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Found 5 results

  1. "Huh. So it's true. This floor really is just a big ol' campground, huh?" Kyo turned on the spot, surveying the smallish village that comprised the main "city" of Floor Twenty-Two. She'd emerged from the Teleport Gate just ten or so minutes before and had spent that little bit of time strolling around town. Rumor had it Floor Twenty-Two was so tranquil and calm that even low-levels could spend time here... though Kyo wasn't yet ready to test that by stepping outside the Safe Haven. With her still being a level-one scrub, even a sufficiently aggressive bunny-rabbit mob could probably tear
  2. Another day was passing in a hazy blur. How long had it been since she'd been trapped here? Since they all had...? Autumn—no, Ayaka, she hadn't yet earned the right to think of herself as "Autumn"—had finished her food run. She had an arrangement with a local low-level, female player: she would take care of menial tasks like shopping for food, and in exchange, she would get to eat with the household. A middle-aged mother had logged on with her two rambunctious sons on launch day, kids that couldn't have been older than eleven or twelve, and she had her hands full just keeping an eye on th
  3. the evening was... jeez, sunny perhaps. the weather didn't seem very diverse. nicely cloudy and sunny during the day, freshly brisk with the dimming of moonlight during the dark hours. how long had it been a few months maybe since the trapping of the game. kurt never saw it coming. he spend hours craticing his avatar to look close to himself as the game would allow and then just as he entered the game it all went down the drain. the event of the red figure was in full sing a mob that called themselves "kyuba". and the so called endearing gift that erased all of Kurt's hard work. applaud at fir
  4. OOC: With a swish of his quill, Baldur marked out the last results of round one into his book. He flipped through, writing down the names of all the winners in a nice easy list so that he could make his announcement. Suddenly, he noted @Snow was next to him, handing him another cup of tea and he gave her a bewildered, exhausted smile as he raised it to his lips and took a sip. "Thank you, Snow-chan, I don't know what I'd do without you." Slowly, Baldur pushed himself up from the small table and shook his legs out to get the imaginary blood flow moving again. Sitting like that
  5. Shimmering light broke through the crack within the curtain shining down upon a slumbering man on the couch. Light snoring ceased as ocean eyes fluttered awake to the invading sunlight that pierced through the darkness within the abode. Across the way, a laying upside-down was spotted on the worn in padded chair. He took a deep breath and stretched staring at his surroundings. Empty. Void. If dust was such a thing in these houses, it would have been covered as he would just leave to go to work. He rustled his white hair and slipped open his menu to prepare his clothing for the day. With a mess
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