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  1. Baldur had been at a loss for words when Hirru had asked him if there were people at the raid other than their group of raiders, the people he described being unfamiliar to him. What could this mean? He knew of his friends memory issues, perhaps something was leaking through? How should he answer that? The gaijin samurai had opened his mouth, unsure of what to say or how to comfort his friend, when the man seemed to get embarrassed as the silence stretched a moment longer, and ushered them on. Should I have said something? What does this mean? Who could they be? How much should I pry?
  2. Baldur noticed Snow blushing prettily at his words, but he didn't let that stop him. Too often people were afraid or embarrassed of what needed to be said. The important words. People should be complimented, praised, encouraged, and friends should know you love them. Baldur wasn't afraid to say any of these words, or to say them with conviction. It was, perhaps, even more illusion breaking about him being a gaijin samurai than his being a gaijin. Contrary to popular belief, Baldur was not trying to be Japanese, nor was he role-playing at being a Samurai. Indeed, he had never once referred to h
  3. The day before: A hustle filled the large open square in front of the Dreamer's Temple, the guild hall of Jacob's Ladder. People were rushing about, gathering supplied, both food their own crafters had made, as well as those that he and Shield arranged to be bought from Firm Anima and other associated crafting guilds. They had a large storehouse of them, but constantly needed to be restocked. Part of their role with the guild was to hand out supplies to those who showed up at boss fights unprepared. It meant the divesting of tons of resources for which the guild rarely saw returned or com
  4. Baldur squeezed her hand back. If glory and pride could have been made manifest, they would have erupted around the two of them. Pride for what Baldur felt for Snow, taking his hand and taking the next step forward. Always so hard. She pushed through her fear and frustration and guilt and all the emotions holding her back, but she made the choice with a purpose. The steel melted slightly as her resolve took hold, and she could see the pride in her eyes. Glory surged within him at the feeling of relief and exultation at his words seeming to reach her and have the desired effect. "I promise
  5. "Good." Baldur said half leaning, half sitting on a bit of a large fallen tree behind him as he saw Snow struggle with the feelings raging inside of her. He had to be careful here, she needed to redirect those feelings toward growth instead of towards self pity. He hoped that this combat would put a bit of shock into her, though perhaps with the hate shenanigans he chose a quest poorly. The girl did seem surprised at his choice of words, perhaps she was expecting more empathy from him, but while he did empathize with her, his heart aching at seeing her distraught, he was here to build her
  6. "Sit down, you stuffy old fool before you get yourself killed!" Baldur barked at the NPC, but it was too late. The Monkey King had uprooted another tree and swung it at the three of them like a baseball bat and there was nothing they could do, all three of them were sent flying back into the dense forest like they were served on a t-ball stand to a major league hitter. The dense foliage and branches quickly rose up to meet them as the fell to the ground, taking fall damage on top of the tree. As they hit the ground, Baldur rolled to his feet. He wasn't in any danger as Sewallus had a com
  7. Baldur smiled as Jomei complimented his choice of events and the success it seemed to be having at distracting everyone from their current predicament. He was glad that everyone seemed to be having fun, and that the tournament was a success. "Thanks, honestly it was a bit of a whim. But what I realized most was that we needed to be reminded that we're all people, stuck in this situation together. No a remember what we're fighting for, I think most people remember that every day, but we need to remember we're all people. I had hoped that by hosting this event, and the tournament, and givin
  8. Baldur smiled when Alkor stated he would join the Frontline. It hadn't been his specific goal, but it was a good one to win at none-the-less. There were so many things left that he wanted to say to the man, so many more words he thought Alkor knew but needed to hear. The man didn't respond to platitudes though, but maybe hearing them from people he trusted often enough would start to make them sink in. "Just remember, Alkor-san, you are surrounded by people who care about you, whether you want them to or not. And your journey, just like our quest to get out of this tower, cannot be comple
  9. Rules: OOC: This thread follows Observation thread 2. Observation thread 2 takes place during the second round of fighting on the first day of the Tournament, and the luau thereafter. These two threads bleed together and overlap each other to an extent, but the luau takes place at Sunset, and the Slumber party takes place after it's fully dark. The luau will continue to run for a few days. You do not need to finish what you had in the luau to post here. This is intended to be a clean start for people who have lost track of where the observation thread 2 went. Baldur once again stoo
  10. Baldur paused in his pacing and appraised the husk of the man before him. His words were so sad, and his question showed a depth of pain that Baldur wished he could say was surprising to him. He grave a slight frown weighing the man as Baldur lifted up the tip of his own blade and slapped the side of Alkor's in a way swordsmen often did to signal they were ready. He let Alkor's words settle about him like a weighted blanket. They were comforting to the man, but they were heavy to anyone else. "So, you're willing to be a villain, but not the hero? You reject the existence of one, but not t
  11. Baldur smiled when he felt the strike on his arm from Alkor's blade, the tension of the air released and he took a few steps back. His steel blue eyes considered the man, their situation, and the words he was asking. It wasn't clear what he was asking, but Baldur would do his best to give him answer. "I have found that when people ask for advice, it's usually because they already know the right answer, but don't like it. They want someone to tell them that they're wrong." Alkor had gone for the blow against Baldur, it told him a lot about the man, but he had also sacrificed much to g
  12. There you go, you're getting this. He could see the battle shock in her eyes when he had walked back to them, but Snow was able to pull herself through, focus returning to her eyes even as the Monkey King slowly came out of his stun. As she found herself, she released her howl. It wasn't quite there yet, where it needed to be, and he saw that the hate hadn't transferred from Sewallus to Snow yet, but that could still change. If the Monkey King hit Sewallus again, he may day, or he may not, it was too close to call, however if Snow stopped to heal him, she wouldn't pick up hate. If they bo
  13. Once they had broken into the control room they came face to face with Emperor Razwell, perhaps the true floor boss. How this encounter played would set the stage for how future boss fights were handled. Would they consider the NPcs words, or would they take the more expedient path forward. How would this have been different had they executed Gabrandr and just proceeded to the next floor? Here and now determined if they would ever do this again. Without breaking a stride, Baldur unleashed his <<Iai>> attack, having locked onto Razwell and he zipped forward, faster than th
  14. Before Baldur had a chance to respond to Snow and calm her nerves, the Captain warned them that they were there. The three quickly turned to take cover behind a boulder, but they were not fast enough. Sewallus stepped out to taunt the giant Monkey, but the creature threw at tree at them so large it was impossible to dodge. Tsk. Baldur cursed as he found himself airborne and stunned. I let the mob get the initiative on us, and now we're all stunned. This is not going to do well for Snow's comfort in fighting these things. While still in the air, Baldur noticed some vines hanging arou
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