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  1. She slashed her katana in front of her, the sharp blade making a whistling sound as it cut through the air. She was annoyed that this creature had gotten the jump in her, but now wasnt the time to give in to her emotions. She needed to focus on the fight ahead of her, despite the fact that she wasn't all that scared of this zombie soldier. These enemies tended to show up one after another, and she'd rather not lose a lot of health or energy playing around anymore. That had been three mobs in a row that had tried to jump her, and despite being so strong she could get worn down. Best not to let
  2. The woman smiled a rarity for her, reaching down to her animal companion and allowing it to coil around her arm, hissing and slithering its way back up into her sleeve. Her constant state of depression, frustration, and distrust of others really got to her sometimes, but just having her familiar with her was sometimes all of the comfort that she needed to feel normal, even in the face of everything going on in this game. There was a crunch behind her, and a low groan. Another enemy, showing up right as she finished with the last one. She sighed, katana drawn confidently in front of her. And un
  3. That was enough of that. Its struggle was in vain anyway and she was getting bored of this. It felt good, yeah, but knowing she was doing it to some code took some of the fun out of it. Originally this game had been supposed to be some kind of therapy for her violent impulses, and it probably would have worked as an outlet but after all this time she was desensitized to the violence; and not in a good way. She wanted the high of combat that she used to feel and that wasnt easy to achieve anymore. She sighed, her blade flashing as she finished off the mechanical construct. Boring. That was how
  4. It was unfortunate that the minotaur didn't respawn while they were in the labyrinth and she could kill it herself this time. She would just have to make do with murdering the second minotaur. She would make it last too. Ivory came up with some random fantastical story about the origin of the monsters they were hunting. She didnt really care either way, it was a video game, this wasn't real life. Hakai supposed that meant that as long as the background of the minotaur's wasn't explained explicitly their background could be literally whatever you wanted it to be. They continued on, further into
  5. Hakai sheathed her sword, disappointment written on her face. Randal had defeated the creature before it had a chance to kill Ivory, and Hakai herself looked kind of dumb for missing like that. She frowned, hand resting on the pommel of her weapon. "Yeah, this was the eastern one, now we go fight the western one, if you want. Or we could stop here, although I don't really see the point." She commented, glancing over at Randal. Shed steal the next kill from him, she was determined not to be outdone by someone so below her. "I didnt realize this quest was so low level. I guess you have to g
  6. Hakai on the other hand, didn't say anything back to Randal, but was visibly proud of what he had said, even though it wasn't all that much. Although she wasn't here searching for anyone else's approval, it still as kind of nice to hear that her straightforwardness was appreciated. The moved further into the eastern part of the maze, Hakai making note of the many signs that they were drawing closer to their quarry. A tuft of fur caught on a thorny branch, the occasional dash of blood, a footprint.... These things weren't very obvious, but they also certainly weren't hidden. However, it appeare
  7. Hakai scowled, disapproving of the notion. She definitely didn't like her ideas being called dumb either, especially by this ditz of a woman. This Ivory girl acted like such a child, with her naive notions and beliefs. Hakai bet she'd never even lost someone and yet she was out here preaching. She sighed, calming down a little. She was good at that, short term control of her emotions, but it always burst out at some point. She'd probably be punching a rock later having an outburst. "Oh really? The feeling isn't mutual, for either of you." She responded to the assertion that they both lik
  8. Hakai was well aware how she tended to be viewed when she acted like herself, and thought that it was very strange to want someone like her to watch their back. She sighed, smoke drifting out of her mouth as she looked about with a sullen look on her face as they approached the labyrinth. "I think its a joke Ivory. Randal here is a funny guy, you're lucky to have someone like him." She responded, completely misunderstanding the situation. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, giving the girl what appeared to be a sad but friendly smile. "And no, I don't have anyone anymore. A lot happen
  9. There was a sigh as Hakai watched Randal comically push someone else towards her, seemingly using her as a shield which was a very weird concept in itself. The girl herself just looked like your typical naive cannon fodder. She raised an eyebrow as they finally arrived, leaning back up against the tree she had been relaxing next to. She was here for this quest, might as well knock it out with these two since they were here. "I saw that you did, and I know you don't need me for this." She paused, arms crossed and fingers tapping impatiently. "So why are you trying to bring me with you?" She pau
  10. Her attention was ripped away from Randal and the people around him as a Faune man had walked up to her, tapping her on the shoulder to lecture her about fire safety or something like that. She grinned, viciously revealing her rather sharp canines and violently shoving the NPC away from her where he stumbled and fell onto his back. Her katana was already a quarter of the way out of her sheath, where she kept it, attempting to keep control of herself. She blew a puff a smoke into the air and tapped the cigarette on the hilt of her katana, the ember at the tip falling off onto the ground. She nu
  11. She giggled to herself, a crazed look on her face. It didn't matter how she acted out here by herself. There was no one to make uncomfortable, no one to freak out, she could just let the crazy out. In a time in her life when everything seemed out of her control it was moments like these where she actually managed to feel like she was in charge. The fears that plagued her in her day to day life faded away, and it was just her, and the enemy cowering underneath her. As it should be. She took a while to gloat, strolling over to the brass colored mech, her katana over her shoulder nonchalantl
  12. It seemed she was still giving these metal abominations more credit than they deserved. The construct, stunned from the blow, was lying face first on the ground. It wasnt dead, but it had been thoroughly embarrassed by the ginger swordswoman. As far as Hakai was concerned this mob and all the other players could eat dust just like that. The machine pushed itself to its feat, and action that Hakai as mildly impressed at. If this wasnt a VR game should would have been impressed at the engineering, but as it stood it was just some fancy animation, a concept that was way easier than what she was s
  13. She shoved off, pushing the mechs fist back and gathering a little more space for her to maneuver. The tip of her foot drew a little circle in the blood colored dirt underneath them as she adjusted her stance, preparing to unleash another attack of some kind. Steam hissed from the mech's exhaust as it started to charge, the ground quaking with each step. She could see the motion she wanted in her minds eye, but it was pushing her limits for sure. Could she make it happen? Shit, it was too late to think about it anymore, now was the time to do. She balanced on the balls of her feet, leapin
  14. She didnt want to be here. Floor three was lame as all get out, with its animal people and beautiful scenery. It was your typical nature floor, massive trees and an equally massive lack of anything fun or interesting to do. Now that she thought about it she had the same opinion of every floor they had unlocked so far. Maybe the problem was more with her than the floors themselves. Nah, that was a stupid thought. Hakai didn't have a problem, she never did. It was everyone else who had problems. She was in full gear today, a black leather breastplate with ornate silver engravings, and a th
  15. There was a crunch in the dirt to her left behind the boulder, jarring the young woman out of her thoughts. She shifted, standing up straight now and raising her katana once again. There wasnt a whole lot of room or time to relax on this floor in particular, the monsters seemed to spawn everywhere constantly. There were some spots where they were a little less common, places that Hakai tended to frequent, but she figured that this quest of sorts was better done around enemies. More chanced to train her familiar to do... something. She meandered forward, around the side of the boulder, coming f
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