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  1. A breeze beside her, and the younger approached. The atmosphere tensed as she spilled her heart, her genuine, unfiltered opinions. A jab at the woman's heart to know the honest truth. This wasn't how she expected their reunion to go. Hell, she didn't know what to expect. She slaved to be as powerful as she was now, though not without purpose. She did it all for Ruri, relentlessly, all while battling her own demons and self doubt. The more she trained, the more numb she felt, the less hope she had until the girl had suddenly awakened. The reality of this new dynamic settled in. Haine
  2. The comment piqued her attention. Ruri was right. Haine paid more heed to the way she worked, chopping and dicing with ease when before she'd been a clusterfuck. "It's a good skill to pick up. Sometimes it's even fun," she noted, scooping the aromatics onto an oiled pan. On the side, a pot of noodles boiled. In actuality, all of these little skills were honed from a need for distraction, when the going got tough. From across the kitchen, a dejected Ruri turned away the cub. Round ears flattened against his skull as he huffed. He stayed close, claiming a spot on the floor across from her. Cobal
  3. The snippy remark from Ruri was unlike her. Sure, she was a smart aleck, but there was an edge to her tone that Haine recognized in her sister's rougher moods. She chewed her cheek. "Don't worry about it." Pingu ducked her head in intimidation. There was something to the girl. Whoever this interloper was, she had an inkling she'd go through with that threat. A guttural screech later and she was wobbling to the kitchen. Haine worked on a smile and set the cub on the ground. She rolled up her sleeves and set to work. "On second thought," the bluenette started, "You can watch me cook today.
  4. She noted her sister's astonished face. It wasn't out of left field. A mini mansion in its own right was something Haine wouldn't normally buy, at least not all for herself. She moved her attention to the lock and twisted the key. Stepping in, Haine waved her hands in a flourish. "And here we are." A winding staircase right at the entrance, leading up to a cozy loft. Down below, an open concept, almost rustic interior. She didn't have long to show off until the two animals came bounding their way. The furball attached itself to Haine's leg, almost like a clingy puppy. Pingu, on the other hand,
  5. A teleport crystal brought them to the outskirts of the sixth floor, to a wooded getaway from all the noise. Warm rays of sun filtered through the treetops, like a comforting, warm blanket. The walk up to the cottage was a brief, with Haine aiding her sister up the wooded path. Beyond the foliage lied a massive, ostentatious building, the culmination of her love's hard work and design. Fashioned of cobblestone and wood, it reached two stories tall, wide as can be. A perfectly manicured garden up front, lilies and rose bushes decorating the path. The sounds of birds chirping and the trees rustl
  6. The sarcasm was a subtle jab at Haine's poor attempts to deflect these questions. A quirk of her brow in exchange was all she needed to know. Fortunately the girl gave her the benefit of the doubt, even if for a little. A temporary weight lifted from the bluenette's chest. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and assumed a soft smile. "Yeah, that's the spirit. We'll do lunch at my place! I think you'll love it there." She waited for the younger to move off her chair. Once she stood and stumbled, Haine noticed the absurdly large red coat round' her frame. It was comical, she was practically s
  7. She maneuvered around flocks of parties and couples. She had a clear opening until a wave moved in front of her, shrouding her in the back. She jumped, seeking a view of what lied ahead. To no avail. She huffed and turned to the fountain. It was apparent then how short she was, of only 5'4" in a sea of taller, well armored figures. She would have no chance being found here. She left the fountain behind and weaved through the front of the scene. She'd be noticed for sure, with bright, loud, azure locks. A beak, and a set of razor-like teeth nipped at her ankles. "Ouch!" Haine jumped. Atten
  8. Haine pursed her lips. Either the girl was perceptive or Haine was a terrible liar. She pinched the bridge of her nose and combed through her recollections. She didn't recall several of those names, only Miaki, one she considered a comrade long ago. He was doing well, she supposed, he was alive at least. Time had a way of severing connections as people outgrew each other, grew into different circles. "I don't know half those people that well. But Miaki's kicking?" That should've been enough to quell these questions until she went on. She probed at more questions the woman would rather not answ
  9. "Yup. No wall smashing in the chem lab or you're takin' it up with Raidou!" A chipper comment to ease her into the reality check. She listened intently as the younger struggled to recollect memories. She didn't blame her for that. With a coma that long, it was fortunate she remembered anything at all. The bluenette nodded in affirmation. "Yeah, that's one of the side effects." Haine didn't recollect all those memories until a while after awakening. It wasn't an onslaught of memories at once, more of a gradual recollection as little things reminded her of those times. She pieced them together a
  10. Her attention fixed on her sister, solely, as she ensured the vial's contents were downed. She was lucky she wasn't the one stomaching that. Ruri had a stomach of steel to keep that down if the mere smell of it seemed repulsive enough. She tousled her blue locks and pulled away. Ah. To the point already, with one short question that seemed so hard to answer. How could the woman begin? She could iterate a recollection of what she was told when she awakened months ago. Even that was too much to process, the idea that all these years flew by. If it were anything like the way Haine experienced her
  11. It felt surreal to hear her sister's voice after all these months. All she had of her were memories replayed in her head. She feared this day would never come, that she would wake up to find the girl had succumbed to whatever the hell was leeching her vitality. Registering her presence was a weight off her shoulders, a feeling of tranquility. She could finally breathe with her around, ease off the cutthroat mentality. All that mattered was she was here. To hell with it all. "Yeah, you think that," Haine snorted. It was refreshing to have that sassy spirit back, even though that was the source
  12. An abrupt start to her morning. She felt a little pissy, she wouldn't lie, but the mood wore off as she resumed her normal routine. She let her half fogged mind wander as she went about it. She padded to the kitchen and popped open the fridge. A bucket of fish greeted her, eyes wide open, staring into her soul. She ripped open each individual package and scrunched her nose. The two keen familiars about trampled her in pursuit of their breakfast. "H-Hold it--" she stumbled back to the sliding door and felt for the lock. She clicked it open and moved out. She flung the fish at the lawn and
  13. Her mind seemed to short circuit and disregard all else as she sobbed into the girl's shoulder. In normal circumstances, she wouldn't be caught dead with a tear on her cheek. She wore her heart on her sleeve, though the deepest of emotions were suppressed, shoved aside in favor of maintaining her appearance. Caught and blindsided, she had no chance to prepare, no forewarning of what would transpire. Teardrops soaked the girl's tunic. It was not until she felt her weight rushing back that she pulled back slightly. Raidou was there to catch her in time and support her weight. "Th-thank..." Haine
  14. The events of Absolute Zero wrapped up faster than she'd anticipated, giving her ample time to spend as she pleased. A fine, peaceful afternoon, the weather almost pleasant where she lived, it was hard not to relax in a secluded getaway. She teleported to the entrance of her humble cottage, soaking in the sun's warm rays. It was a much needed escape from the frigid temperatures of the fourth floor. She kicked open the door to her home and the little cub slipped past the frame. "Ahh, home!" she called out, to nobody in particular. Dead quiet. Sometimes, she liked the peace and quiet. She hummed
  15. It was almost too easy to fight the thing. She'd struck the thing once and before she knew it, the rest of her team reduced it to an edge of its existence. She smirked. "Good one, team!" Her spirits kicked up a little. It was always nice to have an extra hand. She wasn't so fond of grueling on the field if she could avoid it. The sooner they could decimate this golem, the sooner she could retreat to the warmth of her cottage. A nice afternoon basking in the sun with her love, that would be the plan should he respond to her messages. She pushed aside the mild irritation of how slow he could rep
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