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  1. Battle Heal Triggers regaining 42 health A thunderous crash of weapons, screeches before a flash of light dismantles the creatures catches her attention. Seeing Freya and Rai for a split second before they both rush the building. A glance to her right before feeling a chill, calming her flames ever so slightly. A whisper from Setsuna as she vanishes, a smile peers across Eruda's face hearing this. A grand symphonic melody hit the field as you could feel the ground beneath your feet shake in a constant rhythm. The ice patches explode into a crystallized mineral as it was weird this time be
  2. Rest 1/2 Pulling Freya into a hug now, it was a bit awkward with her sitting, but Freya stood to make it easier. "You know that's my job, don't go getting yourself killed. I would really hate you for it..." With the twins arms around each other, Eruda closed her eyes. Even with all the fighting and the ignoring that Freya did toward her, she still felt like she was the one that was supposed to apologize. She thought that when Freya went missing, it was just another attempt of Freya resorting to her old ways. When Eruda started to see phantom messages was when she really started to freak o
  3. Very impressed by the 3 of them, the witch was nearly done for. It could not move, face against the wood floor and her arms were in a pretzel. It looked like it would hurt. Eruda failed her last attack, she decides to do what she knows. Eyeing the beast of sorts, she takes a page out of her fathers book. She stomps her foot as hard as she can against the ground, right them blue flames ignite it a large burst around them. Crates lite as the door to the building is crashes to the outside grassed area. Her eyes glow with fury as she takes her foot and pushes the body upward forcing it to lay of h
  4. Entering the room now, seeing the creatures slamming into the walls, exploding like confetti. Freya says something that turns the tables in Sam's mind. She would allow it to slide for now simple because she wanted to see how Sam would react. Not seeing the remainder monkey, she glances around trying to find this creature. Her flames begin to boil beneath her feet. Right then the flying beast flies toward her, catching Eruda's shield as raises it up. The crazed monkey gives a demented laughter that echoes within the interior, grabbing her shield now that was not yet lit. Staring face to face wi
  5. A hard rough breath, trees timbering down around her from burning flames. Sitting on the ground watching bursting creatures evaporate into nothing. Sword and shield lying on either side, Raserei curls into a ball at her feet, her breath too was hard to the exhale. She was training, has been all day, since the sun began to rise. Sizzling flames around her go out, as a chime from her HUD echoes in the dimming silence. Looking at her HUD, Sam, the witch that had to be killed for more materials. She smiles, she knew fairly well that she had never actually fought this creature before but she was re
  6. As the Aura beneath her feet vibrates the ground, Eruda glances to Griswold with a nod. Back to the creatures with no souls, as her flames get larger, hotter, burning the ground we walk on, sizzling and popping of rubbish that can't light. The clashing of two blades that was not hers but Raidou's. A sparking hit against her shield as a spiraling burst of blue flames catch what was around her on fire. A defensive stance, raising her shield as another makes their move and finds a large metal piece to it's back, catching on fire as the crazed flames ignites the now screeching spire. "Go," a glanc
  7. "Oh hun it is much more than me and you," looking down to Shiina. "Show them that you are much more than just a musician," tilting her head with a smile as her eyes glance to her father. A glance to Rai, mere meters from her, at the corner of her eye she sees minions beginning to charge. Carving her sword upward against her shield as spark ignite the flames, slicing downward at the group before they got to Rai and Freyd... They burst into flames and screech in panic as they evaporate into nothing. Eruda takes a solid breath out, this is what she was training for. This is what she was meant to
  8. 8/24/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 198418 CD: 7 +1 LD: 17 Uncommon - 7 (+4 Ambition) 2 198419 CD: 1 +1 LD: 20 Critical Failure - 5 (+4 Ambition)
  9. 8/23/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 198338 CD: 4 +1 LD: 16 Salvage Success - 5 (+3 Ambition) 2 198339 CD: 8 +1 LD: 4 Uncommon - 6 (+3 Ambition)
  10. 8/21/21 Cost: Gleaming Scale x2 Demonic Shard x2 Letter of Appreciation x1
  11. In the back room as she had come to the shop to clear the dust from the shelving. After the girl with red hair bombed on her shop from being filled with dust bunnies, it was clear that this place had not been used or cleaned in ages. A wet rag being wiped against the particles before a sharp cough was heard from the entrance. Soon after a voice, one that she knew well... Raidou... A smile peers on her face as she walks out from the back. Glancing at Rai as his face seemed to be red, "I have been waiting for when this day would come," a slight turn of her head to the cloth. Making her way to th
  12. Eruda smiles as she watches the remainder of the enemies detach from their limbs. Looking to her bar as Freyd mentions energy, she simple nods. Turning to the darkened hall, she begins to walk to the room that Freyd suggest before hearing a ping come from one of her parties HUD. Glancing back it was Kat, who was opening her messages as her face expression becomes sour. "I have to go kick someones ass. Sorry for leaving, but I have to set this dude straight..." Katoka turns and starts walking where they came from... Eruda chuckles a bit as everyone says they're good by's. Turning back to
  13. Battle Healing +43 Health A flare in her eyes as each attack made connects with a burst of flames igniting some as they burn alive into nothing definable. Horrifying screeches from the creatures as a few attempt to attack but are rebuked by more out lashed flames. The one that managed to stay alive runs around Eruda trying to pat itself off. Screaming at the top of its lungs, as the flames caught the tables and chairs laying around. The Kobold running around crashed against the table and falls right to its face. The other was holding his face in agony as Eruda's defense mechanism seemed t
  14. Eruda did not know Haine or Ruri back in the day when this hell first started. "No one deserves to be alone..." Thinking back to Haine's conversation, Eruda had made a connection to something about what she was told. "You would not be here walking around if Raidou didn't care about you. I heard what he did for you..." feeding her bottle after bottle till he got it right... He kept fighting for Ruri even when the chances were slim to none. This in its own way proved he cared for her. The baby comment confused her a bit... "There is a big difference in needing comfort and being babied." Freya at
  15. Eruda walks out the doorway and pushes her back against the wall. Sliding to the ground now, she crosses her legs. Ruri was in a tough spot and she knew that, Eruda wanted to help but she was not sure how. Leaning her head against the wall she just sits there for a while. An hour passes as she just sits there staring at the staircase. Silence was echoing to deaf ears, but Eruda wasn't going to leave, she meant what she said. She may be the cause of the outbreak and it may make things worse, but everything gets harder before it starts to get better. "Haine came to me after you two faught.
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