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  1. Her breathing was uneven as she felt a hand on the back of her head. She could feel her hair start to flail around a bit, this was so overwhelming right now. Nothing like this has ever happened like this before and this feeling was unlike any before. Hearing his words makes her chest tighten, like a grip on her heart that just held until something was done to release in. A small chuckle with that teacher comment, pulling her head slowly from the cloth as she glances up at him. Their eyes lock and Eruda just melts. Between the heat and the static going back and forth, Any normal person, this co
  2. He was matching her movement as his eyes close. A smile peers on Eruda's face as she hears those words in the back of her head. Right then a static between them that was felt so many times before, this was different. "It's perfect," saying in a soft voice, right them she moves them in a swirl, a change of directing. Feeling the warmth of his hands and an electricity surging through them, she knew that he could feel it too. It was too real not too. Closing her eyes too as they moved in unison, Raidou was starting to catch on, she would think nothing less. He was a fast learner. After the
  3. Placing the last egg on the plate, turning off the oven as he says -Show him...- Her hips stops the moving. Glancing up toward him in pure surprise. -You can do this, just show him... to dance, that's not dancing, that's letting loose... Getting a move on he's waiting...- Eruda argues with herself quickly in her head before walking around the counter. Taking a slow, deep breath followed by a nervous chuckle. -No thinking...- This is what they always when their action got rough toward either. It seemed to help. "It is much like the waltz that you are so great at. Only difference, less boa
  4. Another small twirl and her hair was just a mess. She had yet to do anything with it, but that was fine because she was unsure what she wanted to do today. Flipping the eggs as her hips began to move just a bit. She had a huge smile on face, she was really enjoying this time. She does a weird moon walk back words toward the coffee pot before brewing some. The lid to the pot drops as the crystal music ends. It was silent again, with a small sigh and a chuckle she turns, placing another crystal on the table, activating it... It was then that she realized there was someone standing there, Raidou.
  5. Eruda gets out of bed with a yawn. She was starting to get use to this new house thing. She just wished that it didn't feel so empty at times. As far as she was concerned, Raidou still slept in the guild hall area, which meant that even at 3 in the morning, Eruda had the entire house to herself... Picking out of her bag, a few messed up music crystals that were meant to be salvaged my the Firm Anima Merchants. Eruda had swiped a few before they could be. Walking into the kitchen, she sets one of the crystals on the counter tops with a smile. She missed just dancing around the house while every
  6. Thread Closure: 5046/30=168*5=1345 Eruda: 1345*8=10764 EXP Setsuna: 1345*8=10764 EXP Simmonê (Guild Treasurer): 400 (1 Page) 10764*.15=1614 Col (Eruda)(Laurel Wreath) 10764*.15=1614 Col (Setsuna)(Laurel Wreath) Total Col: 3628 Col
  7. It was clear that Setsuna did everything without a thought in question when an order was given. Something like that didn't sit right with Eruda, but she understood why. The girl left that sort of thinking to the other that gave the commands. What Setsuna did was courageous in many ways, she could see that now. "The next order you get, I want to come. I will act as a distraction if need be because I know that I can't hide like you do. I want to understand better about what goes on in the reality that everyone is so fond of." Eruda knew it would be dangerous in every corner, so she would come pr
  8. Without looking at the girl, but feeling that cold against her heated body. "I have accepted my own death long ago, it is what I do before then that matters most to me." Eruda pauses for a moment to look down at the girl that was now visible. "I took this tank position so that anything that our team faced and anyone willing to take my protection would not falter in what needed to be done." It was a hard reality to bring to terms but Eruda had made that decision a long time ago. "I have learned that sometimes things need to be done a certain way and as mine may not always be the right way, it s
  9. (Setsuna wins the duel) Getting to a knee as she holds the wound that was sizzling beneath her fingers. Eruda forces a small amount of blue flames within that palm as the ice begins to melt into water. Without looking at back at Setsuna, "You are right. I am a flower just waiting to be crumbled into ash." Standing now as she takes a deep breath and turns toward the girl. "Raidou has prepared the guild, me for the simpleton of mobs around Ancrad, nothing more. I appreciate that he wants to keep us, me safe and in the dark about everything in the Shadows." Eruda's flames began to ignite in
  10. ID:202990 | Battle:8, Craft:12, Loot:12 [Initiative/First Strike] Eruda quickly looks down to except the duel request, glancing back up to see Setsuna not there... She takes out her sword and shield at the very least. Somewhere in the back of her head, she knew that the girl was right. She would like to think that she was always going to be ready for anything that came her way, but the real reality was she was not even close. Raidou showed her nothing but a fragment of something that she had already come to terms with. Nothing more, but a very small piece of a huge demented world. Even wi
  11. Right then she shifts her feet toward the scather, blue flames burn beneath her frame. With the intent to disarm this thing so that now harm would come to the team from this mechanism alone. With an upward spiral her sword makes contact and so does that fire, as the wood lights up like a Christmas tree. With the electricity and burs of heat released into the thing it glows bright with sparks and sizzles alike. It was almost there but not quite. " @Shiina finish it," looking in her direction. Raidou said to burn it down, funny that is was exactly what had just transpired. She couldn't disarm it
  12. "That is where you are wrong," Eruda stands now. "I have spent every waking moment training to be the best person I can be." Looking out to the falls, Eruda now knew why Setsuna was the way she was, but not entirely the reason why those friends of hers were stricken down. If it had anything to do with orange players that would explain why she was so blood thirsty. It was something that she had seen in her own sister, even more so when Eruda found out about what had happened to Freya while in that cove. "I chose to be a tank because I was tired of seeing people die around me, feeling helpless a
  13. A soft smile, this girl could pick up things that she couldn't see. Squinting a bit, she sees some other people and some creatures that didn't look very threatening. "You have nothing to prove because you have already done it. Anyone that knows you truly would say the same thing. Everyone else would be stupid to underestimate you and Firm Anima as a whole." Kneeling next to the girl now, "This is our life right now, if we focus on just the crappy parts, we will come out of this game without a soul." Haine has told her multiple times that you should learn to enjoy and relax. Everything in this
  14. Eruda gives a soft chuckle, "I guess in a way it is, but don't think of it like that." Is that what she thought of everything these days. A test, something to prove to another. Was she that far gone from those days... What happened to make this cold soul of hers?? "Think of it as a friend showing another friend a good time. Truth is you do not have to prove anything to me." Eruda knew that Setsuna could take care of herself, but sometimes it was just nice to have a friend. The question was, would this girl allow one. Setsuna was sticking with her closely, "Honestly, I have a theory... For a wh
  15. A smile as she watches this girl blindly sharpens her weapon. "I would like to think I have but only the decider can know that for sure." There was multiple times that she has shown that she could hold her own and protect her loved one. The guild was a big part of that. The others were not her blood, or her distant relatives or anything like that, but she would treat them all the same. Firm Anima was her family, one that put her back together when she thought all was lost. "Take my arm if you need it, it is time that you see this world in the light." There were places in this game that could n
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