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  1. She focuses on the plant reddish plant fiber, her face still a bit red but i was fine. She gently takes a leaf between her fingers as as that same red herb glows gold. Her eyes light up in excitement as she plucks in softly from the soil. A glance to Raidou holding the herb to him. "I have no use for this, but you. You continue to amaze me at every turn. What ever happens will happen. Lets just enjoy each others company okay?" With a smile, she takes Raidou hand and sets the red herb in his hand. She lets his hand go and looks back to the patch. Taking a deep inhale then exhale she starts work
  2. Marriage... "I..." she clears her throat as to find her voice again. Geeze that fortune tea cup stuff was no joke... Eruda's face turns red at the thought. It was way too early for something like that. "Lets just get back to, this." She was unsure how to take in such thing. She knew now why Raidou didn't mention it right away like the other detailed descriptions. He must be just as confused as she was. Eruda takes out this blanket and lays it on the ground next to the same patch of herbs she was trying to gather from previously. Gesturing Raidou to come sit next to her, she starts to attempt t
  3. After a moment of not finding anything in this specific patch, she looks to Raidou. I wasn't really a no to teach her. She was hoping to get more out of this though. Rather that just the gathering and teach, she was hoping that she could get to know him a bit more. Getting to her feet, she dusts off her knees. They begin to walk toward the settlement to find Giovanna, so that she could offload the demonic shard. They eventually find her and have a short conversation as the gathering skill was given to them both. The gal walks off to do their own thing and Eruda turns to Raidou. Biting her bott
  4. Concentrating on this bush, her hand still creeping around it. An intense stare within this plant. Moments later a chime from her belt and a glow of gold within the interior. Eruda takes a deep breath and smiles. Taking grasp of the Shard, as her HUD chimes with an update. It was clear that she had found what was needed to complete this quest. Taking the compass in her hand to verify what was found, she smiles as the results were true. It stays in a constant gold glow, Eruda places it back on her belt and gets to her feet. Walking to Raidou now and getting her knees on another set of herbs tha
  5. Without looking at Raidou, but hearing each word with meaning behind them. "Using what I have..." and first she was taken back by what Raidou said, as if there was more meaning behind it than what she was actually comprehending. Her eyes lay upon that first bush she saw with the lizard. "Nothing is what it appears to be," saying to herself, but if Raidou was listen, he would hear this from her soft voice. She walks to this thicken leaf plant fiber and gets to her knees. At first she just looks at it, then her hand outlines the interior of the bristles. at the corner of her eyes, she sees a fai
  6. A glance to Raidou with words of wisdom. Gathering came natural to him, it was clear that he knew what he was talking about. Taking a quick inhale, she sets the compass to her side, removes the blanket from her shoulders and puts it back into her inventory. Trust in her instincts like she would if she was in battle. The quick thinking at a whim without hesitation. That gut feeling that she would get, and at that moment just knew what had to be done. This didn't come natural to her like fighting did, but she wanted it to. She needed to take a step back and concentrate. She closes her eyes, feel
  7. Turning to Raidou as he spoke. He was at the same patch of herbs. She was reminded from back then that he did the same thing in the cavern he frequented. He was not so quick to move onto the next until he was sure that there was nothing left. The compass is her hand glows slightly, then nothing. Almost like it was trying... "Hmm" glancing down at the thing in her hand. Her eyes look everywhere around her now. More in depth than before. More focused now, she just needed to get her bearings. Empty her mind and focus on the task at hand. Like time and time before this when she was with the others
  8. Eruda looks to the familiar voice, had not the slightest clue that he was even here, Raidou. She would have thought he would have done this already and been in the cave gathering. Biting her lip, knowing how pathetic she looked trying to make this new thing work within her grasp. Taking his advice though she places the compass in the palm of her hand now. Keeping it still now she lets the contraption do its thing. Looking for the golden glow that Raidou had mentioned. If she tried hard enough and kept at it, there was nothing that she couldn't do. The red hand thing was still spinning in circl
  9. The sun was fully raised now and the reflection upon the water was nothing more than a glare upon the large pool of liquid. The day was bound to start, as she gets off the roof now with the blanket still wrapped around her shoulders. New potential skills were added to her roster and she had a choice to make. Gathering or fishing, and there was only one obvious choice. She would learn to gather the right way from Raidou. Maybe in the mean time get to know him a bit. There lives were interlocked now more than ever and she wasn't going to let anything get in her way now. Stepping to the warp gate
  10. Turning this: Item Name: Consuming Pyre - Surt Item ID: 164175c Item Tier: T4 Item Type: One Handed Curved Sword Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Burn 1, Taunt, Accuracy 1 Description: A strange looking curved sword of pure silverish pink rosarium alloy. Gilded at the hilt, and an curved hand guard covering ones fingers. It is rather ordinary appearing, but once drug across a shield the blade takes to flame. The entire edge becomes ablaze with fire, to consume all. Into this: Item Name: Consuming Pyre - Surt Item ID: 164175c Item Tier: T4 Item Type: One Handed
  11. Starting on Floor 22 A sleepless night yet again. All her thoughts causing her to lie awake in bed. Raserei snuggled against her leg, her leg twitching like she was having a running dream. Eruda softly pats the side of her head with a small smile. Moving her to the side, Eruda gets to her feet. She felt exhausted but she couldn't calm her mind enough to rest in peace. A grab of her new blade, a touch of the door knob, she walks out the door. A click of the lock, Eruda walks to the warp gate in the town of beginnings. In her travels and with the help of Raidou's notes of each floor, she wa
  12. Current Level: 51 Current SP: 213 Link to SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Consuming Pyre - Surt Item ID: 164175c Item Tier: T3 Item Type: One Handed Curved Sword Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Burn 1, Taunt, Accuracy 1 Description: A strange looking curved sword of pure silverish pink rosarium alloy. Gilded at the hilt, and an curved hand guard covering ones fingers. It is rather ordinary appearing, but once drug acro
  13. Fiddling with a sheet of fabric, she was trying to get over the fact that she just left a blanket in a box on Raidou's bed with a note just yesterday. That love Eruda ending... Stupid she keeps thinking to herself as her HUD chimes. Glancing at the message, her heart skips a beat. "SHIT" she says a little bit to loud waking Raserei up. "Sorry go back to sleep." she lays her head back down. Eruda steps out of her shop and even though she knew that Raidou got that note, because he had to sleep right??? Eruda was freaking out a bit now. Making her way to the warp gate now. Staring at the pad now
  14. Eruda walks to the walks just stepping in joining the others. Sam uses her skills to identify something that Shiina found. Freya was underwater diving. Eruda could see that everyone was having a great time. It was a pretty rough day but it ended very eventful. Eruda dives under water with her sister and opens her eyes. It was beautiful down here. She had never taken the time to see these waters close up and now that she did she fell in love with it. Sports were never her thing, but she liked swimming. She never really took the time outside of this game either to swim, but she loved it when she
  15. "Sounds great you guys," Eruda says getting up from her seat. "I have to go do something. I'll umm..." clearing her throat a bit, "I'll see you guys later." She walks out of the building and places a hand on her arm rubbing it softly. The feeling stuck hard and it hurt. She makes her way to her shop on floor 1. Walking in, Raserei is sleeping. She grabs the box that she placed the quilt in. Holding it tight against her chest and grabs the note that she wrote along with it. Walking out the door, closing and locking it. She makes her way to the guild hall. She was sorta hoping that Raidou wasn't
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