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  1. There was an eerie level of silence in the aftermath of the battle, the blue armored player looking around. While some of the NPCs began to disperse, others lingered, cautiously staring at the frontliner, similar to how one might view a bear when encountering one on a hike. A small sigh escaped Calrex's lips before his warhammer vanished back into his inventory, "Whatever they think, I guess it's really none of my business. I'm not someone to fear, at least in terms of Aincrad's crystal color system." Calmly walking past and back into the streets of the market, the Ultramarine Knight look
  2. With a calming breath, the deep blue armored player turned to face the nobleman, who by this point was barely getting to his feet. To all the onlookers still remaining on the perimeter of the battle area, it was clear to see the difference in power between the two. At this point the finely-clothed NPC was shaking in his boots, his weapon unsteady. His guards were defeated swiftly, and the faint wounds that they had left on the frontline player were healed before it seemed like even a moment had passed. "P-Please spare me! I-I'll give you whatever you want! What is it you desire?! Money! A
  3. "Alright...and now for this attack..." "You vagrant! You've already killed two of my men, is that not enough?!" The words of the nobleman still fell on deaf ears as the Ultramarine Knight let his mind be fully focused on the task of becoming acquainted with his new weapon. The warhammer certainly felt similar in some ways to when he wielded the two-handed battleaxe version of his old weapon, but it still had more heft to it and felt much heavier due to most of the weight being at the very end of the tool. However, that weight could be used to the user's advantage. Bringing the w
  4. "Alright, next AoE I've got is...this one I think..." Bringing the warhammer to the side, Calrex focus on the three human targets in front of him, giving a calming breath. By this point, the merchant the nobleman was threatening had already cleared away, and the guards which were paid off continued to refrain from stepping in. They had, after all, already received their extra money from the nobleman's guards, so there was not as much leverage to have them step in. Sword Art energy formed around the Ultramarine Knight's weapon once again as he triggered <<Double or Nothing>&g
  5. "Y-You, how dare you! The audacity to think you can do that to me and my men!" At this point the nobleman's AI generated words fell on deaf ears as Calrex tuned his surroundings out, focusing his entirety on learning the appropriate measures for wielding his new weapon. He definitely felt more powerful that he was before, but it still felt off. It was like he was moving his body in ways it was not accustomed to, rather than the familiar movements he had become accustomed to over so many battles, "Geeze, I'm feeling particularly slow, even though it seems like my hits are carrying much mor
  6. As the nobleman and his guards readied themselves, Calrex gave a calming exhale, "New weapon, new Sword Arts. I'll need to prepare myself. It's still similar to wielding the battleaxe, but the movements are going to be more clunky as a result of this being a bludgeoning weapon. Need to keep that in mind... Closing his hands around the end of the handle for the Grand Legionbreaker the blue armored player locked his gaze upon his targets, focusing on them in his mind. As he did, the light blue energy familiar to him for his Sword Arts began to form, but it took on a different shape. As the
  7. "You troglodyte! You dare try to take advantage of me?! This piece right here is worth more than your entire life! I could easily have you cut down right now, or you sell it to me for the price that I proposed earlier!" At this pointe Calrex could already feel his ears deafening themselves for the sake of preserving his brain cells. Whatever was occurring was due to a noble flexing their authority, something that appeared to be all to common in Ladonia's walls, "I really should have picked a better floor to test these new changes out on. Being here makes it more difficult and less straigh
  8. As he stepped into the bazaar, the Ultramarine Knight's eyes looked across the long stretches of stalls and shops, having some blend of discord and order at the same time. Majority of the shops were well organized, their wares laid in a manner that made it easy to peruse. On the other hand, there were smaller stalls where their wares were placed in no particular order, albeit in a open layout so that should a person literally look at a glance they could easily spot something if they had an idea of what they wanted in mind. There were a handful of guards around, staying at their posts with thei
  9. As he walked through the streets, the armored players eyes continued to casually scan left and right through the NPC crowds. It seemed that the people who were passing through were regular inhabitants of the expansive imperial city, "Nothing so far...now I almost stand out like a sore thumb among the people walking around. If anything I would look closer to a guard. Surprising none of them have approached me for something. Probably because I'm still a player character, and unless they're for triggering a quest I doubt most of these busybodies are going to interact with me." "Still, doesn'
  10. A blue flash appeared in the teleportation plaza of Ladonia as the Ultramarine Knight stepped out, already looked left and right in his surroundings. From what he had heard in passing from various NPCs and players as he had made his trip from Baldur's estate to here had warned that the main settlement in itself was not actually a large safe zone, as many had grown accustomed to from all of their previous settlements, "There's only one safe zone here, and it's definitely going to be smaller than anything compared to the Starting City. Well, I was hoping to test out whatever this new 3.0 changes
  11. It was a quiet dusk at Baldur's estate, with no seeming movement about the quarters. The sun barely peeked over the horizon, bathing the sky with faint colors of yellow, orange, and purple. In the real world, most people would likely still be asleep, or just barely getting their day started. Only those who worked night shifts and burned the midnight oil would be expected to be awake. This was the time that the faint sound of a sliding door could be heard at one corner of the estate, with a young man stepping through the passage and closing it behind him, a calm and focused look on his fac
  12. "Tch, this thing is really holding on..." More blows rained down on Fenrir as its health continued to drop further and further, almost in the last quarter of its entire health bar. However, it wasn't falling quite fast enough for the party to be comfortable with. The bluenette gave a calm sigh, "Don't lose focus, just keep up the pace and it'll eventually drop to zero. If we try and rush it now we might lose our rhythm and start making mistakes..." Closing his eyes to center his mind for a brief moment the Ultramarine Knight clenched his right first, readying <<All Might>>
  13. "Whelp, this is going...about as much as I'd expect I guess. We are a team full of frontliner players, so we're basically tearing through the boss with ease. If anything the only thing keeping the boss alive is its health pool." With the other members of the group smashing and slashing through more and more of Fenrir's HP, Calrex prepared to strike once again. His right arm drew back, but as the energy began to build he saw the mythlogical wolf's massive tail swing towards him. Preparing to step to the side, the armored player felt his foot catch, preventing him from moving for a brief mo
  14. "Whelp, the dog went and ate the sun...great..." The move didn't seem phase Calrex's teammates much. As neat a "cutscene" as the move was, reminiscent of the coming of the Norse apocalypse, in the game the game was still a game. The Ultramarine Knight gave a calming breath before clenching his right hand into a fist once again. Bright blue energy burned around his right gauntlet as <<All Might>> readied for the nth time this quest, "Doesn't matter what the boss does, what matters is taking it down before things become dangerous." Rushing forward the armored player closed
  15. "Great, one after another. Guess at least our health and energy are still at workable levels." With Odin's and Fenrir's appearance, the blue armored player gave a calming exhale, lowering his stance while locking his gaze onto the demon dog's form. His right gauntlet surged with energy as <<All Might>> began to form. As the other's took their opportunities to strike, Calrex weaved his way through before seeing a straightaway to his intended target. With a single <<Charge>> empowered leap his body shot forward, closing the rest of the distance in an instant to appea
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