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  1. A while had passed and Hel had proven herself an obstacle. This should have been... relatively easy. Did she miscalculate the creature's might? Perhaps. Haine worked up a sweat, deflecting attacks and countering them with her own. In the end, her power was only enough to leave a scratch. She wiped the moisture from her brow and cast a glance at the others, seemingly as weary. Some were preparing to disengage from combat. It was a wise choice. They needed to regroup later, buff better, maybe bring some extra aid along for a rerun. For now, her efficiency wasn't enough to aid the group. "I... do
  2. The last chain broke, and with that, the soldier skittered away. He muttered not a word, flying out like a bat out of hell. She would've too, were her life force slowly drained to aid some gargantuan creature. "Good one!" She called out to those by the shackles. "Now we can slap this thing." She gestured towards the berserk Hel, irate from having her defenses torn. She had no means to heal, and no meat shields to throw in front of her. Maybe she knew it would go downhill from here. It was finally time to go out with a bang. Haine wiped the sweat from her palms and seized the glaive. The next o
  3. One more soldier left. Some focused on whatever was left of those chains while others drew their attention to Hel. Each shackle broken was one less reserve for Hel to pull from. Her fury heightened with each of her pawns claimed. Where were her soldiers now? The blue haired woman split her attention between the last chain and Hel herself. There were plenty back there to work on it. For now, she had to stay vigilant and conserve her energy for an all out attack. Hel, in a fit of rage, moved for the chains. That wasn't good. They were to draw her attention away from it. "Over here, you piece of
  4. This was only the beginning of it. The gargantuan creature was reminiscent of a reptile, with greyed, scaled skin and pupils like slits. It felt as if eye contact would turn her into stone, like those mythological stories. Hel's peaceful rest on the throne was disrupted by a sword wedged close to her jugular. She moved, and with that, the ground shook. She ripped out the sword with relative ease, with as much ease as picking a hair would. Haine rolled her shoulders. This would be... a hassle. It seemed like the creature was almost impervious to their attacks. Maybe there was something else to
  5. Hel was as disturbing as she appeared hypnotic. A gargantuan woman rested over a throne, with three soldiers shackled beside her. They posed as an obstacle, guarding the woman in front of them. She recalled her last run of this dungeon. Once Hel's health reached a certain threshold, she almost leeched the life force from those soldiers surrounding her. They served as an endless generator of fuel to the creature. The big, bad guy would come last. The woman fixed her attention to the shackles on the soldiers. That would be their only way to her. She gripped her blade and targeted the soldier on
  6. ID: 187497 | LD: 15 Nihilim’s Wrath [ TIER 4 PERFECT 2HAS ] PHASE | HOLY | ACC Reward Choice | SP please.
  7. Blunt and to the point. Haine's feet shuffled, seeking something to do in the midst of this awkwardness. Tip of her boot plays with the gravel and her head hangs low for a second. She hates this. She has enough of a backbone to meet the redhead's eyes, squaring her shoulders. Hands drop to her sides as the tip of the other's axe loses its glow. Haine's weapon being sheathed could hopefully placate her a little. She waits for the woman to leave, though it seems she insists on a confrontation. A quiet "Alright then," is all she manages. Fair enough. Haine begins to regret her brashness. She feel
  8. With a flourish of her glaive, the crowd thins out as soon as it comes her way. Some level of bravado lingers, though it isn't hard to look flashy when she overpowers the pack. Haine thinks only of herself that moment, of the past three days in grueling heat. She simply wants it over with, and what better opportunity than to finish it here in process? Most of her spontaneous battles end on agreeable terms. It's mutual benefit when she lends a helping hand in some way. She rolls her shoulders and moves to sheath her spear, though in that second, a blitz of fiery red catches her attention.
  9. "Yes, let's." She crossed her legs and spared a brief moment to wait for any commentary. What an odd pair. She remained composed, and her eyes sought between the two to draw some conclusion. Nothing uttered except a word of confirmation from both. She wished not to sit among those two in silence. "Alright then! Let's get a move on." She nodded her head and slid out of her chair. She moved to the entrance and propped the door open for the two. The walk into the forest was silent for a couple minutes, with Haine enjoying the pleasant town view on the way over. City walls thinned into thickets an
  10. As long as the other approved, she thought. A warm smile spread on her face. A sense of clarity washed over her. It would be okay. Time had a way of working itself out. She did what she could in her control, and she was fortunate enough to have her sister alive. Moreover, the past day with Eruda instilled a sense of comfort. Having a shoulder to cry on felt therapeutic for the bottle-up. "Thank you so much." She folded her hands in her lap and exhaled deeply. The nickname Ne was a new one, a little odd on the ears even though she appreciated the sentiment. The more she repeated it in her head,
  11. A weak smile escapes the woman. "Well, thank you both." She continues to eat, hoping the sustenance would quell these pangs. She scoots the plate to Eruda and gestures to the other set of chopsticks. "Share some with me, I'm not that hungry." It's a gesture of affection as she scoops half onto the other side of the plate. She casts a glance at a practically salivating Raserei. They look sad. She almost wants to sneak a peace onto the mat for them. A few moments later, the plate is almost empty, save for a few pieces she offers to the wolf. Haine listens intently as Eruda continues, formin
  12. Inferno Cavern Entered (-10 HP upon CD roll 5 or lower), ID#186969 results: Craft: 11 [Safe] A volcanic mass and a couple many mutts. How hard could it be? She affirmed these thoughts in head as she stalked through the rocky terrain. The more her feet carried her, the more grueling the adventure felt. Three days of agony with no short cuts, it better well be worth the effort. At least she couldn't feel the elements as intense as she could before. Her survival shield acted like a heat propellent, only a light sensation evident over the sweltering heat. The burn in her calves didn't stop, a
  13. Haine's frozen with the covers wrapped around her. Her suspicions heighten at the silhouette of a large wolf at the corner of the room. As the animal tentatively approaches, she squints, peeks up from under the blankets. She can hardly recognize the silhouette of a wolf until it approaches, licking her hands affectionately. The presence of some other life is reassuring, calms her down a little more. She's still on edge, trying to recover from it, hands skimming over the animal's fur. She leans in and distinguishes its features, drawing the lines. "Ra...serei?" The wolf's ears perk at the sound
  14. She's barely coherent at this point, slipping into the comfort of a tired haze. She stares at nothing in particular and feels her eyelids droop. She doesn't notice Eruda standing up until she places a palm on her back, soothing it affectionately. Haine jumps, blinking wide as she snaps back to reality. "I'm really sorry." Her reply is soft and raspy, barely audible as she turns her head around. Her eyes meet Eruda's which are fortunately understanding. Haine accepts the invitation with a nod nonetheless, letting the woman help her up to her feet. Their cups of coffee are half full and long sin
  15. One particular line sticks in her memory, about many days and nights spent in efforts of a cure. "Probably," Haine adds, with a weak smile. Eruda had a point. He worked hard, carried an entire guild under his leadership. She was proud of him for coming this far, for growing from the cryptic, anxious being he was. She missed a good chunk of the ride, seeing the guild grow along with his presence. She just had a feeling it was monumental. He would've worked hard to protect most anyone under the wing of this guild, even if Haine were somebody else. He was just too virtuous. But then again.
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