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    Kiluia is interested in various things that range from anime to carving wooden animals. His main hobby is collecting rare coins from different ancient civilizations. Currently, however, his objective is to keep diving into the virtual world as much as possible for his own personal reasons
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  1. The relentless attacks ensued raining down upon the shadow. The issue he was having was that he noticed the bar of health wasn’t dropping as quickly as he thought it would with the amount of damage dealers in the crowd. If that wasn’t worrying, the next issue would be the shadowlings that spawned. Tougher ones that seemed to resemble the spiders he had dreamed of one time. As he reminisced about the horrifying creatures, the one he was looking at had vanished before his eyes. All the hair on his neck stood up as felt flush, the blood from his face rushing out of it immediately. The breath
  2. The quest was everything that was described by the broker. The fisherman had seen better days and was perfectly depicted by the games system. Every NPC had their own unique style and it showed in the detail. Eyes of amber wound glance over the downtrodden lake. It seemed it hadn’t seen business with the rampaging fish taking over the aqua life. “We will do what we can.” He spoke to him. The business concluded with him agreeing to the terms of the salamander. This was something he dreaded ever since this whole thing was discovered, but the quest had to be done. He moved over to Haine and
  3. Eyes would glance over the fisherman and the area that was needed to fish out the monster. Their footsteps shuffled toward the fisherman’s hut and he cleared his throat. The NPC was clearly preoccupied with their daily routine. He found it strange that the area seemed more deserted than usual. At least they didn’t have many others to compete with. “I’ll do what I can.” He looked over to Haine before speaking to the NPC. “Excuse me sir?” His voice was soft as to not cause the man distress. The man had deep coal eyes as he spoke to him. “Can I assist you?” The rugged man’s voice was low
  4. Before he could react to the situation, the other blue haired wonder already dashed off to the herd. While moving up the chain of command of fighting, he wanted to be sure that they were able to continue with their mechanics of being an all-rounder team. They had been successful in some situations and others they faltered. This seemed like it was going to falter as the herd was a larger pack and they had to pull out one from the group before it had alerted the rest of the monsters. A grunt was given as he took off running without another thought. The fact that anything could happen would
  5. A month had passed since the initial announcement of the game being misled to becoming a horror movie brought to life. He had met a few adventurers that seemed interesting. A particular one named Miku had stuck beside him. She had been helpful a handful of times and was able to keep up with him. But it was not the same. Not even close when she was around. Haine made it feel like the game was just a game to him and the stress melted away. Perhaps it was because she was new? Or maybe she needed some of his guidance. Whatever the case may be, she was with him most of the time. Today’s destin
  6. He side-glanced her as they moved on. His eyes squinted slightly as they headed toward the base of the mountain that was needed to proceed to the next stage. That part would be easy for the most part. Contact with the fisherman was already in progress. Breeze passed by caressing their skin as they made the trek across the terrain. It was as beautiful as he remembered it as they had been here not too long ago. The cabins were still for rent per usual, but he would have to take her here again. “A little crazy? It does serve its purpose though…” He thought as he had taken a hiatus from the b
  7. The stamina decrease that they suffered was real. The game knew when to wind them as they stopped short of the exit of the alley. The screams and cries of people were still heard. He could hear them surrounding them, but none close enough to disturb them. Amber eyes searched hers for a moment. She had a better head on her shoulders than he had anticipated now that the game style was changed. His mind wondered a moment and the thoughts changed immediately that the news hit him. The game was now sudden death in every type of aspect. Did all death apply? Suicide, monster kills, or a simple p
  8. Mouth opened as he took a crunch of the candied rose petal. Eyes lit up at the flavor. He knew that they would be delicious because of the AI system wouldn’t allow anything less but the actual end tasting product was simply delicious. He tasted a few combinations, but end outcome meals were always preprogrammed. Eyes of amber would investigate hers for a moment while listening to her. Her words were embarrassing to him as they showered him with kindness and wonder. How far these two had grown. It went from childhood to adulthood in such a short time. It was still uncanny on how they both
  9. The reckoning began. The spell that controlled Minotaur had been undone causing a massive shift in the balance of the fight. One could debate on whether that it was bad or good. The unfolding events mattered not. It was the echo of his brethren’s orders that decided his stance. The words were absolute to smash in the defenses as he seemed to lower himself in a running stance. Raidou made it clear that it was time to initiate combat once more. He felt electricity crackle through his body as he stored up the latent energy into his legs to his upper arms. The sword art was beginning as he le
  10. The sudden lull within the battle caught him off guard. It seemed that the entities that were haunting the bunch were slow to keep up with. Thoughts raced inside his mind as he glanced toward Raidou and fellows who cleaned up the monsters. Albeit that it was his first real dungeon raid, he was unsure how to proceed. It seemed too convenient. His mind had to stay sharp while his side was pressed against Haine. He tried to stay in formation so the group would stay in a 360 view of the not so bright room. He spoke to Haine as he glanced over at her. “I’ll watch your back if you watch mine.”
  11. The fluid motions of the troupe were studied by his amber eyes. They glanced from person to person as they struck down the monsters with ease. By his calculations, there would be nothing left for him to demolish when he was able to. After suffering some damage, he did not move in response. It was etiquette to allow others to do their thing first. Eyes scanned the room taking in the details wondering if there was anything out of place that would seem noteworthy. He stretched as he walked over to Haine as the last of the creatures were dispatched. “You doin okay?” He spoke softly to her. H
  12. Watching everyone with their glowstones, it made him wonder if he would have to do the same thing. The white haired wonder would have his immediate answer as Shield tossed him one of those unique. He had noticed the tally bar fill with everyone’s toss of their stone. The bar was almost at the max and realized on his turn that it was something that would require him to succeed to suspend the impending darkness. Each one of their stones caused a reaction to it all. He would be reminded of a movie scene about a torch would rescind the darkness causing it to quake with fear. The same situatio
  13. As Shield overhands a stone toward Kiluia, he bolts with enough ripples to rack the chamber. Plucking the object from the air with ease. "Here goes nothing." Kiluia goads winding up like a pitcher. It rockets into the fold, it can be heard impacting with the wall behind the veil. It appears faint a first, before screeching as the shadowlings avoid the newly created light. It begins to reclaim more of the lost ground, forming a lantern-like glow in the center of the room. "I think your on to something." He remarks toward Shield, another pulse of energy beneath his feet as he moves with the same
  14. Her hand grasped his like an iron grip. Or at least it was a metaphorical sense. With her fingers interlocked with his, a spine-chilling sensation crawled up his back. The façade of being someone else melted the instant the mirror changed their features back. Staring at the blue haired wonder, she instantly recognized him. This was a bad situation. Shit shit shit!! He thought in his head as he stared at her. The moment in time seemed to suspend all other activity until the sounds of chaos filled their ears once more. He knew that this was a once in a lifetime situation. He did not dare t
  15. Having only met Freya in passing, he knew nothing of the woman other than she was a guild member. The hollowed words that boar into his head became what seemed to be a little bit touchier than he had expected. With the weapon already manifested in Gaius’ grip, he was already prepared with his wraps on his hands for such occasions. The man was already ahead of Gaius as a screen appeared in front of him. All he had to do was press the little green button to accept the terms of the fight. Haine had already made it to the doorway but he was sure as hell not going to back down with a weapon drawn a
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