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  1. The darkness was oppressive, and not just because of the faces which resembled that of their friends in some gimmicky attempt to dishearten them. No one but Bahr had tried to flee the battle, and now that they knew they could not, there was only one way... forward. Thankfully they had regained their equilibrium. They were ready to go, and the add phase was something they had talked about and prepared to manage. "We planned for this everyone, keep your wits about you, and this raid is in the bag." Shield, from nowhere, seemed to find a stack of glowstones. It was surprising, to say the least, to have a single stone, let alone an entire stack. He passed one out and then activated another one. With the glowing light of the fightliners, it seemed to be giving Orgoth strength. "Keep it up with the light!" The shadows hadn't respawned yet, but seemed to redistribute themselves and explode when any were killed. Knowing his task, and being far more prepared for it this time, Baldur leapt forward, slashing at the shadow creatures around him and ending one with every slash, though he could not escape their deaths and the gooey shadows seemed to burn him. But nothing that Battle Healing won't take care of. This fight was almost going too smoothly.
  2. Hannah – 3/4 [Setsuna, Andromeda, Plini] Sir John – 4/4 [Freyd, Nian, Baldur, Mari] Andrey – 1/4 [Koga] Baldur was mostly immune to the banter between the 3 NPCs. He disliked the character of Sir John for obvious reasons, but he didn't see the NPCs as people. This was scripted dialogue. They were actors putting on a show for the gathered players. What Baldur saw instead, were the three paths to navigate through the event. As he was not a scout type player, he did not follow Hannah. Andrey was a bit of a mystery to him, but didn't give Baldur any guide to how they should proceed. However, if combat was to be had, Baldur and Mari were suited for it, he with his level and skills, and Mari with her first aid. He was unsure what Freyd and Nian were capable of, and felt the desire to help Shepard the combat heavy path. "If there are foes to be slain." Baldur said with a bit of atypical role-playing, "Then that is my path." He nudged Mari slightly and gestured to Sir John, "You with me?" @Mari
  3. Baldur watched as once again darkness flooded The room and shadow minions flooded forth from the deapths. It brought back the memories of the last fight and the threat of being over whelmed. "Prepare for more of them! Last time they had a stacking debuff to whomever they were aggroed to. Don't let your tanks get overwhelmed! Manage your energy wisely!" Reaching into his inventory Baldur pulled out his piece of the pillar as it gave off a faint glow. Come on you lousy thing I need you to glow right now. The gaijin samurai shook the stone and hit it like a flashlight in a horror movie.Then something began to happen as the light began to rekindle deep within. His blue eyes looked up at the dark shadowy forms. Lessa? How does it know what she looks like? He shook his head, it was obviously just a trick of the light. A moment of weakness in himas he recalled how close the last fight had been. Don't worry, we got this. Buldar feel his fear and distractions to the flame and once more Zanshin enveloped him and the focused on the here and now of the fight.
  4. Orgoth the mighty had finally fallen. "Alright everyone, this is it. The real fight is about to begin. Heal up, top off, adjust your gear. Be prepared for adds or some kind of skill challenge like we faced with lighting the beacons." But Orgoth didn't disappear into pixels. That's exceptionally strange. Was beating this phase what finally drove the Shadow from Orgoth? Will he join us now, or continue to be an obstacle. "If you can meditate or consume an energy recovery food, now is a good time. Tanks, if you're still low on HP, it may be worth letting the off tank pick up the initial aggro, and then peel it from them to give yourself some extra recovery." He didn't want to single out Yuki, who was the most depleted of the tanks, and Crow's energy wasn't holding up particularly well either. They would need to better utilize their off tank to not crush Crow's energy reserves. And hopefully be a little more lucky with the punishment Yuki was being given. He crushed a group heal crystal in his hand, increasing everyone's HP by a slight amount. They wanted to start this fight prepared. Macradon seemed to be doing okay, and Mari's HP was holding up decently as well. Ariel had taken quite the punishment, but Zandra still had plenty of energy, since Oscar had been doing most of the healing thus far. We'll be okay. We've still got this. ID#180240 CD:6 (+3 energy) +3 Natural Regen +90 HP to all in party 1
  5. "A sword huh?" Baldur said to @Mari, putting his hand on her shoulder to bring her back to the moment from wherever her mind had wandered off to. The smile he offered her was one of an inside joke, one between friends, "You're not considering changing weapons again, are you? There's always room for you in my dojo." His eyes twinkled. He knew how much work she had put in to changing to the spear, and making it ready for the raid they were about to partake in. Baldur noticed a few other faces had joined into the raid that he recognized, "Heya Z." Baldur called out to @Zandra when he saw her joining the ranks. Lessa showed up as well, though her gear looked very different from the last time he had seen her. She had been working very hard the last few months to up her game and rejoin the frontline. He had been pleased to see her show up at the boss meeting he had hosted. "Hey @Lessa, have you seen this event before? I hadn't heard anything about it." Baldur gave Mari's shoulder a reassuring squeeze and stayed beside her as they all walked over to the weapon rack. Without hesitation, Baldur took up another katana. Of course he did. The other weapons were interesting, and giving a different type a shot was also interesting, but for him, there was only one blade. "You should stay, Mari." He said in answer to the question that obviously wasn't to him. Her attention had wandered earlier, she was obviously feeling self conscious in a crowd like this, and self conscious of her crystal as well. He had blushed earlier when she said he had looked handsome, but he felt that her being able to articulate the words was progress. Perhaps she was moving on, and that would allow them to take that foundation and forge not just a partnership in the guild, but a lasting friendship. He finally let his hand fall as he examined the group around them. Most of the faces were new to him, or at least, people he did not know, rather than just know of. It would be good for the gaijin samurai to meet new people, and see those who were now making their way through the world, instead of always just interacting with the same set of faces. The NPC spoke, telling them of their quest to investigate the forest. He was looking forward to doing something new with new people, but he felt he should try to break the ice by being the first awkward one. "Ohayo, everyone. I am called Baldur. I typically use the katana, and I've got a fair bit of experience in a fight. I look forward to working with you all on this event. We'll make sure everyone gets home safely." he gestured at Mari, "And this is Mari. She and I are co-leaders of the guild Jacob's Ladder. Let us know if you need any help."
  6. "Trust your teammates!" Baldur called out to the raid in general. He knew what this moment was. It was an inflection point. A... shatterpoint. In the fight. Bahr had broken and tried to retreat, it seemed something the Shadow said had gotten to him, but Baldur paid the words so little attention that he couldn't remember what it had said. Something about Bahr's girlfriend? Lessa wasn't here, so she was safe, as long as their line held. "Everything has gone according to plan. Use your heal crystals to help top off your tanks!" All in all, the battle had mostly gone as Baldur had expected, though he seemed to be operating about one beat faster than everyone else. They should have entered the second phase by now, but they were pushing up against the buffer of it. "Tanks! Prepare for a hate drop as we enter phase 2!" @Shield @Raidou @Calrex @Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Zajcica @Morgenstern @ChaseR @Macradon Baldur surveyed the HP of his party and saw that while Shield was uncommonly low, it was not the point where he felt he needed to be concerned about the tank. Raidou... Raidou on the other hand seemed to have succumbed to the Shadow's taunts in a way distinctly different from Bahr. He turned to @Haine "Does he usually get like this?" he glanced to her and Kiluia, "Come one, let's finish this phase off. Maybe it'll clear his head with a phase change." Baldur charged at the giant minotaur and activated <<San Ge>>, tearing another huge swath out of the monster's health bar. Come on you big sack of hit points, fall already. Hopefully some forward momentum would energize everyone's morale. ID#179169 BD:6 +8-3= 11 (hit), CD: 12 (Recovery Proc +3EN)(keen proc) San Ge: 28x15=420 - 100 = 320 DMG Dealt -12 EN, +3 EN (regen), +3 EN (recovery), +82 HP Battle Healing [H:11] Shield | HP: 1295/1985 | EN: 164/176 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 260 | HB: 72 | VO: 180 | VD: 90 | LD: 8 | PRLYZ | DoT: -50%, 1 HIT, -25% AFTER | DoT: -27 | Dote: 3 | Oxidant | BURNS: -50% | TAUNT | THRNS: 30 | EN REGEN: 3 | BH: 114 | [KEEN] | [Parry: 1/2] [H:12] Raidou | HP: 1863/1870 | EN: 156/166 | DMG: 6 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 7 | MIT: 216 | VO: 280 | TAUNT | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: - 27 | LD: 8 | BH: 93 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:3] Haine | HP: 1490/1590 | EN: 117/138 | DMG: 27 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 79 | HLY: 6 | BRN: 36 | VO: 159 | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | LD: 3 | BH: 79 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:7] Baldur | HP: 1650/1650 | EN: 127/144 | DMG: 28 | ACC: 8+1 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 64 | REC: 3 | BURNS: -50% | THRNS: 30 | Dote: 2 | BH: 82 | EN REGEN: 3 | KEEN: 1 | [Parry: 1/2] | [Justified Riposte: 1/3] [H:2] NIGHT | HP: 1790/1790 | EN: 157/173 (+3, -10) | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | BH: 104 | EN REGEN: 3 | [CONCENTRATION: 2/3] | VANISH [0/3] [H:2] Kiluia | HP: 1170/1270 | EN: 90/106 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 79 | BH: 63 | ABS ACC | REC: 3 | KEEN: 1 | BLD: 36 | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | LD: 3 | EN REGEN: 3
  7. Baldur had never been above ground on the 23rd floor. He had spent as little time on the floor as possible, actually, since the below ground floors were his least favorite, but since they had dispatched the Dark Council and ended the reign of tyranny on the floor, he had no reason to not scout the above ground section of it. It was then that he saw @Mari was lingering in the area as well. She had been off for a long time now. Partly that was his fault, but he had tried to handle that in the best way possible for her. Still, it hurt him to see her the way she had been lately. He was looking for her when he found her and a strange NPC, bearing a bow, as well as a slowly growing gathering of other players. He made his way over to the orange frontliner, and gave her a shy, but friendly smile. "Hey, what brings you out this way?"
  8. Baldur strangely felt more in control during this raid than during most he had participated in. Was it because of how prepared they were? Because the fight was so straightforward so far? Or perhaps was it because he felt he already knew what to expect from having fought the Shadow before. The Dark Council had been a chaotic mess, with several bosses and dozens of abilities that had to be sussed out. In turn, he felt like there were capable commanders, people he trusted with each group that would know the right calls to make. And so the gaijin samurai paused. He cast his vision across the field as saw his friends in the other parties with their health so low, having taken many of the monsters cleaving blows that seemed to cut through swaths of the frontliners. Yuki's health in particular was worryingly low, but he had armed her and Crow as best he could, and he would just have to trust the party he had assigned. "Hold fast everyone! This is exactly what we planned for! Use the healing crystals and your medics, but don't lose your rhythm! Switch tanks when needed, but remember that this is what we expected, and this is what we've prepared for." Baldur's own party was uninjured, but that could change in a heartbeat. "Everyone be prepared. We're going to switch phases soon, one way or the other! The Shadow may do a raid wide attack once we trigger him. That will be the start of the real boss battle." His intense, steel blue eyes held a cold fire to match that of his blade. Through them they could see a passion raging in Baldur like a hurricane, yet it was held in check by powerful, indominable will. When the gaijin samurai took to the field, he rode the storm, channeled its fury, but was always in control. "Raidou, you're right. It's now or never." He turned the intense gaze on their healer, "Haine, this is up to you. Purify him and see if you can drive the darkness away. I'll cover for you." He waited only a moment for her to acknowledge him, before rushing forward. He held the glowing <<Pillar Fragment>> before them, the glow of the light pushing away the darkness around himself and the woman as they drove closer. He could feel the almost physical force of the darkness fighting against the light, but light of the fragment pushed back against the darkness as they got close. "Now Haine!" Baldur uses Parry - Justified Riposte (-4 EN, 0/3 Well Rested) ID#178609 CD: 12 +3 Energy Recoved +3 Energy from Horn [H:11] @Shield | HP: 1985/1985 | EN: 164/176 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 260 | HB: 72 | VO: 180 | VD: 90 | LD: 8 | PRLYZ | DoT: -50%, 1 HIT, -25% AFTER | DoT: -27 | Dote: 3 | Oxidant | BURNS: -50% | TAUNT | THRNS: 30 | EN REGEN: 3 | RESTED [2/3] | BH: 114 | [KEEN] | [Parry: 0/2] [H:8] Raidou | HP: 1870/1870 | EN: 165/166 | DMG: 6 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 7 | MIT: 216 | VO: 280 | TAUNT | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: - 27 | LD: 8 | BH: 93 | EN REGEN: 3 | [BH Disabled: 1/2] | [Focused Howl: 1/2] | [Parry: 1/2] | [Vengeful Riposte: 1/3] | [Switch: 0/1] | [Concentration: 0/3] [H:3] @Haine | HP: 1590/1590 | EN: 113/138 | DMG: 27 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 79 | HLY: 6 | BRN: 36 | VO: 159 | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | LD: 3 | BH: 79 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:5] Baldur | HP: 1650/1650 | EN: 133/144 | DMG: 28 | ACC: 8 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 64 | REC: 3 | BURNS: -50% | THRNS: 30 | Dote: 2 | BH: 82 | EN REGEN: 3 | KEEN: 1 | PARRY (Vengeful) - ACTIVE [H:1] @NIGHT | HP: 1790/1790 | EN: 166/173 | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | RESTED: 1/3 | BH: 104 | EN REGEN: 3 | [CONCENTRATION: 0/3] [H:2] @Kiluia Seiko | HP: 1270/1270 | EN: 86/106 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 79 | BH: 63 | ABS ACC | REC: 3 | KEEN: 1 | BLD: 36 | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | LD: 3 | EN REGEN: 3
  9. Baldur felt a small bit of relief that Jomei did not hold floor 24 against Baldur. He respected the ginger bandit, and had not wanted to disappoint him before they had had a chance to get to really know one another. Then smirked as only a ginger could, "The Noodle Club.. I like that. But if you put a name to it.. it just means that we will have to keep up our reputation, eh? Have regular noodle meetings to talk about noodle agendas." he said with a laugh Macradon chortled and nodded his head “Aye, only noodly agendas, nothing else.” he said trying not to crack a laugh. Baldur couldn't help but let a smile crack his normal mask of absolute control which he covered by filling his mouth with Cord's noods, and the conversation quickly moved on. Jomei nodded as he ate his noodles, "Yeah, I do. A nice little town home in Taft on the Eleventh Floor. Telrenya and I live there. Nothing too fancy.. but its home." Mac chimed in, “Yeah I have a house. On the first floor, town of beginnings. I got a large plot around my blacksmith shop and got the estate build there to keep my shop accessible for new players that wanted to go out into the wilderness at least somewhat prepared.” he replied and slurped down some more noodles. "I didn't realize that was your house by your shop there Mac, that's some prime real-estate!" "What did you accomplish on the Twenty Fourth Floor?" Jomei asked Baldur with a curious tone as they all continued to slurp up the noddles. Macradon looked over at Jomei and excitingly exclaimed “Oh boy there’s a lot going on up there. You have to see it at some point. Here I thought my estate filled a lot in the Town of Beginnings.” he said with a bright snickering voice and emptied his ramen bowl. Baldur would have blushed in another setting, but here just among the boys of the Noodle Club (tm) he beamed out a proud smile. "Oh, I found one of those not quite floating islands, you know what I mean, they're all over. Well, i found the portal to one that was out in the water of the 24th floor. When I got to the top, there was nothing up there but bandits. So I cleared the entire plateau and then put my estate on it. Shortly behind that, we formed the guild Jacob's Ladder, and we put the guild headquarters up there. It's ended up with us taking up all the space on the top. My estate is more... expansive... with grounds than it is with buildings, and I spent a lot of time trying to get the aesthetic just so. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'd love to take you both up there sometime for a tour. Mac was there for the floor meeting, but I haven't really entertained people yet. I'm trying to furnish the buildings first and then I want to have a dedication and house warming party." He beamed back at the two, obviously excited for Jomei to see his hard work. "Maybe we can have Noodle Club (tm) rotate and meet at someones house? I rather like the idea of meeting periodically to eat good food with good people."
  10. "Don't get complacent!" Baldur called out to the raid. Things were going a little too well. "The forms possessed by the Shadow are not as powerful as he is." Baldur remembered the dragon which had been felled by the minotaurs with their siege weapon, then again by the penguin rangers. The Shadow had been much, much worse. "Those 3 bars are likely Orgoth's health bars, once they're depleted, or we purify him, the Shadow will come out." It could be, if the purifying route would work, that the lower his HP, the easier it was, but it would also mean Orgoth would join them with less HP. Were that even a thing that would happen. "The debuffs and DoTs seem to be wearing off faster than usual. Once they drop off, someone try to <<purify>> Orgoth, just like we discussed at the meeting." Baldur, <<Zanshin>> once again in the saya at his side, knelt down and suddenly azure energy swirled around his feet as he began to <<Charge>>. The brilliant arc of night on the clearest of evenings cleave the room in half as the gaijin samurai shot forward, the five slashes of his blade rained down on the helpless form of Orgoth faster than he would have been able to execute a single blow unaided by the system, resulting in his form blurring about the giant monster like a flickering orange and blue flame. When Baldur was complete with his sword art, he did not jump back as the others did. He was not afriad of Orgoth, or of the Shadow. He was here to finish the job. ID#177917 BD: 5 +8(acc)+1(keen)-1(charge)-1(Eva)=12 (hit) CD: 9 (Recovery Triggered: +3 Energy) Horn of Valhalla (+3 energy regen), -11 Energy (Well Rested 1/3) San Ge: 28 (base) +5(charge) +2(Sharpen) = 35x15 = 525 RAW - 100 MIT = 425 DMG Dealt
  11. With only a whisper of the wind, the barrier was gone, and Orgoth emerged from the shadows. As if in response, the light around Baldur from the <<Pillar Fragment>> seemed to try to shine even better, as if it could hold back all the darkness on its own. In an instant, Baldur went from the lighthearted, mentorly senior citizen of the raid, to the steel blue eyed warrior whose life had been forged by years of battle in Aincrad. This was not his first, nor would it be his last, boss battle. Baldur rarely deigned to speak with the floor boss NPCs. He considered it a waste of effort and concentration, but there were a lot of new players here, and the atmosphere was foreboding. "Taunt us all you want. You may be the biggest and baddest floor boss yet, but you know what that means? It means you can take it, big guy. Now what we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerfully I really am." Baldur slid one foot forward, his hand hovering over the handle of his katana, feeling the thrum of power radiating from it. He felt the surge of power that <<charge>> would give him, but he pushed it away. Bravado was fine, but the gaijin samurai was a more wiley adversary than that. Instead, he took an item he had purchased from Raidou a long time ago to good use and tossed a musical masterpiece into the air before them. The purple colored crystal projected a purple light all around them as it hung in the air, slowing and numbing the boss monster as a somber choir music began to fill the air. This is it. Time to put up, or shut up. When Baldur grasped the handle of his <<Etheral Tether - Zanshin>> to his mind, a pulse of energy shot out into the room. He could see everyone, feel everyone around him. Power surged forward and the blade responded to his call. Instead of movement, instead of the typical blur, Baldur instead disappeared for a moment. His image flashed sporadically in the air around Orgoth. Sometimes the blade flashed with an arc, not of light, but of the night sky on a cold, crisp night, revealing the stars, the moon, and the nebula of space through it, other images of Baldur wielded a blade burning bright with fire as he struck the minotaur, setting the boss alight, and other images crystals of ice trailed Baldur's blade, leaving the boss encrusted in a giant column of ice. Then for a moment there was nothing, and it suddenly seemed as if all the attacks had been made at once, resolving to affect Orgoth at the same time before Baldur appeared again, skidding to a halt with irregular momentum on the other side of the beast. Noise erupted behind him from all of the attacks at once as Baldur clicked his blade back into the saya. "Ute!" Baldur hollered back to the rest of raid. ID#176681 BD: 10 (Crit) BURN activated FREEZE activated CD: 11 Recovery Proc (+3 Energy), RHINO horn consumed, bypass 40% MIT San Ge: 28 (base) +2 (Sharpen) +2 (Crit) = 32x15= 480 RAW - 60 MIT = 420 DMG Dealt +36 BURN (0/2) + EVASION NEGATED & +36 DMG to next hit (0/1) Baldur activates Numbing Hymn - Falter | Masterpiece Lullaby | Reduces Enemy's Evasion by 2 for 1 battle Orgoth Stats
  12. This was it. They were here. Baldur wanted to stand up and give a big, moving speech as they faced their Agincourt. Mac stood up and gave his best motivating speech, but Baldur didn't want to have a string of words that would wash over the body of them. Too much bravado was not his style, but he wanted to reassure everyone. They were about to make the first move forward in a long time. So much had built up to this, emotionally, and mentally, not to mention all the hours that had gone into gathering materials, questing, events, and training. He glanced for a moment at the health bars at the corner of his vision. Shield, Raidou, Haine, NIGHT, and himself so far. The buff symbols next to their names were truly incredibly. They had reached so many that the display had to wrap down. He had never seen that before. This had been their dream though. A fully funded and equipped raid. Everyone prepared and ready to go. The gaijin samurai walked through the crowd of players, placing his hand on the shoulders of his friends and giving them a slight squeeze. He wanted to say more, to do more, but words were cheap. What could he say that would reassure everyone? What could he do to give them calm and direction? There were many people here to whom he was no one special, who didn't know him. For many, this was the first time. So instead, he pulled together his people. "Shield, Raidou, we'll be in your care. Thank you." He walked over to Calrex and Ariel and put a hand on each of their shoulder, "You guys have this. We've been down this road many times together before. I'll see you on the other side." He gave them a smile and moved over to Macradon and his off-tank, ChaseR. "Mac, take care of Mari. I know you will, but I had to say it." He turned to smile at Mari, "And please, take care of Mac for us Mari. I know you will." His smile was playful. He knew the two of them were thick as thieves, but he needed to say the words for his own peace of mind. He turned to the young man who would be with them, "ChaseR, right?" he held his fist out to the man for a bump, "Your reputation precedes you. You've got a strong party with you, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do." He moved back over to the last party. "Yuki, Jon... you two ready for this?" He flashed a smile to Crozeph as well, giving his old friend a reassuring nod. "Jon, Yuki will be a great tank, but you're the Senpai of this group, so please look out for them for me, will ya?" He gave Morg a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder. "You did great in the lab fight, just remember what we practiced and you'll be fine." Baldur began to walk back to his group, and saw Cordelia show up as well. He moved up to his kouhai and gave her her handful of healing crystals and a wide smile. "I'm glad to see you could join us, Empress-chan." His steel blue eyes twinkled for a moment with their sea blue before becoming focused again. "We'll have to have a celebration after this." Once back to his team, he looked around for the vague outline of a shape that would be Night. He didn't know her well, so he just gave her a nod of acknowledgement, then turned to Haine and gave her a smile. "I'm Baldur. I know we haven't met before, but I'll be in your care. We have a pretty big wall of tank in front of us, so hopefully your healing won't be needed much. Shield is kinda known for that. But I'm looking forward to working with you." He turned back to survey the rest of the raid party. It was a large group of people. "We've got this." he said to himself with a slight smile. "ALRIGHT EVERYONE, FINISH YOUR PREPARATIONS, IT'S GO TIME!" Baldur activates Parry.
  13. Baldur

    Housing Evaluation

    Initial Application HERE Reassign Room: Guest Room (Assigned to Calrex) Reassign Room: Living Room (Assigned to Calrex) ((couldn't find if I had done this already or not))
  14. Baldur

    [GM Cook]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    Baldur pushed in the door to Yuki's shop and called out to her in a chipper voice, "Ohayo, Yuki-chan!" He smiled as he walked up and greeted the girl warmly, giving her a respectful bow. He then opened up his inventory and sorted though it until he found what he was looking for. "I meant to bring this by earlier, but I wasn't sure who was putting these things together. Here's my Peep from the easter event so it can be combined into a feast for the boss raid." He traded the item over to her and then gave her another warm reassuring smile. "I can't wait for you to show everyone what you can do. You're going to make us all proud.. and you're not even in my guild!" He flashed her a warm, mentorlike grin. "Keep up the good work" He gave her a thumbs up, "Alright, more boss prep work to do. I'll see you at the fight!" Baldur trades to Yuki (1) The Ultimate Peep | ID#169629
  15. "Well, I was hoping for Tacos, but I guess they can't all be winners." Baldur's eyes sparkled with mirth as he walked over to Oscar's buffet tables and picked up <<a bottle of cooking oil>> and sprayed it over <<a literal pile of diamonds>> and began to eat. "Reminds me of Captain Crunch." He eyed the blue cow skeptically, but began to consume that as well with a look of regret. The last piece of food in his hand was the peep. He really really didn't want to eat it, but this is where they were. This fight was too important to let something like this go due to taste. "Oh god, they're as bad as I remember." he spoke, his words coming out muffled as if he was playing a game of chubby bunny. Finally, he washed it down with a damage potion, and looked over at Macradon as he came fully arrayed for battle complete with his own banner. Baldur gave him a smile. "Good idea." He searched through his inventory to find it, and suddenly summoned his own <<Banner of Command>>. The large banner on sky blue bore the crest of a wolf. This was the final charge. He stamped the banner down, and felt the power surge into the around him and strengthen the members of his party. @Oscar Baldur eats A Bottle of Cooking Oil, Tom, A literal pile of diamonds, Blue Cow, and The Ultimate Peep Feast. Baldur's Party Receives the following - +1 Unique Damage Buff (stacks with consumables, does not stack with Sharpen) @Raidou @NIGHT @Shield @Haine @Kiluia Seiko