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  1. Pushing through the blue light, "Floor 1, Town of Beginnings" a small almost whisper. The smell of fresh water falling from the fountain beside her. Commotion all around of different conversations that were hard to make out. Sounds of doors squeaking open and closed to different shops and homes alike. A place that she was all too familiar with, it was the one place that she spent most her time when she first came into the game. Walking toward the quest board to snatch the quest up to make it easier to find James. Opening her HUD with a deep breath, the NAV marker shows the man at the chu
  2. Eruda's soon to be husband put a lot of thought into this... It's like he knew it was going to happen before she did. Collecting the now empty dish, joining Raidou at the sink, "Let me," taking his plate too and begins to wash. "I can't say I know where those locations are but I trust your judgment." Even with them just being NPC's he was still looking out for them. Eruda had noticed that some of the people that are suppose to be computer made were acting differently, wonder if that was the case for most towns on the other floors. Taking a rag, drying the dishes, setting them in the prope
  3. Soft lips to her cheek causes a blush, still the simplest of touch finds such an extreme reaction. You would think that Eruda would be use to it by now, but to her it was new at every turn. A smile would peer as she turns to follow Raidou through the gleaming white tiles, the morning rise really gave the home definition. As he set the platters and tea cups on the platform, Eruda grabs the kettle and the food. The smell protrudes through the kitchen into the dining area, until he mentioned it, Eruda didn't really focus on the smell just the aim of what was being made. The center piece of flower
  4. "Watch for the browning around the bread, listen for the sizzling to die down," repeating the lessons out loud that Freya had tried teaching her. "I can do anything..." saying then repeating it in her head using her senses for her own cooking. Flipping the French Toast onto a plate, it looked okay and not burnt. Eruda couldn't help but smile, as she dips the next piece of bread and watches it. Doing this a few more times, ending with four. Scrambling the rest of the eggs, it was easy enough. Scooping them evenly onto a plate, leaving a small portion for her wolf in a small bowl. The kettle hum
  5. Light blares through the windows beside the bed, eyes flutter open. Remembering the previous night, glancing to the band on her finger. They spent hours talking after, and went to bed together. It was the first time they actually slept under the same sheets without something tragic happening the day before. Feeling slight movement beside her, glancing to Raidou, he was still there. His eyes were still closed, not sure if he was actually awake or not yet. Laying there on her side just staring at him, this was actually happening. Feeling well rested for the first time since she came into this wo
  6. Seeing a hand to hers, lips part like something wanted to be said, but instead Eruda just meets those amber eyes. "I beg to differ, my cooking is still horrible," a smile, moving her other hand to his. Scooting a bit closer to him, breath uneven. "You tell me you love me and now we are to be married. You tell me you want to share your world with me, you buy me a house as a new start." A hand disconnects from his to be placed on his face. Gazing into those eyes, "In less that a month after waiting for years you have given me everything I have dreamed of. If you don't think that's romance then I
  7. Heart skips a beat as that lily is placed, hair falls to the right side of her cheek as the other stays put. The ribbon glides to the floor behind her, as she was in almost shock that her father of all people accepted Raidou. Why wouldn't he though, the man was an icon. Breath a bit harsh, watching the nomad just as exhausted as she was. "For a minute there I thought you were incapable of getting tired," smirking, it was amusing to find that he actually could get tired like that. There was sleepiness from a long day of pure work and battle but nothing like this. Wondering what the glass
  8. With every twirl her eyes stay locked on him. Mainly because she wasn't sure what would happen if that vision went elsewhere. Would she lose her balance, fall on her face. Not letting that happen, not now. The pounding in her chest never stopped, the adrenaline shocking through the floor at every tap of their feet in sync. Coming in from another twirl, "This is ours?" sliding across the floor, next thing she knew, Eruda was spinning beneath Rai's hand. Catching her front and center in his arms, swaying back and forth for a moment before going into a waltz. The precise movement of every step wa
  9. Getting up from the garden's edge, taking everything in. Slowly walking toward the banister, a hand to the wood. Not just wood, it felt thicker, firm cold, white. Nothing Eruda had ever worked with before. Were they from the tree's outside of town. Maybe later she could take a better look around. Pacing slowly up the many sets of stairs, it led to a bed, large with full sheets. The sunlight blaring through the tall windows made the bed frame almost shine, it was starting to look like white oak. Hopping down the wooden stairs to find another staircase, led to a few blank rooms and a large bathr
  10. Standing in an empty house, index to the chin looking out into the living room of their home. A bookshelf that was bought a day ago, but still seemed out of place. Eyes glance to the wolf sitting next to her feet with a head tilted, looking where Eruda was eyeing. A sneeze giving from the fire dog as that was answer enough. "Okay, fine, it's not perfect, but I have moved this five times Ras. Where else am I gonna move it. Regardless, it will look weird cause we aren't used to seeing it." Giving a sigh, moving the bookcase near the hallway entrance once again. Eruda takes her journal out
  11. Hearing him say floor 22 while she said 1, Eruda rushes back to the pad calling out "Floor 22, Coral" in hopes to catch him before getting too far. Wishing that the nerve would fall, Eruda didn't want to walk around scared of sharing those feelings. That warmth of the town against her skin hits, Raidou already a few paces away. Breathing in deeply to ease that mind of hers. Heading to the house, Eruda unlocks the door, setting the bag at the entrance. "I'm wondering if Mari would agree to a get together, coffee or lunch maybe. I want to know her like you do, but I am worried she wouldn't
  12. Slipping her dress back on, it was soaked from Raserei shaking an ocean on it. Picking the towel up, shaking it away from them and placing it across her shoulders. The cloth was also damp so coldness was going to stay, shivering a bit. Placing the empty container in her bag, knowing that is might just vanish from having completed what it was used for. "Were?" That word stuck, she knew the answer to it. "Thanks, I think..."Eruda has grown so much, but she wanted to here Raidou say it. "Also, how could I ever forget. Even though I was so angry with you at that moment, those words just seemed to
  13. Sitting there watching the gray zoom past, there was some sentiment in the poetry. Reaching over with her sticks, taking another piece to her lips. Remembering the first poetic statement that she heard. "A rose with pedals that wilt in the morning dew, A lily like no other that has sprouted from the forgotten remains of a time that burned from a clock long ago." Glancing over to Rai, knowing that he forgot nothing. "It held meaning then, and it holds meaning now. You should make your own book." The wolf approaches with a winning sound coming from her lungs. Rubbing that wet fur against E
  14. Seeing Raidou walk past her and sit on dry land, it didn't seem like he noticed that Eruda had set 2 towels aside. Maybe the wanderer thought the second towel was for the wolf. Raising a brow, getting up, leaving wet prints behind, walking toward the prepared area. Testing the warmth of the food, it was still somewhat warm, but two of the four sandwiches disappeared. Glancing to the dog with a smug look rolling across her face, Raserei was drinking water not paying Eruda any mind. Grabbing the two cloths and the remaining food, including what Freya had prepared, making her way toward Raidou. H
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