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  1. "Activated what exactly?" Simmone remarked curiously, her eyes advancing up toward where @Gabrandr's eyes were trailing and finding nothing more than a ceiling. That rapier's energy fizzles out, scanning the others in the chamber for some disheartening. Curious if any would see the need to trust this blubbering buffoon looking to shift the blame away from himself onto some other unseen opponent and play the victim. "I'll bite, fine, we will protect this 'people' of yours, after all it shouldn't be too awfully difficult given how easily we dismantled such a carefully built plan." That tone stil
  2. Wandering in toe not too far behind Raidou, she slinks into the chamber, sliding off a pair of getas and reveals long black stockings. A glance into the kitchen and back to where the red swordsman looked to be sliding around his utensils. "Interesting." her tone seemed concerned almost, as she folded her arms and began to lean on the frame between both. "You must be Sey, I've heard a lot about you." The woman catches her words, as they were given to her without her input. That glance becomes lit with gold, as her eyes narrow a bit. It twists to Hidden, with an honest form of inspection. Stuck
  3. Rec Roll: ID:202961 | Battle:10, Craft:5, Loot:5 (No Proc) A cat like slip through a distracted tyrant, a subtle strut that clicks via heels. A convincing little ploy, an earnest gift she'd not squander. Brandished silverish blue blade slices another hose clean, a flick of her left wrist drawing that estoc through something critical. A flicker and a sputter from the device as she peers over her left shoulder toward her tank and the imbecile that was droning. "There is weight in a promise, I know that far too well. Words, my dear, are all that we can truly hold sacred. If you can find no
  4. "I grow bored by the monologue, preach, but without proof all I see is what is described." A flick of her rapier sees that bit of rubber from the scather she had disarmed at least once so far. Wounds heavy against her, taking stock of the rest of her group. "Right bit of mess we're in, I suppose someone else will have to be on bomb squad." The woman reaches into her blouse, into the slips of black leather and the sound of a rattling coin. It looked silver or platinum, and this was the first she'd ever shown such a thing. "But it's time I evened the odds a bit, more in the house's favor, of cou
  5. Intrigued by the transaction between Kasumi and by extension Griswold, the woman begins to fish out her own. It paled by comparison to the volume the other two had to offer, and as she casts them into Oni's clutches, that blanket begins to fill with items. Collecting what she could, after she picks up the first time, a few more disappear. It would seem the moment an item is claimed, the 'money' was spent. Using every last one until the sheet was laid empty. "Well, not quite the haul I was hoping for." A fair margin of equipment, she gestures for Moro and Maru to carry, given they had no weight
  6. Looking to the brand-new addition, raising an eyebrow. Simmone had never expected Gaius to ever step a foot in her shop, they were not exactly on the best of terms. More like associates at best. "He is entirely correct, dear. That anger of yours is a strength, but it must be harnessed." Slender legs find the floor, as she starts to move to the right side of that chamber, facing the door. Reaching out to a large linen cloth, and giving it a hardy tug. It slides free, revealing a large platinum mirror. "Come, let's see what it is you see in your reflection." This had worked time and time again,
  7. That smile widens just the slightest bit, As Simmone places down that glass in her hand. Raising her feet up to her left and folding them upon her sofa. "Is it? There are quite a number of strange things in this game, you know. Stones that change the color of your eyes, drafts that make cutting you burn others. Poisons that make enemies bleed out their insides. It's fair to say that if you can think of it, it may very well be possible." She begins to drink this strange dark purple mixture out of this slender little vial, and as soon as she replaces the cork it starts to fill up again on its ow
  8. Her ears perk up as she hears that obvious sound. The sound of her storefront being opened. "A visitor?" Simmone slides up, taking another drag of that cigarette and allowing even more of that smoke to bleed from her lips. As the girls open the set of doors, Simmone can make out the shape, and it takes a moment to clear for her to see. "Celeste?" The acknowledgement of who had graced the black odyssey today. "We'll now, this is interesting." Holding her teeth around that almost glass rod, black and polished. Turning to the rounded table just beside the only arm on this couch sofa thing, and re
  9. Slinking out in the long red chair that graced the center of a rather bigger box, that was the odyssey. Poured out over the length of that seat, a billowing pile of yukata that droops off the sides. It was long enough to reach the floor, and through a slit on the side one can catch up the thigh of an equally long and slender leg. Bouncing off an extended foot, a single sandal only attached via the toes on a curved foot. Simmone was bored, fiddling with that dangling bit of her attire. Today's business had been droll, and slow. Moro and Maru continued to race back and forth, placing objects of
  10. ID:202632 | Battle:3, Craft:8, Loot:12 (+8 EN) A single lance through the creature's shoulder as it makes another attempt to bludgeon Griswold, stopped dead as that pinhole is slowly peeled out. A tiny dime size hole of red, "We'll try our best." Simmone spoke to Gaius, keeping her attention fixated on Ugzeke. Reaching over his back and trying its best to grab a hold of Celeste, Simmone takes another swipe at the dudes fingers. This was death of a thousand cuts, they couldn't do much better than this. Most of them had absolutely nothing left to give. But there was a lingering sense of cor
  11. Hyperactive Refreshed!, ID:202624 | Battle:8, Craft:5, Loot:10 (No Proc) Caught completely off guard with the amazing appearing troll, as if someone had just peeled that bastard out of a hat. The clattering pieces of a spyglass rolling off with tiny glints as they rain down. "Perfect, guess we have little choice." Simmone sighs, gesturing a hand toward Kasumi knowing full well the girl was pretty bad off. "Think you can hold out a little longer?" Simmone rubs the small of her back, trying to right her breathing. "I'll manage, thanks, Simmone." This was turning out to be one he
  12. Field Medic Refreshed, Hyperactive CD [2/3], ID:202616 | Battle:8, Craft:2, Loot:13 (No Proc) Kasumi appears at the woman's side, and as she does, Simmone can catch the remnants of troubled breathing. "Here you are, dear, keep going." Spoken as she rubs her index and thumb together, producing the sand like golden flakes, before tapping that index on Kasumi's shoulder. Another small boon of removing fatigue. "That be best, we won't last much longer at this rate. I am pretty tired, and I look to be in the best shape." The heavy panting ringing off the walls from multiple mouths. The players
  13. Field Medic CD [2/3], Hyperactive CD [1/3], ID:202606 | Battle:10, Craft:9, Loot:16 (+8 EN) Glancing the red haired girl with her fingers, getting another bad time glare. "What is with you all." Shaking her head in disbelief, did everyone have a thing about being touched. Into her inventory, she peels out this small little shard. "This is supposed to lead to the lair of these beasts, where the hatchlings are still forming up. Best deal with them before we get another, 'mother'" Dropping that little sliver into the soil, it opens a toothed maw like entry. It acted like a key to a doorway t
  14. Field Medic CD [1/3], ID:202529 | Battle:1, Craft:5, Loot:10 (No Proc) Brushing her hand across Setsuna's shoulder, it was like sticking your hand into a bucket of ice. As a reflex, Setsuna twists and glares. Simmone attempts to diffuse it, "I know, dear, I am just helping you recoup your losses." The girl was nothing more than a walking temper, and always alluded to the fact she didn't like to be touched. But that was how the skill she was offering functioned, so even if it wasn't pleasant, it had to be done. "There, now take a deep breath." That glimmering gold light finding its way int
  15. ID:202511 | Battle:5, Craft:4, Loot:20 (No Proc) Lifting her right hand and offering a snap of the fingers. A small sprinkle of golden dust is cast off with the gesture. "That should tide us over, best use that energy wisely." Simmone quips knowing full well the group would be fighting off exhaustion here shortly. But that was one of the minor blessings she could offer, keeping them all at high spirits. A few more bits and bobbles for the guilds store room, following a predetermined path throughout the day for optimal gains. They'd all agreed to continue moving, knowing full well that it
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