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  1. If there was anything more irritating than forced kindness, it was the expectation of empathy for strings of code. Aincrad itself mocked him with the illusion of a distraught mother and sought to illicit an all too human response. Instead, he listened with a measured expression that betrayed none of the contempt that he actually felt. Instead, he responded in a mechanical manner that made it seem like their roles had reversed, and he was the computer program. Deadpan. "She got lost in the mountains- the beast...!" Her words were broken, hysterical. His initial reaction was a wave of nausea tha
  2. Let there be Light Corvo level 5 Of all the boring places to go, the second floor was one of the worst. Players who had already done their time rarely had a reason to come back. Since the overhaul of the System, the levels and strength of various mobs had streamlined. Drops were set to make it less lucrative for those high level Players to dip low and therefore incentivized quests and fights for lower leveled Players. It created a certain rift between the Frontliners and the weaker Players, but that had always been the case. Those Frontliners who did come down were mostly
  3. He stared at his reflection for a long time. The red hair he was born with was a part of him, even when he denied so much of himself out of spite. It was a fact, irrefutable, something that he refused to bend on. It was something that kept him tethered to his sanity in a world that threatened to steal it from him daily. So, for him to willfully give it up meant that he was finally finished with that fight. It meant that he no longer needed to hold on to the things he held dear simply to keep his mind. It meant that he embraced the end of that chapter, and that who he was was no longer up
  4. Perspective: Corvo, leaving the Monument There was something sobering about the way he swayed with each step. After he was outside the room, his knees felt weak. All of the emotions he'd fought to suppress finally boiled over, rising to the surface and then over the edge. He caught his breath only to lose it again. What was going on? All of that time, he'd convinced himself that he would never see Thom or any of the others again. He'd thought that everything he knew was gone, and that Aincrad only kept taking. Now that something had resurfaced, he wasn't sure how to cope with it. Alkor wa
  5. "I'm saying you're a veteran gamer," Alkor glanced him over. "You have a lot to offer, if you make up your mind to do it. Even if you stay mad at me, even if you continue to hate this world, channel that. Use your skills and your intellect to help get everyone out of this world. And if that's not good enough for you, do it so you can see your loved ones again. Self-satisfaction, actual benevolence, all that shit aside-" Alkor leaned in and narrowed his eyes. "-we both know you've been wasting your potential." "Don't you think it's a little unfair to lecture me?" Corvo quirked an eyebrow q
  6. "And when did that stop?" Alkor asked quietly. "When you gave up on me!" Corvo screamed. Their faces were close, so close that he couldn't hide the tears. He couldn't stifle any of the emotion that bled into his words. "You could have sent me a message, literally any time. You could have found me, let me know you were okay, but you were off plowing some pink haired bimbo-" "Mari?" Alkor asked. "Who the fuck else, genius? Yeah, I heard all about it. Emotional Rollercoaster, all that goofy shit you were never any good at. You picked that over your family. I thought you were dead,
  7. His expression shifted quickly from confusion to thinly veiled rage. "Well, I'll be god damned," he uttered acerbically, ruby gaze locked on Alkor's own gold. "I finally found something you're wrong about, Cap." Corvo took a step closer to the man, which caused the Knight to instinctively give ground. With anyone else, he may have stood his ground. Evan, however, knew Thom far too well for that. If there was any ground for him to stand on, Corvo had ripped it out from under him in an instant. "Apparently hitting the fucker can bring people back from the dead. You know, I heard a lot of things.
  8. Everything about the monument made his skin crawl. Graveyards were culturally normal in most modern countries. The names of people who had been killed, like some veteran's memorial, mocked the survivors. This wasn't some kindness, it was a Reaper's Tally. How many more Aincrad had to claim before its work was finished. That was how he looked at it. There were no familiar names, but many familiar causes of death. Boar, PK, suicide... all of them had in common that with a helping hand, most of them may have survived. Many of them were abandoned in their hour of need by their closest fr
  9. Corvo


    Skills 3/25 SP Remaining Rank 1 War Axe 4 SP Rank 3 Cloth Armor 14 SP *Athletics Mod 4 SP Base Damage: 5 Mitigation: 12 Accuracy: 3 Evasion: 0 Bleed: 12 Risky: 8
  10. "Yeah, uh," he blankly stared at the man for a minute as he rattled off something that sounded more like self-satisfaction than actually goodwill, but then, Corvo was jaded enough to know most people trapped in this world had developed hero complexes and probably thought they were doing god's work. "Thanks... I guess?" In reality, the words were only slightly kind, so it wasn't strange that the red haired Player took them sourly- even if that wasn't really the intention. This guy didn't really seem like the type to say something he didn't mean, though. People who looked like Christmas tre
  11. He showed up at the Tailor's shop quietly, or at least, more quiet than most of those who knew him might have expected. Corvo wasn't one to mince words when it came to results, and he needed better items if he wanted to make it in this world. The man who'd offered to craft him armor hadn't exactly been much for conversation at the time, but both of them probably appreciated that fact. Bahr seemed like the type of guy who wanted to keep busy and waste little time on idle chit chat. Idle chit chat only made Corvo less tolerable, so that worked out best for both parties. When he arrived, he
  12. Current Level: 5 Current SP: 12 Link to SP Tracking: Here. Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: - Dagger of the Sands Item ID: - [Received here] [Gained from Quest] Item Tier: - 1 Item Type: - Dagger Item Rarity: - Perfect Item Enhancements: - 2 Damage 1 Bleed Description: - N/A Item Name: - Reaver's Edge Item Tier: - 1 Item Type: - War Axe Item Enhancements: - 2 Damage 1 Bleed Descrip
  13. The worst thing about the First floor of Aincrad were all the people who loitered there. Since most of the people had graduated to scaling the tower to some degree, the leftover dregs spent their time wasting away anywhere between the Town of Beginnings and Tolbana, and while he had some contempt for that kind of person, Corvo also thoroughly enjoyed having a laugh at their expense. Cheap laughs were the only easy thing to get in Aincrad, after all. He was still low level himself, a product of enmity for his surroundings and existential emptiness that combined to drag him into a depressio
  14. When Sketch spoke up, he snorted. "Wage slavery, huh? Man, that's a real incentive." There was something morbid about this world that crept behind even the brightest optimism, and Corvo loved to poke holes in it whenever it came up. But it wasn't until the man said that he wanted to watch the world burn that the red-eyed rascal really lit up. He wore a savage grin as he drove his weapon into the table. That solicited a barking series of words from the barkeep, to which Corvo paid absolutely no mind. His eyes were centered completely on Sketch. "You don't, do you?" he asked, a haunting ma
  15. The door bell jingled to herald the arrival of a player. Unfortunately, the Player was Corvo, and he looked more frustrated than anything. He glowered all the way to the clerk and placed a fistful of col on the counter. "I need an accuracy boost," he said. "This is all the money I've got. What can I get with it?" His eyes moved around the shop carefully as he waited for the response and listened carefully. Artistic and ornate, the wares seemed more like baubles than accessories; but inside of this game, even something like that seemed endearing. It was enough to make him want to throw up
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