would happen after our meeting. I was not even supposed to contact her for a couple more months and now I had practically an entire murder guild on my trail if I didn't show to Opal's little duel. And now if Opal saw Oikawa she would know. If she saw him. I pushed away from him, my eyes widening at the blonde, "did she see you, Oikawa? Please tell me she didn't...she's going to-" I whispered the last part, eyes tracing for anything on his face. "It's the end if she saw him. She's going to kill him if she saw."
  14. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    The woman's profanity shocked me, and I was sure she could see it on my face. It was not as if I had never heard anyone swear. I swore in my head, mostly at Zelrius, but no one even has directed something so vile towards me and meant it. For a moment, I recovered from the verbal blow but I was so lost at this point that most of the vicious words spilled towards me lost their meaning, only their tone was kept. I could feel my hand instinctively reach behind my back, ready to strike if Opal decided to end everything right now. But then something else happened.Probably one of the last things I excepted to happen, occurred. The tall, purple haired woman, issued a duel to me, a total loss duel. Suddenly I felt sick. Of course there was absolutely no way I would bail, as she had just claimed to soil my named and anything left of me. I was not worried about her coming to kill me, I was more worried about the few people that would get caught in the line of fire. In my head, I went over a few names and knew that some of them she would never know, but there were at least three that were more obvious to even someone like her. I could not let her just walk over those people, and who's to say that she wouldn't just kill them after she had (obviously) beat me in a duel? I would be dead and no help to them. I felt my mouth twitch as she began to finish her thought. The words, "Player Killer," ran through my brain. Even if my crystal did not show it, I was technically one. And it had just dawned on me that one of us was going to die. If I killed her I would have more blood on my hands and possibly even more fear than I already had. There was an upside to this however, kill the LC leader meant killing the guild. Then again, if she killed me she would have free reign on anyone I've ever made contact with, and with no way to warn them, it felt hopeless. Then came the anger. I felt my hand grip the handle of the dagger tighter, and with a sudden rush of adrenaline I pulled it from behind. Opal was nearly out the door but there was still time, I could end this right here, right now. I flipped it once and began forward, full intent to kill before she had the time to do any more damage to my life.
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