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  1. Current Level: 69 Current SP: 363 Link to SP Tracking: [SP Transactions] and [Thread Tracking] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Akuma's Vain Item ID: [Link] Gifted from Teayre who received it in a boss raid [LINK] Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Light Armor Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: [+2 Flame Aura | +2 Light Momentum] Description: Black leather vestment covered by a long, flowing crimson coat with orange accents. The sleeves, tail, and other
  2. If there was one thing the brunette appreciated, it was the quality of professions that still remained available to players of his status. Despite the remote location, this merchant store in particular was home to one of the best merchants and guildmates around. Oikawa remembered they had discussed the purchasing of some choice equipment. If anything Shield knew Oikawa was a loyal customer as he only ever shopped at his store for Unique items. Pressing through the front doors, Oikawa nodded to Shield and began to draft the transaction menu. "Shield, seems you'll be busy with this event an
  3. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Fishing Mod(s) Being Dropped: None SP Refunded: 10 Cost: 10,000 Col (Sent) 10/50 SP Refunded in April.
  4. Thread Rewards All Participants: +2 SP +80 Col Oikawa: +2 T3 Materials
  5. No sooner than she was spotted, Vale and Hikoru emerged from the shadows in unison. The pairing quite fitting if the brunette didn't know any better. Hikoru proceeded to boast about her capabilities and he had no doubt she could kill a few of them. That said, Oikawa wasn't one to wait around for death and wasn't intent on letting it happen to him anytime soon. Though Oikawa wasn't familiar with the woman, it seemed she was well acquainted with Hikoru and friendly enough with Jomei. "She can't be all that bad then," he mused. Stroking his chin, an idea came to mind. Waiting for their inner
  6. Old Items: x1 Major Damage Potion II - [Adds +6 damage. Lasts for one thread.] x1 Major Armor Crystal II - [Adds +54 mitigation. Lasts for one thread.] New Items: x2 Perfect Tier 3 Damage Potion - [Gain +3 Base Damage. Effect lasts for one thread.] x2 Perfect Tier 3 Mitigation Crystal - [Gain + 45 Mitigation. Effect lasts for one thread.]
  7. Oikawa

    Oikawa Seijuro

  8. If y'all ever get the inkling read this thread and realize just how close we were to getting the entire community board wiped and instead we had to literally bring in cheat codes to not eff this up:



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sterling


      And yet the cheat code rolled a 1! XD

    3. Crozeph


      so it was almost the Thanos of SAO, only Rohk tried to kill all

    4. Oikawa


      Precisely XD @Crozeph

      The cheat codes are error code 404 rn @Sterling

  9. Oikawa

    Oikawa Seijuro

    House Name: Seijuro Manor LOCATION: Floor 21 | Underground Waterfalls BONUSES
  10. After having messaged the merchant, Oikawa had returned for the second time in a month to retrieve some wares. This time however, he needed materials. With his shop requiring a strange influx of orders, the raven-haired smith realized just how out of stock and practice he was. Pushing through the front doors, he nodded to Shield before depositing the Col and awaiting the materials. "Sorry for the short notice, it seems I'm popular this week." Purchasing:
  11. Wood creaked a black cloaked figure inched through frame of the stony building. His eyes wandering from case to case in search of what he hoped was truth rather than fiction. "Truth it is," he whispered. Inching to the counter he approached the merchant know as Shield. The noirette has seen him on a few occasions, but this is the first time it had been in regards to his wares. "I'm surprised these weren't pilfered already," he admitted. Swiping across the menu, he double checked to insure he was sending the correct amount before placing his order. "If you ever need armor, I've relocated.
  12. Skill(s) Being Dropped: <(Rank 3) Familiar Mastery: Fighter> Mod(s) Being Dropped: <None> SP Refunded: <10> Cost: <10,000>
  13. House Name: Seijuro Manor Location: (Floor 21 | Underground Waterfalls) Plot Size: Estate Room(s): 4/15 Rooms] [2/3 Yards] (Forge) | (Slime Farm) | (Dining Room) | (Bedroom) | (Bathroom) All assigned to Oikawa Room Upgrade(s): (Extended Forge) | (Mega Slime Farm) | (Dining Hall) All assigned to Oikawa Total Cost: 281,000
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