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  1. "Wow," I exclaim to the sudden weight in my arms. I thought it was some slab of metal for a few moments. Until I noticed a hilt sticking from it "what in Aincrad is this, and what is it made of." I ask, barely holding it with one hand. It was not until I grabbed the hilt with both did it seem like either the sword or the world allowed me to lift the goliath of a weapon "Bellringer that's a fine name for a sword that feels as though it wants nothing but the destruction of this a cursed castle or is that just me ?" I ask rhetorically while looking Bellringer over. I answer Gris's question, "yeah
  2. Watching as Griswold began to pull pieces of armor out of his inventory, I answered, "Well, I was thinking about a fox; however, a normal fox would be too weak. Do you know of any species that might catch my interest, or does the guild have a resident tamer we could ask?" I asked while starring at the suit of armor Griswold just finished pulling out of his inventory "that looks like some quality armor there, Gris, oh, speaking of quality do you have a great sword or zanbato? by chance or maybe in the Guild vault?" I ask while looking at the sword that Raidou had given me. It represented Firm A
  3. "Hey Gris, how are yo- Wow, that a big pup didn't know you could get a familiar this big," I said as I got down to eye level with the hound rubbing its face and scratching its head and behind the ears before moving to give the hound some appropriate strength pats on its side. "Vulcan, that's a fitting name, don't worry too much. When I was younger, my family had half a dozen large dogs on our ranch. among them were a couple of wolfdogs. Unfortunately, I can't remember their exact breed, however, but seriously, I didn't know familiars could be this big. Does he help in combat? I bet that he is
  4. I was relaxing behind my store counter, with what has to be the most bored expression in SAO, as I sit in wait for customers. It has been months since I sold anything. I began to consider joining the fight to escape this virtual hell. It wasn't until after checking the guild status that I realized that I was the only one who had went stagnant and stopped growing in strength, and well, I could not stand it. Grabbing my equipment, I headed to the closest teleport gate, "Floor twenty-two, Forest of Memories." I said with a raised voice in almost yell before a blinding light engulfed me, and then
  5. my merchandise from my store need re-evaluated
  6. » Vampire of Anima +2 damage +1 life steel On Role of 8, 9, or 10 (Item equipped) » Bracer of the people +1 accuracy (Equipped for the remainder of the RP it is in) » Dragon shade Duster +2 accuracy +1 Thorns (Item equipped) » Cloud Boots +2 evasion (Item equipped)
  7. As 5 staring at the Needle he hears the shop Owner say it's only, 200 Col As he stands straight He begin withdrawing The said amount doing so, he noticed the owners face was bright red "are you okay are you getting sick." as Curious as 5 is. He takes his hand, pushing up her bangs Putting his hand on her Fore head to see if she was running a fever Realizing She wasn't , he would then Assume She might have been working a lot "Well, you're not running a fever. You must've just been working too much today." as he went back to withdrawing the Said amounts of Col Paid: 200 Col Received:
  8. As the shop owner pulls out the needle for 5 look at. She explained that she is working on a ring But it made that After showing 5. Her fingers as they Have puncture marks all over them from the Needle "It is a good thing that I am a tailor. I work with Needles all the time" He said as he began to pick up the needle noticing it had a diamond tipHe took his index finger from his left hand and touched the tip of it doing so he clearly felt the needle as it pierced his finger Tip Not realizing that it had broken the skin until it moved awkwardly causing slight pain "How much I could really use th
  9. As He walks in To the small shop He starts looking around at all the different items for sale He answered The orange haired players question "Yes I'm trying to figure out how to get to floor. 1 I got." 5. Stopped in the middle of his answer as he looked over and saw what looked like a needle "What is that is that a sewing needle is it for sale". He asked as he was leaning over to look at it
  10. As 5 is lost In the fields on floor 2 He sees a small shack in the distance without hesitation he starts sprinting towards their finally finding the building. He couldn't help but be happy before he knew it. He arrived at the small shack As he looks around, he noticed that it's a artisan shop, but it's Closed reluctant to give up and look for another building. He decides to knock on the door. "Knock knock is anybody home" He said as he knocked on the door
  11. Crafting attempt #4 of the day. Crafting dice: 11+1 After having only one successful craft and the rest failures I grabbed another bolt of finest cloth And I decide to make a coat taking the cloth. I'd begin stretching, forming, cutting, And sewing The material. Doing so I notice the needle start to glow little as As I begin to sew faster and more efficient getting the basic shape of 80 in no time. The system would then take it to finalize it Picking up the coat carefully I noticed a very light and Extremely durable. I successfully created a XP earned: 8 Rank 4
  12. As 5 is sitting there, he hears the shop owner said that she has 5 bolts of Finest cloth for a 150 Col each "I'll buy it all." He said as he withdrew 750 Col from his wallet as one of the NPC's . Came over to collect the money. Another was getting the items . Paid: 750 Col Received: 5 Bolts Of finest cloth. (00C: still very new to this type of transaction. Let me know if I did it wrong)
  13. As 5 returns back to the black Odyssey shop. He wonders in greeted once again by the 2 NPC's "How may we help you." They said in unison as 5 is looking around he would respond "Yes, I was wondering if y'all happen to get a new supply of tailoring materials because I have ran out." 5 would be scratching his head, looking around still as he said that the 2 NPC's replied, "let us ask our Mistress, please wait here" 5 watches as they walk over to Simmone
  14. After receiving 200 col from the scrapping of the 4 Items 5 would take the 200 col And toss it over to one of the owners NPC's "keep the change. I don't need it." Then heading out the door. Going back to his shop to begin crafting of the day Gave 200 Col to Simmone
  15. As 5 hands over the 4 items to be scrapped to Moro "Here you go You can scrap these" 5 Said as he handed over the materials "Very good, sir." Moro Replied as Maru Walked over with the requested materials as she does so 5 Would open up his inventory and withdrawal 500 Col to make sure that he paid for it. "Here you go, sir," As 5 gives Maru The Col She gives him in return 4*Bolt of Finest Cloth. And 1*Red ore (Blood Carbon Steel) "Thank you all very much." He says as he is about to leave Paid: 4 uncommon items And 500 Col Received:4*Bolt of Finest Cloth. And 1*Red ore (Blood Carbon Steel)
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