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  1. "Great, one after another. Guess at least our health and energy are still at workable levels." With Odin's and Fenrir's appearance, the blue armored player gave a calming exhale, lowering his stance while locking his gaze onto the demon dog's form. His right gauntlet surged with energy as <<All Might>> began to form. As the other's took their opportunities to strike, Calrex weaved his way through before seeing a straightaway to his intended target. With a single <<Charge>> empowered leap his body shot forward, closing the rest of the distance in an instant to appea
  2. The boss' health was dwindling at a particularly rapid rate as blow after blow after blow rained down, striking true and continuing to eat away at her health bar. The Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh of relief at the sight, "Good, this isn't going to be a grueling battle. Hopefully freeing the soldiers did a good enough job of preventing whatever other tricks this boss might have from triggering." Clenching his fist once again he did a double take for a quick moment as <<All Might>>'s Sword Art energy almost instantly formed around his fist once again, the energy even begi
  3. "Alright, all free, that just leave you..." After freeing the third soldier, the armored blue player turned to face the quest boss in front of them, giving a calming breath as he lowered his stance, right arm puling back. The Sword Art energy of <<All Might>> swirling and focused around his striking arm as the Ultramarine Knight felt his body get locked into the assisted system, his eyes trained on his target, "Let's wrap this up and move on to the next part of this quest..." Launching himself forward Calrex felt his entire body rocket forward as <<Charge>> ki
  4. The bluenette gave a defeated smirk at Baldur's and Shield's words, giving a small shrug, "Good to see you both are still well, heh. Probably the same as you Shield. I ended up having to drop my more tanky abilities and have switched fully to just off-tank and DPS now. Interestingly, it does look like Achilles has undergone a change yet again, but it comes with an new Sword Art that might help offset that massive weakness it had to status effects. I haven't had a chance to look at the old quests, but from what I remember I think there might be one I might need to go and get post-haste to help
  5. "How long have I been asleep for?" Tired eyes opened, his vision being greeted by bright light before his virtual eyes refocused. Warm green colors filled his sight before finally taking the form of tables, tatami panels, and the like. He was in the room set aside for himself and Teayre in Baldur's estate. Calrex gave a small sigh before raising a hand, rubbing his eyes while slowly getting to his feet, "It really has been a while since the battle hasn't it?" After the floor boss was defeated, a lot changed all at once for everyone. It seemed everyone had been hit with the "3.0" upda
  6. "Whew, another stun. Nice, this should give enough time to get you free." With the current boss mob stunned yet again, the bluenette saw the opportunity to finish off what remained of the restraints on the third soldier. At this point it didn't require more than a bit of effort for the chains to finally release. Grasping just above the weakened chain, the Ultramarine Knight planted his feet into the ground, hoisting it over his shoulder and turning away so that the restraint became taut, "On three I'm going to need you to pull away from me alright? One...two...three!" Throwing h
  7. With one soldier freed, it looked like the others had moved to working on the next NPC that remained captive. Calrex's eyes quickly darted between the boss and to the soldiers, taking note of the status of the chains as it went on, "Definitely seems like freeing the soldiers is our top priority. Especially with the fact Hel's health has climbed back up." He saw that the second soldier's chains were barely clinging on to each other. As a reult, the Ultramarine Knight figured that even another person breathing on it would free the person, and deemed it a better idea to move onto the final c
  8. "Whew, thank goodness we had another method for holding the boss up..." Hearing Baldur's words the blue armored player gave a nod, turning his eyes back to refocusing on the first soldier he had assisted with freeing. It looked like his other teammates were doing the same, and by the time he got there the chains looked so frail that they could break at the lightest touch. "Alright this should do it..." Puling his right arm back Calrex closed his hand into a fist, targeting where the chain looked to be the weakest. A single link had a rather large crack all the way around, and one par
  9. Current Level: 88 Current SP: 609 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Grand Legionbane Item ID: 97790 Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Weapon (Two-Handed Axe) Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: DMG | DMG | DMG Description: A weapon that looks like the merging of a sword and an axe into a single weapon. Majority of the weapon itself seems like a enlarged and extended version of Calrex's Grand Blade, but at the very end the sw
  10. Character Name: Calrex Character Description: Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5'10" Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Dark Blue Character Journal: Calrex - The Ultramarine Knight
  11. As his shackles were freed by his team's veiled member, the armored blue knight gave a nod in response. It was still going to be some time before he could regain enough feeling in his limbs to act again, but at the least he was released, and it seemed the boss was finally defeated. However, as the inkly substance continued to ooze out from the edges of the battlefield, his battle-hardened senses remained in alert. The others were finishing off the rest of the minions that remained, but he couldn't shake the feeling that this felt a little too much like "cleanup work." "The Cardinal system
  12. "Geeze that was a very short period to try and work on getting these chains off." "Yeah, looks like just the two of us isn't gonna cut it...." Listening to his teammates words the Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh before turning and facing the boss, clenching his right hand into a fist. Energy built up surrounding his hand before Calrex rushed forward, arm pulled back. While prepared to unleash <<All Might>> on Hel, it seemed that his attack just barely missed as his punch connected against air. Sliding to a stop behind he cursed under his breath, "We're definitely whi
  13. "Light at the end of the tunnel it looks like..." With a calm breath, Calrex focused on the two things remaining for his team, the Shadow Horror and the boss itself, prioritizing the mob first. The Grand Legionbane blazed alight with blue energy once again as <<Explode Catapult>> built to maximum strength. With the assisted system taking over, his body was pulled into the set direction, allowing him to cleave through the minion before focusing his remaining strikes on the floor boss itself. The remaining two strikes left red trailing numbers as his massive axe-sword swung thr
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