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  1. claim

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    The Glass Philter Alchemist Shop Floor 11 pk
  2. He walked up to the Wild Rose Forge it had been a long time the last time he was here lessa had made his gauntlets which he still used he would open the door with his right had as he looked around the shop and smiled a bit. He was sure if she was busy or not. He would grab a form on the front desk and begin to full it out he was looking for a T1 perfect armor with Holy Blessing 3 on it he would put 10 mats in the form and would put the form on the desk and leave the shop. " i remembered when she first opened up now she lvl 6 black smith"
  3. claim

    Claims Items

    Familiar: Ener Type: Sprite Feed your Enemy A wisp clam had found for his pet is a bit small only a bout a inch sphere that chill out around claim right hand the whips helps out on it master upping his damage for now
  4. House Name: Claim Den Location: (11/ ) Description: These is were he goes to get way from the world and wait out the storm l) Plot Size: Esate Room(s): (6 ) assigned claim Room Upgrade(s): (Optional) (Include assigned player(s)) Total Cost: 25 + donation Room Slot # Room Type Buff Name Buff Effect 1 Bedroom Rested -1 EN first 2 uses
  5. He stretched a bit before counting done the path again. " it had been some time scene i had some food as soon as i drop off the mats at Lessa shop i might have to go grab something to eat." he would soon walked up to the gate of the village and a light smile would come across his face as he made it past through the gate and made his way to the warp gate he would stretch out his left had and access the gate a notification would poop up and it was the overview of the quest he had just finished . He quickly looked it over. He looked back at the gate amd started to put the info in for the Wild Ros
  6. He would let out a small sigh as he slowly walked back his hair would ways from side to side he would look over to the left a bit as he saw his heath bar was a liitle bit above half why. As he replay the small fights in his head as he walked down the path to the village his body began to ache . He would put his left hand out on a near by tree and stop for a bit. " That strangh i have done little run like this before and i haven't felt sore before..."
  7. claim


    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SpKz5bzLF2FNUtiHvG6NC7u8jIMO0MkRoDZ5Xbzna_s/edit#gid=703647329 when i get done with the sheet most of the mess will be gone Skills
  8. claim

    Claims Items

    1 Old item gauntlets of the Guardian Angel. Heavy Armor Gauntlets Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements+1 damage mitigation and +2 life steal Description: A pair of sturdy, jet-black gauntlets. They are meant to protect their wearer at all cost.. (Made by the Great Lessa ) 2 New item Gauntlets of the Guardian Angel Heavy Armor Gauntlets Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements+1 damage Mitigation Prevent (9 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. and +2 Regen After taking dama
  9. Got my items approve thread back so moved it to there
  10. hey bee gone a few months but what happend on the last boss raid

  11. Claim looked over the battle and how everyone was doing he look at the ogres and shock his head as he saw one of them still had a lot of health left over. He smiled a bit as he rushed up to the monster he swings the blade at the monster stomach the blade cut in to the skin with easy and left a large cut were the monster was bleeding out from. It looked at calim and punched him in the face. it nocked him back a few feet as he stop and looked at the monster, it didn't do a lot of damage to claim but his battle healing and life steal kick in [id 6378 Bd 8+1=9 Damage 1+1+6=8 +2Hp Ls Cd10 +3Hp Bh
  12. Claim looked at destiny and rolled his eyes a bit as he was some what getting use to the name calling as he saw he land a hit on the orc and laugh as the thing picked her up like a ragdoll and throw her at Christoff. " Way to lead off the attack now they all might throw use all back." He saw that Christoff had hit the same one that destiny was fighting and that Arekkusu. Had started to attack another one of the Orc's. He smiled a bit as he looked one of the orcs over there we big and slow hopefully Claim could get a few good hits in but that wasn't the case he swings his sword at one of them h
  13. Claim looked at the last one standing in this wave. He let out a small sigh as he rushed up to the skeleton the blade in his left hand he quickly slashed at the monsters. The tip of his blade cut in in to the shoulder of it doing just enough damage to the monster for it to burst in to polygons fragments. Just before the top half of the monster faded away it was able to swing its sword at Claim and hit his leg and do some damage to the player but not a lot before Claim healing skills kicked in and healed the cut that the monster gave him. [id 6233 Bd9+1=10 Damage 2+6=8 +2Hp Ls Bleed Cd 12 +3Hp
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