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  1. The scene swirled around him. Back and forth he was torn between dealing with the final Kingsguard and wanting to tear away to check on Mari. Crozeph had done his best to keep the minion at bay, but his attacks fell on quicker reflexes and stronger A.I. mechanics than the noirette was ready for. Oikawa couldn't fault him for trying however. After all, he was still courageous enough to try despite his efforts being futile thus far. The brunette steeled himself. The flurry of blows tore into him as the Kingsguard released relentless attacks. Though small nicks, Oikawa could feel the intent
  2. Her words wavered. The tightening and loosening of his cloak his only indication that she was as close to him as she was. He stopped mid-stride. Eyeing her from the side without turning his face too much, he caught a glimpse of the shift in facial expressions before she finished her sentence. Guilt tugged at him now. He wondered if his airy sense of confidence was giving off the wrong impression to her. His eyes closed. The sun soaking into the melanin of his skin as he took in the radiant rays. "Sunshine is underappreciated I must admit." A single eye oped open to measure where she had l
  3. Clamor and footfall soon filled the air. Life seemed to be inhaled by the edge of the city as players and NPCs alike seemingly materialized out of thin air. His meal was mostly finished. the remnants a little less than a bite or two of the cutlet. Despite his usual appetite, hunger escaped him as he continued to mull over what to do with his day. His thoughts from before had subsided, even if briefly. Something he was grateful for as the past had an annoying way of plaguing his future. Eventually he'd have to forgive himself but he wasn't nearly in the position or mindset to do so. A cloa
  4. The bowl was steaming hot. But in a way Mari's hands were warmer. Her touch lingering a little longer than normal as she handed him the ramen. He offered her his usual grin. Letting the moment go as it wasn't pertinent to the current situation. "You have my thanks Mari," he said gesturing to the bowl before finding a notch in the cavern wall to lean against and eat. As the group talked amongst themselves, the idea of resting and gear circulated. On the one hand, he was already eating so this was rest to him. On the other hand, giving everyone time to regenerate health and energy wasn't necessa
  5. "Pompous huh?" He chimed. Admittedly he knew more about Greek mythos than Egyptian, but he felt more in tune with himself when in the Egyptian attire. It felt right. His smirk widened as he met her inquiry with a little laughter. "You'd be right to assume that. However, as far as I know, there aren't any floor dedicated to Egyptian mythos at the moment. So I have to make do with what I'm given." His legs became outstretched as he worked his way off the rock. Puling one arm overhead and behind his back, he allowed his limbs to contort into a more forgiving stretch. Then the other. His eyes
  6. “All that sounds very noble. I’m not sure if I wanna get rid of mine.” I suppose so, thought the brunette. "I don't see it so much as noble but more so what I owe to the one I felled in coward's combat," he explained. "As far as your crystal, there's nothing wrong with that. Having it is more so a warning for others than a debuff or nuisance for us. A lot of things are still obtainable without the need for towns." Oikawa knew everyone was different and had their reasons. Seul was no different. Though he has changed a lot from what Oikawa remembered about him. Aincrad does tend to have that eff
  7. Perhaps he was mistaken. His eyes playing the cleverest of tricks on him in the waking hours of the sun. His mind working in tandem with his golden orbs to produce the image of the girl he had hoped was still around. But it had been months. Several agonizing months since he had last heard from her. Seen her. But he deserved it. After what he had done, he didn't deserve her company or presence. But that didn't mean he wouldn't welcome it. His breath shortened. Expelling itself in the form of a curious but saddened sigh. "Where are you?" he wondered. He let his eyes wander back up to the terrace
  8. Ear shattering wails reverberated in the hall before them. The remaining Kingsguard seemingly mourning their fallen comrades as they advanced towards the spearman. Their blades danced through the air vehemently. The nearest guard showered his armor in sparks. The further one spewed maggots in his direction before leaping towards him. Prepared to deflect its blow while holding the other guard off, Oikawa was surprised to see a blur of motion dive into incoming attack. Blinking, Oikawa pushed the fifth guard off and watched as Crozeph drove the the sixth into the wall. Snapping its maw at C
  9. Grass softly crunched beneath her steps. Her voice being the second thing to draw his attention to her as she approached from his right. Shifting his weight, Oikawa let his gaze settle upon hers. In typical Mari fashion, the ginger razzed him for the use of her nickname given by him. The tip of her index gently pressing into the center of his forehead. The threat of being flicked causing a grin of his own as she pulled away. "I expect nothing less from you Mari." Finding a rock of her own to occupy, Mari seated herself opposite of him. Hesitance briefly flickered over her features, b
  10. Ambient rays settled upon him as the day broke free from the clutches of night. It wasn't often that he stopped on the twentieth floor, but being as that it was a floor away from his home, it didn't make sense to ignore the sight before him when he got the chance. It was early for him, far earlier than his usual waking hours. But after the night he had, returning home took far longer than normal and he was in dire need of some food. He had half a mind to tough it out and just finish the trek home, but his stomach disagreed with that notion entirely. Rumbling with agitation, Oikawa continued to
  11. As if the shadows had heard his words, Macradon suddenly lunged out from the darkness. His blade arced in a wide sweeping attack that not only caught the Dark Chocolate Bunny as it tried to have at the rest of the party, but managed to cleave and finish off the Red-Hot Bunny as well. "As expected from Imperial Topaz," exclaimed the brunette as Macradon side-stepped the remaining attacks from the bunnies. The attack was impressive and fueled the group further as Mari followed up with a whirlwind of strikes that left the Frosted Bunny all but powdered frost as it shattered into polygonal f
  12. Taking charge wasn't his strongest trait, but it was a necessary one when working among the likes of the Azure Brigade and with other frontliners. His level wasn't just for show in that regard, but the usually quiet Mari surprised him as she quickly commanded out orders to Crozeph. She was tactically aware of the situation and made sure to focus on the other statues that weren't caught in his initial attack. However, as plans tend to do in Aincrad, hers unraveled quickly as she lunged into the fray. Targeting one of the statues he had just sent flying back, Mari was suddenly in its death
  13. Grecian architecture had always fascinated the brunette. Though his attire bore Egyptian themes, he was a fan of many mythos. Egyptian and Greek being his two favorites, but one striking a little more close to home. Marbled steps and columns had a certain air to them that set them apart from normal buildings. The setting nearly felt mythological in itself. But that was Aincrad's job to say the least if what he had heard was right about the referencing mechanics. That being said, he had to enjoy the view of the marbled cities from afar. The curse of being orange to say the least, but only
  14. "Proc?" Oikawa was initially confused by Macradon's statement, but clarity soon befell him as the 'Imperial Topaz' cleaved into the Toffee Bunny and then <Vanished> into thin air. The brunette was unaware that he wasn't the only player using the Stealth mechanics in his party. Oikawa smirked as Macradon seemingly chased after the Dark Chocolate Bunny who had finally revealed its skill. "So that one is a stealth attacker, I imagine it shouldn't cause to much fuss once we finish off its companions. Despite her question, the look of worry settled into Mari's features as she glanced at
  15. "I'm sure Oikawa would agree with me, Square One was built to help players no matter what square one you're in. I'm sure Azide would help you along with them if you did ask back then, you just have to explain it to him, given that it is within his capabilities." The brunette nodded along. For the most part what Crozeph said was correct. Even Oikawa believed in Azide's abilities to help even the roughest rocks become diamonds. And suddenly his chest hurt. The pained memory of Azide dying flashing back over and over again his head. He wasn't suppressing the memory per say, but he actively c
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