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    Kiluia is interested in various things that range from anime to carving wooden animals. His main hobby is collecting rare coins from different ancient civilizations. Currently, however, his objective is to keep diving into the virtual world as much as possible for his own personal reasons
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  1. She had been knowledgeable about him within the guild as he stood beside her for a moment. A slight smile crossed his face as the word Christmas party when they first met was mentioned. “It’s been quite some time since then. I wasn’t sure you would remember me. Quite frankly, if you aged, I think we wouldn’t of known about each other had we progressed. Yet here we are.” He looked her up and down. She looked exactly the same since they last met which would make it unnerving but he was also in the same predicament. Ding. The party noise popped up in front of him and with a quick motion
  2. Lately, he found himself being messaged more frequently than usual from the guild. He had kept tabs on everyone for a time being until he gave up since Haine left. He stared at Freyd’s message before closing it. A slight sigh escaped his lips as he stood up from his chair in his shop. The lights were already off as he often just kept himself busy with baking. With that moment, he patted the penguin's head and sent her home. Amber eyes shifted to the gate and he selected the 27th floor. With a bright flash, he simply found himself surrounded by people who seemed to be going on with their daily
  3. Ping. Ping. The alert notification went off as he lounged around at home. Having avoided his guildmates for some time, the alarm was from someone within the guild but he didn’t recognize them as a member. It was indeed a mystery at first until he read the message. He had a couple unopened ones but he noticed it was from someone he hadn’t spoken to in quite some time. When he was a rookie to say the least. Having sat up from his bed, he opened up the chat and started typing a message to her. To: Rebekah From: Kiluia
  4. Shimmering light broke through the crack within the curtain shining down upon a slumbering man on the couch. Light snoring ceased as ocean eyes fluttered awake to the invading sunlight that pierced through the darkness within the abode. Across the way, a laying upside-down was spotted on the worn in padded chair. He took a deep breath and stretched staring at his surroundings. Empty. Void. If dust was such a thing in these houses, it would have been covered as he would just leave to go to work. He rustled his white hair and slipped open his menu to prepare his clothing for the day. With a mess
  5. This: Current Level: 55 Current SP: 246 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Ra's Destructive Wrath Item ID: 160607b (164779/164780/164781) Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Handwrap Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Keen, Bleed 1, Absolute Accuracy Description: Hand wraps that have been blessed with Ra's blessing. Its destructive force may pierce rock and bone with ease. Item Nam
  6. PH Rolling Loot Reward Selection: SP Weapon Reward: Nilhim's Wrath
  7. “And?” He inquired about her words. It was nice to imagine what she was thinking. It gave him another side to view her. Women usually plotted their own weddings in most cultures, but they had to make due with what they had. Their lives had been connected prior and now it was connected here. Their lives connected with a variety of people within the SAO community, but none more than their guild. The family they grew into as it expanded quite fast. “Having them see your ring is a good thing. It’ll make them wonder if they should bring it up in conversation. Though I would have to say that t
  8. Watching the man guard him was always impeccable to watch. It was a wall that could stop many a foe and it was funny to watch the candid behavior. While the steel connected with the creature, a sliver of health but all remained for it. With a leap into the air and the distraction of Raidou, he curved his body mid air while the distraction occurred and both knees came dropping down onto the Wargs head. It was over. The massive collective of crystals shattered into a brilliant light. Eyes of amber met with his friend and spoke. “That sounds nice. Maybe a few sandwiches or just couple of sw
  9. “To be fair, you’d be correct.” The outstanding tandem and rush of the duo caused heinous damage to the Warg. It was to the point where it could not even react to the onslaught of the attacks. While the energy was hot, his white aura took off against Raidou’s attack which managed to subdue the Warg with a stun. Advantage was increased more as he grappled the large husks and bring its snout into the right rising knee cap. It was a flush and clean attack. He backed off immediately as he made it to a clear safe distance to Raidou. The onslaught would continue with the red wanderer up for hi
  10. The trio had run into the larger wargs. It was not as bad as he had thought as there were other players around them attempting to subdue the beasts as well. Good thing they all had green icons over their heads indicating that they had been players who had kept the status of no PK. His eyes glanced over at the other blue haired lass. It was already interesting enough that he knew who Ruri was but here she was just as snarky if not more. He felt a bit safer for the most part as he watched the spectacle of others dancing around and fighting. Off in the distance, he saw a familiar red-haired
  11. The crackle of energy that the red wanderer displayed left nothing of the creature he had struck down remain. The words of Raidou speaking of finishing off Bane caused him to give a slight glint of a smile. Going off the spectacle of what he witnessed, he followed up with his leader and friend in arms against the massive warg. The rapid footsteps would lead straight to the snout of the warg as his fist slapped into the bridge of it. “Of course. Any day of the week!” He grinned slightly. The sight of the duo fighting was refreshing and exhilarating. He was one of the rare few that the whit
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